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iBio, Inc. (IBIO) Receives U.S. Patent for iBioLaunch Platform that Causes Non-transgenic Plants to Rapidly Produce Proteins

October 31, 2011

iBio, Inc., a leader in the plant-made pharmaceutical field, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent that covers the viral vectors comprising the iBioLaunch™ platform. iBio owns this proprietary technology that was developed by scientists at iBio’s research collaborator, the Fraunhofer USA Center for Molecular Biotechnology (Fraunhofer).

The iBioLaunch™ platform is a highly flexible technology that easily, cheaply and reliably causes non-tangenic plants to rapidly produce a large amount of recombinant protein in the plant biomass for biotherapeutics and vaccines. This whole plant approach allows for lower operating and capital expenses versus protein production using engineered microbial or animal cells in bioreactors. It also has both commercial and public safety advantages, as well as scalability, no risk of contamination by animal pathogens and the ability to show complex proteins.

“The issuance of this patent substantially strengthens the intellectual property foundation of the iBioLaunch system for simultaneously expressing more than a single protein,” said Terence Ryan, Ph.D., iBio’s Senior Vice-President in a press release on Monday. “For example, this patent protects the technology we use for production of human monoclonal antibodies, a rapidly growing pharmaceutical category in which we recently announced successful product candidate testing.”

iBio continues to establish licenses or other collaboration arrangements for its biosimilar products and proprietary products as it moves to commercialize its technology. In January, iBio and Fraunhofer entered into a license and collaboration agreement with an entity linked to the Health Ministry of Brazil to develop and sell a proprietary yellow fever vaccine created with iBioLaunch technology to replace chicken egg based vaccine products.

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BluePhoenix Solutions (BPHX) Signs $17 Million Dollar Agreement to Sell AppBuilder Business

Today, BluePhoenix Solutions announced the execution of a definitive agreement to sell its AppBuilder business to Magic Software Enterprise Ltd (NASDAQ: MGIC) for $17 million. Magic Software provides mobile and cloud-enabled application and business integration platforms to businesses across the globe. BluePhoenix expects to close on the sale in November 2011 (subject to the fulfillment of conditions defined in the acquisition agreement).

After deducting deferred revenues and other expenses, BluePhoenix anticipates that the net proceeds from the sale will range anywhere from $14.0 million to $14.5 million. BluePhoenix will place $2 million of that amount in an indemnification escrow for up to two years. The company will hire an accounting firm to evaluate the non-cash decrease of its intangible assets as a result of the sale.

BluePhoenix Chairman, Eric Green, remarked, “This transaction will significantly improve the financial condition of the company, while allowing us to more diligently focus our efforts on core competencies that will provide us the best long term opportunities for growth and enhanced shareholder value.”

“BluePhoenix was built around its world-class, automated software tools for migrating legacy mainframe applications onto modernized platforms written in languages such as Java and C#, and we intend to continue investing in this critical part of our business,” he continued. “We will soon be announcing an innovative new Cobol-to-Java software product targeted at System Integrators that we believe will further extend our technology leadership in this area.”

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Force Energy Corp. (FORC) Provides Update on Canadian Lithium Drilling Program

Force Energy Corp. released an update on the company’s exploratory drilling program in Canada. The company believes that the properties are prospective for lithium and other minerals.

Force Energy has completed Phase 1 of the drilling program, which comprised a due diligence process at the Zoro 1 property in Manitoba, Canada. The purpose of this phase was to confirm the historical reserve level at the site and the presence of pegmatite that contains lithium.

Force Energy said the due diligence performed confirms that the property has a historic resource base of 1.7 million tons of lithium as well as a zone of significant lithium mineralization. The Phase 1 program involved acquiring samples of pegmatite from sixteen trenching locations on the property. The company obtained a total of 165 samples of varying lengths through this process.

Force Energy plans to move onto Phase 2 of the exploration program, which will determine whether lithium can be produced commercially from the Zoro 1 property.

Force Energy said that analysis of the samples was conducted by Activation Laboratories located in Ontario, Canada.

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Beacon Equity Research: $2,000+ Gold Coming Soon, according to Jim Sinclair

In Thursday’s post on, Jim Sinclair reminded investors  of his long-standing slogan for the global financial crisis: QE to Infinity

“QE to infinity – there is no other choice,” the life-long gold market  consultant stated.  “There is no other functional tool in anyone’s toolbox  to stop camouflaged runs on the bank.”

Therefore, he wrote, “QE to infinity in the Western financial world is  assured. As a result, gold in the $2,000s is coming soon.”

How can Sinclair assure this outcome?  Well, no one sees into the future  with anything resembling crystal clarity, but Sinclair is studied on matters of  central banking, money printing and the psychology of politicians and the most  likely social consequences of their actions during financial crises.

For the most part, Americans believe that as the sole superpower of the  world, the U.S. is not subject to the same rules as foreigners must abide  by.  During the first half of the 20th century, the German  people, too, believed that they were special.

In his book, When Money Dies: The Nightmare of the Weimar Collapse  (1975), its author Adam Fergusson describes the events, attitudes of  politicians and public as well as the consequences of Weimar Germany’s monetary  policies following WWI which led to the collapse of the Reichsmark.

There are some parallels to today’s crisis with the financial catastrophe of  1919-23 in Germany (and Austria) to support Sinclair’s thinking up to this  point.

“The Chancellor [Karl Wirth, 1921-22] would accept no connection between  printing money and its depreciation. Indeed, it remained largely unrecognised in  Cabinet, bank, parliament or press. The Vossische Zeitung [German newspaper] of  August 16 declared that the opinion that the flood of paper is the real origin  of the depreciation is not only wrong but dangerously wrong.”

—When Money Dies

“S&P has shown really terrible judgment and they’ve handled themselves  very poorly. And they’ve shown a stunning lack of knowledge about basic U.S.  fiscal budget math. And I think they drew exactly the wrong conclusion from this  budget agreement.”

—Treasury Sec. Timothy Geithner on S&P downgrade of U.S.  debt

“In Berlin the Majority Socialists and the Independent  Socialists joined forces in a demonstration to protest ‘against the enemies of  the Republic’”

“July 24 produced demonstrations against profiteering, capitalism and Fascism  in Frankfort, where inoffensive citizens were molested, windows were broken, and  one man kicked to death.”

—When Money Dies

“The ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement has resonated around the world . . .  Unlike some of the ‘anti-capitalist’ and ‘anti-globalisation’ movements that  have sprung up and died down over the past couple of decades, this is directly  linked to a sense of failure of capitalism itself. It is also intimately linked  to working class discontent and rage at the conspicuous enrichment of the  super-rich continuing through an enormous decline in working class living  standards, unprecedented since the 1920s.”

—Red Scribblings – A blog for socialists politics, critical analysis and  debate

“In spite of his robust common sense, the man in the [German]  street is beginning to believe what some interested industrialists are telling  him, so that he seems almost readily to subscribe to the false doctrine that it  is good for trade that a government, by inflationary finance, should habitually  spend more than its income.”

—When Money Dies

“O’Neill [Treasury Sec. Under President Bush] said he tried to  warn Vice President Dick Cheney that growing budget deficits-expected to top  $500 billion this fiscal year alone-posed a threat to the economy. Cheney cut  him off. ‘You know, Paul, Reagan proved deficits don’t matter,’ he said,  according to excerpts. Cheney continued: ‘We won the midterms (congressional  elections). This is our due.’ A month later, Cheney told the Treasury secretary  he was fired.”


“I will not support any plan that puts all the burden of closing our deficit  on ordinary Americans.  We are not going to have a one-sided deal that  hurts the folks who are most vulnerable.”

—President Barrack Obama

Clearly, the US is not at the stage of 1922 Germany, but the stage for a  replay to some extent has been set in that U.S. budget deficits of 10% of GDP  (not including unfunded liabilities, which exceed a projected $1.6 trillion  cash-basis shortfall) is the first step toward a Weimar scenario.  A first  step!

No one knows how the endgame will play out in resolving unsupportable debt  levels, but it’s sure not going to include the Chinese continuing the game of  mopping up debt issuance from Treasury.

Morgan Stanley’s Global Head of Economics Stephen Roach dismisses the notion  that China’s $1 trillion-plus holding of Treasuries provides the needed  disincentive to the Chinese to sell the bonds.

“After all, where else would they place their asset bets? Why would they risk  losses in their massive portfolio of dollar-based assets?” Roach asked  rhetorically. “China’s answers to those questions are clear: it is no longer  willing to risk financial and economic stability on the basis of Washington’s  hollow promises and tarnished economic stewardship. The Chinese are finally  saying no. Read their lips.”

Recent data from the Fed’s H.4.1 shows a meaningful decline in Treasuries  held by foreigners at the Fed.  The trend line of increased holding  throughout the crises has finally been broken; holding are now beginning to  decline at a time when holdings must increase at the same rate as the Treasuries  are issued and rolled over.

For those interested in following Treasury holding by foreigners (not broken  down by country), provides a link and commentary on the Fed’s H.4.1 reported, issued weekly.

Jim Sinclair says gold’s going to $2,000 and beyond, with a final target  price well above $10,000 as the crisis in Europe eventually makes its way to the  U.S., ground zero.

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Beacon Equity Research: Silver Price Going to $50, says Peter Schiff

For those waiting to seize another drop in the price of silver, Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff believes today’s bargain basement price won’t get any cheaper and that full-pricing of $50 in the white metal is coming—maybe within 60 days.

Speaking with King World News’ Eric King, Friday, Schiff warned procrastinating silver bugs, “We are going to eventually go through $50 [silver], so buy it now.”

The gold price, he expects, will reach $2,000.

Schiff’s latest advice comes on the heals of last week’s bold call, of which, he said a renewed drop in the U.S. dollar was imminent and a rally in the precious metals would ensue for the remainder of the year. And if Schiff turns out to be right in the face of a teetering EU and the backdrop of FX Concept’s Founder John Taylor’s mid-summer call for a big dollar rally for the second half of 2011, clearly many traders will be knocked off guard.

