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Alliance Creative Group (ACGX) Growth in Print & Packaging Industry Driven by Full-Spectrum Approach, Aesthetic Yet Practical Designs

September 29th, 2014

Alliance Creative Group bundles together everything a client needs to handle their brand identity in print and packaging, with the kind of back-end supply chain management capabilities and brand development skills needed to execute an entire strategic marketing campaign, including fulfillment and the assembly of customized product kits. With a vertically integrated component architecture that allows the company to share resources and capabilities across its multiple business units, ACGX has incredibly dynamic reach.

Alliance Creative Group’s recent extension of a successful 12 year plus relationship with the biggest privately-held beauty company on earth, John Paul Mitchell Systems, stands as a testament to the company’s printing and packaging prowess. President of JPMS, Luke Jacobellis, even went so far as to say that ACGX, while a valuable business partner for over a decade now, nevertheless continues to seriously impress the world renown developer of some 100 award-winning styling and care products, which today does business in over 80 countries around the globe.

ACGX was tapped by JPMS to handle substantially all cartons, inserts and master shipping boxes for their PM SHINES™ translucent hydrating demi-permanent line of 27 intermixable hair colors. A project whose success owes a great deal to tight-knit cooperation directly with JPMS, as well as the decades of creative/design production experience brought to bear by ACGX’s creative team, which has a distinct mastery of balancing eye-popping aesthetics with practical packaging assembly requirements. It is this versatility and class that ACGX’s clients have come to know and love, since the company morphed from online marketing, to a full-spectrum brand identity management and print/packaging house in the 2000’s. The company currently has a staff of 23 full-time employees in their Schaumburg, Illinois HQ and maintains a sophisticated umbrella of independent contractors to boot.

Alliance Creative Group’s ability to handle order fulfillment, including complete packaging and kitting of products into attractive, yet cost-effective bundles, while also doing initial distribution and ongoing, on-demand replenishment, further distinguishes them from other players in the print and packaging space. According to Q4 2013 research by Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ), the domestic market opportunity for packaging is around $11B and while only 7% or so of that volume is digital, shorter product life cycles are increasing overall demand for digital (as opposed to traditional analog) printing by leaps and bounds. This trend, further enhanced by growing product versioning and environmental impact concerns on the part of clients, means the iron is red-hot for ACGX, given that they are a one-stop-shop solution provider, which has considerable expertise in digital print.

Market research by German print hardware specialists, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (ETR:HDD), throws a bright light on an already well-established phenomena, that customers typically recognize their favorite products (and are made to feel at ease about their purchase) by the familiar/engaging packaging of the brand. Heidelberger’s analysis even indicates that some 80% of women recognize their favorite perfume not by the scent, but by the product’s packaging.

Ernst & Young put the global packaging market at around $500B last year with all sources included and further noted key market features, like brand success being driven primarily by eye-catching and colorful designs that grow awareness, as well as the emergence of the mass luxury category in cosmetics and other consumer goods. The E&Y report also indicated that managing the increasingly complex supply chain “balancing act,” was fundamental to the success of a given brand/product.

The ability to do it all is one of the most compelling advantages ACGX clients get access to and there is little wonder then at the company’s strong Q2 results this year, showing a 26% YoY jump, with gross profits up 51.6% over the same period. ACGX even set a new record this year, with over $6M in revenues for the front half of 2014. That strong growth story is further underscored by a recent initiative to form the “Alliance Tank” operational unit, which is tasked with developing shared resource utilization, as well as strategic M&A now that the company is logistically proven, with an unquestionably established track record of first-rate performance for their clients.

ACGX is looking to tack on additional infrastructure in the creative/design, packaging and supply chain management areas, but is also looking at PR & marketing operations, as well as tech and software developers. The optimal targets will have compatible sets of competencies that will further improve the company’s already dominant internal theme of synergistic verticals and ACGX is particularly interested in targets that have a proof-of-concept completed in the consumer products arena, especially if there is a natural dovetail with the company’s own extant portfolio.

Strong client retention capabilities and the capacity to handle all aspects of print/packaging requirements continues to drive business to ACGX’s door and with a management team overhaul to support their growing network of clients (many of whom have been with the company for over a decade), the company’s project management, strategic marketing and business consulting strengths are better than ever. COO and general counsel for ACGX, Paul Sorkin, even said in a recent interview with Small-Cap/Micro-Cap online Investment Newsletter service, QualityStocks, that the company looks to be on pace for $12M in revenues this year, with as much as $800k in net income. No doubt buoyed in part by the company’s entry into the ultra-hot marijuana sector, where they will provide the burgeoning product mix (everything from candles and edibles, to lights and supplements) with the same kind of first-class printing, packaging, marketing, and supply chain support services that brands like Paul Mitchell have come to trust with their bottom line.

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Oriens Travel and Hotel Management Corp. (OTHM) Closer to Highly Anticipated Merger under New Leadership

September 29th, 2014

Evolving its initial objective to become a top-tier hotel brand operator and Internet booking and marketing service provider, Oriens Travel and Hotel recently announced its plan to merge with E-Network de Costa Rica M&A Sociedad Anomima (“E-net”), an experienced company that maintains and manages land parcels and residential and commercial properties in Costa Rican.

Oriens has four core objectives that support its overarching growth strategy: franchise its Hotel PURE brand worldwide; provide a robust booking engine technology services to independently branded boutique hotels that require a robust online presence; launch a stand-alone online hotel booking search engine primarily focused on Central America; and expand the portfolio of Oriens-owned boutique hotels under the Hotel PURE brand.

The company is undertaking its new venture and cemented objectives under the leadership of its newly appointed chief executive officer, Melvin Pereira, a Costa Rican native well-experienced in Oriens’ intended business model. With Pereira’s direction, Oriens expects accelerated trajectory toward meeting the key points of the company’s overall business plan.

In a recent news release, a senior member of Oriens’ board of directors said the merger provides “an assurance to shareholders that Oriens is now set on a course that will offer the best solution to rapid growth in Costa Rica, and to the company overall.”

Complementary to that expectation, E-Net has secured pre-approved funding of more than $5 million in non-toxic bridge capital for Oriens to allocate toward completing its acquisition of several properties. With strong leadership and key factors in place, Oriens’ is on track to achieve its corporate initiatives and sharpen its focus on international expansion and branding.

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Sibling Group Holdings, Inc. (SIBE) Scheduled for Live Interview with Nation’s Largest Radio Outlet

September 29th, 2014


Today after the opening bell, Sibling Group Holdings announced that President David Saba will be interviewed tomorrow by host Michael Yorba on Clear Channel Business Talk Radio’s The Traders Network Show.

During this exclusive interview, Saba will talk about the company’s focus on providing more effective and efficient solutions to improve student achievement while driving down overall costs. The education sector is seeing significant disruption from innovations in delivery.

Sibling’s market strategy is focused on three segments: Educational Technology (“Ed-tech”) — eLearning and Blended Learning, Education Operations, and Curriculum design and development. All shareholders, analysts, industry professionals and other relevant parties are invited to tune in and listen live via Clear Channel’s nationally syndicated iHeart Radio stream.

