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Big Tree Group, Inc. (BIGG) Extremely Wide Variety of Chinese Toys Priced to Move Amid Growing Global Toy industry

August 22nd, 2014

Big Tree Group, headquartered in Shantou on the eastern coast of Guangdong, in what is considered by many in the toy industry to be the toy capital of China (a prefecture-level city where sourcing and distribution are made easier for market participants due to the large number of toymakers), today offers customers a lineup of over 300k different kinds of toys, acting as an authorized agent for more than 8k Chinese manufacturers. The company also has two sizeable showrooms in Shantou where they showcase their dizzying array of toys (as well as processing orders and shipping them out to destinations all around the world), everything from sports and educational toys, to remote control cars, dolls and toys for infants, even the company’s own proprietary Big Tree Magic Puzzle construction toys, which are similar to LEGO, the maker of which overtook Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ:HAS) last year to become the number two toymaker after Mattel, Inc. (NASDAQ:MAT).

Seemingly able to source just about any kind of toy from Chinese producers, BIGG is in an enviable spot amid a domestic manufacturing industry that grew 8.5% last year alone to around $29.21B according to IBISWorld’s Toy Manufacturing market research from late 2013. IBISWorld also noted in their report that China, the biggest manufacturer and exporter of toys on earth, has also become a larger and larger consumer of toys as well. Families in the rapidly growing Chinese middle class are spending more and more on their children, with domestic demand rising some 16.8% per year over the half a decade leading up to last year, coming in at around $17B for 2013. Little wonder then that revenues for Chinese toy manufacturers have been tracking at around 10% growth per year, an extremely healthy environment for BIGG, which is also thriving due to their having fully embraced ecommerce vectors from very early on.

The recent innovation earlier this year by BIGG establishing a branded toy experience platform, Afangta (, is set to drive improved ordering and product distribution capabilities for Big Tree Group’s customers, as well as their vast supply chain partner network. Afangta’s comprehensive client-focused toolset, featuring things like an information exchange, as well as full catalogs to look through, gives domestic consumers, channel partners and manufacturers a web portal that is as “one stop shop” for information and services, as the company is for finding great toys.

Other features of Afangta, like online trading services and bulk purchasing, will further facilitate the expansion of BIGG’s business model and clients can rest assured when using the site thanks to a third-party payment guarantee system implemented via China Union Pay, the PBOC-enabled and sole domestic bank card organization in the country. Afangta is a solid move to increase domestic clientele for BIGG and help flesh-out their brand presence at the same time.

Toy Industry Association data for 2013 pegs the size of the U.S. traditional toys category as a whole at around $21B, a very boisterous market despite NPD Group data showing retail dollar sales of toys in the U.S. slumped by about one percent last year. Nevertheless, some segments of the U.S. toy market, like youth electronics, or arts and crafts, have seen handsome growth, up 18% and 8% respectively, perhaps indicating a gradual consumer shift more towards console, PC, and mobile gaming.

BIGG is helmed by one of the most hardened veterans of the Chinese toy industry with over two decades in the game, the founder of toy export/import company Shantou Dashu Toy Corp. Ltd., CEO Wei Lin. Further bolstered by an aggressive management team of senior industry professionals and positioned to capitalize on the toy industry’s growing global demand with priced-to-move toys in extremely wide variety, BIGG was even highlighted by Market Advisors, Inc. recently, with the established stock research and analysis firm giving BIGG a 12-month price target of $0.20 per share in late July when they issued their report.

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WordLogic Corp. (WLGC) Offers Value to Growing Base of Business-Based Mobile Users

August 22nd, 2014

With over a decade of advanced R&D, WordLogic is a global leader in predictive text input technology. The Vancouver-based company is also the innovative force behind a cutting-edge predictive text technology for touchscreen devices ranging from smartphones and tablets to even keyboard-enabled phones and PCs. By predicting entire phrases or sentences and retrieving contextual data from multiple source-points, WordLogic’s technology greatly accelerates mobile communications and information-access.

This innovation comes at a time when mobile device use in consumer and business settings is exploding. According to the The Radicati Group, there are about 5.6 billion users—both consumers and businesses— worldwide, and the research firm projects this global user base will climb to 6.2 billion in 2018. As more companies continue to adopt mobile devices in their workplace operations and processes, the value of technologies that enable more rapid data entry grows.

Two of WordLogic’s patented predictive input solutions, its Wordchunking™ and Gesturing™ technologies, meet this growing demand. The Wordchunking™ technology predicts entire phrases or sentences while other predictive text solutions only offer single-word predictions. The Gesturing™ technology offers value by enabling workers to more rapidly enter industry-particular or even company-specific phrases and sentences into their devices, whether they are in an office location or out in the field.

A cloud-based company dictionary powers the predictive input and can easily be centrally managed and updated. This dictionary can be customized for the needs of organizations ranging from small-to-medium enterprises to specific departments within large-scale corporations. With these rapid input capabilities at their disposal, companies can markedly enhance their workforce productivity and efficiency. WordLogic is capable of integrating its technologies into existing information technology infrastructures and deploying them across an entire workforce with ease.

WordLogic ‘s technologies are especially suited for the specific needs of organizations in four industry sectors: healthcare, utilities, legal services, and consumer electronics. In a recent development, WordLogic sold the exclusive rights of its text input solutions for legal enterprises to a Virginia-based private equity group for a one-time payment of $1 million. According to the agreement, the group will pay WordLogic a 10% royalty on all sales and 15% annual software maintenance fees on all sales. WordLogic will be obliged to provide a commercial product incorporating its iKnowU® and REACH™ technologies to enhance the efforts of small-to-medium-sized law firms in creating and researching legal documents.

WordLogic’s well-known iKnowU® technology is an award-winning innovation, as it recently won acclaim from Frost & Sullivan and at the CTIA Las Vegas 2013 for its application value across multiple sectors and its strong market potential. WordLogic has also adapted its REACH™ technology for opportunities for marketers and advertisers, as it enables the timely delivery of money-saving deals or helpful information relating to specific content within a user’s emails or texts.

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Mabwe Minerals Inc. (MBMI) Moves Dodge Mine Forward on the Back of Key Partners

August 22nd, 2014

For Mabwe Minerals, currently involved in aggressive development of a major barite deposit at the Dodge Mine in Zimbabwe, Africa, dealing with dependable partners familiar with the region is a must. Not only do they already have the infrastructure and experience in the area to speed the project along, they serve to address legal requirements for mining projects in Zimbabwe. Barite is a critical mineral for the oil industry, but getting it out of the ground and out to the barite market takes professionals familiar with the many unique aspects of the African mining industry.

Steinbock Minerals is a true specialist when it comes to global marketing, sales, and distribution. The company has first-hand experience in mining barite, and has a proven network of barite customers. They not only help with getting the barite to the market, but also in providing Mabwe with all the customized mining equipment and technology the project requires.

WGB Kinsey & Co., one of Zimbabwe’s most established mining and construction companies, represents the expertise to take mining projects from beginning to end. The company has nearly 60 years in mining experience of the type typified by the Mabwe Dodge project. The company knows the local mining and business requirements as well as the workforce base, and is responsible for all aspects of the project. They will also be responsible for barite transport from the mine to a nearby rail depot for final shipment.

