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ARCA biopharma (ABIO) Receives Patent for Methods of Treatment with Bucindolol

Friday, December 30th, 2011

ARCA biopharma Inc., a biopharmaceutical company developing genetically targeted therapies for cardiovascular diseases, has been awarded a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the company’s methods of treating patients with bucindolol based on genetic targeting and focused on a specific genotype (homozygous wildtype for Deletion 322-325 in the alpha-2C adrenergic receptor).

The patent entitled “Methods for Treatment with Bucindolol Based on Genetic Targeting” provides patent protection in the United States for the company’s approach to treating patients with bucindolol.

Dr. Michael Bristow, CEO of ARCA biopharma, emphasized the challenges surrounding cardiovascular diseases and how new therapies can address these challenges.

“We are obviously pleased with the USPTO’s issuance of this patent, which we believe extends our pharmacogenetic intellectual property protection around bucindolol,” Dr. Bristow stated in the press release. “Chronic cardiovascular diseases continue to be a major health care problem, and among the challenges to improving care is the uncertainty of patient responses to drug treatment. We believe new therapies that include a simple test to identify a substantial subpopulation of patients more likely to benefit have the potential to alleviate some of the problems encountered with the current standard of pharmacotherapy, where all members of a disease cohort, including those who will not respond, are treated.”

Dr. Bristow said bucindolol is exclusive in its ability to lower the hormone responsible for increasing blood pressure and rate and depth of breathing, as well as raising blood sugar levels and decreasing activity of the intestines.

“A unique pharmacologic property of bucindolol is norepinephrine lowering, and bucindolol’s heart failure clinical responses demonstrated in a large phase 3 clinical trial (BEST) were modulated by this important effect. … Accordingly, we believe prospective knowledge … allows for prediction of the degree of norepinephrine lowering by bucindolol in an individual patient,” Dr. Bristow concluded.

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Spare Backup Inc. (SPBU) Obtains $160,000 Purchase Order

Friday, December 30th, 2011

On December 30, Spare Backup announced that it has received a $160,000 purchase order for a custom security upgrade. The upgrade is in preparation for a new mobile product launch with a UK financial services organization, scheduled to take place in January 2012.

Spare Backup is focused on providing mobile device and PC backup/security services for both consumers and small-to-medium businesses. Spare Backup’s software protects sensitive data, and can operate on both a continuous basis or by a user-programmed schedule. Spare Backup’s software is the first totally automated cloud-based backup service, and is used throughout North America and Europe.

The security upgrades that Spare Backup is implementing will allow their portals, websites and various interfaces to integrate with the security standards of the financial organization the company is working with. These upgrades are intended to be completed before the January launch of the security system, which will affect more than four million of the financial organizations’ banking and insurance customers in the UK. This system launch, in conjunction with other product launches throughout 2012, is causing Spare Backup to anticipate profitability in the form of and excess of $0.05 per share.

“The ability to reach customers within the financial services industry is a key component of our overall marketing strategy. As mobile applications become more sophisticated, the need for mobile security and parental controls grows in tandem,”said Cery Perle, President and CEO of Spare Backup. “Customizing our interfaces and encryptions with the unique standards of large scale financial services and insurance companies is critical to our success in this segment of our business. We are confident in the ability of our software team to deliver effective solutions to our distribution partners as we begin our progressive launches and reach out to millions of potential customers in 2012. We continue to see reaching profitability in 2012 as we roll out into Europe and North America in the coming quarters to build a strong recurring revenue base for years to come.”

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Cannabis Science (CBIS) Issues Sales Guidance and Outlook for Upcoming Year

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Cannabis Science Inc., a pioneering U.S. biotech company developing pharmaceutical cannabis products, today provided sales guidance and outlook for 2012.

The company focuses on three main markets for Cannabis Science Brand formulations for distribution: FDA approved prescriptions; OTC Non-psychoactive Neutroceuticals; and licensed dispensaries in the 16 legal Medical Marijuana states. Cannabis Science works with federal, state and local regulatory agencies, as well as similar agencies in other countries, including Health Canada.