Date: Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Start Time: 8:00am EDT | 5:00am PDT | 7:00am CDT (U.S.)
Network: Clear Channel
Station: DFW 1190AM
KFXR Show: The Traders Network
Host: Michael Yorba
Live iHeart Radio Stream:

Clear Channel’s Media and Entertainment division has the largest reach of any radio or television outlet in America with 243 million monthly listeners. It serves 150 cities through 850 owned radio stations in the U.S., as well as more than 140 stations in New Zealand and Australia.

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Technology Applications International Corp. (NUUU) Announces Relocation of Headquarters and New Shipping Company

September 29th, 2014

Technology Applications International Corp. recently announced that it has relocated its corporate headquarters and hub of operations to the Chase Bank Building, 150 SE 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida. The new location is conveniently located to the University of Miami Science Life and Technology Park, which was an important deciding factor.

In the same news release, the company also reported the selection of Adcom Worldwide Shipping and Distribution, a global shipping company, to warehouse and ship its products around the world.

Charles J. Scimeca, NUUU’s CEO stated, “This move puts us in closer proximity to the University of Miami Life Science and Technology Park, where our Rejuvel subsidiary plans to research and develop our plant and mammalian cell extracts. Additionally, our association with Adcom gives us the ability to ship our products worldwide.”

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Vaporin, Inc. (VAPOD) Engages QualityStocks Investor Relations Services

September 29th, 2014

Today before the opening bell, Vaporin announced that it has agreed with QualityStocks to be featured in The Small Cap QualityStocks Daily Newsletter, QualityStocks Daily Blogs and Message Boards. QualityStocks, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a free service that collates data from hundreds of Small-Cap online Investment Newsletters into one Daily Newsletter Report. QualityStocks is dedicated to assisting emerging public companies with their investor communication efforts.

Vaporin distributes and markets vaporizers, e-liquids and e-hookah products, operating a growth strategy that includes convenience store sales and online retail continuity programs as well as brick and mortar retail stores. The company’s flagship vapor technology provides the look, feel and taste of traditional cigarettes without any tar, tobacco, smoke and odor, offering a higher quality experience with a more satisfying hit compared to e-cigarettes. Vaporizers also offer the ability to mix and match flavors, and can be used to consume cannabis in oil, wax and dry herb form.

Responding to rapid increases in the popularity and demand for vapor technology, Vaporin is expanding its Vape Store retail locations via acquisition and new store openings. Part of this growth strategy also includes ramping up brand and product visibility.

“Our multi-pronged revenue model is a perfect fit for the explosive growth of the vapor market. As we utilize this strategy to increase company and shareholder value, we’re also meeting incredible consumer demand. The supporting step for this plan is to relay our progress to the investment community while pushing brand awareness to an unprecedented level through our partnership with the QualityStocks team,” commented Vaporin Chief Executive Officer Scott Frohman.

QualityStocks will utilize its vast network of marketing tools to assist Vaporin with its shareholder communication and brand/product awareness strategies. This campaign includes Vaporin’s placement in the QualityStocks Newsletter, Video, Blog and more.

“Vaporin is in a unique and aggressive position to capture more than its fair share of the growing the vapor market,” stated QualityStocks Managing Director Michael McCarthy. “We’re excited to partner the company’s innovative management team to help Vaporin realize and exceed its market potential. We look forward to helping the company power through the market with strong visibility, communication and transparency.”

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Pan Global Corp. (PGLO) – Developing Green Solutions for Global Use

September 26th, 2014

From alternative energy solutions to sustainable solutions to energy efficient solutions, Pan Global is investigating and investing in environmentally sustainable energy, infrastructure and technologies. The company’s eye is firmly on building an inclusive green economy around the world, one that results in improved human well-being and social equity while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities.

Alternative Energy

Alternative energy, or any energy source that is an alternative to fossil fuel, is intended to address concerns about fossil fuels, especially high carbon dioxide emissions, a major factor in global warming. Pan Global is investigating opportunities to generate electric power generation from renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, mini-hydro and geothermal, through potential projects in India and elsewhere.

Sustainable Solutions

Pan Global is also looking to invest in non-energy infrastructure projects and technology that deliver environmentally sustainable solutions in place of traditional technology. The company searches for opportunities to develop projects in the field of agriculture, building technology and water distribution, amongst others. The company’s management believes the Indian agriculture sector, for one, is ready to embrace technologies that substantially reduce environmental footprints. This could be done by improving the efficiency of water use or reducing the intensity of land use.

Energy Efficiency

Pan Global’s executives also believe Indian businesses and households are seeking solutions that can help them with increasing the efficiency of their energy usage and looking to adopt innovative green energy technologies that can supplement or substitute for their reliance on traditional grid-based electricity and fossil fuels. As a result, the company is looking to provide such solutions to customers through its consulting services, project implementation and project management. Pan Global’s team envisions such solutions will cover everything from alternative energy technology implementation to building retrofits that reduce energy usage to the installation of electrical control system technology and other similar services.

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Big Tree Group, Inc. (BIGG) Executes Formula of Success in Global Toy Market

September 26th, 2014

Tablets and smartphones are strong contenders when it comes to competing for a child’s attention, but trends out of the world’s Top toy producing market, China, show that toys and games are standing their ground. There’s also tight competition between competing toy producers –what it takes for a win in this race is incredible inventory, an extensive buyers network and innovation.

China produces roughly 75% of toys worldwide, creating immense pressure on competing toy producers. Market research company Euromonitor estimates that total retail sales of toys and games in China have soared to Rmb68.9 billion in 2013 from Rmb46.3 billion in 2010, representing an average annual growth rate of 14.2%. Among China’s main toy production and export bases is Guangdong, which has manufacturing activities centered around Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shantou’s Chenghai and Foshan.

Shantou City is known as the “Toy Capital” of the world, and it’s here that Big Tree Group, Inc. conducts operations through its two fully operating subsidiaries, Big Tree Brunei and Big Tree Shantou. Big Tree operates a testing facility to ensure product integrity of the toys that it puts out for display in its 21,000-square-foot showroom.

The company has become a “one-stop-shop” for the international sourcing and distribution of toys and other related products, securing its foothold in the global toy industry and establishing itself as an authorized sales agent for more than 8,000 toy manufacturers. Big Tree’s inventory includes more than 300,000 varieties of toy products such as remote control toys, digital toys, sports toys, play sets, educational toys, dolls and infant toys. The company has built a strong reputation for its inventory, and thousands of international toy purchasers from around the world browse the Big Tree facility to find the next times to hit main street shelves.

In 2011, Big Tree flexed its innovative side and began selling its own patented construction toy, the Magic Puzzle (3D). For the time being, the proprietary Big Tree Magic Puzzle is promoted and distributed solely in the Chinese domestic market, available through Big Tree Shantou’s online store as well as in several retail locations. In response to positive consumer and retail feedback, Big Tree is also evaluating global marketing and distribution of the Magic Puzzle.