Yasheya Ltd. has the mining logistics experience to handle the kind of barite shipping volumes anticipated from Dodge, including trucking, rail, and bulk ocean shipping. Over many years, the company has forged a sterling reputation for logistics management, and will help speed the project’s growth.

PHI Commodities represents important additional support for Mabwe’s Dodge mineral transport, by providing them with the exclusive outbound load rights to their fleet of rail wagons managed by the National Railways of Zimbabwe. It means non-stop express trains with additional provisions to expand land transportation capacity.

Barite is a mineral that serves a variety of industries, and the Dodge Mine is considered a world-class deposit. The key partners working closely with Mabwe Minerals will ensure that the project moves forward in the most effective possible way.

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Well Power Inc. (WPWR) Micro-Refinery Unit Set to Capture Gas Flaring Reduction Market

August 22nd, 2014

Well Power is all too familiar with the challenges that gas flaring poses to the environment. In fact, it’s one of the industry’s biggest concerns. There are 150 billion cubic meters of natural gas being flared in the world each year representing an enormous waste of natural resources. Furthermore, this contributes 400 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent global greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

The negative impact on the environment relative to gas flaring adversely affects local populations and in many cases, results in severe health issues. Annual global flaring is equal to about 30 percent of the total yearly gas requirements of the entire European Union, or the yearly gas consumption of all residences in the United States.

Such problems are exactly what ongoing talks between WPWR and MEC Resources are focusing their attention on. As a result of an increase of flared gas in many states, Well Power is working with MEC Resources to distribute a Micro-Refinery Unit (MRU) which it has licensed from the company to Texas, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Wyoming, New Mexico and Colorado. Well Power is engaged in the pursuit of MRU distribution due to the increase of flared gas in these areas.

Well Power and MEC’s collaborative efforts in developing the MRU is expected to result in the deployment of the first test unit later this year. While the MRU discussions are occurring, the amount of expelled gas in states like Texas, North Dakota and Wyoming accounts for over 50% of the flared gas in the United States. Beyond obvious health and environmental concerns, flaring also results in the loss of billions of dollars due to undervalued gases that could be captured as valuable end products are lost into the air.

The reduction of gas flaring holds the promise of an impactful environmental success story. For the oil and gas industry, environmental compliance requirements continue to increase as a result frequent environmental and public relations debacles. Finding the right partnerships to eliminate flaring combined with efforts to shrink subsequent flaring provides Well Power an opportunity to take a leadership role on energy efficiency and sustainable resource development.

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LD Holdings, Inc. (LDHL) 3-Step Business Strategy Caters to Baby Boomers as Well as Young, Diverse Crowd of Buyers

August 21st, 2014

There is considerable buzz out there that a large population of Baby Boomer generation is gearing up to sell its business endeavors to younger buyers. The forecast is that business-owning Boomers are ready to enter into their Golden Years and that in the next 20 years there will be trillions of dollars’ worth of businesses that go on the market as they do. Let’s say the prediction is true – are there enough prospective buyers willing to test the small business market and send Baby Boomers into their retirement?

There are plenty buyers and they are a diverse and young bunch, according to a 2013 report by In a study of 2,000 buyers and sellers, the report showed that more than ever before, women and minorities are looking for business ownership opportunities. While the market is still male-dominated (comprising 81% of all buyers), women accounted for 9% of buyers over 65 years old; 19% of buyers 50-64 years old; 20% of buyers 30-49 years old, and 23% of buyers 18-29 years old.

Interested parties were also more racially diverse, especially among the younger crowd. reported findings that while 87% of buyers aged 65 and older were Caucasian, that percentage decreased as the age of buyers decreased. Caucasians accounted for 78% of buyers aged 50-64 years; 66% of those aged 30-49 years; and 48% of those aged 18-29 years.

So how exactly will this transfer of generational assets go down once the Boomers are ready to sell?

Historically, business sellers would only provide minimal or no financing to the buyer. These types of transactions were too large for most individuals to finance and too risky for banks, which took into consideration the company’s individual merits as opposed to the buyer’s personal balance sheet. On the other hand, these transactions were too small to interest most institutional investors.

Today, there’s a new form of financing triggered by the anticipated Boomer sell-off.

Companies like LD Holdings are gearing up to step in and fill-in the blanks, noting that there are currently more than 25 million small businesses worth an aggregate $17 trillion that will be sold in the next 15-20 years. This particular company’s goal is to become a “known buyer” of small companies that meet its acquisition criteria, including an existing management and personnel, brand equity, customers and cash flow, at discounted prices. It will then attempt to produce venture capital-type returns without the venture capital risks associated with a start-up company.

Within five years, LD Holdings plans to accumulate at least 45 of these small companies and to slowly meld them into cohesive business units. The company’s objective, through aggressive use of the Internet, is that while the search for acquisitions is being conducted, it will establish an outside investor base that shares the company’s vision and objectives is willing to hold their positions for a year or more.

Through its Business Services Division, LD Holdings maintains a database of entrepreneurs looking for business owning opportunities, giving particular attention to those with specific backgrounds and expertise that will be available for both acquisition evaluation and strategizing the post-acquisition business model, once the financial aspects of the transaction are determined.

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NutraNomics Inc. (NNRX) High Bioavailability Food and Plant Based Nutraceutical Product Quality Ahead of Curve in Growing Global Market

August 21st, 2014

In a world where health is seemingly dominated by the synthetic pharmaceutical industry and where people also seem to be nevertheless getting sicker than ever, nutraceuticals have emerged as an alternative, nutrition-based approach to staving off the onset of debilitating conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease. The statistics of these three related issues alone speak volumes, with CDC data telling the tale of the tape, indicating that just under half of the 67M plus Americans (31%) with high blood pressure even have it under control and an even higher number, around 33.5% of the population, have high cholesterol. The heart disease data should come as little shock then, with an American dying every 33 seconds from cardiovascular disease and women now accounting for more than half the total number of fatalities, despite the prevalence of the myth that heart disease is somehow a man’s disease.

Sure, the synthetic pharma route is wide and open to all comers, with statin drugs like Crestor or Lipitor readily available to savagely hammer LDL levels (low-density lipoprotein or so-called “bad” cholesterol). But, these drugs can also cause numerous side effects. In the case of statins, side effects range from muscle pain to damage of muscle and liver tissue. Depressed mental acuity and conditions like anemia, acidosis, cataracts, and frequent fevers, are also possible. Such potentially dangerous side effects (similar problems exist for heart disease and high blood pressure medications) are a considerable deterrent force which has pushed more and more consumers to seek out healthier alternatives, leading to a boom in nutraceuticals and specialized nutritional supplements, with obvious big-name international players like Herbalife Ltd. (NYSE:HLF), or NA-focused GNC Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:GNC), benefitting off the groundswell in terms of market capitalization.

But not all nutraceuticals are created equally and the vast majority of over the counter supplements simply are not formulated or engineered in such a way that the product is of real value nutritionally, often also containing harmful adulterants like the manufacturing flow agent, magnesium stearate (or similar binders/fillers), as is the case with most multivitamins you see in stores, even top name brands. NutraNomics® however, has devised an approach to formulating nutraceuticals using whole foods containing the key antioxidants, enzymes, fatty acids, phytonutrients (naturally-occurring chemical compounds often unique to a given plant species) and other proteins the body needs, using an advanced proprietary Glyco-Protein Matrix process involving humble brewer’s yeast, which processes/readies the nutrients for maximum uptake by the body. Further enhancing their superior food and plant based products, which are derived from only high-quality, China-free, diligently sourced raw materials, NNRX employs their patented Assimilation Enhancing System® to greatly improve the product’s overall bioavailability. Bioavailability of undamaged nutrients is key as the body is continually making new cells to replace old ones and simply cannot manufacture healthy new cells using damaged nutrients from dead food and/or synthetic chemicals, which it doesn’t recognize and which are generally speaking “programmed” (pharmaceuticals) to exploit the body’s operating system in some way.