Cannabis Science forecasts 2012 sales at $6.84 million with the potential to increase to $65.74 million, or $0.02 per share, in 2014. The above-average growth in sales and revenue from 2012 to 2014 stems from the company’s plan to expand into additional states and international markets over the next three years through the release of additional formulations and a higher number of license agreements.

This forecast includes sales from the company’s MEDBOX strategic alliance as well as revenues from its licensing fees from cannabis-extract based formulations.

“Cannabis Science announced intention to have a quarterly conference call to update shareholders and investors in 2012 to track the progress Cannabis Science is making towards its goals. This type of sales forecast communication is a great place to begin to have a more serious conversation between the company and investors both present and future, in regards to the earnings potential for our company in this industry,” Dr. Robert Melamede, CEO, president and director of Cannabis Science stated in the press release. ‘

These projected sales not only translate into shareholder value but these revenues also generate taxes into the economy and create jobs. We acknowledge and understand that these numbers are just a forecast and may be revised over time 1as we go forward and develop our global sales team.”

In addition, Cannabis Science also prepared a model to forecast sales in the event that the FDA approves the company’s license application for its cannabis-extract based formulations. In this case, the company forecasts average sales of $279.12 million in annual sales and revenue of each of the company’s cannabis-extract based formulations.

Cannabis Science said it has identified 20 different medical conditions and nine different cancers for which its formulations might generate profit for in the next ten years.

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Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (KTOS) Recognized for Masterful Herley Acquisition, Growing Dominance in Engineering/Manufacturing National Security Solutions

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Kratos, continues to gain dominance in the field of highly specialized national security technology and providing a complete mission critical products/services envelope, reporting today successful nomination for two separate, influential awards in IT and middle marketing for the recent Herley Industries, Inc. acquisition at the 10th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala, held at the New York Athletic Club, NY this Dec. 13.

Senior Markets Desk Reporter for Bloomberg, Julie Hyman, hosted the event, where both award nominations were conferred upon KTOS simultaneously for the Herley deal, seen by many as real masterstroke:

2012 Information Technology Award – $100M and over
2011 Middle Market Deal of the Year – $250-400M

Herley’s infrastructural competencies extend KTOS’s own striking distance beautifully, bringing the industry-leading design, development and manufacturing expertise in defense/aerospace microwave technology for which Herley is known, to the table alongside the Company’s own deep proficiencies in manufacturing and engineering related to National Security platforms/programs.

Herley already has solid footing in a variety of key US national security related programs/platforms and the acquisition of this Woburn, MA-based shop adds robust vectors to KTOS’s seven-facility manufacturing (~1k employee) Weapons Systems Solutions Division, into which the acquisition was integrated.

Great news for KTOS, following fast on the heels of the announcement Dec. 12, that the Company was recognized at this year’s M&A Advisor Deals of the Decade Celebration at the Museum of American Finance, with the 2009 Turnaround of the Year Award.

President and CEO of KTOS, Eric DeMarco, beamed with enthusiasm at being recognized once more by the prestigious M&A Advisor Awards, recognition which boldly underlines the outstanding success of KTOS’s M&A Team, as well as the integration team which spearheads such momentum building acquisitions. DeMarco pointed to this clear recognition of the Company’s “continued execution” of the strategic business plan to create the “C5ISR focused engineering, technology and specialty products based National Security Solutions provider in the industry.”

Senior VP of the Strategy and Corporate Development Division at KTOS, James Cotter, echoed this enthusiasm and detailed the exceptional microwave/specialty platforms experience Herley ads to the mix, pointing to growing dependence on such capabilities by a number of critical US infrastructure like the EA-18G Electronic Attack Aircraft and a host of other Ballistic Missile Defense Programs.