Under the leadership of an innovative management team that understands what it takes to succeed a competitive and evolving market, Big Tree operates an aggressive growth strategy to remain a competitive player in the world’s toy industry.

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Ecrypt Technologies, Inc. (ECRY) Pursues Partnership with Cicada Security Technology

September 26th, 2014

Ecrypt Technologies deeply values strategic marketing relationships. As evidenced by its latest marketing alliance with Cicada Security Technology, the company will continue to implement its operational strategy of rapid time-to-market new product development in order to bring unique offerings to growing markets.

Ecrypt Technologies first revealed the terms of its partnership with Cicada Security Technology, a Canadian company, in late August 2014. Ecrypt formalized the alliance through an exclusive, global arrangement. As part of the arrangement, Ecrypt will engage in marketing, selling and distributing Cicada Security’s data privacy products.

Cicada Security Technology is a Montreal, Québec-based developer of innovative security solutions engineered to protect computers, tablets and intelligent mobile devices and their data against vulnerabilities posed by theft or tamper. Cicada’s solutions add a unique level of security to the Ecrypt product platform by actively protecting critical hardware against attempted theft or tampering.

The two companies are well-matched. The teams at Ecrypt Technologies and Cicada Security Technology share a common vision: to design and develop security solutions that deliver across-the-board data protection for the mobile or distributed workforce. Add Ecrypt’s marketing prowess, unmatched market intelligence, talented board and management team, and far-reaching knowledge of both the United States’ government and commercial markets to Cicada’s efforts and product offerings and both teams are well placed to push their profit and growth initiatives. Together, Ecrypt and Cicada make an indomitable team.

Ecrypt Technologies is a leading data security company specializing in military-strength information security solutions for enterprise, government and military entities. Ecrypt empowers organizations by giving their employees the freedom to communicate and collaborate without risk of liability, reputation damage, competitive threat and other negative outcomes. Ecrypt is highly trusted and often the first choice for those looking to keep their communications confidential.

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WordLogic Inc. (WLGC) – A Leading Provider of Predictive Text Technology

September 26th, 2014

A leading developer of enabling technology, WordLogic offers access to visionary innovation. The US-incorporated company has developed a predictive engine that simplifies texting on mobile and wearable devices. WordLogic’s ground-breaking technology, which powers its context-aware applications such as WordLogic Reach and WordLogic iKnowU, not only improves upon existing products, but also enables the development of new products and applications.

WordLogic’s patent-pending Reach technology, one of its predictive engine products, acts as a continuous search engine for new and useful information and presents it in a nonintrusive way. Reach monitors what a user is typing on a mobile or wearable device and retrieves additional information that might be needed. This way, the user can quickly and easily add the retrieved information to what he or she is working on.

Reach offers considerable flexibility as it accesses numerous apps and resources within the mobile device as well as resources on the World Wide Web or within the enterprise. Other existing solutions usually call for users to close one open application in order to access another app’s information, and then for them to cut and paste the needed information into the document or message they were originally composing. With Reach, users can complete all of these actions seamlessly and simultaneously without ever leaving the original app they were working in.

Customers with mobile devices can benefit greatly from the improved accuracy and reduction in effort provided by Reach. Importantly, customers with difficulties or disabilities, such as dyslexia, can benefit from the technology’s ease of use, as it takes a fewer number of keystrokes to type out messages.

Reach has also been designed to retrieve contact information, meeting dates and locations, find local restaurants or services, attach images, perform unit conversions, and get currency conversions or the latest stock quotes. Such features create a potential revenue stream for WordLogic as advertisers and marketers can deliver targeted, context-specific and location-aware content to users.

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WRIT Media, Inc. (WRIT) to Launch Multiple Online Video Game Sales Platforms alongside NASCAR Sponsorship Campaign

September 26th, 2014

Earlier today, it was announced that Retro Infinity Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of WRIT Media and publisher of classic video games on today’s mobile devices, including the Amiga Games brand, will be launching two online point of sale platforms; and

The online point of sale platforms are going live in conjunction with the first RWR Retro Infinity “Drive to Championship Weekend” NASCAR race. On Saturday, September 27th, Retro Infinity and Amiga Games will launch their online stores, which will market their “retro” gaming titles directly to consumers.

Both platforms will initially offer downloads for windows based computers then will add additional titles and additional mobile platforms, such as Windows phone, iOS, and Android platforms, so that the video game titles can be downloaded as Apps on various mobile devices.

The NASCAR Nationwide Series Dover Race, held on Saturday, September 27th, 3:30 PM EDT at the Dover, Delaware Int’l Speedway, a nationally televised motorsports event, will display Retro Infinity and Amiga Games as the primary brand on RWR race cars, driver uniforms and crew uniforms. In addition to direct car and driver logo branding, Retro Infinity will launch a social media campaign in conjunction with other promotions, which include printed materials available at the racetrack, contests, event-related NASCAR national press releases, stories, and team owner and driver interviews.

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Cannabics Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CNBX) Achieves GMP Compliance, Announces Preparation of Clinical Study

September 26th, 2014

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals today announced that it has attained Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) capabilities. Additionally, the company reported it is moving toward the launch of its first clinical study of Cannabics SR capsules.

GMP regulations are designed to ensure that products are produced and controlled according to quality standards. Adhering to these practices ranks Cannabics’ products among a very limited number of medical cannabis products available in the U.S. market that are manufactured according to GMP standards.

Cannabics’ Chief Technology Officer Dr. Eyal Ballan stated, “We’re proud to announce GMP standing as we prepare for the upcoming launch of our Cannabics SR capsules. We have developed a product with incredible potential in the oncology market and aim to maintain product integrity throughout the entire manufacturing process.”

Cannabics plans to launch a number of clinical studies in leading medical centers in Israel where the company’s R&D division is strategically located. The company is on track to become one of the first and few companies to commercialize clinically tested cannabis-based products.

“Cannabics SR, our first market ready product, was developed and designed specifically as a palliative therapy for oncology patients,” commented Dr. Ballan. “We are still developing a broad pipeline of additional cannabis based products designed for various indications such as Neuropathic pain, inflammatory bowel disease, post trauma stress syndrome, CNS degenerative disorders and more. Each of these products will be tested in comprehensive and formal clinical studies to prove its efficacy and safety.”

Cannabics emphasized that its products will have a strong advantage over competing medical cannabis products in the market. In addition to the superior pharmacokinetic profile of the Cannabics SR formulations, the company will have clinical results of the efficacy and safety data collected in these formal post-marketing studies.

Cannabics intends to market Cannabics SR capsules under the current medical cannabis regulations in the United States, Europe and Israel. Based on a proprietary formulation that contains only certified food ingredients, Cannabics SR capsules will be marketed as a “cannabis-infused edible product” and will be available to certified and registered patients.

In previous observational studies, Cannabics SR capsules has been shown to provide 10-12 hours of reduced nausea and pain while promoting appetite for cancer patients. These capsules are taken only one to two times a day. Also, because they are taken orally as capsules, patients avoid the long-term harmful effects of smoking cannabis.