NNRX has even devised comprehensive protocols focusing on their products combined with a healthy regimen (and/or dietary protocol) for a wide variety of conditions, including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease, fully embracing the concept of public outreach to customers and education as being core to long-term profitability of the nutraceuticals business model. For a small company like NNRX which is focused squarely on delivering a superior product, it is striking that they nevertheless have established salesforce presence in an array of markets outside the U.S. and Canada. With a solid lead in the Philippines (where the company has a deal with one of the biggest health and natural product, direct and multi-level distributors, UNO International Corp.), Singapore and Malaysia, as well as Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and even Poland, NNRX is able to strike across the earth’s surface with noticeable force for their size. Good news for NNRX investors, given the April 2014 report on the nutraceuticals sector out of Ken Research (Global Nutraceuticals Industry Analysis till 2017), which indicates that the Asia-Pacific and Latin American markets will be key growth areas in years to come. The company also has a considerable ecommerce presence, with products available on their site via the cart and now also available on ecommerce juggernaut, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN), as well as on the extremely popular health nutrition-focused portal, which has a large base of fiercely loyal users.

The Ken Research report on the nutraceuticals sector also targets global revenues to top out around $424B by just 2017, observing strong traction among consumers and a growing awareness of the compelling health/medicinal benefits of nutraceuticals, as well as their capacity in helping to prevent diseases, as strong drivers of the 8.2% CAGR seen for the period between 2006 and 2012. A recent report out of Micro Market Monitor focusing on the European minerals market, which is being buoyed by the nutraceutical boom, makes another strong case for NNRX being able to punch above its weight in a growing industry, projecting a 7.2% CAGR through 2018 in Europe, where consumers look to be spending more categorically on superior quality nutraceuticals. Micro Market Monitor sees the minerals market growing substantially in Europe in coming years, to around $845M plus by 2018, up sharply from the estimated $558M seen in 2012.

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Infinite Group, Inc. (IMCI) Applies Multi-Faceted Corporate Strategy

August 21st, 2014

Part of the Infinite Group’s corporate strategy involves the pursuit of high-growth market segments, addition of product and consulting options to its IT solutions mix, and search for experts to grow the business. Evidence of the company’s methods can be seen in a number of decisions and announcements made earlier this year.

March 2014

In March, the Infinite Group (IGI) hired Frank McIntire, a recognized cyber security specialist, to develop its cyber security division and capitalize on this booming industry. Mr. McIntire is a former director of US and global operations for Pentagon and Air Force programs and IT operations for KPMG Consulting and Oracle Corp. As VP of Sales at IGI, he is tasked with growing the company’s customer base, building relationships with technology partners, and developing cyber security procedures for the company and its customers.

May 2014

In May, IGI partnered with Unitrends, an emerging provider of IT protection and disaster recovery services. As a result of this partnership, IGI bolstered its service portfolio. The company is now able to offer Unitrends’ backup, archiving, and disaster recovery technology to its customers, who can now safeguard their physical, virtual, and cloud environments at low costs.

July 2014

In July, after repeated requests from clients, IGI decided to add content management support to its list of solutions. Content management is a growing tech segment that covers the management of all digital content (text, images, multimedia, and so on) from creation to distribution to storage and deletion. In the same month, IGI hired Laila Benarab to lead its content management practice and build the company’s customer base in this area. Ms. Benarab has 15-plus years of high-tech and business-to-business sales experience gained from working with government agencies and private companies, including Oracle and Motorola.

For close to thirty years, the Infinite Group has supplied IT service and support to small and medium-sized enterprises, government agencies, and large commercial businesses. The company’s IT consultants have planned, integrated, managed, and supported complete IT systems and provided on-site support to customers around the world, including some in forward military locations. The Infinite Group’s personnel are also based throughout the U.S., including New York, Colorado, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., in order to provide additional customer support.

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Great Plains Holdings, Inc. (GTPH) to Showcase LiL Marc Potty Training Urinal at ABC Kids Expo in Vegas

August 21st, 2014

Great Plains Holdings’ subsidiary LiL Marc, Inc. is slated to attend the three-day ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas next month to exhibit the company’s flagship potty training urinal to attending international and domestic juvenile product buyers.

Taking place September 7-10, the expo is expected to attract more than 5,900 attendees, including national retailers. The ABC Kids expo is expected to give considerable exposure to the LiL Marc potty training urinal for boys, a small-scale urinal similar to those found in public restrooms but manufactured in proportion to the smaller size of toddlers in training.

“Going to the ABC Kids Expo is part of our aggressive marketing strategy for the LiL Marc brand, allowing us to take the brand and sales to the next level,” Great Plains’ President Denis Espinoza stated in the news release.

LiL Marc was founded in 1999 and is primarily engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of its training urinals for boys in the United States. Great Plains’ portfolio of subsidiaries also includes Ashland Holdings, LLC, focused on the real estate sector. The company’s diversification model enables opportunity for multiple revenue streams and a consistent increase in hard assets.

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Ecrypt Technologies, Inc. (ECRY) Forms Strategic Marketing Alliance with Cicada Security Technology

August 21st, 2014

Today before the opening bell, Ecrypt Technologies announced its entry into a strategic marketing alliance with Cicada Security Technology of Montreal, Quebec. The companies have aligned themselves with each other in a formal, worldwide exclusive arrangement whereby Ecrypt Technologies will promote, sell, and distribute all of Cicada Security Technology’s data privacy products.

Cicada Security Technology is a well-respected data security innovation firm that develops security solutions engineered to protect computers, tablets, and intelligent mobile devices and their data against vulnerabilities posed by theft or tamper. Ecrypt Technologies’ newest marketing alliance builds upon its robust portfolio of partnership and arrangements with other well-established and highly-respected companies, including Cyber Risk Pro Services, QCR Corp., Nüwa Executive Academy, innoBots, Enterprise Sentinel, Genesys Technologies, Silanis, Whitenoise Laboratories Canada, and others.

Dr. Thomas A. Cellucci, Ecrypt’s CEO commented, “We are pleased to formalize this marketing relationship with Cicada Security Technology, whose technologies add a unique level of security to the Ecrypt product platform by actively protecting critical hardware against attempted theft or tamper.”

Ryk Edelstein, CEO of Cicada Security Technology stated, “We are pleased to be partnering with Ecrypt, and appreciate working with a team which shares a common vision in developing security solutions focused on delivering comprehensive data protection for the distributed or mobile workforce. Their marketing prowess, unparalleled market intelligence, accomplished Board, management team, and in-depth knowledge of both the US government and commercial markets will assist us in driving our profitable growth. Together, we make an unbeatable team!”

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Panther Energy (PNEG) Announces Name Change to Falcon Crest Energy

August 21st, 2014

Today, Panther Energy issued a corporate release discussing its new name change. The company also briefly touched upon business developments that it anticipates announcing between now and end of next quarter this year.