For more information on the nominations/awards or for more information on Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. and the Company’s numerous engineering and technical capabilities in a spectrum of high security cleared environments, or on the Herley acquisition itself, please visit the Company’s website at:

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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: TapImmune, Inc. (TPIV)

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Taplmmune, Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on developing innovative cell based immunotherapeutics and vaccines in the areas of oncology and infectious disease. The company’s lead product candidate, the AdhTAP vaccine, is designed to restore and augment antigen presentation and subsequent recognition and killing of cancer cells by the immune system.

Taplmmune’s technologies have been featured on ABC News BusinessNow, B-TV, in BusinessWeek, Popular Mechanics and local newspapers as well as many respected medical journals, including the Journal of Immunology, Nature (Biotechnology), International Journal of Cancer, Cancer Research and PLoS Pathogens, among others.

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FluoroPharma Medical, Inc. (FPMI) Announces Appointment Of Lawrence Atinsky To Board Of Directors

Friday, December 30th, 2011

FluoroPharma Medical, a biopharmaceutical company providing proprietary PET imaging products to evaluate cardiac disease at the cellular and molecular levels, announced today that it has appointed Lawrence Atinsky to its Board of Directors. The appointment is effective January 3, 2012.

Mr. Atinsky has worked closely with a number of biotechnology companies over the past ten years, helping them execute their strategic growth plans, and is currently a partner at Ascent Biomedical Ventures. Ascent is a venture capital firm targeting early stage biomedical technology companies developing medical devices, biopharmaceuticals, healthcare services, and information technology. Prior to joining Ascent, Mr. Atinsky was an attorney at Skadden Arps where he specialized in mergers and acquisitions.

FluoroPharma President and CEO, Thijs Spoor, commented on the appointment: “I am delighted to welcome Lawrence to the FluoroPharma Board. His legal background, along with his extensive biotech business experience, brings invaluable knowledge and will complement the considerable expertise of the Board.”

FluoroPharma’s focus is the development of breakthrough positron emission tomography (PET) imaging agents for the efficient detection and assessment of acute and chronic forms of coronary artery disease. The goal is to enable personalized medicine through advanced imaging products that will help the medical community diagnose disease more accurately at the earliest stages, leading to more effective treatment, management, and better patient outcomes. The company is currently advancing two products in clinical trials for assessment of acute and chronic forms of coronary disease. Other products in development include agents for detection of inflamed atherosclerotic plaque in peripheral arteries, agents with the potential to image Alzheimer’s disease, and agents that could potentially be used for imaging specific cancers.

For more information, see the company website at

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Attune RTD (AURT) Makes BrioWave Technology Commercially Available After Successful Pilot

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Attune RTD, an environmentally conscious company that provides smart products to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce energy consumption and optimize existing technologies, announced today that is ready to make its BrioWave technology commercially available after conducting a successful pilot program in Texas with a major wholesale power generation company. The testing took place from November 2010 and ends at the end of next month.

“We had a very successful pilot, the technology now has seen more than one year of continuous field duty time across the state. BrioWave technology has withstood some of the hottest summer temperatures on record as well as some of the coldest winter temperatures. We are ready to make the technology commercially available. With that said, we are excited to continue our working relationship with the utility, and excited to be in the beginning phase of developing another relationship with another major utility,” said Shawn Davis, CEO, Attune RTD in a press statement.

The BrioWave 175p allows customers to monitor the use of their pool and HVAC air conditioning system and allow only one of them to operate at any given time. This produces less of a burden on the energy providers during peak times thus less energy is consumed. It has proven to also be more efficient and energy saving for pool filtration systems, lowering energy costs for consumers and providing more healthy environments. The more consistency of the water flow in the pools has also eliminated the growth of algae, bacteria, pool staining and cloudy water which reduces the higher use of chemicals.