Moreover, and for what it’s worth, especially during a period of overactive central bank intervention in the currency market, Schiff’s outlook for a declining dollar for the remainder of this year is consistent with the dollar’s 40-year seasonal pattern of weakness against major competing currencies during the months of November and December—a period, too, when precious metals have historically been inversely strong.

“Our short-term target for the euro, maybe by year end, will be up near 1.48,” Schiff told listeners of the KWN Oct. 25 broadcast. “I think that’s going to catch a lot of people off guard who were writing the obituaries for the euro, to see the euro approaching the 1.50 level. The dollar index should be headed back down to the 72 level.”

Friday’s big move in the euro and nearly equal move down in the USDX did, indeed, take euro shorts by surprise and aided further the move higher with an onslaught of short covering in the Forex throughout the trading day Friday.

One currencies trader, Jim Rogers of Rogers Holdings, was taken aback by the surprise deal struck in Europe, the impetus of the euro move.

“Never in a million years did I expect them to impose a haircut of 50% [on Greek bondholders], this shows at least somebody is starting to accept reality,” Rogers said in an interview with UK-based Investment Week.

“There has been a major overhang, so we will see the easing of some pressure, but the problem will come back because the Western world still has not dealt with its debt,” he said, apparently agreeing with Schiff insofar as the flight back out of the dollar may still have some legs left in it.

Mostly buried beneath the news out of Europe, however, was the story of the yen cracking a post-WWII high against the dollar as well as the dollar falling significantly below strong support at 76 on the USDX.

“Today the dollar is at an all-time record low against the Japanese Yen,” Schiff said, Friday. “So you have a weak dollar, you have bond prices now headed lower, commodities up, stocks up, kind of across the board. The message is get out of paper, get into stuff and the worst paper is dollars.”

But the BOJ didn’t miss the move and took violent exception to a strong yen. At the open of Monday’s trading in Tokyo, massive BOJ intervention dropped the yen 382 points to the dollar within 30 minutes—severely punishing the longs to a six-standard-deviation bloodbath, further making it clear that attempts at refuge from the dollar to the Japanese currency won’t be tolerated. As precious metals price dropped against the dollar, gold and silver rose against the yen.

The move by the BOJ comes atop China’s central bank re-pegging of the renminbi to the dollar, Swiss intervention in early September to weaken the franc, and the BOE move to weaken pound sterling. Now, it may be the dollar’s turn, according to Schiff.

He expects the decline of the USDX will logically come from further strengthening in the euro, sterling and CAD, with another assault (3rd time) on the all-time support low of 72 USDX expected this year, or at the latest sometime in 2012.

“I think we will come pretty close to hitting $2,000 on gold this year,” Schiff reckoned. “It would be hard for gold not to be above $2,000 in 2012. I really think it would be unlikely that we wouldn’t see prices north of $2,000 next year.”

He continued, “The dollar is headed right back to the lows and I think it will take out the lows. If it does break to new lows, that’s when we might see another crisis because then we might start to see the world questioning the viability of the U.S. economy….”

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Beacon Enterprise Solutions Group, Inc. (BEAC) Led by First Class Management Team

When performing due diligence, investors will often spend hours looking at the fundamentals of a company and industry trends, but often fail to properly evaluate the management team. This is a terrible oversight. These individuals are responsible for making decisions that determine the very fate of the organization.

Chairman and CEO Bruce Widener leads Beacon Enterprise Solutions with more than nineteen years of industry experience. He is recognized as one of the founding employees of UniDial Communications/Lightyear Network Solutions, a private company that grew from start-up to over $220,000,000 in sales within six years. At Lightyear, Mr. Widener was responsible for product development and IT as well as mergers & acquisitions and was the driving force behind several significant initiatives. Prior to joining Lightyear, Mr. Widener held positions at WorldTel Services, LiTel/LCI International and Charter Network.

Gerald L. Bowman, President and Chief Operating Officer, brings over twenty-five years of experience to the company. Prior to Beacon Enterprise Solutions, he served as Managing Director and Vice President of Enterprise Global Services for CommScope, Chief Operating Officer for Superior Systems Technologies, Vice President of Engineering at Riser Management Systems, and Vice President and General Manager of VARtek. Mr. Bowman has also been a featured speaker and thought leader for publications and organizations such as ASIS, BICSI, ISSA, and InfraGard.

Chief Administrative Officer Victor Agruso has accumulated more than twenty years of strategic planning, organization, development, and talent management experience in a variety of public and private sector industries with organizations ranging in size from emerging growth to Fortune 100 companies. Mr. Agruso has held global human resources executive positions with Nike, Hallmark Cards, Humana, and Maritz. He holds two Master’s degrees from Harvard University focused on organization and human resources development.

Scott Fitzpatrick was recently promoted to Vice President Corporate Controller and Treasurer, and is Beacon’s Principal Financial Officer. Mr. Fitzpatrick has more than 25 years of accounting/finance experience with growth-oriented public companies, which includes serving as Corporate Controller and Director/Manager for multi-location companies in both service and manufacturing industries. His expertise encompasses international accounting, SEC and internal financial reporting, GAAP compliance, financial analysis, budgeting, and many other financial and operational areas.

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Small Cap Voice: Exergetic Energy, Inc. (XNGR) Receives Approval from FINRA to Begin Trading on the OTCBB

Exergetic Energy, Inc. (“EEI”), an integrated energy supply company, announced that on October 26, 2011, FINRA approved its OTCBB application. Now, EEI will resubmit its S1 registration statement for the $10 million equity line (Press Release Issued 3/24/2011) that was initially negotiated through Auctus Private Equity Group, LLC in March of 2011.

“We are excited about achieving this key objective,” stated Clarence B. McCollum, chairman and CEO of EEI. “Pursuant to the SEC’s recommendation, EEI withdrew its S1 application to apply to OTCBB. It is very important to the company and our investors that we are listed on OTCBB and are moving forward with the S1 application.” McCollum also said that by having access to the $10 million drawdown equity line, EEI will be able to underwrite the construction of a 1.5MW solar farm facility in Desoto County, Florida. EEI has also expressed interest in acquiring property in Detroit, Michigan, to develop a renewable energy power plant within the city. Additionally, in the Northwest region of the country, EEI is in discussions to develop two 20MW solar plants in the upcoming year to increase the use of solar energy in those areas and create construction and renewable energy jobs.

Exergetic Energy, Inc. is a holistic energy supply company that is focused on reducing the carbon footprint of its customers. The company’s strengths are core engineering and research within the renewable energy sector. With the acquisition of SSI, Exergetic Energy, Inc. is working on capitalizing on both the renewable and non-renewable energy supply business sectors. Located in Detroit’s Tech Town, EEI develops, markets, and manufactures low cost components for energy systems, while providing clients with “Energy Solutions of Tomorrow, Today…”

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Quantum Fuel Systems (QTWW) Video Chart for Monday, October 31, 2011

QTWW is holding a solid base above $2. A channel has been developed throughout October with resistance in the area of $2.30. Technical traders will be watching for a break of the channel as the lower indicators align for a possible move. The bottom support must hold to stay in play.

To view the video chart, visit the following link:

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Sauer Energy, Inc. (SENY) Revolutionary WindCharger Turbine Wind Power Product Featured at IEEE Energy Efficiency Symposium

Sauer Energy, a developer of innovative vertical axis wind turbines, designed to be readily applicable across the spectrum from residential and small community up to large industrial scale, announced the showcasing of its WindCharger™ system at globally recognized technology professional association IEEE’s Energy Efficiency Symposium in California, held Oct. 27.

President and CEO of SENY, Dieter Sauer, was extremely pleased to be chosen by the prestigious IEEE to be the sole representative of wind power at this major energy sector event. Mr. Sauer recognized the key opportunity the WindCharger showcasing represents and spoke enthusiastically about the potential created when so many like-minded professionals, who share congruent interests about wind energy and improving our world, are able to meet for this kind of symposium.

Some 400k members worldwide make up the globally recognized technology association IEEE, with accomplished professionals in every important area of emerging research. The collective impact of the cultural/scientific output of the organization, ranging from publications and conferences, to fundamental standards in areas of technology, business and education, simply cannot be underestimated.

This is a huge boon for SENY’s WindCharger, a system which represents both the achievement of key innovation priorities for the Company and several patents. The robust composite materials that make up the incredibly efficient turbine tri-blade, the true marvel of the system, with its aerodynamically optimized features that manage to balance internal mechanical stresses and force capture from the wind, can withstand extreme weather and have a life expectancy of 20 years.

Executive Director of the Institute for Energy Efficiency (UCSB), Dr. David Auston, leader of the symposium and keynote speaker, joined speakers from Southern California Edison as well as others from within the sector at this dynamic event, bringing together an intricate and intimate network of companies, all related to energy efficiency initiatives and emerging technologies. The Symposium offers an inspirational context to look at the overall technological/service envelope developing within the sector, giving the right people the right kinds of perspectives to mobilize market forces towards real alternative energy solutions.

Great news for SENY which has rapidly taken their technology portfolio from concept to product, with manufacturing and commercialization ramping up in fall 2011, led by the strength of their revolutionary turbine design.

For more information on the WindCharger, the Symposium showcasing, or to keep tabs on the latest developments at Sauer Energy, Inc. please visit the Company’s website at:

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VolitionRX Ltd. (VNRX) CEO Updates Shareholders

VolitionRX Ltd., a life sciences company focused on developing blood-based diagnostic tests, today issued the following letter to its shareholders from Cameron Reynolds, CEO.

Dear Shareholders,

Given the speed at which our company has been growing and the fact that we have been reaching our key milestones, I would like to review the past year and look forward to future goals that will continue to make the Company successful. We have had an extremely productive year establishing the structural basics of the Company, and in the past seven months, focusing on the development and marketing of our innovative and ground-breaking suite of NuQ products.