The company recently changed its name to “Falcon Crest Energy” after an objection from another industry participant to its prior selection of “Panther Energy”. Company CEO Patrick Johnson explained the reasoning behind the rebranding.

“Rather than lose focus on our ambitions of growing a profitable E&P company, we have decided at this time not to engage in any dispute(s) and rebrand ourselves with a fresh name, Falcon Crest Energy,” stated Company Chief Executive Officer Patrick Johnson.

Johnson pointed to the company’s additional rebranding as representative of Falcon Crest Energy’s ability to quickly react and remain strongly focused on corporate goals, especially in light of several new announcements that will be coming in the near future.

“While we had obtained the name legally from state of Nevada and had FINRA approval, we don’t want to engage in legal issues at this time. We have several pending transactions under review that we expect to announce between now and the end of the next quarter — we remain committed to those activities,” added Johnson. “We are thankful that in our early stages of building, our team and affiliates have the flexibility, as well as branding expertise to quickly change directions. The Panther Energy Inc. website will soon be taken down and prior e-mail addresses will be forwarded to our new Falcon Crest Energy email addresses.”

New email addresses are being issued, and Falcon Crest has released a new corporate logo. A new ticker reinforcing the new Falcon Crest brand will be announced in due time as well.

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The Guitammer Company (GTMM) Breaks New Ground with Tactile Broadcast Technology

August 21st, 2014

A number of recent articles have reported on how an athlete’s performance data can now be collected by cameras and software (e.g. the National Basketball Association’s SportVU system) or through wearable technology or sensors that send information from an athlete’s body to receivers that record the data. A lot can be learned from such personalized information. Sports teams alone can use the knowledge to improve training schedules, design the most successful game plans, and make sensible financial decisions based on performance. Likewise, the collection of personalized performance data can revolutionize how sports are broadcast. In fact, it already is.

A recent Silicon Valley Business Journal article—“The quantified All-Star: How wearable tech is changing the way pro sports are played, paid for and watched”—discusses this rising trend and how Guitammer, an Ohio-based company, is looking to flourish in this new era of broadcasting. Guitammer is currently developing a promising partnership with the National Hockey League’s San Jose Sharks and Comcast SportsNet. Once the partnership terms are set, Comcast SportsNet is expected to use Guitammer’s patented, tactile broadcast technology to air Sharks’ games in “4-D.” Guitammer’s system works by sending out perceptible information to viewers at home, allowing them to “feel” the action when, for example, one hockey player slams another into the boards.

Imagine the possibilities. Imagine you had the ability to view and experience a live hockey game from your favorite player’s point of view thanks to a chip in that player’s shoulder pad. People would pay for that kind of privilege and virtual experience. In fact, they already do. Verizon Communications provides a comparable experience with the INDYCAR 14 mobile app, which offers subscribers the choice of viewing various in-car cameras, hearing live driver-pit crew chatter, and peeking behind the scenes during live professional car races. Last fall, Guitammer’s tactile technology was also used to enable the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) races on ESPN2.

Comcast SportsNet would be an excellent partner for Guitammer at this launching-off point. Owned and operated by Comcast Corporation, which also owns NBCUniversal, Comcast SportsNet comprises several regional sports networks with widespread presence throughout the U.S. The group covers various live sporting events from Major League Baseball to NCAA sports. NBC also shows NFL games and broadcasts the NHL nationally. A partnership with Comcast would offer Guitammer the promise of additional growth opportunities in the future.

Guitammer began developing its broadcast technology in 2007. The technology, which is designed to encode live broadcasts with haptic-tactile signals, has potential benefits that could apply to the entire broadcast network. It also speaks to the possibility of tactile broadcasts as the next step after UltraHD. Consequently, Guitammer’s management has been very active in pioneering the standards for tactile broadcast technologies in order to avoid having the type of conflict HDD had with BluRay or VHS with Beta with competing technologies and, ultimately, to avoid confusing the market.

Guitammer intends to commercialize its broadcast technology using a recurring revenue model that is favorable to satellite, cable, and FiOS broadcasters as well as content creators, distributors, and end users, no matter what brand of haptic-tactile hardware they use. Guitammer also sees another revenue opportunity in the future; it could license its “ButtKicker” brand of haptic-tactile home hardware technology to hardware manufacturers interested in taking advantage of enhanced broadcasts.

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Mobile Lads Corp. (MOBO) Technology Well-Positioned Ahead of Evolving Mobile Transaction Space

August 20th, 2014

Mobile Lads employs a superb, zero hardware, no download solution for secure mobile commerce. One of the primary components of their continually developing portfolio of technologies is xmVerify, whose authentication/security capabilities allow for normal online shopping to be digitally signed by the actual mobile device’s number and validated over a patented, secure SSL technology.

Financial institutions like top credit/debit card issuer Chase Corp. (CCF), as well as merchants, like the recently humiliated Target Corp. (NYSE:TGT – whose data breach has been pegged by card fraud expert Rippleshot as approaching an incredible $2.5B plus in the aggregate), shoulder the vast majority of credit/debit card fraud losses (about 60/40 respectively), but consumers nevertheless rank the problem among their chief concerns due to the potentially catastrophic impact a worst-case scenario would have on their lives. According to Unisys Security Index survey data from 2012, well over half of all Americans were seriously concerned about someone stealing and using their credit card information. While institutions take the brunt of the impact, the associated costs to consumers in terms of sheer logistical hassles alone are quite daunting and this general risk landscape makes the market for secure digital transactions, especially when it comes to mobile, a strong growth market for investors to be aware of.

With the 2013 Nilson Report indicating some $11.27B in credit/debit card fraud losses for 2012 and DoJ data indicating that total financial losses attributable to identity theft were around $24.7B last year, the market for fraud prevention technology is obviously huge, especially with more and more of the bulk of transactions being done digitally, online and/or via mobile device. A huge market, but also one that is growing by leaps and bounds globally, with no signs of slowing down in sight. Indeed, the 2014 Nilson Report data shows that in the U.S. alone, general-purpose card transactions are set to swell some 58% by 2018, reaching around $120B. The future of the transaction space seems clear and as broader mobile and smartphone usage for transactions increases among consumers, the demand will only become greater.

Despite recent reports which suggest current users are wary of in-store mobile tracking by retailers – like the one out of pioneer in omnichannel “voice of customer” feedback, OpinionLab, which says 77% of consumers don’t want stores tracking their mobile – mobile POS usage is slowly gaining ground. Driven largely by fear over identity theft and privacy concerns, consumers have been reluctant to jump ship from the card to the phone and this customer receptiveness data regarding in-store tracking gives us a good read on the underlying consumer sentiment when it comes to using mobiles in the store, but as secure systems like those offered by Mobile Lads increasingly come to the fore, this trend is likely to shift more and more rapidly. POS retail accounts for roughly 93% of total U.S. retail dollar volume and recent data from Javelin Strategy & Research suggests that Mobile POS, while only 0.01% of the total retail POS market in 2012, is on track to increase 11-fold by 2018, topping out around $5.4Bin just four years.