“Cannabics SR capsules answer a considerable unmet need to alleviate the discomforts of oncology patients without the health hazards associated with smoking cannabis for palliative purpose,” stated Dr. Ballan. “To date, more than 100 patients in Israel (most of them oncology patients) have already been treated with Cannabics SR capsules. The positive responses and high satisfaction level of patients and doctors with this cannabis based therapy option has been overwhelming.”

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Falcon Crest Energy, Inc. (FCEN) Buoyed by Savvy Leadership and Exploration Team

September 26th, 2014

Formerly Innocent, Inc., Falcon Crest Energy has been making progress in its bid to capitalize on the copious reserves of Wyoming’s Powder River Basin. In a late August headline, the company announced it had acquired leasehold in federal lands in the 24,000-square-mile, oil-rich area from the United States Bureau of Land Management. That brought Falcon Crest Energy to a 75% working interest in around 585 acres, and the company continues to aggressively look for more opportunities on federal land.

According to the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, the Powder River Basin produced about 30 million barrels of oil in 2013, up 43% from 17 million barrels in 2009. In this historically well-performing region, Falcon Crest Energy has identified the areas where objective, oil-bearing formations are located less than 2,500 feet below the surface as its points-of-interest. For these endeavors, Falcon Crest Energy has tapped Evergreen, a seasoned provider with other 150 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, for the general management role of these exploratory efforts.

On top of a savvy, insightful, and recently formed advisory board, Falcon Crest Energy is buoyed by its savvy, forward-thinking senior leadership and exploration team members. At the helm is company CEO and Director Patrick Johnson, a professional with c-level experience in a variety of industries, including the oil and gas, consumer products, and nutraceuticals industries. Mr. Johnson has also been involved in consultative roles across many sectors, including private equity, mining, entertainment, gaming, construction, corporate finance, and more. Together, the members of Falcon Crest’s leadership and exploration teams boast of more than 150 years of combined professional expertise.

For future business endeavors, Falcon Crest has signified that it has many other opportunities in its pipeline. Falcon Crest has committed itself to a business model of acquiring low-risk, high-upside properties coupled with substantial exploration potential. Continuously operating according to a narrow, defined strategy, the company continues to look out for opportunities consisting of strategic acquisitions or joint ventures with strong potential value.

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Data Breaches on the Rise, Mobile Lads Corp. (MOBO) One Step Ahead

September 25th, 2014

The increasing use of computers, smartphones and wireless devices has spun a web of opportunity for hackers. Many consumers let their guards down, assuming their online destinations have taken the right security precautions. But as we recently learned via data security breaches at Target, Home Depot, Ebay and several other lesser-known merchants, hackers are parasites that can weasel through even the smallest gap in security.

More so than ever before, consumers are learning the hard way how important it is to take security into their own hands, and quite literally, thanks to Mobile Lads Corp. A marketer of secure wireless transaction software solutions for the consumer finance, web and health payment processing sectors, the company’s products and services are based on core technologies that simplify and secure wireless communications; among them is xmVerify.

xmVerify is a real-time mobile transaction security service that prevents credit card fraud by requiring consumer authorization for online transactions. Using one of the best cryptographic services (which is a fancy term for techniques to provide unbreakable security), xmVerify is used when a customer makes a purchase online, where the credit/debit card number is sent with the purchase transaction. The associated mobile number is found and a text is sent to the number with a mobile URL to the xmVerify authorization page. The consumer is then prompted to review and authorize the purchase on their phone to complete the transaction.

Without the authorization, the transaction is indefinitely halted, preventing illegitimate data use. Crisis averted. It’s important to remember that not all breaches are the same – hackers use a variety of methods contingent on the target’s vulnerabilities or even lapses in the security of third-party vendors, as was the case with Target.

Collectively, hacking methods have led to a rise in data breaches. According to security firm Trustwave, the number of data breaches increased nearly 54% in 2013 compared to 2012; 54% of those breaches originated at e-commerce websites.

“As has been the case for more than 15 years, poor coding and data storage practices have left sites vulnerable to SQL injection, whereby criminal hackers gain access to cardholder data stored in databases,” states the report.

But that doesn’t mean merchants and consumers can’t fight back. Mobile Lads’ solutions enable seamless access to time-sensitive information and data on multiple network standards through the use of specialized wide-area wireless applications. The company’s goal is to emerge as a leading-edge wireless solutions organization, and with hacking on the rise, the company has plenty of leg room for growth and advancement particularly when it comes to xmVerify.

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Zenosense, Inc. (ZENO) Early Detection Technology Saves Lives and Money

September 25th, 2014

Infectious disease was the leading cause of death in the United States until the discovery of antibiotics to treat bacterial infections in 1920’s. Penicillin proved a powerful weapon to fight disease and was even effective in combating deadly staph infections. Staph is a common bacterium, found on the skin or in the nose of even healthy individuals but becomes serious if it invades deeper into the skin, blood or organs. The malevolent staph bacteria developed resistance to penicillin in the 1940’s and medical science was forced to find to another antibiotic, methicillin to treat staph. Even so, by the 1960s staph had become resistant to it too and the virulent strain of staph infection, MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) was upon us. Health care professionals have now been combating MRSA for over 50 years.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated 80,500 cases of invasive MRSA and 11,000 deaths in the US in 2011. However, the CDC tracks only invasive MRSA infections where the staph bacteria have reached the bloodstream or invaded internal organs. In same year there were nearly 460,000 hospitalizations involving a MRSA diagnosis and data suggests these hospitalizations resulted in over 20,000 deaths. The inability to detect or track MRSA cases is complicating efforts by public health officials to develop prevention strategies and keep the bacteria from threatening vast new segments of the population.

In addition to the serious individual and public health issues caused by MRSA, it also places a severe financial impact on private and public health care systems. Early detection is vital to effectuate protective measures for patients and stop the spread of the disease. Currently there is no cost effective system early detection system for MRSA in the patient or in the rooms of a healthcare building. Zenosense, Inc. is focused on developing this much needed MRSA early detection device.

The Zenosense, Inc. patent-pending device is being designed to sample air and continuously monitor for the airborne Volatile Organic Compounds (“VOCs”) signature emitted by MRSA. This cutting-edge detection device is intended to be produced as a low cost unit to be worn by patients and medical staff. In the event of any infection, the MRSA device will detect the VOCs produced by the infected person and emit an audio/visual alarm. There is also a network monitored hard wired detection device planned to be positioned in the room with a magnifier for MRSA presence. Zenosense has actively been developing these products since December 2013 for this multi-million dollar market. As Zenosense has moved forward in development they have put multiple strategic relationships in place with hospitals, universities, and the high tech private sector to facilitate both research and roll out.

These relationships have led the company into another lucrative untapped market. Zenosense believes a vast global opportunity exists for a low cost lung cancer detection device used at point of care. A device that matches or exceeds the accuracy of a Tomography scan would be in universal demand as a complimentary, indicative test to increase early detection and achieve best outcomes.