A technology is only as good as the team that runs it, and I must say I am extremely happy with who we are as a Company and with every one of our personnel. We began placing our team in 2010 by forming a new Board which brought together a strong mix of business and scientific leaders, including Dr. Martin C. Faulkes, our Chairman. Dr. Faulkes was also behind the creation of the Volition foundation to support charitable research to help fulfil our corporate social responsibilities. We have also appointed our world-class Scientific Advisory Board, chaired by Dr. Alan Colman, who meet quarterly to provide valuable top-level direction for our Chief Scientific Officers (Dr. Micallef and Dr. Eccleston). Amongst the four members of the Scientific Advisory Board are the two original inventors of Volition’s key technologies, who are based at world-renowned institutions. During this period we also put together a very committed group of key scientists based in our lab in Belgium who have produced consistently strong results for us.

We have also had a very solid year on the funding side, having received both equity investments and government financial assistance totalling over $3.3 million. I would like to particularly thank the Wallonian Government in Belgium, whose support allowed us to open our laboratory at the Unite de Recherche en Biologie Cellulaire – FUNDP in Namur, Belgium. This lab has proved to be invaluable for speedy proof of concepts, scientific focus, and product development. We have seen extremely promising results coming out of our lab in recent months, and in September we announced the filing of three new patents. We now hold five Nucleosomics™ patent applications, one granted and four pending (two patent applications are licensed from external sources – the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and Chroma Therapeutics Limited – and three are Volition-authored). We also hold a HyperGenomics™ patent application which is licensed from Imperial College London and an application for a patent for a test for endometriosis, which is also based on our Nucleosomics™ technology. We believe we will file several more patents as our team continues to make breakthroughs.

We have also made applications to register trademarks in the U.S. and Europe for our key technologies to give us the basis for the branding of our products.

We have also made progress in our currently non-core technologies, HyperGenomics™ and Endometriosis, and will focus on developing these technologies in early 2012 once we have our NuQ products on the market. We have created a separate subsidiary, HyperGenomics Pte Limited, to allow HyperGenomics to develop separately from our core products. We anticipate that we will finalize the development plans for the subsidiary in Q1 of 2012 assuming the results of testing underway are positive.

The team has been working hard validating cancer samples using our Nucleosomics™ tests and we have seen extremely promising results to date. Our NuQ-X™ test for the detection of nucleosomes containing specific nucleotides have shown 100% accuracy in cancer patients, and our NuQ-V™ tests for the detection of nucleosomes containing specific histone variants (which identify the type of cancer present) have shown 85% accuracy identifying cancer, in a small number of blood samples from both healthy and cancer patients. The early results are extremely encouraging, and the next step is to test the NuQ suite of products on hundreds and then thousands of samples through the end of this year and next. We have also been very successful in identifying and procuring a range of antibodies that are key to our NuQ test and have several under development to be ready in Q1 next year.

Over the next few months we will beta-test our first NuQ products with several selected external independent laboratories who have agreed to test our kits to provide feedback on their efficacy and usability. Following on from the beta-testing period we will begin to offer the kits for sale to research institutions. In early 2012 we will anticipate being able to commence full clinical trials for CE Marking (European regulatory approval), and are currently finalizing members of our Clinical Trials Management Committee, which we intend to announce this year, which will drive Volition’s Clinical Trials strategy. We are also in discussions with a couple of major Companies with a view to getting a comprehensive marketing agreement by Q3 of next year.

Additionally, we are focusing on the marketing of our first Nucleosomics™ research products, which are expected to be available to the market by Q1 2012. We anticipate applying for CE Marking in 2012 and then for FDA approval by the end of 2013. We believe that the in vitro nature of our products will allow quicker regulatory approval than the vast majority of therapeutics.

In closing, the past year has been an extremely exciting time for Volition, culminating in our being quoted this month on the OTC Bulletin Board in the United States of America. We look forward to the next 12 months, which we believe will be equally exciting, as we move towards truly revolutionizing cancer diagnostics.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Cameron Reynolds
CEO, VolitionRX Limited

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Wizzard Media (WZE) Announces Invite-Only Test of Beta Version of OnPublish Program on for Podcast Playback with Facebook and Twitter

October 28, 2011

Wizzard Media, the world’s largest podcast network, today announced that it has begun a private beta version test of its OnPublish program which will integrate support for both Facebook and Twitter in the publishing platform. With the OnPublish program, producers of podcasts will have the ability to publish audio and video shows directly to Facebook and Twitter which the Company expects will grow their audience numbers by over 50% in two years.

Wizzard previously announced plans to integrate with Facebook and intends to build the first subscription based podcast network that will include the Facebook Credit System used by top games. It takes 10 Facebook credits purchased online or earned via Facebook services to equal one US dollar.

“The ability to publish to the two largest social networks directly from within our publishing platform is a very powerful component that we believe has the potential to help producers greatly expand their unique audience count,” says Laurie Sims, President, Wizzard Media in a press release on Friday. “OnPublish uses Facebook’s proprietary audio and video players to play podcasts and the new system is working as expected. With this new feature alone we believe we can increase our unique audience numbers by 50% over the next two years and grow our subscription revenues substantially as people spend more time consuming media on Facebook.”

Wizzard will use current client producers for the initial beta program and then open it up to more producers based on the initial feedback. Plans are to make OnPublish available to all producers in November.

Presently, Wizzard Media clients include Microsoft, National Geographic, Harvard Business Review, NPR and over 13,000 others. In 2010, the Wizzard Media Network had over 1.64 billion podcast requests from approximately 60 million people worldwide using iPods, iPhones, iPads, iTunes, Androids, Blackberrys, Windows Phone, Zunes and many other devices.

For more information, please visit Wizzard Media’s website at

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Beacon Enterprise Solutions Group, Inc. (BEAC) Keeps Critical Data Flowing

Kentucky-based Beacon Enterprise Solutions is a leading provider of telecommunication services, from software development and infrastructure design, to systems integration. The company is an emerging growth, high-performance IT solutions provider, known for its video, voice, data, and security expertise, specializing in information transport systems, ensuring that their many clients around the world have the IT infrastructure necessary to ensure the optimum flow of vital data to the people who need it most. With offices and employees around the globe, Beacon provides a range of service solutions:

• Design & Engineering – Beacon’s goal is to ensure the highest quality in ITS design, to ensure that even the smallest installations are well planned and integrated into the company’s total information system. The company handles planning, consulting, site assessments, remediation, relocation, RFI/RFQ/RFP development, documentation, and special projects such as data centers, clean rooms, smart buildings, and OSP.
• ITS Managed Services – Beacon offers its clients a single number to call for handling moves, modifications, deletions, and project work for cabling infrastructure.
• Smart Enterprise – Beacon provides IT and facilities managers with a sophisticated array of user-configured data options for monitoring and managing smart buildings and data centers.
• ITS Construction Management – Beacon has the resources needed for ITS infrastructure projects that can deal with the diverse requirements in different regions and different countries.
• Central Service Desk (CSD) – Beacon offers 24-hour CSD services to provide one-stop calling for any service or break-fix calls, including dispatch, management, and repair followup.
• Outside Plant Cabling – Beacon provides engineering, project, and construction management, plus actual construction, for any level of outside plant cabling requirements.
• Data Centers – Beacon and its strategic partners optimize data center operations, from initial analysis and design to ongoing support.
• Outsourcing – Beacon provides the technical help required for things like data center staffing, installations, or any other ITS requirement.
• Documentation – Beacon provides comprehensive documentation for IT implementation and services.
• Managed Services – Beacon offers a variety of subscription based service models, to provide the best ROI for a given client.

For additional information, visit the company’s website at

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Threshold Pharmaceuticals (THLD) Data Demonstrates Candidate Potential

Threshold Pharmaceuticals Inc., a biotech company focused on building a pipeline of drugs superior to conventional anticancer drugs, recently announced its ongoing phase III clinical trial results for its clinical stage hypoxia-activated prodrug, TH-302, which were presented at the Connective Tissue Oncology Society (CTOS) Meeting in Chicago.

Sant P. Chawla, M.D., of the Sarcoma Oncology Center in Santa Monica and principal investigator for the study, gave the oral presentation summarizing the phase II results from the company’s fully enrolled 403 trial, which was comprised of patients with metastatic or locally advanced unresectable soft tissue sarcoma who were not previously received chemotherapy outside of the adjuvant or neoadjuvant setting. The trial treated patients at the TH-302 maximum tolerated dose to investigate the candidate in combination with doxorubicin.

“The data from the complete set of patients in the large phase II portion of our study of TH-302 in combination with standard doxorubicin in soft tissue sarcoma patients is impressive,” Dr. Chawla stated in the press release. “Most notable, the data suggest a sizable improvement in efficacy over conventional doxorubicin alone. Combined with its tolerability, the regimen has the potential to establish a new standard-of-care for the treatment of soft tissue sarcomas and provides ample justification for pursuing the registration of TH-302 in the ongoing phase III trial comparing TH-302 plus doxorubicin versus doxorubicin alone.”

The company reports that 91 patients were included in the analyses, including 89 patients with at least one evaluable post-treatment tumor assessment. Data demonstrates two complete responses; 30 partial responses; 43 patients with stable disease for an overall response rate of 36%; and a stable disease or better rate of 84%.

In February 2011, Threshold Pharmaceuticals reached agreement with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on a Special Protocol Assessment of the phase III study, which includes a primary efficacy endpoint of overall survival.

The 403 trial is the basis for the ongoing pivotal phase III study designed to compare the same regimen investigated in the phase II portion of the 403 study against single agent doxorubicin.

For more information visit

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Beacon Equity Research: Ener1, Inc. (HEVV) Delisted from NASDAQ

Shares of Ener1 Inc., a clean tech company engaged in the design, development and manufacturing of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and battery systems for energy storage, have been delisted from the NASDAQ and are now trading on the OTC market under the ticker HEVV.

Earlier this week, Ener1 was notified by the NASDAQ Stock Market LLC that it has not complied with the exchange’s filing requirement for continued inclusion in Listing Rules 5250(c)(1). The rule requires the timely filing of period financial reports with the SEC. The company failed to file its form 10-Q for the three-month period ended June 30, 2011, on a timely basis, violating the rules set by NASDAQ.