The xmVerify TAS (Transaction Authorization System) is a promising tool for addressing the needs of this rapidly growing sector. A powerful, patented component of MOBO’s much larger portfolio of technologies, xmVerify TAS is ideal for shielding customers from fraud via real-time 2-way mobile authentication in both card not present transactions (typically over the phone or online) and corporate purchase card approvals. Given the lay of the land, xmVerify TAS clearly represents a new way forward for mobile transactions and it seems likely that something along such lines will invariably become an industry standard. Because customers get the additional option of personally verifying the transaction after it has been run through the xmVerify authorization server, several of the key inroads for identity thieves are walled-off and it would literally require simultaneous acquisition of the card/number/mobile device and the customer’s PIN number in order to successfully mount an attack breach the protocol. Additionally, xmVerify TAS sports some of the most advanced cryptography available, which is compatible with the widest variety of mobile platforms in existence today.

Further advantages of xmVerify can be seen in tools like the xmVerify CAS (Consumer Authorization System) that allows two-way mobile authorization to address things like costly overdrafts, or banks obtaining real-time/on-the-spot authorization from users before they increase limits or rates (as they are required to do in Canada for instance). This 2-way street also means that banks or retailers can offer special incentives, reminders, or other advice to regular customers with ease.

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One World Holdings, Inc. (OWOO): Prettie Girls!™ Making Waves in $2.7 Billion Market

August 20th, 2014

With sales of Mattel’s Barbie™ and other traditional dolls designed in the long-gone era when blonde, buxom and brainless were considered by many to be the epitome of beauty tanking, the U.S. doll market, according to the Toy Industry Association, remains rock steady at $2.7 billion annually.

Thanks to the success of its rapidly expanding line of Prettie Girls!™ multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, high-fashion play dolls with positive back stories, One World Holdings, Inc. is arguable a key player in taking up the slack left by Barbie and her over-endowed, under-employed sisters and a major influence on redefining the doll market for the post-Millennial Generation.

The first product line released by OWOO’s One World Doll Project subsidiary, Prettie Girls!, like the athletic, achievement-oriented individuals they are, hit the ground running at the 2013 International Toy Fair and never looked back. Within months of their debut they had inked distribution contracts with major online doll vendors such as,, and as well as mainline brick/mortar/online retailers including Toys R Us, Sears, Tucker’s Toy Shop and H.E.B. Plus.

OWOO and The One World Doll Project were founded by entrepreneur Trent T. Daniel and internationally known doll designer Stacey McBride-Irby, a 15-year veteran of Mattel and creator of such “out-of-the-box” Barbies as the 2009 “So In Style™” line of Afro-American Barbies, the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Centennial Barbie, and 2010′s Pet Vet Barbie, Rock Star Barbie and Bride Barbie.

Not surprisingly, the founders’ vision for the company, to craft dolls which “transcend global and ethnic borders to create positive self-image in young women and girls,” has been instrumental in attracting an all-star team of executives with an aggregate of more than 50 years managerial experience in dolls and other toy industry segments.

“We feel the Prettie Girls! effectively represent diversity without making diversity the cornerstone of their existence,” co-founder Daniel says. “That seems to be the main thing that attracts little girls to our dolls, because multiculturism is simply a part of the Prettie Girl world — just as it is at the schools the children attend every day.

“The Prettie Girls! all live in the same neighborhood, go to the same school, hang out at the same places — still they come from all over the world,” Daniel explained to one interviewer. “We want little girls to see the Prettie Girls!’ world not as some place far off on the other side of the globe, but as a place right next door, around the corner and down the street.”

With the most recent U.S. Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics showing that 47 percent of America’s 17-and-under population belongs to a minority group (equivalent to a potential $1.27 billion slice of the doll market pie), One World Holdings clearly appears to be the right company, in the right place, at the right time.

Not only do their dolls feature different skin tones, body forms, and hair textures and colors, they are endowed with their own personal back stories, recreational interests, career and education aspirations and life goals.

Daniel is quick to point out, however, that play is still at the heart of the any doll’s, and virtually any doll owner’s, life.

“While we do want children to get a positive message from the dolls, we still want them to be fun and engaging, so we have integrated each of the girls’ desires, dreams, and directions into who they are,” he says.

Far from a one-dimensional company with its marketing sights trained exclusively on younger girls in their playing-with-dolls prime, One World executives have identified and defined three distinct market niches for their Prettie Girl Line.

• Young Girls: For them, Prettie Girl dolls, clothes and accessories will be playmates, friends they can lean on and, the company says, “a glimpse of their biggest, brightest dreams.”

• Young Women: In this market, OWOO expects their fashion-forward, goal-oriented dolls to become a symbol of who their owners are and what they can achieve.

• Doll Connoisseurs: In part because of their unique place in doll history, finely detailed and stylish appearance and top-notch build quality and in part because of Ms. McBride-Irby’s pedigree as a doll designer, Prettie Girls! are expected to become high-prized and treasured acquisitions in the collectables market.

Much like the Prettie Girls! themselves, One World Holding’s executives are serial goal setters and achievers. With their first Prettie Girls! still new on the shelves and being featured by media heavyweights like CNN, The Wall Street Journal,, Jet Magazine, BET and numerous trade magazines, newspapers and local TV stations, they are already deep into implementing phase two of their growth plan.

Among the new projects are a line of Celebrity Signature Collection Prettie Girls!, the first of which features Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey in all her faux leather jacket, belted metallic shorts and gold-hooped earring glory.

Other new initiatives include expanding the appeal of the line to an ever widening circle of children and young women by adding models from with even more ethnic and geographic diversity and a potential move into the branded general merchandizing arena by licensing the Prettie Girl brand to manufacturers of everything from stationary to shoes.

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P2 Solar, Inc. (PTOS) Focuses on Solar Power Initiatives

August 20th, 2014

P2 Solar is a tactical operator. With the guidance of executives who have over 60 years of collective experience, the Canadian corporation develops solar photovoltaic (PV) and hydropower projects around the world.

For close to 25 years, P2 Solar has consistently set up shop where renewable energy policies are advantageous. The company sees tremendous opportunity in the renewable energy space, especially with solar PV initiatives. By setting up in regions where solar energy administrations are encouraging, P2 Solar is able to facilitate the development of its current projects and aggressively pursue expansion opportunities.

The company focuses on constructing solar power plants as well as designing and installing solar PV systems on office rooftops, as it did with the Langley Rooftop Project in British Columbia (BC).

Last year, P2 Solar completed a 53 KWp solar PV project on Canada Ticket’s warehouse rooftop in Langley, BC. The project was a turning point; it marked P2 Solar’s transition from a “development-stage” enterprise to a “revenue-producing” one.

At the time of commissioning, this project was one of the largest solar PV projects attached to BC Hydro’s electricity grid and, once completed, was expected to produce approximately 10% of Canada Ticket’s electricity power requirements. The project also demonstrated the latent viability of dispersed solar PV facilities in BC. P2 Solar now anticipates expanding the project’s capacity in the future.

P2 Solar believes that large-scale solar PV facilities have the potential to function profitably in BC under the current energy regulatory regime, even without the special tariff incentive support from BC Hydro. The facilities should be viable if located in the areas of BC that receive the greatest solar irradiation.

The Canadian Ticket project has caused P2 Solar’s management team to further assess the possibility of building a megawatt-scale, ground-mounted solar PV facility in BC. In fact, management has already carried out first-round site evaluations. Additionally, the project has increased the awareness and interest of potential new clients in BC and they are now looking to feature distributed green power at their facilities.