Once to market these early detection devices can easily save lives, save money for public and private health facilities and potentially deliver vast rewards for Zenosense investors.

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Well Power Inc. (WPWR) Endeavors to Shrink Negative Environmental Impact of Gas Flaring

September 25th, 2014

Well Power has a keen understanding of the world’s gas flaring problem. For this reason, company efforts are centered on developing and delivering solutions to the oil and gas industry offering it the ability to reduce its waste while helping to shrink this generation’s carbon footprint. Widely accepted among industry experts, there are approximately 150 billion cubic meters of natural gas being flared in the world each year, representing a gross waste of natural resources. Every year, approximately 140-150 billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas is flared into the atmosphere. According to calculations by the World Bank, that equals three quarters of Russia’s gas exports, or approximately one third of the European Union’s gas consumption.

Gas flaring is commonly defined as, ‘the burning of natural gas associated with oil extraction processes.’ When you drill for oil, you also get gas. In a perfect world this associated gas would be sold to consumers, or it would be used to generate power and then resold as electricity. But this requires costly investment into pipelines, power plants, and other infrastructure. Therefore, in practice, some oil producers opt to sell the oil and burn the gas.

What is even more regrettable from an environmental perspective is that 140-150 bcm of flared natural gas translates into 270-290 million tons of C02 emissions per year. Accounting for roughly 1% of global carbon emissions, gas flaring is only a minor contributor to climate change. Regardless, the practice is despicable as no economic advantage or human welfare is generated in the process. WPWR and its partner, MEC resources are focused on reversing this trend.

Well Power has engaged with MEC Resources to distribute a Micro-Refinery Unit (MRU) which it has licensed from the company to the states of Texas, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Wyoming, New Mexico and Colorado. Well Power is pursuing this arrangement due to the increase of the gas flaring problem in these states.

Gas flaring reduction has the potential to become an environmental success story. For the oil and gas industry, environmental compliance requirements continue to increase as a result of recent events like the spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Finding the right partnerships to eliminate flaring as we know it and efforts to minimize new flaring provides the industry an opportunity to take a leadership role on sustainable resource development and energy efficiency.

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Vaporin, Inc. (VAPOD) is “One to Watch”

September 25th, 2014

Vaporin distributes and markets vaporizers, e-liquids and e-hookah products. Leveraging a multi-pronged revenue model, the company’s growth strategy includes tapping into convenience store sales and online retail continuity programs as well as the acquisition and opening of brick and mortar retail stores.

Vaporin’s flagship vapor technology offers the look, feel and taste of traditional cigarettes without any tar, tobacco, smoke and odor. Additionally, vaporizers offer a better quality experience with a more satisfying hit compared to e-cigarettes and have the ability to mix and match flavors. Due to these and other advantages, Bonnie Herzog, senior beverage and tobacco analyst at Wells Faro Securities, believes vapor consumption alone will surpass combustible cigarettes in the next decade.

The company’s vaporizing products can also be used to consume cannabis in oil, wax and dry herb form. Medical marijuana is now legalized in 23 states and the market is expected to grow by 64% this year to reach $2.34 billion in sales. Through an exclusive distribution agreement with Terra Tech Corp., Vaporin anticipates rapidly increasing the exposure of its brand in this rapidly growing market via an expanding dispensary network in California, Colorado, Washington and Oregon.

In just the past year the number of vape shops has increased more than 300% to over 30,000 stores, and the industry is projected to grow to $51 billion in 2030 by industry experts. Along with its other initiatives, Vaporin has plans to ambitiously grow their retail store model by continually acquiring existing stores as well as opening new locations. As a first mover primarily focused on this burgeoning market, the company is ideally positioned with a full line of products and e-liquids.

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VistaGen Therapeutics, Inc. (VSTA) Sees AV-101 as Potential Breakthrough Drug for Major Depressive Disorder

September 25th, 2014

Potential to Address Major U.S. and Global Need

It’s one of the single most sought-after drugs in the medical industry, and biotechnology company VistaGen Therapeutics may have it. What is so desperately needed is a drug able to treat a disease that afflicts tens of millions of people in the U.S., and hundreds of millions globally. The disease is MDD (Major Depressive Disorder), a crippling form of depression that is not effectively treated by existing medications. It is now recognized as a disease that seriously undermines economies and society as a whole, contributing to hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide each year. The recent death of actor and comedian Robin Williams has shed a public light on the gravity of individual depression, but researchers know that it affects as many as one out of 20 households. They also know the significant issues with standard treatments for MDD.

Current Drugs Too Slow or With Side Effects

Traditional FDA-approved drugs currently used to treat depression are very slow acting, a consequence of the way they operate in the brain. It can take weeks or even months to achieve the intended benefit of these antidepressants, time that patients experiencing an MDD crisis often don’t have. The lack of noticeable and timely results with such treatments can easily discourage people with MDD from continuing with their antidepressant medications. In desperation a patient can slide from one drug to another until they feel they’ve run out of options, potentially with fatal results.

So anxious is the medical establishment for an effective quick-acting anti-depressant that ketamine, a multi-purpose pain killer and anesthetic, has been re-purposed by certain physicians as an anti-depressant, primarily because of its ability to deliver rapid, robust antidepressant effects in MDD patients. An article in Scientific American ( talked about how the ketamine’s promise has ignited excitement among clinicians and neuroscientists, in spite of its associated adverse effects, pointing out that “a person taking ketamine may experience altered physical, spatial and temporal states; larger quantities may induce hallucinations and dissolution of the self”. Over and above what an article in Nature Reviews ( called “psychosis-like side effects”, another major problem with ketamine is that it must be given intravenously. Forcing patients to get frequent infusions to stave off depression is nobody’s idea of an optimum solution, but it underscores the serious, unmet medical need in this area.

New Drug May Be Perfect Storm

Amidst all of this has come a highly innovative new approach from California-based VistaGen Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company known primarily for its stem cell technology. VistaGen’s novel, orally available MDD drug candidate AV-101 is ready for Phase 2 clinical development in the U.S. and is starting to look like a very big deal, because it offers the promise of being an antidepressant that is both powerful and quick-acting, while at the same time causing none of the mind-bending side effects of ketamine. The drug operates in a different way than the other FDA-approved antidepressant drugs, providing a much more moderated effect while still getting the job done. NIH sponsored Phase 1 studies of AV-101 have already shown it to be a remarkably safe and well-tolerated compound. Perhaps even more notable is the fact that AV-101 can be taken orally, with no need for regular injections or IV administration. It’s an almost ideal combination of properties, with a multi-billion dollar market on the table.

From a technical standpoint, AV-101 (4-Cl-KYN) is an orally-available, non-sedating, non-hallucinogenic prodrug (precursor drug) that is rapidly and enzymatically converted to its active metabolite, 7-chlorokynurenic acid (7-Cl-KYNA), one of the most well-characterized, potent, and selective synthetic blockers of N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors at the glycine-coagonist (GlyB) site. Although the pathophysiology of depression has been linked to monoaminergic mechanisms for decades, compelling evidence now suggests a key role of the glutamatergic system in mood disorders and favors the idea that AV-101’s targeted antagonism of the glycineB site of the NMDA receptor can provide rapid, robust antidepressant effects in treatment of MDD similar to ketamine, but without ketamine’s serious side effects.