On the OTC market, Ener1 shares are up sharply in today’s trading. At last check, the penny stock was trading 21.67% higher at $0.1095, with volume at approximately 6 million.

Additional articles published by Beacon Equity Research can be found on their website at

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Lake Shore Gold Corp. (LSG) Announces Results for Its Wholly Owned Fenn-Gibb Project

Lake Shore Gold Corp. (LSG), a Company that engages in the acquisition, exploration, and development of gold properties in northern Ontario and Quebec of Canada, as well as in Mexico, has reported the results of 4 holes, 3 of which are confirmation (“twin”) holes and 1 infill/expansion drill hole, at the Company’s Fenn-Gibb Project. The Fenn-Gibb Project, which is located 60 kms east of Timmins alongside the eastern extension of the Destor Porcupine (DPFZ) and Pipestone Fault Zones (PFZ), can potentially host significant underground and open-pit resources. The twin and infill/expansion drilling is conducted as part of a work program to help support an Initial National Instrument (NI) 43-101 mineral resource, which is expected to be released before the end of this year. The Company has been targeting an initial resource of between 2 and 3 million ounces, with the deposit to remain open in all directions.

The drilling consists of three holes which are considered “twins” to historic holes that were completed by past operators in the 1990s, as well as one hole into an untested gap within the central portion of the intrusive complex section and then extended north 200 meters of previous neighboring holes.

Tony Makuch, President and CEO of Lake Shore Gold, commented: “We are very encouraged by the results being announced today as part of our confirmation and infill/expansion drill program at Fenn-Gib. The twin holes drilled and check sampling work completed clearly show that past results are holding up very well, with there being some upside potential. The results from Hole FG-11-04, drilled into an untested gap, were also very significant. This hole provided strong confirmation of the geologic model, demonstrated that mineralization extends from the syenite into the mafic volcanics and continues to depth uncovering a 200 metre expansion of shallow mineralization to the north of previous drill holes. Today’s results very much support our view that Fenn-Gib has the potential to host significant open pit and underground resources and we are very much looking forward to announcing our initial resource for the project before the end of 2011.”

The significant results of the project include: 1.31 gpt Au over 414.00m, which includes 1.54 gpt Au over 264.00m, and 2.40 gpt over 20.00m, including 3.72 gpt Au over 9.00m in FG-11-04, which has been drilled into a previously untested gap in the central portion of the intrusive complex and north of previous drilling. Mineralization for the upper portion of the hole is between a down hole depth of 75 and 489 meters and contains moderate to heavily altered alkalic intrusives and mafic volcanic’s, which contains 5 to 15 percent disseminated pyrite. Mineralization in the lower portion of the hole is between 631.0 and 651.0 meters and ended in mineralization with the last 3.0m averaging 6.78 gpt. Results of FG-11-04 are reported to be very positive as they offer strong confirmation of the geologic model being used to identify new mineralization 200 meters north of previous drillings.

Other significant results were reported for three twin holes completed in the central to eastern portion of the deposit with all three holes having grades and widths similar or better than previous neighboring holes. FG-11-03 was drilled 50 meters to the east of FG-11-04 and was created to twin previous hole G-98-184 to be 250.00 meters deep, as well as to cover up untested areas located below this depth. Results from FG-11-03 include 1.20 gpt Au over 236.00m and 9.77 gpt Au over 3.20m, in comparison to 1.47 gpt over 164.50m in G-98-184. Comparison of FG-11-03 over a similar down hole range shows 1.43 gpt Au over 166.00 meters. FG-11-02 was drilled about 50 meters east of FG-11-03 and intersected 1.19 gpt Au over 265.00 meters, compared to 0.88 gpt over 268.00 meters in previous hole G-93-1. FG-11-01 was drilled in the east extension of the Main Zone approximately 160 meters east of FG-11-02 and intersected 3.29 gpt Au over 29.30m, including 6.09 gpt over 9.40m, in comparison to the 2.95 gpt over 28.58m in the previous hole G-96-154.

In part of the recently finished drill program all samples were also analyzed for silver (Ag). The results have indicated generally higher silver grades, which correspond with felsic intrusive rocks and gold mineralization. The composites for silver across the mineralized envelope average 1.00 to 2.00 gpt with a gold:silver ratio averaging 2:1. These silver grades are more elevated than those found in most gold deposits in the Timmins Camp, where silver values are typically less than 0.5 gpt with ratios of approximately 6:1.

Also, the Company has carried out a check-sampling program on about 200 duplicate core halves from past drilling. The samples from the check program were from core covering various past drill programs and rock types overlying a 1 km strike length over the Main Zone. The results of the check-sampling program were overwhelmingly positive and have indicated an average overall grade for the check samples of 1.12 gpt, in comparison to the 0.91 gpt for the original samples. The Company has also taken note to an un-sampled core that is adjacent to known zones from historic holes and will undertake an infill-sampling program.

The Company’s Qualified Persons (“QP’s”) for the surface drilling and check sampling programs that are on the verge of completion on the Fenn-Gib property are Stephen Conquer, P. Geo. and Bob Kusins, P.Geo. As QP’s, they have supervised and prepared for the preparation of the scientific or technical information and verified the data mentioned above. Mr. Conquer and Mr. Kusins are employees of Lake Shore Gold.

Lake Shore Gold has put into effect a quality-control program to guarantee the best practice in the sampling and analysis of the drill core. NQ size drill core is saw cut, while half the drill core is sampled in standard intervals and the other half of the core is stored into a more secure location. The drill core is then transported in security-sealed bags in order to be prepped at the ALS Minerals Prep Lab located in Timmins, Ontario, and the pulps are shipped to ALS Minerals Assay Laboratory in either Vancouver, B.C. or Val D’Or, Quebec. Assays have reached completion by ALS Minerals using a standard fire assay with a 30g aliquot and an AA finish. Samples with assay results above 10.0 gpt are then analyzed once again utilizing a gravimetric finish. ALS Minerals is an ISO 9001-2000 registered laboratory preparing for its ISO 17025 certification.

The potential mineral deposit at the Fenn-Gib project, as mentioned above, is conceptual in its nature. There has been lacking exploration work to define a mineral resource as defined under NI 43-101 and it is doubtful if further exploration drilling will result in the potential mineral deposit being described as a mineral resource.

About Lake Shore Gold
Lake Shore Gold Corp. strives in the acquisition, exploration, and development of gold properties in northern Ontario and Quebec of Canada, as well as in Mexico. The company has interests in the Timmins Mine property, Thunder Creek property, Thorne property, 144 property, Casa Berardi property, Bell Creek mine, Bell Creek mill, and RTM/AGE option property located in Canada. The company also holds interests in the polymetallic Montaña de Oro project, high-grade Lluvia de Oro gold-silver project, and Universo gold project located in Mexico. It has a strategic alliance with RT Minerals Corp. The company was formerly known as Consolidated Takepoint Ventures Ltd. and changed its name to Lake Shore Gold Corp. in December 2002. Lake Shore Gold Corp. is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

For more information on Lake Shore Gold and other projects, please visit

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Beacon Enterprise Solutions Group, Inc. (BEAC) Forecasts 30% Growth for Fiscal 2011; Continued Reduction in SG&A Expenses

Beacon Enterprise Solutions Group, Inc., provider of fully integrated, turnkey IT infrastructure solutions capable of fully servicing the largest companies in the world, recently told investors that it anticipates exceeding 30% year-over-year growth in net sales for the fiscal year ended September 30, 2011. The previous year’s net sales totaled approximately $14 million.

Furthermore, SG&A expenses are expected to be significantly lower than the previous year. The company said it anticipates gross profit margin for the fourth quarter to range between 35% – 40%, which is in line with the company’s expectations.

“Our continued growth reflects our improved sales and marketing efforts, including expanded engagements with existing customers and adapting to the needs of our clients during these challenging economic times,” stated Bruce Widener, Chairman and CEO of Beacon Enterprise Solutions. “Our focus on expense reduction will also contribute significantly to our financial results. We look forward to discussing our full operating results for 2011 and prospects for continued growth in 2012 on our upcoming conference call after we file our annual report in early December.”

Financial results for the fiscal 2011 fourth quarter and full fiscal year ended September 30, 2011, are expected to be released on Monday, December 12, 2011, aftermarket. A conference call will take place on Tuesday, December 13, 2011, at 10:00 a.m. EST to discuss the results.

U.S. and Canadian investors interested in joining the call should dial 888-495-3916 and then enter conference ID # 20119461. Participants outside of the U.S. and Canada can join by calling 706-634-7530 and entering the same conference ID. The conference call will also be webcast on the company’s website,, under the “Investor Relations” tab.

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PeopleString Corporation (PLPE) Announces Launch Of PeopleDeals Mobile Platform

PeopleString, a young New Jersey based company offering a unique interactive social portal and affiliate program, announced today that it has officially launched PeopleDeals, a mobile platform that allows consumers to find and share social coupons and deals on their mobile devices. The new application, available on Android and iPhone iOS mobile platforms, allows consumers to access and share local deals as well as search for and contact businesses, get directions, and even check reviews.

The PeopleString platform allows advertisers to use PeopleString’s patent pending Share It Up technology, by which they can create and launch deals that increase in value the more they are shared, rewarding consumers for sharing social coupons by giving them a better deal for their market amplifying efforts. By rewarding the sharing of social coupons, merchants reduce their traditional advertising costs, and can pass the savings along directly to their customers. The platform aggregates local and national deals from other providers, creating a one-stop shop for users, and is integrated with PeopleDeals and the PeopleDeals Facebook application, making it easy for users to access their Share It Up deals at their convenience.

The idea behind PeopleString is to create technologies that empower consumers to leverage their social networks to capitalize on the best local and national deals. The company also offers a patent pending Insta Portal technology, which lets users import pieces of their favorite websites into their own PeopleString homepage. Also, any user who purchases through the PeopleString website shares in the revenue received from the purchase.