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Zenosense, Inc. (ZENO) Pursues Early MRSA Detection Device to Battle ‘Multi-Billion Dollar Problem’

August 20th, 2014

Zenosense and Sgenia Group are together focused on developing an advanced MRSA sensor. Both companies are involved in the design and creation of a cost-effective methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) detection system which is integral in fighting off what some have referred to as a multi-billion dollar problem. Headquartered in Madrid, Sgenia Group has established Zenon Biosystem, a subsidiary contracted to develop the MRSA device for Zenosense. It is anticipated that the product will appeal to distributor channels and end users due to the rising need for an economical detection solution.

MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is a result of a strain of staph bacteria that resists the antibiotics used to treat every day staph infections. MRSA infections commonly occur in people who have been in hospitals or other health care environments. These locales include nursing homes and dialysis centers. In these settings the infection is known as health care-associated MRSA (HA-MRSA). HA-MRSA infections typically arise by way of invasive procedures such as intravenous tubing, surgeries and artificial joints.

A variation of the infection has been known to occur among healthy people. Usually surfacing as a boil on the skin, this type of outbreak is referred to as community-associated MRSA (CA-MRSA) and is spread through skin-to-skin contact. Populations at risk are groups such as child care workers, high school wrestlers, and people with lifestyles where population totals are dense.

A device referred to as an ‘electronic nose’ currently exists to detect bacteria from cultures. Unfortunately, the device is bulky and expensive to install on larger scales. There is no cost-effective system available for detecting MRSA infection early in the patient or in environments where it is known to be contracted. The company plans to install a detector on a special sensor developed by Sgenia. After installation, the device detects the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) signature emitted by MRSA. The MRSA VOC notification is emitted when the bacteria has infected and expressed itself as a disease in the patient. Most notably, the infection can be detected before to the patient develops symptoms, which subsequently aids in earlier intervention.

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Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH): A Pioneering Force in Rapidly Evolving World of Mobile Gaming

August 20th, 2014

Consorteum Holdings is poised to profit off the burgeoning mobile gaming market with an adept software marketing and licensing strategy. Having built a network of key relationships and licensing agreements over the last few years, CSRH is now in ready to carve off a sizeable chunk of this market, which is growing so fast that projections vary considerably from analyst to analyst.

The Gartner report from October of last year pegs the 2013 mobile gaming market at around $13.2B globally and estimates a doubling by 2015 to around $22B. That same report also identified mobile to be the fastest growing segment of the $93B video game market, which is pegged as growing at 20% YoY by the recent SuperData Research analysis, with China approaching and even set to overtake the U.S. market in coming years ($3B and $3.2B respectively for 2013). Meanwhile, the mobile gaming market’s impact in countries like Russia, which has seen an 800% leap in the last three years according to Group and Newzoo, illustrates further just how white-hot the sector is.

Moreover, the demographics of mobile gaming are changing rapidly as well. Even as some 86% of time the average user spends on their mobile device is now in apps, mostly gaming (clearly telegraphing the app revolution’s metrics), recent data from Flurry shows that women are more likely to do in-app purchasing, while being some 35% more likely to also keep right on gaming as their male counterparts log off (women have a 42% retention rate as well according to Flurry). The viral success of the Kim Kardshain Hollywood game, which blew industry expectations out of the water, generating upwards of $1.6M in the first five days (largely through in-app purchases), shows not only how far women have progressed into the territory of mobile gaming, it shows how in-app advertising is the real revenue story.

The mobile platform employed by CSRH’s wholly-owned subsidiary, ThreeFiftyNine (“359”), is ideal for mobile gaming, in that it utilizes a thin-client architecture (as opposed to typical native apps), where a great deal of the computational or information processing workload is handled via the remote server. This thin-client architecture results in an improved user experience, greater fluidity and response from the app. The server does the lion’s share of the heavy lifting when it comes to content, overcoming any specific hardware/OS or performance limitations of the user’s mobile device when it comes to running the app, fully leveraging the company’s sophisticated Universal Mobile Interface (UMI) to ensure consistency across devices and deliver display content optimally. The UMI is the first content delivery engine for mobile engineered around web-standards to be carrier/OS/device agnostic and represents an excellent pipeline solution for shoving content out to user’s devices. This develop once/deploy anywhere pipeline solution is a Godsend to developers and users alike; developers can focus on creating great content and not worry about how it’ll end up displayed, and users get great gaming experiences.

Further enabled by a robust cloud architecture, 359’s mobile platform is able to offer users an experience driven by on-demand remote resources, improving app performance and allowing for a gaming experience that is right at home in the emerging age of streamed gaming, where companies like NVIDIA Corp. (NASDAQ: NVDA) and Kinoni (with their KinoConsole) are already making huge waves on the PC gaming side of the industry. Mobile gaming has stepped to the forefront as the major disruptive force in apps, with the Google, Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Play Store and Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) AppStore clearly indicating the revenue dynamics of gaming apps and in-app purchasing.

The iron is indeed hot for CSRH to continue striking, as they recently did with the Bet Butler parent company, Bet Clearer, development contract, which is designed to have 359 roll out an app for their existing betting concierge service in Q4 this year for UK markets (with other markets soon to follow thereafter). A superb use of the 359 platform’s security features and the architecture’s ability to deliver content in a more efficient and economic fashion, the ported version of the Bet Clearer mobile solution will not only showcase further how CSRH’s technology leaps over mobile content admin, distribution and compliance issues across multiple devices, it expands the already tight-knit relationship between the two companies. Taken in light of the earlier partnership between 359 and live-action Keno systems/Keno-associated products giant, XpertX, Inc., producing a mobile results app for live Keno, the company obvious has a firm grasp on innovating in this market.

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Sibling Group (SIBE) Engages Investment Banking Firm Dawson James Securities

August 19th, 2014

Sibling Group Holdings, an educational technology holding company, announced today it has engaged investment banking firm Dawson James Securities, Inc., as its financial advisor.

Under the terms of the agreement, Dawson James Securities will advise the Company for a period of six months, and will, on a best efforts basis, locate various public and private entities, for acquisition purposes. Additionally, under the terms of the agreement, Dawson James Securities will aid the Company by:

(a) Providing the Company exposure to the investment community.

(b) Assisting in the Company’s market awareness, by participating in discussions with the Company and the financial community.

(c) Advising the Company about its financial structure and that of its divisions or subsidiaries or any of its projects, as such relate to the public market for the Company’s equity or debt securities.

(d) Advising the Company on the public market for Company’s securities and the timing and structure of any future public offering or private placement of its equity or debt securities.

“We are excited to leverage Dawson James extensive specialized experience and resources as we prepare for the next phase of growth and development,” said Maurine Findley, Sibling’s Chief Executive Officer.

Pan Global Corp. (PGLO) Pursues Green Energy Opportunity in Northern India

August 19th, 2014

Pan Global Corp. champions energy efficiency, alternative energy, and sustainable solutions around the world. The company incubates and funds investments in renewable energy technology and “green” projects that embrace innovative solutions for basic infrastructure. Pan Global is especially focused on developing a series of environmentally sustainable projects with high return on investment.

Many of Pan Global’s current prospects are developing projects in India. The company has a special focus on the following immediate opportunities:

1. The development of small hydro power generation projects
2. The development of solar PV projects
3. The development of agriculture under controlled growing conditions
4. The development of mega-watt scale geo-thermal power projects
5. The development of green buildings

The demand for power in India has grown at a brisk pace over the years and has now overtaken supply. After China, Russia, and the United States, India is the world’s fourth largest energy consumer so it is not entirely surprising that the country is experiencing a major shortage of electricity generation capacity.