VistaGen is currently preparing for a Phase 2 MDD study in early 2015, so keep an eye open for announcements.

In addition to MDD, AV-101 is now also being seen as a potential treatment for other diseases involving the central nervous system, including epilepsy, chronic neuropathic pain, and neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.

For additional information, visit the company’s website at

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Infinite Group, Inc. (IMCI) Highly Certified IT Pros & a Comprehensive Unified Communications Approach Ideal for Hack-Heavy New Retail Reality

September 25th, 2014

In the wake of yet another high-profile hacking incident with a major U.S. retailer, this time a breach at Home Depot compromising some 56M cards, with malware having been injected into its open payment processing system (since April, confirmed by the company itself) and just sitting there waiting to prey on customers, there is sharply renewed interest in the subject of outsourcing IT and unified communications to competent specialist firms who truly understand the rapidly evolving digital security landscape. This is the latest in a series of recent attacks that DHS and the Secret Service have quantified as having affected as many as 1k retailers or more. One of the most notable examples is last year’s Target (NYSE:TGT) breach, whose official $61M loss is peanuts compared to the estimated $1B to $2B aggregate total cost estimates calculated by the company’s executives when all external factors are considered, including impact to brand identity with returning and new customers.

With the potential impact of the Home Depot (NYSE:HD) breach now looking like it extends to all 2.2k stores (400 more than Target) and all indicators thus far pointing back to Home Depot, the company is scrambling to handle the digital forensics and cope with overall impact to daily operations. Home Depot has even tapped top cybersecurity firms Symantec and FishNet Security to do costly curing of their network ills, which could’ve likely been prevented altogether with a more comprehensive approach to their digital security envelope. Not to mention having prevented the “materially adverse effect on Home Depot’s financial results in Q4 and/or future periods,” foreseen by the company and stated in a press release.

The Home Depot brand perception has already taken a big hit since the story broke. With the YouGov BrandIndex rating off by 75%, the case serves as just the latest in a long line of canary-in-the-coal-mine hack attacks, even occurring against seemingly sophisticated operations you wouldn’t expect to be vulnerable. Take the JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:JPM) security breach late last month, which may have also included five other financial institutions (the source of which is still unclear) and you being to realize how serious the problem truly is. JPM has one of the largest and most sophisticated detection and security cordons in the world today, yet hackers were able to get their foot literally right in the front door, exploiting an overlooked vulnerability in one of the bank’s own sites, leading to a deluge of malicious code throughout the network of what is the largest bank in the entire U.S.

The iron is hot for companies specializing in comprehensive IT solutions to strike and one of the smaller players in the space today, Infinite Group, Inc. (OTCM:IMCI), is a play worth evaluating thoroughly, given their solid track record providing full-spectrum IT services to heavy-hitters like Hewlett Packard, Pepsi, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Additionally, the company’s VMware® virtualization implementations have been used by NASA and the USAF, as well as the Army, Navy, and Marines. Home Depot, which already makes use of such VMware solutions, perhaps should’ve sent more business IMCI’s way top begin with and they wouldn’t be dealing with such expensive/unwieldy damage control.

Piecemeal approaches to the IT landscape can be difficult to maintain and this is where company’s like IMCI will thrive in coming years, as the security vulnerabilities at even major corporations becoming increasingly apparent and more clearly linked to a lack of bringing in true specialists to handle the entire package. This phenomenon is widespread though, given the natural progression of IT over the last decade and the relatively piecemeal solutions employed by even some of the largest corporations. IMCI prides itself on being able to handle the IT problem in a soup-to-nuts fashion, providing robust solutions that are appropriate for commercial enterprises of all sizes, as well as much more stringent government agencies. IMCI is a trusted small-business GSA (General Services Administration, independent U.S. government agency which helps manage the basic functions of other agencies) IT service and support supplier that handles on-site support in places like D.C., as well as at forward military locations.

With a tightly-knit team of highly certified IT pros (including ISO 9001, Cisco, IBM, Linux, Microsoft and many others), IMCI is able to take a given unified communication services roll out from planning and design, through project management and the eventual system installations, as well as service/support.

For more information on Infinite Group, visit:

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Thinspace Technology, Inc. (THNS) Sees 871% Increase in Net Revenue

September 24th, 2014

Headquartered in Port Orange, Florida and with offices in the UK, Canada, and India, Thinspace Technology is a global provider of application delivery, desktop virtualization, and cloud client technology solutions. Thinspace Technology’s offerings are deployable to organizations of all sizes within the public and private sectors.

In a recent headline, Thinspace Technology reported some noteworthy results for Q2 2014. The company’s net revenue for this period was $2.59 million, up 871% from $267,000 in Q2 2013 and 230% from $784,000 in Q1 2014. Gross profits for the quarter were estimated at $865,000.

The news comes on the heels of other company developments, including Thinspace’s sales reach-extending acceptance into Amazon Web Services’ global partner program and the appointment of veteran global technology expert Chris Bautista as new company CEO. Bautista draws upon a background in management consulting and technology expertise. Most recently he served as a principal at Infosys Limited, the innovator behind what is known today as the global delivery model of technology solutions. Bautista’ past experience includes positions at Andersen Consulting, now known as Accenture, and at Diamond Technology Partners, now known as PwC.

In another move for bolstering its efforts, Thinspace Technology earlier this year created a technical advisory board, with experienced professionals Ben Charian, Julian Levy, and Claudio Rodrigues as its first members. With these experts’ insights and guidance, Thinspace aims to garner further market traction and stand out from competitors in its target markets.

Thinspace Technology currently has over 5,000 enterprise clients worldwide. Its public and private sector clientele include NASA; PwC; Deutsche Bank; Toyota; federal, state, and local government agencies; universities and schools; and housing associations. With its wide scale of application delivery, desktop virtualization, and cloud client technology offerings, Thinspace emphasizes ease-of-use, flexibility, and affordability in the technology solutions it delivers to its client base.

For more information, visit:

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Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH) Pipelining Solutions for Mobile Gaming Come into Focus as Market Goes Supernova

September 24th, 2014

According to the latest Pew Research data on the U.S. mobile market, upwards of 58% of all Americans own a smartphone (some 42% of Americans own a tablet computer) and gaming is the hottest vector in the space, so hot in fact that adult women now make up 48% of the gaming market, largely on the strength of smartphone proliferation. Market research by NewZoo and AppLift have pegged the mobile gaming market phenomenology quite well with a $24B projection by 2016. A forecast that tracks well with the Gartner data, which also has the mobile gaming space doubling over a short period of time, with a revenue prediction suggesting the market will expand from the roughly $13.2B seen last year, to around $22B in 2015.