“We are excited because we have real interest and demand developing for the technology that will soon translate into revenue. We have a world class product married to a world class platform, so now the focus is all about sales going forward,” said Thomas Bianco, CFO, Attune RTD in the statement Thursday.
Since electivity cannot be stored like water it is necessary to manage use especially during peak times.

Smoothing out peaks results in lower costs for communities in the long run. The advantages of this product are numerous including the reduction of demand on the electrical generation system which will ultimately affect the cost of electricity to individual consumers.

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Onyx Service & Solutions Inc. (ONYX) Develops Engineering Plan for Roatan Project

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Today, Onyx Service & Solutions announced that it has developed a plan to successfully distribute power on its new 22-megawatt project in Roatan, Honduras. With problems arising from an older distribution system, the plan will provide a fix to the numerous issues Roatan has faced with power outages.

Onyx’s detailed engineering research has developed an alternative that breaks the solar placement up into many smaller “farms” that can be strategically placed, down to a single user “at-meter” solution. ONYX plans to use a cutting-edge repository system for the larger production farms and may decide to utilize its new “Plug-N-Play” panel for smaller output areas. Repository systems store energy for use after the sun has gone down or if there is not ample sunlight for extended periods of time. ONYX’s new “Plug-N-Play” panel already has a battery unit and inverter integrated into the panel straight from the factory.

“There has been abundant discussions about addressing the distribution system issue”, stated Malcolm Burleson, President of ONYX. “The fact that solar can be downsized all the way to a single panel, plus our access to superior energy storage options, gives us great latitude in distribution. It certainly eliminates many standard distribution factors, especially any need for large and costly transmission stations.”

Onyx decided to forgo the normal strategies employed by solar companies, such as competing against coal-fired electricity producers or depending on government subsidies to make a profit. Instead, Onyx management identified sectors that rely on costly diesel generated electricity, like Roatan, to focus on as its target market. These sectors present higher profit margins and more profit making opportunities.

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Broadwind Energy, Inc. (BWEN) Video Chart for Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday, December 30th, 2011

The BWEN chart has been making a solid recovery since its slide to 26 cents in October. The chart is in a consolidation pattern after touching 91.7 cents and holding a support level at 70 cents. This support needs to hold or the odds of it dropping to the 50 day simple moving average at 60 cents are increased as the chart tries to continue its bullish trend.

To view the video chart, visit the following link:

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IVAX Diagnostics (IVD) Amends Major Stock Purchase Agreement With ERBA Diagnostics

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Miami-based IVAX Diagnostics, an in-vitro diagnostics company, has entered into an amendment to an April 8, 2011, agreement with ERBA Diagnostics Mannheim GmbH, in which IVAX agreed to sell to ERBA 20 million shares of IVAX common stock at a price of $0.75 per share, plus warrants to purchase an additional 20 million shares, with the purchases spread over three separate closings.

The amendment changes the terms relating to the timing of the second closing and the final closing. Instead of the second closing occurring 6 months or less after the initial closing, it will now occur 60 days after the date on which a majority of the independent directors on IVAX Diagnostics’ Board of Directors determines by vote or written consent that the second closing shall occur. Instead of the final closing occurring one year or less after the initial closing, it will now occur after or simultaneously with the second closing, 60 days after the date on which a majority of the independent directors on IVAX Diagnostics’ Board of Directors determines by vote or written consent that the final closing shall occur.

The amendment basically gives IVAX more flexibility in controlling the timing of the associated transactions. IVAX President, CEO, and COO, Kevin Clark, said of the amendment: “We are pleased that, through this Amendment to the Stock Purchase Agreement, the independent directors on our Board of Directors will be able to trigger the timing of the consummation of the Second Closing and the Final Closing based upon IVAX Diagnostics’ cash requirements, including for funding the continued growth and development of our business and working capital requirements, and for possible acquisitions and strategic opportunities. This Amendment to the Stock Purchase Agreement will also have the effect of moving the timing of the dilutive impact that would be caused by the issuance to ERBA Diagnostics Mannheim of additional shares of IVAX Diagnostics’ common stock at the Second Closing and the Final Closing. We are also excited to report that, principally due to the expected relative improvement in our operations and the expected relative reduction in the rate of our use of cash during the fourth quarter of 2011, we believe that the immediacy of our need for additional cash has diminished.”