India’s untouched market potential for renewable energy presents a huge growth opportunity for companies like Pan Global. In June of 2014, the Business Standard reported that India’s installed capacity for renewable energy had reached approximately 13% of the total potential available in the country. This was as of March 2014. The article also reported that, by 2017, India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is looking to significantly grow the country’s installed capacity for overall energy. Until then, this will most likely create an opportunity worth more than $10 billion for the country’s renewable energy market.

Pan Global is setting up to be in position to take advantage of this enormous opportunity. For one, the company is executing its business strategy through the staggered acquisition of Project Badyar, a small-hydro power plant in northern India.

In October 2013, Pan Global entered into a stock purchase and acquisition agreement with Regency Yamuna Energy Limited (RYEL), the private Indian corporation commissioning Project Badyar, and its stockholders. In the agreement, Pan Global arranged to acquire all of RYEL’s outstanding shares and convertible debt (if not previously converted) on a staggered basis. Pan Global now has close to a 10% equity stake in RYEL.

As with Project Badyar, Pan Global will continue to grow its business through the acquisition and development of renewable energy projects in India and elsewhere, a strategy that will keep the company on track with its long-term goal of building shareholder value.

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Mabwe Minerals Inc. (MBMI) Network of Partnerships Solidifies Footing in Zimbabwe

August 19th, 2014

Mabwe Minerals, a subsidiary of publicly traded Raptor Resources Holdings, is a hard assets company focused on mining and commercial sales primarily of barite and limestone. Operations are anchored to its Dodge Mine Project in Zimbabwe, Africa, where the company has established a core group of partners to provide cost-effective and dependable support for logistics and related aspects.

Dodge Mine, which is in the early stage commercial production of barite and limestone, represents nearly 576 acres of hydrothermal-based deposits of barite, limestone and talc. The property is also known for widespread occurrences of gossan deposits indicating the presence of gold, zinc, copper, lead and nickel.

Barite is a highly valued mineral to the oil and gas drilling market where it is used to prevent well blowouts. Barite also has numerous applications in the paint, automotive and medical sectors. Limestone is the key ingredient in Portland cement and has applications in road/foundation aggregates, agricultural and feedstock.

To assist with the distribution, sales and delivery of barite out of the Port of Beira, Mozambique, Mabwe has established a working relationship with Steinbock Minerals, Yasheya Ltd. and WGB Kinsey & Company.

Steinbock Minerals has first-hand experience in mining and immediate access to an established network of customers throughout Europe and the Middle-East. The company is widely known as a specialist when it comes to the global distribution, marketing and sales of a variety of industrial minerals.

With more than 20 years of experience in industrial mineral logistics, Yasheya Limited has shipped more than 30 million tons worldwide. The company utilizes a broad array of multimodal platforms providing true door-to-door services as well as customized INPLAN and Minerals Management tracking software.

All Dodge Mine operations are managed by one of Zimbabwe’s most experienced mining and construction companies, WGB Kinsey & Company, which has more than 60 years of experience and a strong fleet of mining equipment that accelerates development and production of operations.

Collectively, these strategic partnerships contribute to Mabwe’s corporate vision of building a reputation as a reliable and strong source of high-quality barite and limestone.

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Raptor Resources Holdings Inc. (RRHI) Forms Partnerships to Support Mining Projects

August 19th, 2014

To support its corporate mission and projects, Raptor Resources has established strategic partnerships with:

• WGB Kinsey & Company
• PHI Commodities
• Steinbock Minerals
• Yasheya Limited

Forming these strategic alliances ensures economical, efficient and dependable support for all facets of the company’s mining and shipping operations, and provides Raptor Resources with an incredibly strong global presence. The company is now ideally located to support customer demands in Central and South Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

WGB Kinsey & Company

WGB Kinsey is one of Zimbabwe’s most distinguished mining and construction companies and has operated under four generations of Kinsey family leadership. Since 1955, the company has conducted its operations with a remarkable fleet of mining equipment that makes short work of all development and production operations. WGB Kinsey manages all aspects of Raptor Resources’ Dodge Mine, Raptor Mine and Derbyshire Stone Quarry projects. Additionally, Raptor Resources owns a minority share of the company so, in turn, WGB Kinsey managers’ Anthony Kinsey and Kevin Hegarty are members of Raptor Resources’ advisory board.

PHI Commodities

PHI Commodities is the largest grain importer to Harare, Zimbabwe. The company provides Raptor Resources with exclusive load rights to its fleet of rail wagons from the Shamva Rail Depot to the Port of Beira, Mozambique; these rail wagons are, in turn, supported by non-stop express trains provided by the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ). As a result of its relationship with PHI Commodities, Raptor Resources has also formed alliances with the NRZ, the Mozambique Railway Authorities who own the Port of Beira and Cornelder, the port’s leaseholder. With the NRZ’s assistance, Raptor Resources has secured the primary rail transfer yard at the Shamva Rail Depot, which is located within 17 kilometers of its Raptor Mine and Dodge Mine projects. Additionally, Gary Booth and Graham Roberts of PHI Commodities are members of Raptor Resources’ advisory board.

Steinbock Minerals Limited

Steinbock Minerals is a well-known specialist in the worldwide distribution of industrial minerals and serves as Raptor Resources’ global marketing, mineral sale and distribution arm. Steinbock is the perfect company to have formed a strategic alliance with: it has direct experience in mining and provides immediate access to its established customer base in Europe and the Middle East.

Yasheya Limited

Yasheya Limited has over twenty years of experience in industrial mineral logistics. A specialist in the shipment of industrial minerals, Yasheya Limited serves as Raptor Resources’ shipment and delivery arm, providing door-to-door delivery services out of the Port of Beira, Mozambique. Yasheya Limited has shipped over 30 million tons around the world using a wide array of multimodal platforms to provide true door-to-door services. With its customized INPLAN and Minerals Management tracking software, Yasheya Limited is the ideal shipment partner.

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New to Investing? Get Started at QualityStocks!

August 19th, 2014

Investing in publicly traded companies is much easier than what it used to be. Now you can sign up for your own online trading account and be approved in just a few days. From there all you have to do is enter the symbol of the stock you wish to purchase as well as how many shares you want. With so much competition in the online brokerage market today, many are offering low commission rates as well as free independent research tools to make better trading decisions.

Our name emphasizes the commitment we have to connect subscribers with companies that have huge potential to succeed in the short and long-term future. It is part of our mission statement to help the investment community discover emerging companies that offer excellent growth potential. We offer several ways for investors to learn more about investing in these companies as well as find and evaluate them.

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter has been a real hit with both traders and investors because it keeps their finger on the market’s pulse without having to spend countless hours keeping up-to-date. The publication consolidates information from hundreds of Small-Cap and Micro-Cap Online Investment Newsletters in a summary format, plus provides the latest information on the companies we feature.

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The QualityStocks Blog keeps investors up to date on everything related to the small cap and micro cap markets. Alternative fuels and power sources, entertainment media, telecommunications, delivery services, healthcare, and retail are all covered on a regular basis. Investors are also able to learn more about emerging companies that they otherwise would not hear about.