Either way, it seems clear that mobile gaming is an extremely hot market, with growth in Brazil, China, and India dominating the upward trend. Perhaps Morgan Stanley read the tea leaves best in describing Microsoft’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) $2.5B acquisition last week of Swedish indie developer Mojang AB, who made the smash hit Minecraft, as a smart move for the company’s Xbox business. But look at the fact that Minecraft is also the top paid app on both Android and iOS, where 40% of the game’s downloads occur, and you will realize the move is about much more than the console or PC markets, MSFT is moving to gain a sizeable foothold in mobile gaming here and industry analysts are starting to take note. Such games have an immediate appeal that cuts across language barriers (beside which, in-game multilanguage technology has come a long ways, making it easy to publish once for multiple languages irrespective of game engine in most cases) and the mega-hot Chinese mobile gaming market, set to grow a whopping 93% this year alone (projected 37.6% CAGR through 2018) according to market intelligence firm, Niko Partners, is a juicy target, especially considering AppLift/NewZoo’s data pegging China as 12% of the global market last year.

This portrait of the mobile gaming market brings players like Consorteum Holdings (CSRH) under a bright light indeed and the diligent work executed by CSRH in particular over the last few years, seamlessly tying together a network of key relationship and licensing agreements, is a compelling subject for the savvy investor to study. CSRH is a mobile solutions provider with the kind of rich transaction experience needed to move the ball down the field revenue-wise and acts as a support player/publishing and distribution enabler. Moreover, the company’s UMI (Universal Mobile Interface) solution is a verticals-spanning powerhouse technology that supercharges CSRH’s mastery of mobile payment/transaction solutions and content delivery.

Naturally, the transaction management and mobile solutions prowess of CSRH lends itself directly to the gambling end of the gaming spectrum and the company has wasted little time enmeshing themselves therein, utilizing a bold marketing and technology strategy that is designed to revolutionize the space. CSRH’s wholly-owned ThreeFiftyNine Inc. subsidiary (359) for instance is the only 3rd party developer cleared by the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC). 359’s client-server application has been vetted successfully by the NGC and thanks to the company’s proprietary UMI platform, complete Geo-fencing and Geo-location compliance has been satisfied.

Of course, in this market, security is always a top watchword and the in-depth security capabilities of the company’s hybrid client-server app makes it very appealing for a pipeline solution to get gaming content onto mobile user’s devices. 359 uses a thin-client application to integrate a gaming provider’s backend with the company’s own client-server framework, pumping the content out for delivery and display, eliminating the cost and complexity for gaming providers related to updating device applications due to new code or new devices. The implications are staggering for anyone who understands the casino gaming space and gambling market in general. From mobile lottery and offerings like the Stations Casino’s Sportsbook application for sports and horse betting, to keno and casino games like video blackjack, the UMI approach to getting content to customers is lightweight but powerful.

A striking example of how agile CSRH can be came in May this year with the completion of development work on a mobile results app for live Keno with partner XpertX, Inc., which is seen as one of the industry leaders in Keno gaming today. The partners pulled off a comprehensive architecture from game server and feature integration, to publishing and distribution, including various support services like database management and hosting, in short time, leading XpertX founder and President, Eric Thomassian, to be extremely optimistic about live Keno being brought to mobile gaming in a jurisdiction-tuned fashion. Consorteum Holdings’ recent mobile app development contract signed between their 359 subsidiary and BetButler parent company, Bet Clearer Ltd., likely could’ve saved BetButler. Whose sizeable customer database is now up for grabs, with plans to settle with customers via a new company with “no conditions on withdrawal,” according to a Bet Clearer spokesman.

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One World Holdings, Inc. (OWOO) Subsidiary Enters into Financing Relationship with Blackbridge Capital

September 24th, 2014

Today before the opening bell, One World Holdings reported a development regarding its subsidiary, The One World Doll Project. The One World Doll Project recently entered into an $800,000 private equity partnership with New York-based hedge fund Blackbridge Capital and a group of private equity investors who will focus on debt reduction and balance sheet enhancement.

“Over the past 18 months, the company has taken on several large convertible notes that have had the unfortunate effect of creating derivative liabilities on our balance sheet and downward pressure on our stock price as a result of simultaneous conversions of those notes into stock at a substantial discount to market,” stated Joanne Melton, CEO of One World Holdings. “By the end of the third quarter we will have consolidated and eliminated several of our most expensive institutional and private convertible notes totaling over $415,000. The purpose of this initiative is to phase out at least 50% of the total company debt by the end of 2014,” she added.

“We are thrilled to partner with One World Holdings while enhancing their balance sheet, increasing shareholder value, and providing advice on business plan execution,” said Alexander Dillon, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Blackbridge Capital. “We are also extremely proud of the diligent efforts of the One World management team as we work together to eliminate derivative liabilities and secure key business development milestones, including the most recent achievement of locking up a premier spot at Toy Fair 2015 where the company will unveil its new line of Prettie Girls! dolls created in partnership with Robert Tonner and The Tonner Doll Company.”

Established in 2010, The One World Doll Project endeavors to make a significant positive cultural impact through the doll category. The company’s beautiful dolls are unique works of art, created for a growing market yearning for something unique to experience — a doll that both embraces contemporary girls of many races and symbolizes the women they can become.

The One World Doll Project has created The Prettie Girls!™ dolls, an exciting line of multi-cultural fashion dolls, years in development, recently launched in the marketplace. The Prettie Girls!™ are unique in their look, their backgrounds, and their stories, and The One World Doll Project has signed agreements with Toys “R” Us and other important retailers for extending their market availability.

For more information, visit

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Sibling’s Group Holdings, Inc. (SIBE) Blended Schools Network Division Offering Special Ed. Development for Teachers

September 24th, 2014


Sibling Group Holdings, an educational technology holding company, has announced that its Special Education Courses will be offered on the Blended Schools Network (“BSN”) division’s teacher professional development platform. Educators take responsibility for the learning of their students, but resources and skills needed to be effective with special education students remains in high demand.

According to the National Education Association, the number of U.S. students enrolled in special education programs has gone up thirty percent over the past decade. Seventy five percent of students with disabilities spend an inordinate portion of their school day in general education classrooms. Conversely, nearly all general education classrooms in the US contain students with disabilities.

BSN is offering new courses for any K12 educator working in the inclusive classroom. Lessons build skills by providing resources educators can integrate in their classrooms the following day. In the courses, teachers learn about Individualized Education Plans, paraprofessional potential, differentiation, instructional strategies and data collection.

This is BSN’s first professional development offering that is not focused on blended and online learning. The course concepts were established by Dr. Pam Danklefsen who possesses extensive experience working with special needs students, as well as creating professional development to help teachers succeed. Dr. Danklefsen’s first-hand knowledge of classroom success models and extensive experience with developing programming for children with disabilities has created effective, engaging content to help teachers drive successful inclusion classroom experiences.

Ms. Maurine Findley, CEO of Sibling Group Holdings, added, “We’re very pleased to offer educators this tremendous platform via Blended Schools Network, which currently has over 5,000 teachers visiting the site each day. Bringing our PLC products to this vibrant teaching community allows us to reach so many more teachers.”