The PeopleString portal consists of the interactive social network, cash back shopping, pay-to-watch videos, and aggregated affiliate offers. The company considers itself the first social network to share its revenue with active members for doing things online they already do every day.

For additional information, visit the company’s website at and

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On the Move Systems Corp. (OMVS) Looks to Capitalize on Surging Android Market with Cross-Platform Apps

On the Move Systems Corp. is a young company that is truly “on the move.” Located on Tampa, Florida, On the Move Systems Corp. (OMVS) has quickly earned a stellar reputation as a leader in the development of cutting-edge technology across a broad spectrum of industries. Today, OMVS took a major step towards prominence when they announced they are working to capitalize on Android’s booming popularity by developing fun, engaging and innovative new apps compatible across all of the top mobile platforms.

ARI Research, which released Android figures earlier this week, predict that global app downloads will swell to 29 billion by the end of this year. This number dwarfs the figure of 9 billion which was the figure in 2010. A major reason for this explosion is the increasing demand for new smartphones and tablet computers across the globe.

Leading the way at OMVS is Patrick Brown whom serves as the company’s CEO. In reference to this story, Brown stated, “This popular, open-source platform is driving the growth of multi-platform and mobile operator app stores, substantially enlarging and diversifying the marketplace for our products. It’s an exciting time to be developing mobile applications.” Brown further commented, “The long-term outlook for mobile applications is outstanding, and work is underway on the revolutionary new apps that OMVS is developing to capture an early slice of this emerging market.”

In an effort to further their power within the sector, OMVS signed a development agreement with the mobile content provider Spud McCool Media, Inc. to create innovative software products for sale and use with tablets and smartphones.

Currently, OMVS is trading in the $0.32 range. With this breaking news an array of technology in place, OMVS is a company on the rise.

To learn more about this press release or the company as a whole, visit their corporate website at:

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Li3 Energy (LIEG) Makes Appointments to Its Board of Directors

Li3 Energy Inc. is a South American-based exploration and development company in the lithium and minerals sector. The company announced today that it has appointed three senior mining and business executives, with over 100 years of combined experience, to serve on its Board of Directors.

Patricio Campos joins Li3 with over 39 years of experience in project exploration, evaluation, technical and economic preparation. His mining experience includes working with copper, gold, boron and potassium chloride projects, along with non-metallic minerals such as coal, phosphate and lithium brines. He is currently the CEO of Algorta Norte S.A.’s iodine project. Mr. Campos has worked previously for well-known companies in the sector such as Phelps Dodge, Anglo American, Codelco of China, and Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile (SQM).

Mr. Eduardo de Aguirre comes to Li3 bringing over 35 years of experience in business development, project management and finance. Since 2007, he has served as legal representative to General Dynamics Installation Services in Chile. In addition, since, 2005, Mr. de Aguirre has acted as consultant and sales representative for Latin America to General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies.

Mr. Alan Frasier joins the Li3 board with over 24 years of experience in engineering business development specifically for mining projects, process plants, power plants, petrochemical process plants, infrastructure and environmental assessments. Currently, he is a managing director and a shareholder of P3 Consultores S.A. This company is a project management services company that provides risk administration to clients in the mining industry such as Anglo American and Colahuasi. Mr. Fraser also was employed by engineering firm Flour in Chile where he worked closely with major mining companies like BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Xstrata and Barrick Gold.

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GreenCell, Inc. (GCLL) Video Chart for Friday, October 28, 2011

The GCLL chart had the biggest volume day in its history yesterday with shares rising on the volume. Often times, volume is a prelude to a larger move which looks to be trying to happen as the stock price has once again held support at 60 cents.

To view the video chart, visit the following link:

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East Coast Diversified Corp. (ECDC) Subsidiary Supplies Ghanian Partner with Oil Monitoring Supplies

East Coast Diversified Corp. announced that it has shipped LogiBoxx oil tanker monitoring products to Ghanian partner MultiPlant through East Coast’s subsidiary EarthSearch Communications. This is being done as part of the Unified Petroleum Price Fund program, under which the Ghanian government compensates oil companies that deliver petroleum to parts of Ghana that are typically deemed unrealistically expensive to deliver to.

EarthSearch, based in Atlanta, produces the LogiBoxx system, which utilizes GPS and RFID technologies together with GATIS middleware to form the LogiBoxx Certified Solution product. This product assists in supply chain, logistics and asset management industries. EarthSearch also offers a line of RFID products and solutions.

EarthSearch’s LogiBoxx systems monitor the opening and closing of fuel spigots, fuel levels and the physical location of the tanker using Google Earth APIs, which can alert the company to fraudulent claims for payment by oil distributors. It also assists with distributors filing payment claims with the Ghanian government. Destinations for tankers can be programmed into LogiBoxx, which will be alerted if any discrepancies are detected.

William Johnson, Global Operations Manager for ECDC, said, “We are prepared and ready to support customers globally including this and many other projects currently ongoing.”

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USA Technologies, Inc. (USAT) Ends Fiscal First Quarter with $42 Million in Small Ticket Transactions; Dollar Volume Up 75% from Last Year

October 27, 2011

USA Technologies, Inc., a leader of wireless, cashless payment and M2M telemetry solutions for self-serve, small ticket retailing industries, today announced positive earnings for the first fiscal quarter which reflected a record 25 million small ticket transactions earning $42 million. The total transaction dollar volume increased by 75% from a year ago. With its current dollar volume of transactions, the company is on track to reach $175 million annualized run rate.

The company also announced growing success for its ePort Connect Service. ePort installs into a company’s existing cash-only machines so they can accept credit, debit, and new contactless cards. USA Technologies reported that it added approximately 300 new ePort Connect Service customers, increasing by 85% from last year. USA Technologies also provided new service connections to about 10,000 to reach approximately 129,000 connections. This past April USA Technologies also announced that the ePort Connect Service will now include the Verizon wireless network for connectivity to enable wireless point-of-dale payments.

“With developments such as our recent joint marketing agreement with Verizon Wireless, we are launching strategic efforts which we believe would have the potential to further enhance our leadership position, as well as expand our reach and accelerate the adoption of cashless payment technology across the unattended, retail small-ticket landscape,” said Stephen P. Herbert, Interim Chairman and CEO, USA Technologies in a press release on Thursday.

The Nilson Report, a leading source of research on consumer payment systems worldwide, has ranked USA Technologies 5th among the leading point-of-sale (POS) shippers in the United States. The company competes against global giants like VeriFone, Hypercom, Ingenico and First Data to provide cashless payment technology to small-ticket unattended retail locations.

For more information, please visit

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Titan Pharmaceuticals (TTNP) Shares Rally on Probuphine Update

Shares of Titan Pharmaceuticals Inc., a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development of proprietary therapeutics mainly for the treatment of central nervous system disorders, jumped in today’s trading after the company provided an update on its Probuphine™.

Titan Pharmaceuticals said that it met with the U.S. FDA for a Pre-New Drug Application (Pre-NDA) meeting relating to Probuphone, which is an innovative subcutaneous implant formulation of buprenorphine. Following the meeting with the FDA, the company believes that its phase III clinical program completed to date is acceptable to the agency to support submission of a NDA through the 505(b)(2) pathway. The company also believes that the FDA does not require any additional clinical efficacy or safety studies for the drug.

Sunil Bhonsle, president of Titan Pharmaceuticals, said that the company is extremely pleased with the preliminary outcome as it believes it allows it to move forward rapidly and efficiently with its ongoing partnership discussions for Probuphine.

Additional articles published by Beacon Equity Research can be found on their website at

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Beacon Equity Research: Limelight Networks (LLNW) on the Move

Shares of Limelight Networks Inc., a content delivery network services provider, are up significantly today. At last check, Limelight Networks shares were trading 6.27% higher at $2.88.

Limelight Networks shares are soaring after rival Akamai Technologies (NASDAQ: AKAM) reported strong third-quarter financial results and gave solid guidance for the current quarter after market close on Wednesday. Limelight will release its own third-quarter financial results on November 7, 2011.

Limelight expects third-quarter revenue to come in between $51.7 million and $53.2 million. For the second quarter of 2011, the company reported revenue of $50.5 million, representing an increase of 20% over the same period in the previous year. The company’s adjusted EBITDA for the second quarter came in at $2.6 million. It reported a non-GAAP net loss of $5.9 million, or $0.05 per share.

Additional articles published by Beacon Equity Research can be found on their website at

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Small Cap Voice: GreenCell, Inc. (GCLL) Announces Development of a New Manufacturing Work Center

GreenCell, Inc. today announced it has completed development of a new manufacturing work center that deposits conductive traces onto ceramic surfaces. The development utilizes a combination of software and hardware to create a conductive pattern based upon any CAD based-3D model. Multiple devices can be rapidly manufactured and fast design change-out for other part lines can be done with simple software changes. GreenCell is using the system to deposit the newly developed high temperature conductive inks onto UltraTempTM composite materials. This manufacturing development will be applied to automate GreenCell’s line of igniters, sensors, fuel cells, and heater panels for mass production.

GreenCell is engaged in a joint venture with SenCer Inc. to develop, commercialize and market SenCer’s UltraTempTM ceramic composite materials for Home and Transportation applications. GreenCell has identified multiple industries with significant commercial applications with potential revolutionary results. Some of the many applications for this technology are SOFC Fuel Cells, Igniters, Braking, Oxygen Sensors, and Ceramic Heaters.