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Stocks to Avoid, Due Diligence, Monitoring Investments, Key Terms in Investing – these are among the topics covered by us in our section called the Market Basics. This is where we give answers to basic questions regarding stock investments for both new and experienced investors.

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Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp. (OTHM) Presents Update on Acquisition Finalization and Closing and Transfer of Asset

August 19th, 2014

Today Oriens Travel & Hotel Management, the Next Generation International Hotel Brand Operator, reported company President Ken Chua and its executives and consultants (domestic and Costa Rican) are in Costa Rica engaging in the wrap-up of pending acquisitions. They are primarily focusing on the formal transfer of assets.

“We have come to gain a deep respect and appreciation for the method in which business is conducted and rules are adhered to and enforced in Costa Rica,” stated Ken Chua. “Many assumptions are made about the level of sophistication displayed by those governments and businesses outside of the United States; not considered ‘on par’ with fully industrialized well developed countries. However, in our endeavor to re-launch both FROL and the Hotel PURE brand and grow a portfolio of real estate assets inside of a rapidly growing tourist destination in Central America, we have learned otherwise of Costa Rica. We deeply admire their discipline and systematic approach to protecting the interest of all parties in commerce.”

According to company management, the property acquisition could be considered to have been finalized according to U.S. standards. Business dynamics with Costa Rica, especially those relating to activities on an international scale, though, make the elements of “rights and ownership” more particular than usual. Oriens reports especially seeing these business dynamics at play in its dealings with sizable lenders, major law firms, and well-heeled investors.

Substantial progress has been made on the acquisition’s completion. Only one remaining action is anticipated in the process of formally transferring interest of the 15-story, forty-four unit beach-front condo/hotel building in Costa Rica’s Jaco Beach to Oriens. Once this has been completed, formal assets transfer will start and the values will properly reflect on Oriens’ book records.

Chua explained, “The timelines of the formal transfer are very definitive. We expect to be able to lawfully make this announcement after Labor Day.”

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VistaGen Therapeutics, Inc. (VSTA) Receives Notice of Allowance for Stem Cell Technology

August 19th, 2014

Today before the opening bell, VistaGen Therapeutics announced its reception of a Notice of Allowance from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. The Notice of Allowance enables further expansion of VistaGen Therapeutics’ intellectual property portfolio, which consists of pluripotent stem cell culture systems that produce human cells of the endoderm lineage, including liver, lung, pancreas, parathyroid and thyroid cells.

The notice pertains to Canadian Patent Application No. 2,487,058, which is exclusively licensed to VistaGen Therapeutics by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai in New York and entitled “Mesoderm and Definitive Endoderm Cell Populations”. This new development builds on VistaGen Therapeutics’ recent reception of another Notice of Allowance for Canadian Patent Application 2,684,022, both of which strengthen the company’s intellectual property portfolio relating to a number of pluripotent stem cell projects VistaGen Therapeutics has been considering pursuing in Canada.

These include: projects that involve liver safety and liver toxicity-based drug rescue; customized drug discovery assays for therapies to treat liver disease and diabetes; and exploratory nonclinical studies for potential regenerative medicine applications involving beta islet cells and other cells of the endoderm lineage.

A biotechnology company, VistaGen Therapeutics is focused on using pluripotent stem cell technology for applications in drug rescue, drug discovery, and regenerative medicine.

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VistaGen Therapeutics, Inc. (VSTA) Provides Reverse Stock Split FAQs

August 18th, 2014

Last week, VistaGen Therapeutics implemented a 1-for-20 reverse split of its common stock. As a result, the number of shares of the company’s common stock outstanding was reduced from approximately 25.5 million to approximately 1.2 million. Because the stock price went up appropriately, the split did not affect any stockholder’s ownership percentage or total market value at the time it was implemented.

The reverse stock split is intended to increase market awareness of VistaGen’s common stock and position the company for potential future listing of its common stock on a national securities exchange. A number of other reasons are listed at the new FAQs page recently posted at

To view the original press release announcing the split, visit

For those unfamiliar with the company, VistaGen Therapeutics is a biotechnology company applying stem cell technology for drug rescue and cell therapy. Drug rescue combines human stem cell technology with modern medicinal chemistry to generate new chemical variants of once-promising drug candidates that have been discontinued during late-stage preclinical development due to heart or liver safety concerns. VistaGen also focuses on cell therapy, or regenerative medicine, which includes repairing, replacing or restoring damaged tissues or organs.

More information on the company and its technology can be found at

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Big Tree Group, Inc. (BIGG) Remains Ahead of the Game with Imagination-Inducing, Custom Puzzles

August 18th, 2014

As an adult you may not give toys much thought, but as an investor, you might want to take a closer look. In its January 2014 trends report, the Toy Industry Association highlighted the Top six toy and game trends: larger-than-life; science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM); remote-controlled vehicles; zombies, monsters, goth; retro and back-to-basics; and custom built. Collectively, the global toy industry, headed by these key trends, is valued at more than $84 billion.

An excerpt from the Toy Industry Association’s trend report reads:

“Building on the construction trend TIA named last year, 2014 takes building to a whole new level. In addition to building and construction toys, this trend includes toys that allow kids to create and customize their playthings to reflect their unique tastes, styles and imaginations. The trend extends way beyond the construction toy aisle and crosses into action figures, puzzles, arts and crafts, etc.

“Two sub-categories exist within the overarching Custom Built trend:

This trend speaks to toys that have been “custom built” in unique ways and incorporate many uses or ways to play in one. These toys engage kids by allowing them to choose how they’d like to play; they also appeal to value-conscious parents because they continue to engage kids at different ages and stages. (Think: role play and game in one, collectible and building set in one, a puzzle that is also an arts and crafts item, combining two types of games in one, etc.)

“Fashion Forward:
This trend focuses on all fashion-related items, from DIY sets that let kids make their own accessories to fashion dolls that can be styled in a personalized way. This trend can also include realistic-looking building sets, dollhouses, and playsets with fashionable interiors.”

The relevance of this report speaks volumes for China-based Big Tree Group, an authorized sales agent for thousands of toy manufacturers in China and a provider of multiple procurement services for international toy distributors and wholesalers. Big Tree is headquartered in Shantou City, dubbed the Toy Capital of the world, where the company operates a 21,000-square-foot showroom displaying more than 300,000 toy products to thousands of international toy purchasers.

Big Tree is also a toy proprietor. In 2011, the company introduced its Big Tree Magic Puzzles (3D), which consists of plastic pieces that “plug” together to create infinite number different objects, such as horses or battle ships. The number and variety of creations is restrained only by a child’s imagination. The goal in producing this toy was to create a tool to increase critical and imaginative thinking for kids. As a result, Big Tree unknowingly positioned itself three years ahead of the current trend for custom-built toys.

Big Tree has registered the patents for the Magic Puzzles (3D) utility model and appearance design in Hong Kong and mainland China, and is currently promoting and distributing product in the Chinese domestic market through Big Tree Shantou’s online store and at several retail locations. The company has amassed a large customer base in Asia and Europe and is currently seeking distribution throughout North and South America.

As the world’s leading toy manufacturer and exporter, China produces and distributes two-thirds of the multi-billion dollar toy industry’s global demand. Operating from the core of this burgeoning toy industry, Big Tree has incredible opportunity to leverage its physical location, key industry relationships, market trends and proprietary toys to fulfill its objective for global expansion and distribution, especially in the Americas.

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