ERBA already owns, directly or indirectly, 26,701,380 shares of IVAX Diagnostics’ common stock, or approximately 77.6% of the issued and outstanding shares of IVAX Diagnostics’ common stock.

IVAX Diagnostics develops, manufactures and distributes in the United States and internationally, proprietary diagnostic reagents, test kits and instrumentation, primarily for autoimmune and infectious diseases, through its three subsidiaries: Diamedix Corporation (U.S.), Delta Biologicals S.r.l. (Europe), and ImmunoVision, Inc. (U.S.).

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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Stevia Corp. (STEV)

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Stevia Corp. is a farm management company focused on delivering high value stevia through proprietary plant breeding, excellent agricultural methodologies and innovative post-harvest techniques. To date, the Company has acquired two grower supply contracts and three nursery fields in Vietnam.

Stevia is an all-natural sweetener estimated to replace 20% of the currently over $50 billion yearly global sweetener market. The high intensity sweetener is approximately three hundred times sweeter than table sugar without adding any calories and has a low glycemic index, making it safe for diabetics.

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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Integrated Freight Corp. (IFCR)

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Integrated Freight Corp. is a motor freight company focused on providing long-haul, regional and local services. Specializing in dry and refrigerated truckload services, the company primarily operates in well-established traffic lanes in the Upper Midwest, Pacific Northwest, Texas, California and the Atlantic seaboard.

The company was formed for the purpose of acquiring and consolidating operating motor freight companies. Integrated Freight’s mission is to build a safe, reliable, high-quality national freight carrier and customized logistics service with a diverse customer base that is well-positioned in growing profitable markets.

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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Empire Post Media, Inc. (EMPM)

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Empire Post Media is an entertainment company focused on capitalizing on opportunities in the television field, bringing cost-effective production methodology and 3D technology to established television genres. The company is pursuing three key areas in the television industry: post-production services; 2D to 3D conversion; and the creation, development, production, and marketing of 3D television programming.

As a result of the capital-intensive aspect of content creation and the difficulties involved in obtaining financing in the present economic environment, the company plans to make production decisions on a prudent, market-driven basis, letting demand lead supply. The Company also intends to form strategic partnerships on a project-by-project basis with other creators and producers, and with distributors and third-party financiers.

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Peregrine Pharmaceuticals (PPHM) Announces Preliminary Results for Phase II Hepatitis Study

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc., a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing first-in-class monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of cancer and viral infections, today issued an update on its randomized phase II bavituximab study in patients infected with genotype-1 chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV).

The goals of the study were to compare the safety profile of bavituximab plus ribavirin with a interferon and ribavirin combination.

Preliminary data indicates that the combination of bavituximab and ribavirin appeared safe and well-tolerated in patients who reported fewer side effects than in the interferon-containing arm. The study also indicated that both dose levels of bavituximab with ribavirin demonstrated antiviral activity, however the antiviral effects in patients receiving the 0.3 mg/kg dosing level were more pronounced.

“We are pleased with the initial results we have seen from this clinical study evaluating the combination of bavituximab with an established antiviral drug in HCV patients. We see good evidence that the combination of bavituximab with ribavirin has a better safety profile than an interferon containing regimen which was one of the primary objectives of the study,” Joseph S. Shan, vice president of clinical and regulatory affairs at Peregrine stated in the press release.

Shan also noted that while both dose levels of bavituximab were active, the lower dose level appears more active in HCV patients than the high dose level, and that these preliminary results are important in validating that the combination of bavituximab with its immunological mechanism of action with an active antiviral agent that has a good safety profile and promising antiviral activity.