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  • China INSOnline Corp. CHIO (1)
  • China Jiangsu Golden Horse Steel Ball Inc. CJGH (3)
  • China Logistics Group Inc. CHLO (11)
  • China Media Group Corp. CHMD (2)
  • China Medicine Corporation CHME (5)
  • China Nuvo Solar Energy Inc. CNUV (3)
  • China Organic Agriculture Inc. CNOA (11)
  • China Petroleum and Chemical Corp. SNP (2)
  • China Voice Holding Corp. CHVC (47)
  • China Wind Systems Inc. CWSI (6)
  • China Wireless Communications Inc. CWLC (4)
  • China Yongxin Pharmaceuticals Inc. CYXN (5)
  • China YouTV Corp. CYTV (1)
  • ChinaTel Group Inc. CHTL (1)
  •, Inc. CIIX (111)
  • Choom Holdings Inc. CHOOF (12)
  • ChromaDex Corp. CDXC (3)
  • City Capital Corp. CTCC (2)
  • Cityside Tickets CIST (21)
  • CleanTech BioFuels Inc. CLTH (10)
  • Cleantech Transit Inc. CLNO (3)
  • Clearly Canadian Beverage Corp. CCBEF (13)
  • Cleartronic Inc. CLRI (52)
  • Clenergen Corp. CRGE (37)
  • CMG Holdings Inc. CMGO (2)
  • Coastal Integrated Services Inc. COLV (13)
  • Coil Tubing Technology Inc. CTBG (1)
  • Colorado Goldfields Inc. CGFI (5)
  • Colt Resources Inc. COLTF (13)
  • Columbia River Resources Inc. CRVR (1)
  • CoMedia Corp. CMTN (1)
  • CommercePlanet Inc. CPNE (4)
  • Compress Technologies Inc. CTLG (17)
  • Conforce International Inc. CFRI (2)
  • CAJT (9)
  • Cono Italiano Inc. CNOZ (12)
  • Consorteum Holdings, Inc. CSRH (171)
  • Consorteum Holdings, Inc. CSRH (4)
  • ContentChecked Holdings Inc. CNCK (60)
  • Continental Fuels Inc. CFUL (2)
  • Converde Energy USA Inc. XFUL (12)
  • Convergence Technology Group Inc. CNVC (7)
  • Copper King Mining Corp. CPRK (2)
  • Cord Blood America Inc. CBAI (102)
  • Crdentia Corp CRDT (12)
  • Creative Vistas Inc. CVAS (2)
  • Crystal International Travel Group Inc. CINT (4)
  • Cubic Energy Inc. QBC (2)
  • Cybermesh International Corp. CYTL (1)
  • Cyclone Power Technologies Inc. CYPW (9)
  • CYIOS Corp. CYIO (1)
  • Daily Views (13)
  • Dakshidin Corp. DKSC (5)
  • Data Call Technologies Inc. DCLT (25)
  • Daulton Capital Corp. DUCP (26)
  • Davi Skin Inc. DAVN (1)
  • Debt Resolve Inc. DRV (2)
  • Debut Broadcasting Corporation Inc. DBTB (1)
  • Deep Blue Marine Inc. DPBM (6)
  • Deep Down Inc. DPDW (15)
  • Deer Valley Corp. DVLY (2)
  • Defense Solutions Inc. DFSH (3)
  • Delta Mining and Exploration Corp. DMXC (1)
  • Dermisonics Inc. DMSI (1)
  • Destination Television Inc. DSTV (17)
  • Dhanoa Minerals Ltd. DHNA (4)
  • DigitalPost Interactive Inc. DGLP (8)
  • Document Capture Technologies Inc. DCMT (3)
  • DoMark International Inc. DOMK (29)
  • Dominovas Energy Corp. DNRG (73)
  • Dragon Capital Group Corp. DRGV (11)
  • Dragon International Group Corp. DRGG (2)
  • Duma Energy Corp. DUMA (20)
  • Duska Therapeutics Inc. DSKA (1)
  • Dutton Associates (88)
  • DXP Enterprises Inc. DXPE (4)
  • Dynamic Media Holdings Inc. DYMH (6)
  • Dynamic Response Group Inc. DRGP (6)
  • Dynasty Limousine Inc. DNYS (19)
  • Earth Dragon Resources Inc. EARH (10)
  • Eastbridge Investment Group Corp. EBIG (1)
  • Ebenefits Direct, Inc. EBFD (21)
  • eCareer Holdings Inc. ECHI (9)
  • Echo Therapeutics Inc. ECTE (5)
  • EcoloCap Solutions Inc. ECOS (2)
  • Ecologic Transportation Inc. EGCT (11)
  • Ecosciences Inc. ECEZ (1)
  • Ecotality, Inc. ECTY (67)
  • eCrypt Technologies Inc. ECRY (79)
  • EdgeTech International Inc. EGIL (6)
  • eDoorways Corp. EDWY (183)
  • Inc. EFSF (4)
  • EFuel EFN Corp. EFUL (1)
  • EGPI Firecreek Inc. EFIR (1)
  • Elephant Talk Communications Corp. ETAK (8)
  • Elephant Talk Communications Inc. ETAK (2)
  • Elleipsis Global Travel Solutions Inc. EGTS (3)
  • Elray Resources Inc. ELRA (11)
  • Elron Electronic Industries Ltd. ELRN (1)
  • Emerging Media Holdings Inc. EMDH (22)
  • Empire Energy Corporation International EEGC (3)
  • Endeavor Explorations Inc. EAVR (7)
  • Endeavour Silver Corp. EXK (3)
  • Endevco Inc. EDVC (2)
  • Energtek Inc. EGTK (61)
  • Enherent Corp. ENHT (2)
  • EnterConnect Inc. ECNI (5)
  • Enterprise Oilfield Group Inc. E.TO (13)
  • EnXnet Inc. EXNT (1)
  • Epazz, Inc. EPAZ (48)
  • Equity Stock Analysis (1)
  • ER Urgent Care Holdings Inc. ERUC (6)
  • ERF Wireless Inc. ERFB (15)
  • Essential Innovations Technology Corp. ESIV (2)
  • Inc. ETLC (3)
  • Ethema Health Corporation GRST (7)
  • Euoko Group Inc. EUOK (2)
  • EV Innovations Inc. EVII (189)
  • EV Transportation Inc. EVTP (7)
  • EVIO, Inc. EVIO (33)
  • Exchange Media Corp. EXMD (9)
  • Exeter Resource Corp. XRA (2)
  • eXp World Holdings, Inc. EXPI (81)
  • Expert Group Inc. EXPT (5)
  • ExpressIR Inc. (1)
  • Extreme Motorsports of California, Inc. EMOC (26)
  • ezBanc-A Stocklender's Journal (6)
  • Falcon Crest Energy FCEN (75)
  • Falcon Ridge Development Inc. FCNR (2)
  • Famous Uncle Als Hot Dogs & Grille Inc FDOG (10)
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  • Fastfunds Financial Corp. FFFC (17)
  • Financial Media Group, Inc. FNGP (26)
  • Financial Services Exchange FSE (1)
  • First Cobalt Corp. FTSSF (49)
  • First Titan Corp. FTTN (45)
  • FlexWeek Inc. FXWK (11)
  • FluoroPharma Medical Inc. FPMI (46)
  • Foldera, Inc. FDRA (11)
  • Force Energy Corp. FORC (5)
  • FormCap Corp. FRMC (29)
  • Fortune Market Media Inc. FTMM (5)
  • Franklin Mining Inc. FMNJ (1)
  • Freedom Leaf Inc. FRLF (12)
  • Fresh Harvest Products Inc. FRHV (7)
  • Fresh Promise Foods Inc. FPFI (12)
  • Freshstart Properties Inc. FSPP (1)
  • FrogAds Inc. FROG (6)
  • Frozen Food Gift Group Inc. FROZ (5)
  •, Inc. FNDM (56)
  • Fushi Copperweld Inc. FSIN (2)
  • GainClients Inc. GCLT (9)
  • Galenfeha Inc. GLFH (28)
  • Gastar Exploration Ltd. GST (2)
  • Gemini Explorations Inc. GXPI (12)
  • Gen2media Corp. GTWO (2)
  • General Environmental Management Inc. GEVI (56)
  • General Metals Inc. GNMT (1)
  • General Steel Holdings Inc. GSI (3)
  • GeoBio Energy Inc. GBOE (1)
  • GeoEye Inc. GEOY (4)
  • GeoPharma Inc GORX (1)
  • Giggles N’ Hugs Inc. GIGL (90)
  • Global Alumina Corp. GLA.U (1)
  • Global General Technologies Inc. GLGT (1)
  • Global Hemp Group, Inc. GBHPF (10)
  • Global Payout Inc. GOHE (109)
  • Global Realty Development Corp. GRLY (10)
  • Global Resource Corporation GBRC (48)
  • Global Roaming Distribution Inc. GRDB (34)
  • GlobalWise Investments Inc. GWIV (129)
  • GNCC Capital Inc. GNCP (24)
  • Golden West Brewing Company Inc. GWBC (3)
  • GoldSpring Inc. GSPG (4)
  • Google, Inc. GOOG (8)
  • (1)
  • Grandview Gold Inc. GVGDF (2)
  • Gray Publishing & Media, Inc. GPMIJ (15)
  • Graystone Park Enterprises Inc. GPKE (7)
  • Great Plains Holdings Inc. GTPH (28)
  • Green Earth Technologies GETG (1)
  • Green Star Alternative Energy Inc. GSAE (2)
  • Green Star Products Inc. GSPI (2)
  • Green Technology Solutions Inc. (GTSO) (19)
  • Greenbelt Resources Corp. GRCO (1)
  • Greenchek Technology Inc. GCHK (18)
  • Greenkraft, Inc. GKIT (22)
  • Greenstone Holdings Inc. GSHN (2)
  • Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. GRCK (24)
  • GRILLiT Inc. GRLT (8)
  • Growblox Sciences Inc. GBLX (24)
  • GT Legend Automotive Holdings Inc. GTLA (2)
  • GTX Corp GTXO (49)
  • Gulf Western Petroleum Corp. GWPC (3)
  • GWS Technologies Inc. GWSC (4)
  • Halcyon Jets Holdings Inc. HJHO (15)
  • Halitron Inc. HAON (11)
  • Hanover Financial Services (17)
  • Harbin Electric Inc. HRBN (2)
  • Harvey Electronics Inc. HRVE (1)
  • Hasco Medical Inc. HASC (7)
  • Hathway Corp. HWYI (1)
  • HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc. HDUP (3)
  • Healthnostics Inc. HNSO (1)
  • HealthSonix Inc. HSXI (1)
  • HealthSport Inc. HSPO (14)
  • Heartland Inc. HTLG (1)
  • Heartland Oil and Gas Corp. HTOG (7)