The courses are designed for all educators with the first courses starting Monday, October 6, 2014. Educators can enroll through the Blended Schools website at

Through its wholly owned subsidiary Blended Schools Network (BSN), Sibling Group Holdings provides quality online curriculum for the K-12 marketplace, complete hosted course authoring tools, professional development for teachers and a learning management system (LMS) environment. The company concentrates on pursuing market expansion and new product development to meet the global trend towards the use of educational technology to improve student development and performance.

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One World Holdings, Inc. (OWOO) Teams with QualityStocks for Effective Investor Communication

September 23rd, 2014

One World Holdings recently stated it will be featured as part of The Small Cap QualityStocks Daily Newsletter, QualityStocks Message Boards and QualityStocks Daily Blogs. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, QualityStocks assembles data from hundreds of Small-Cap online Investment Newsletters into one Daily Newsletter Report. QualityStocks, a free service, is dedicated to helping developing publicly held companies communicate pertinent news regarding their stock to the investment community.

The One World Doll Project, a One World Holdings subsidiary, started its Prettie Girls!™ line of multi-cultural dolls designed with unique physical characteristics, hobbies, personal stories, inspirations and goals in 2013. Led by creative artist and renowned doll designer Stacy McBride-Irby, The One World Doll Project team has over five decades of experience in the toy doll sector.

OWOO was established in 2010 as a means to make a positive cultural impact and create positive self-image in young women and girls around the world. As a prerequisite for success, the company’s global strategy requires keen product and brand awareness among consumers and investors of all kinds. Integral to helping One World achieve its goal, the company has chosen to partner with QualityStocks, which will use a multi-faceted approach for raising visibility and communicating effectively to the market.

Commenting on the business relationship was Joanne Melton, CEO of One World. Ms. Melton added, “We’re excited to announce this partnership with QualityStocks shortly after establishing a retail distribution relationship with Toys R Us, solidifying a strategic partnership with Tonner Doll company, signing a celebrity doll deal with Vivica A. Fox, and expanding our presence into over 25 H-E-B stores, which are part of a bigger chain of grocery stores stretching through Texas and into northern Mexico. We’ve defined and are acting on an aggressive strategy to drive revenues and ultimately increase shareholder and company value. Complementary to this plan, QualityStocks will serve as a bullhorn to promote our progress and brand to the investment community.”

QualityStocks Managing Director Michael McCarthy said, “One World has established a strong sales model and a rapidly growing retail distribution network. We’re excited and honored to be a part of this company’s success and look forward to using the QualityStocks’ Newsletter, Video and Blogs and other marketing tools to help this plan unfurl.”

Since 2010, Trent T. Daniel and Stacey McBride-Irby of The One World Doll Project, has endeavored to make a positive cultural impact with their product. Each doll creation is considered to be an individual work of art uniquely created and aimed at satisfying strong demand in a growing market. Their dolls are contemporary in style and appearance, feature many races and represent the women little girls long to be.

For more information on the company, visit

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3PEA International, Inc. (TPNL) Partners with MZ Group to Lead Investor Relations Effort

September 23rd, 2014

3PEA International, a leader in payment processing and prepaid debit card program management for corporate, consumer and public sector applications, announced the company has named MZ Group as its advisor to assist with designing and implementing its investor relations program effort.

Mr. Mark Newcomer, Chairman and CEO of 3PEA International, commented, “We have made tremendous progress during the past year and are excited to share our story with the investment community. Our novel approach to providing comprehensive payment solutions has helped us to win market share in several verticals while launching higher margin programs through our PaySign® brand of prepaid cards. We have good visibility into our business trajectory and are optimistic that 2014 will be a record year for our Company.”

Chairman for MZ North America, Matthew Hayden, added, “We are impressed with 3PEA’s approach to creating innovative payment solutions across a number of verticals within the healthcare, retail, higher education, legal and hospitality industries. The depth and expertise of their management team, coupled with a significant investment in time and money, have led to the creation of a sustainable and rapidly growing company. TPNL is now in a position to share its story and value proposition with the investment community at large and we are pleased to help facilitate this initiative.”

3PEA International is an accomplished prepaid debit card payment solutions provider with millions of prepaid debit cards under management. Delivered by way of its PaySign brand, 3PEA designs and develops payment solutions, prepaid card programs, and customized payment services. The company manages programs for some of the world’s largest manufacturers of pharmaceuticals along with copay assistance products designed to boost new patient acquisition and adherence while increasing retention. 3PEA’s prepaid cards involving corporate incentives are transforming the traditional rewards model by the way corporations reward, motivate and engage existing and prospective customers and employees.

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Cleartronic, Inc. (CLRI) CEO Navigates Strong Alliances

September 23rd, 2014

Cleartronic is a technology holding company dedicated to creating and acquiring operating subsidiaries to develop, manufacture and sell products, services and integrated systems to government agencies and business enterprises. Though company founder Larry Reid has more than three decades of executive management experience, including venture start-ups, raising capital, opening new markets, and securing joint ventures, his ability to develop and foster strategic partnerships has proved especially invaluable to Cleartronic.

In May 2012, Cleartronic subsidiary VoiceInterop entered into a license agreement for its AudioMate 360 product line with communications software firm Collabria, LLC, which had long been using AudioMate AM360R in its client installations that included connections with two-way radio systems. While AudioMate360 IP gateways served as a gateway for Collabria’s ReadyOp™ software solutions, the partnership with Collabria created a game-changing opportunity for Cleartronic as well.

Leveraging its relationship with Collabria, Cleartronic recently obtained the worldwide licensing rights to market, sell and support the company’s ReadyOp – Command, Control and Communication Platform.

ReadyOp is a secure web-based application that integrates multiple databases and a communications platform to provide seamless and efficient support for planning, response, command and communications for single agencies and unified commands. ReadyOp is designed for fast, efficient access to information, as well as the ability to plan, coordinate, direct and communicate with multiple persons, groups and agencies.

The solution is currently employed domestically and overseas as an interoperable radio platform for law enforcement, fire, universities and other government agencies at the local, state and federal levels, and made a powerful impact at the 2012 Republican National Convention (RNC).

To summarize, more than 50,700 text, emails and encrypted texts were sent via ReadyOp during the week of the RNC. Additionally, the RLECT and the 26 convoys used the “Dick Tracy” voice communications for dispatch and collaboration, and several agencies that had never seen ReadyOp prior to the RNC began using it during the events. The multiple ways ReadyOp was used and the success during the RNC illustrates the simplicity and effectiveness of ReadyOp.

The platform is currently used in the day-to-day operations of numerous local, statewide and nationwide networks, enabling streamlined efficiency and communication regardless of the radio type or frequency.

When it comes to Cleartronic, the company’s offerings in various industries, including airport operations and communications, are further enhanced with the integration of the ReadyOp communications platform. Under strong leadership and an increasingly hyper-connected and complex world, Cleartronics offers its radio gateways with Collabria’s software to market, sell and support a total solution for emergency command and control communications to its customers.

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