“These results suggest that future studies evaluating longer bavituximab treatment durations at or around the lower dose level in combination with ribavirin and potentially direct acting antivirals in certain patient populations may hold promise as interferon-free HCV therapeutic regimens,” Shan stated.

“The early data from this trial are promising and suggest that continued development of bavituximab in HCV patients is warranted to explore the full immune-modulating potential of the compound in combination with antiviral agents,” added Shan.

Steven W. King, president and CEO of Peregrine, said the company will use the data to seek development partners interested in advancing the PS-targeting antiviral program. Peregrine will continue to focus its resources on its bavituximab oncology clinical program.

The company said it plans to present full results from the study at a medical conference in 2012.

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TechPrecision (TPCS) Provides Updated Outlook for Business Operations for Fiscal 2013

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

TechPrecision Corp., through its wholly owned subsidiaries, is an industry leading manufacturer of precision, large-scale fabricated and machined metal components and systems for customers in the alternative energy, cleantech, medical, nuclear, defense, aerospace and other commercial industries. The company today provided an outlook for calendar 2012 based on strategic achievements, product wins, industry diversifications, facility expansions and other activities.

“Calendar 2011 has been a pivotal year for TechPrecision and we made significant progress toward our strategic objective of diversifying our operations and expanding our revenue base,” James Molinaro, TechPrecision CEO stated in the press release.

Molinaro said diversification is integral to TechPrecision’s expanded growth in China. While its Massachusetts facility’s largest customer moved its operations to China, TechPrecision will qualify new products and back-fill the customer with business through 2012-2013.

“We are in an excellent position to do that with the completion of our Massachusetts facility expansion and the qualification of our new Gantry mill. This is a competitive advantage for us as we are one of the few N-Stamp and NAVSEA certified manufacturing facilities in the U.S. which can handle the project scale and precision,” Molinaro stated.

The company highlighted several achievements over the 2011 calendar year, including but not limited to:

• Wuxi Critical Mechanical Components Co., Ltd., WCMC-China division, successfully ramped production and is expected to contribute 25 percent-35 percent of consolidated quarterly revenues in the third quarter of fiscal 2012.
• The addition of five new products and customers at WCMC-China.
• Shipment of initial mono-cast product, which is expected to result in production orders in the second quarter of fiscal 2013.
• Shipment of second generation multi-crystalline chambers from WCMC in November, with qualification and subsequent production volume orders expected in the first quarter of 2013.
• Shipment of initial sapphire products from WCMC expected in January 2012, with qualification and volume production orders expected in Q1 FY2013.
• Completed the installation of a new Gantry mill at the Ranor facility. The company expects to receive its first prime nuclear order in the first calendar quarter of 2012.

“The progress we made in 2011, adding several tier-1 customers in a variety of industries we believe can position us for accelerated revenue growth in fiscal 2013 (the period beginning April 1, 2012),” Molinaro stated. “… In aggregate, we believe we have positioned the company for accelerated growth with increased diversification, giving our business more sustainability.”

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JA Solar (JASO) Announces Supply Agreement with Solarhybrid for Project in Germany

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

China-based JA Solar Holdings Company Ltd. is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-performance solar cells and solar power products. The company sells its products worldwide, converting sunlight into electricity for residential, commercial and utility customers.

The company today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Solarhybrid AG, a German project developer and general contractor for turnkey utility-scale solar power projects. JA Solar will supply 19 megawatts of solar modules to Solarhybrid’s Allstedt I solar power plant in Halle, Germany and be the exclusive solar module provider to the project.

The Allstedt I solar power plant is expected to generate just over 19 million kilowatts of electricity annually and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 266,000 tons over a service period of 20 years. The power plant is scheduled to be connected to the grid and begin operations very soon.

JA Solar expects total module shipments to Solarhybrid to reach 40 megawatts this year, including the 19 megawatts for the Allstedt I project. For additional information on JA Solar, please visit the company’s website at

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Is Silver a Buy Again?