  • Hemis Corporation HMSO (19)
  • Hemisphere Gold Inc. HPGI (1)
  • Hemp Inc. HEMP (25)
  • Hendrx Corp. HDRX (1)
  • Hi-Shear Technology Corp. HSR (3)
  • HighCom Global Security Inc. HCGS (19)
  • HII Technologies Inc. HIIT (8)
  • Holloman Energy Corp. HENC (2)
  • Holmes Osborne (6)
  • Hologic Inc. HOLX (4)
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  • HotStockChat (3)
  • HotStockMarket (HSM) (3)
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  • Hunt Gold Corp. HGLC (32)
  • HWI Global Inc. HWIC (3)
  • Hydrogen Corp. HYDG (1)
  • i-Level Media Group Inc. ILVL (3)
  • i2 Telecom International Inc. ITUI (7)
  • iB3 Networks Inc. IBNW (1)
  • IceWEB Inc. IWEB (5)
  • ICP Solar Technologies Inc. ICPR (3)
  • IDGLOBAL Corp. IDGJ (2)
  • IDO Security Inc. IDOI (22)
  • IEG Holdings Corp. IEGH (22)
  • IFAN Financial Inc. IFAN (34)
  • iGambit, Inc. IGMB (5)
  • Imaging3 Inc. IMGG (2)
  • ImaRx Therapeutics Inc. IMRX (2)
  • Immune Therapeutics Inc. IMUN (11)
  • Impact E-Solutions Corp. IESO (1)
  • Imperial Petroleum Inc. IPMN (10)
  • Inca Designs Inc. IDGI.PK (4)
  • Independent Film Development Corp. IFLM (1)
  • Index Oil and Gas Inc. IXOG.OB (5)
  • India Globalization Capital, Inc. IGC (21)
  • Industrial Biotechnology Corp. IBOT (1)
  • Infinite Group Inc. IMCI (48)
  • Inform Worldwide Holdings, Inc. IWWI (27)
  • InMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. IMLFF (38)
  • Intec LTD ICLJY (1)
  • IntegraMed America Inc INMD (1)
  • Intelecom Inc. IECM (3)
  • Intelimax Media Inc. IXMD (31)
  • Intelligent Highway Solutions Inc. IHSI (6)
  • Intercept Energy Services Inc. IESCF (7)
  • Interleukin Genetics Inc. ILI (1)
  • International Barrier Technology Inc IBTGF (1)
  • International Consolidated Companies Inc. INCC (2)
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  • Joytoto USA Inc. JYTO (14)
  • JZZ Technologies Inc. JZZI (3)
  • KAL Energy Inc. KALG (3)
  • Kallo Inc. KALO (43)
  • Kandi Technologies Corp. KNDI (3)
  • KCM Holding Corp. KCMH (3)
  • Kingslake Energy Inc. KGLJ (2)
  • Klondex Mines Ltd. KLNDF (1)
  • Knobias KNBS (5)
  • Kootenay Zinc Corp. KTNNF (12)
  • Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. KBLB (88)
  • L&L International Holdings Inc. LLFH (2)
  • Laguna Blends Inc. LAGBF (53)
  • Lantis Laser Inc. LLSR (5)
  • Last Mile Logistics Group LMLG (4)
  • Latitude 360 Inc. LATX (21)
  • LD Holdings Inc. LDHL (14)
  • Legacy Holdings Inc. LGYH (1)
  • Legacy Ventures International Inc. LGYV (24)
  • Legend Media Inc. LEGE (4)
  • Lexaria Bioscience Corp. LXRP (74)
  • Liberty Leaf Holdings Ltd. LIBFF (10)
  • Lifespan Inc. LSPN (1)
  • Lime Energy Corp. LIME (3)
  • Lingo Media Corp. LMDCF (18)
  • Linkwell Corporation LWLL (4)
  • Liquor Group Wholesale Inc. LIQR (22)
  • Inc. LFLS (47)
  • LOGIC Devices Inc. LOGC (1)
  • Logility Inc. LGTY (1)
  • LoJack Corp LOJN (3)
  • Longhai Steel Inc. LGHS (10)
  • LottoGopher Holdings Inc. LTTGF (26)
  • Lotus Pharmaceuticals Inc. LTUS (1)
  • Low Carbon Technologies (LWCTF) (3)
  • Lucas Energy, Inc. LEI (17)
  • Mabwe Minerals Inc. MBMI (56)
  • Macquarie Infrastructure Company MIC (5)
  • Maine and Maritime Corp. MMA (1)
  • Majic Wheels Corp. MJWL (6)
  • Makeup Inc. MAKU (2)
  • Mammoth Energy Group Inc. MMTE (5)
  • Mantra Venture Group Ltd. MVTG (10)
  • Marijuana Company of America, Inc. MCOA (37)
  • Mariner’s Choice International Inc. MCII (2)
  • Martin Nutraceuticals MNIU (11)
  • Material Technologies Inc. MTCH (44)
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  • Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions REFG (19)
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  • Medical Transcription Billing Corp. MTBC (13)
  • Medina International Holdings Inc. MIHI (3)
  • Medisafe 1 Technologies Corp. MFTH (3)
  • Medivisor Inc. MVSR (1)
  • Mega Media Group, Inc. MMDA (30)
  • MegaWest Energy Corporation MGWSF (2)
  • Memry Corp. MRY (2)
  • Metro One Development Inc. MODI (2)
  • Mexico Energy Corp. MXC (1)
  • MGX Minerals, Inc. MGXMF (52)
  • Micro Identification Technologies Inc. MMTC (44)
  • MicrocapMoney (2)
  • Microsoft Corporation MSFT (4)
  • Midway Gold Corp. MDW (1)
  • Military Resale Group MYRL (19)
  • Minco Silver Corp. MSV.TO (1)
  • Mindpix Corp. MNDP (1)
  • MIP Solutions Inc. MSOL (7)
  • MIT Holding MITD (36)
  • MitoPharm Corp. MTPH (1)
  • Mizati Luxury Alloy Wheels, Inc. MZTI (14)
  • Mobile Entertainment Inc. MBEI (1)
  • Mobile Lads Corp. MOBO (43)
  • Momentous Entertainment Group Inc. MMEG (19)
  • Monaker Group Inc. MKGI (48)
  • Money4Gold Holdings Inc. MFGD (3)
  • Holdings Inc. MBKR (2)
  • Mosquito Consolidated Gold Mines Limited MSQ.V (1)
  • Moxian Inc. MOXC (62)
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  • NanoTech Entertainment Inc. NTEK (30)
  • Napster, Inc. NAPS (5)
  • National Automation Services Inc. NASV (67)
  • National Coal Corp. NCOC (2)
  • National Waste Management Holdings Inc. NWMH (24)
  • Naturally Iowa Inc. NLIA (2)
  • NavStar Technologies Inc. NVSR (16)
  • nCoat Inc NCOA (8)
  • Neah Power Systems NPWZ (14)
  • Neohydro Technologies Corp. NHYT (4)
  • Neoprobe Corp. NEOP (6)
  • NeoStem Inc. NBS (6)
  • Net Element Inc. NETE (19)
  • NetSol Technologies Inc NTWK (64)
  • Neurobiological Technologies Inc. NTII (3)
  • NeuroMama Ltd. NERO (15)
  • Neutra Corp. NTRR (37)
  • New Asia Gold Corp. NWAG (1)
  • New Generation Biofuel Holdings Inc. GNB (3)
  • NewMarket China Inc. NMCH (7)
  • NewMarket Technology Inc. NMKT (7)
  • Newport Digital Technologies Inc. NPDT (61)
  • Nexia Holdings Inc. NXHD (51)
  • NexMed Inc. NEXM (8)
  • NeXplore Corp. NXPC (4)
  • Next One Interactive Inc. NXOI (7)
  • NextGen Bioscience Inc. NXGB (1)
  • NextPhase Wireless Inc. NPHS (1)
  • Nexus Enterprise Solutions Inc. NXES (30)
  • NF Energy Saving Corp. of America NFES (1)
  • Nhale Inc. NHLE (18)
  • Nilam Resources Inc. NILR (4)
  • Nitro Petroleum Inc. NTRO (5)
  • North Bay Resources Inc. NBRI (10)
  • NuTech Inc. NTCI (1)
  • Nutra Pharma Corp. NPHC (21)
  • NutraNomics Inc. NNRX (30)
  • NuVim Inc. NUVM (1)
  • NVIDIA Corp. NVDA (1)
  • NXGen Holdings Inc. NXGH (1)
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  • Obee's Franchise Systems Inc. OBFM (1)
  • OBJ Enterprises Inc. OBJE (27)
  • Odyne Corporation ODYC (15)
  • Omega Commercial Finance Corp. OCFN (2)
  • OmniaLuo Inc. OLUO (1)
  • Omnicity Corp. OMCY (26)
  • Omninet Media.Com, Inc. ONMC (5)
  • On The Go Healthcare Inc. MODI (13)
  • On the Move Systems Inc. OMVS (102)
  • Oncolin Therapeutics Inc. OCOL (1)
  • One Step Vending Corp. KOSK (2)
  • One World Holdings Inc. OWOO (61)
  • Ones to Watch (1,353)
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  • Onteco Corp. ONTC (4)
  • Open Energy Corp. OEGY (4)
  • Optical Systems Inc. OPSY (2)
  • Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. ORMP (2)
  • Organic Alliance Inc. ORGC (2)
  • ORHub, Inc. ORHB (32)
  • (82)
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  • PanGenex Corp. PGCX (3)
  • Paramount Gold and Silver Corp. PZG (3)
  • Patient Access Solutions Inc. PASO (7)
  • Patriot Energy Corp. dba TelTeck Solutions Inc PGYC.PK (11)
  • Patriot One Technologies, Inc. PTOTF (25)
  • Patriot Scientific Corp. PTSC (6)
  • Peace Arch Entertainment Group Inc. PAE (1)
  • Peoples Educational Holdings Inc. PEDH (2)
  • Perf Go Green Holdings Inc. PGOG (12)
  • Perfect Web Technologies, Inc PWBI (11)
  • Perfectenergy International Ltd. PFGY (1)
  • Performance Health Technologies Inc. PFMH (31)
  • Pet DRX Corp. VETS (1)
  • Petro Resources Corp. PRC (2)
  • Petrogress, Inc. PGAS (27)
  • PetroSun Inc. PSUD (41)
  • Petroteq Energy Inc. PQEFF (50)
  • Phantom Fiber Corp. PHFB (2)
  • Pilot Financial Communications (3)
  • Pipex Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP (2)
  • PITOOEY! Inc. PTOO (14)
  • Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc. PVOTF (1)
  • Planet Nutrition Inc. PNHL (4)
  • Platina Energy Group Inc. PLTG (8)
  • PlayBOX Inc. PYBX (5)
  • Players Network PNTV (15)
  • Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. PSTI (10)
  • Positron Corp. POSC (3)
  • PotNetwork Holding, Inc. POTN (59)
  • Power of the Dream Ventures (1)
  • Power Play Development Corp. PWPY (17)
  • Powersafe Technology Corp. PWSF (1)
  • Premier Energy Corp. PNRC (1)
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  • PRG Group Inc. PRGJ (2)
  • PrimEdge Inc. PEDI (1)
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  • Pro Travel Network Inc. PTVL (2)
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  • Proginet Corp. PRGF (3)
  • Prom Resources PRMO (9)
  • Propalms Inc. PRPM (3)
  • Provectus Pharmaceuticals Inc. PVCT (12)
  • Puget Technologies Inc. PUGE (23)
  • Pulmo BioTech Inc. PLMO (4)
  • Puramed Bioscience Inc. PMBS (3)
  • Pure Biofuels Corp. PBOF (4)
  • Pure H2O Inc. PURH (1)
  • Pure Hospitality Solutions Inc. PNOW (99)
  • Purio Inc. PURO (5)
  • Puritan Financial Group Inc. PTNG (1)
  • Purple Beverage Company Inc. PPBV (8)
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  • Red Lake Exploration Inc. RLKX (19)
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  • Rodman & Renshaw (432)
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  • Rudy Nutrition RUNU (27)
  • RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp. RXII (3)
  • Santa Fe Gold Corp. SFEG (5)
  • Santa Fe Holding Company SFHD (3)
  • Save The World Air Inc. ZERO (12)
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  • Seven Arts Pictures PLC SAPXF (5)
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  • Silver Falcon Mining Inc. SFMI (1)
  • SilverSun Technologies Inc. SSNT (30)
  • Simtrol Inc. SMRL (74)
  • Simulated Environment Concepts Inc. SMEV (130)
  • Singlepoint Inc. SING (150)
  • Sino Agro Food Inc. SIAF (1)
  • Sinobiomed Inc. SOBM (4)
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  • Sixty Six Oilfield Services Inc. SSOF (1)
  • Skinny Nutritional Corp. SKNY (19)
  • Skinvisible, Inc. SKVI (41)
  • Sky Petroleum Inc. SKPI (1)
  • SkyPostal Networks Inc. SKPN (66)
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  • Small Cap Sleeper (3)
  • Smallcap Bullets (2)
  • (22)
  • SmallCapVoice (428)
  • Smoky Market Foods Inc. SMKY (9)
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  • Sohm Inc. SHMN (14)
  • Solanex Management Inc. SLNX (15)
  • Solar Energy Initiatives Inc. SNRY (14)
  • Solar Wind Energy Tower Inc. SWET (15)
  • Solarfun Power Holdings Co. Ltd. SOLF (2)
  • Soul and Vibe Interactive Inc. SOUL (14)
  • South Sea Energy Corp. SSGY (7)
  • Soyo Group Inc SOYO (2)
  • SpaceDev Inc. SPDV (5)
  • Sparta Commercial Services Inc. SRCO (31)
  • Speedemissions Inc. SPMI (14)
  • Spicy Pickle Inc SPKL (18)
  • SpongeTech Delivery Systems Inc. SPNG (14)
  • Sports Pouch Beverage Company Inc. SPBV (1)
  • Star Mountain Resources Inc. SMRS (37)
  • Start Scientific Inc. STSC (22)
  • Stealth Technologies, Inc. STTH (3)
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  • Strategic American Oil Corp SGCA (32)
  • Stratos Renewables Corp. SRNW (89)
  • StreamTrack Inc. STTK (31)
  • Striker Oil & Gas Inc. SOIS (4)
  • Sun Motor International Inc. SNMO (1)
  • SUN Sports & Entertainment Inc. SSPE (3)
  • Sunshine Biopharma Inc. SBFM (6)
  • Superlattice Power Inc. SLAT (60)
  • SupportSave Solutions, Inc. SSVE (10)
  • Surefect Holdings Inc. SUFH (1)
  • Suspect Detection Systems Inc. SDSS (37)
  • Sweet Success Enterprises Inc. SWTS (35)
  • Swiss Hawk AG SWHKF (1)
  • Symposium Production Corp. SYPJ (1)
  • Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc. TADF (15)
  • Tao Minerals Ltd. TAOL (1)
  • TapImmune, Inc. TPIV (15)
  • Tapinator, Inc. TAPM (26)
  • Taplmmune Inc. TPIM (1)
  • Technology Applications International Inc. NUUU (25)
  • TechPrecision Corp. TPCS (4)
  • Tecton Corp. TTNC (3)
  • Teewinot Life Sciences (9)
  • Teknik Digital Arts Inc. TKNK (10)
  • Telanetix Inc. TNXI (2)
  • Teletouch Communications Inc. TLLE (5)
  • Terax Energy Inc. TEXG (32)
  • Terme Bancorp TMEB (1)
  • Terra Nostra Resources Corp. TNRO (25)
  • The Amergence Group AMNG (8)
  • The Aristocrat Group Corp. ASCC (113)
  • The Bowser Report (68)
  • The Bull Report (32)
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  • Tidelands Oil and Gas Corp. TIDE (1)
  • Tiens Biotech Group USA Inc. TBV (1)
  • TMT Capital Corp. TMTP (1)
  • TNI BioTech Inc. TNIB (16)
  • Tombstone Exploration Corp. TMBXF (9)
  • TOMI Environmental Solutions Inc. TOMZ (4)
  • Tootie Pie Company, Inc. TOOT (11)
  • Torchlight Energy Resources, Inc. TRCH (2)
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  • TZ Ltd. TZL.AX (1)
  • U.S. Mine Makers Inc. USMM (1)
  • uKarma Corporation UKMA (1)
  • Ultitek Ltd. UITK (21)
  • Unbridled Energy Corporation TSX-UNE (21)
  • Unico Inc. UNCO (3)
  • Universal Bioenergy Inc. UBRG (3)
  • Universal Detection Technology UNDT (41)
  • Universal Energy Corp. UVSE (19)
  • Universal Property Development and Acquisition UPDA (4)
  • Universal Tracking Solutions Inc. UTRK (13)
  • Universal Travel Group UTVG (14)
  • UpSNAP Inc. UPSN (1)
  • Uranium Energy Corp. UEC (64)
  • Uranium Hunter Corp. URHN (17)
  • Urex Energy Corp. URXE (1)
  • USA Recycling Industries Inc. USRI (21)
  • USA Superior Energy Inc. USSU (9)
  • Ustelematics Inc. UTLM (27)
  • Utah Uranium Corp. UTUC (2)
  • Utilicraft Aerospace Industries Inc. UITA (2)
  • ValueRich & iValueRich (9)
  • Vaporin Inc. VAPOD (2)
  • VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd. VPTDF (26)
  • Veritas Pharma Inc. VRTHF (17)
  • Vermillion Inc. VRML (3)
  • Vertical Branding Inc. VBDG (11)
  • VIASPACE, Inc. VSPC (185)
  • Victory Energy Corp. VYEY (29)
  • Victory Square Technologies Inc. VSQTF (2)
  • Vidshadow Inc. VSHD (1)
  • View Systems Inc. VSYM (16)
  • Viper Networks Inc. VPER (2)
  • Viral Genetics Inc. VRAL (3)
  • Viropro International Inc. VPRO (2)
  • VirTra Systems Inc. VTSI (22)
  • Viscount Systems Inc. VSYS (27)
  • visionGATEWAY Inc. VGWA (1)
  • VistaGen Therapeutics Inc. VSTA (104)
  • Visualant Inc. VSUL (5)
  • Vital Products Inc. VTLP (5)
  • Viyya Technologies Inc. VYON (2)
  • VizStar Inc VIZS (24)
  • Voiceserve Inc. VSRV (18)
  • Vortex Resources Corp. VTEX (7)
  • Vsurance Inc. VSUR (3)
  • Vyteris Inc. VYHN (1)
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  • Who's Your Daddy Inc. WYDI (7)
  • WikiLoan Inc. WKLI (14)
  • Wind Energy America Inc. WNEA (3)
  • Wisdom Homes of America Inc. WOFA (15)
  • Wits Basin Precious Minerals Inc. WITM (2)
  • Woize International Ltd. WOIZ (1)
  • WordLogic Corp. WLGC (40)
  • Workstream Inc. WSTM (9)
  • WorldWater & Solar Technologies Corp. WWAT (10)
  • Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing WEMU (12)
  • Worldwide Manufacturing USA Inc. WWMU (6)
  • WRIT Media Group Inc. WRIT (36)
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  • XsunX Inc. XSNX (17)
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  • Zaldiva Inc. ZLDV (3)
  • ZAP ZAAP (15)
  • ZBB Energy Corp ZBB (7)
  • Zenosense Inc. ZENO (53)
  • Zentric Inc. ZNTR (14)
  • Zevotek Inc. ZVTK (8)
  • Zinc One Resources Inc. ZZZOF (7)
  • Znomics Inc. ZNOM (3)
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