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Silver has never been an investment for the faint of heart and 2011 has only added to its reputation as a capricious beast. From just over $30 when the year began, it dropped to $27 within a month, then rocketed to over $48 by early spring, only to free-fall to the mid $30s within a couple of weeks. By late summer, silver had worked its way back into the low $40s, but then collapsed again to just over $30 by October. After a push to the mid $30s, silver has now fallen back to the upper $20s, essentially where it was in late January, making a case for a buy at what some consider support levels, notwithstanding the fact that silver bounced between $10 and $20 for nearly 5 years prior to mid-2010.

But the real story of silver is not its short term volatility. It’s the fact that it is disappearing from the supply chain faster than almost any commodity in history. Unlike gold, which, once torn from the ground, tends to stay in place, not even losing its luster, silver is now being eaten up. The name of the devouring monster: electronics. The explosion in cell phones and other electronic devices and related industrial processes in the last couple of decades has created a demand-future for silver that is only now being seriously evaluated.

The demand for silver in electronics has roughly doubled in the past 10 years. For the first time in history, electronics consumes more silver than jewelry and silverware, the previous primary uses. And that’s key, since jewelry, as an example, is often stored and recycled, while silver used in electronics is simply lost to landfills. Today we are consuming more silver than mines produce, and the effect is accelerating. Add to this the fact that China and India are growing consumers of silver for electronic devices, with China becoming a major silver importer versus its earlier role as a silver exporter.

The net result is that global silver reserves are drying up faster than a Texas lake. Unlike with gold, the world today has only a small fraction of the silver now that it had a century ago. It’s a changing dynamic that many investors fail to appreciate, looking upon silver in its historic role as a monetary hedge. The price of silver, today being kicked around based upon the rise and fall of economies and currencies, will soon be viewed far differently.

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ThermoEnergy Corp. (TMEN) Expands Facility in Anticipation of 2012 Revenue Growth

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Yesterday, ThermoEnergy Corp. announced that the company has completed a new expansion at its corporate headquarters in Worcester, MA. This expansion more than doubles the manufacturing space, adding 28,000 square feet.

ThermoEnergy is focused on developing and distributing sustainable technologies and equipment for the treatment of industrial wastewater and clean power generation. ThermoEnergy was founded in 1988, and is currently led by chairman and CEO Cary Bullock. The company also has offices in Little Rock, AR and New York, NY.

ThermoEnergy also announced the completion of the engineering phase of a New York City based Ammonia Recovery Process project. This is part of a project to improve the health of Jamaica Bay, under Mayor Bloomberg’s Jamaica Bay Watershed Protection Plan; the company is now in the process of constructing the project’s components. Upon completion, the facility will be able to potentially prevent as many as 2.4 million pounds of ammonia from entering the waters of Jamaica Bay yearly.

Cary Bullock, ThermoEnergy Corporation’s Chairman and CEO, said, “The [Worcester, MA] expansion allows us to complete the manufacturing stage of our $27 million contract with the City of New York to deploy an ammonia recovery system at the 26th Ward wastewater treatment plant by Jamaica Bay. The manufacturing stage of the contract is valued at $13.7M and we expect much of that to be earned in 2012. We estimate that we now have manufacturing space capacity to support at least $25 million dollars of sales revenue, and have begun preliminary steps to prepare for additional capacity expansion when needed.”

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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Firemans Contractors, Inc. (FRCN)

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Firemans Contractors, Inc. provides professional services for commercial and government clients. These services include road improvements, pavement maintenance, seal coating, parking lot striping, pavement marking, asphalt maintenance and repair, and ADA compliance.

The management team maintains a high level of excellence throughout the company to deliver solutions and success to its clients, franchisee, investors and partners. The entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and the dedication of the entire staff has consistently provided superior value.

Firemans Contractors has completed its FDD requirements with the Federal Trade Commission and has developed franchise territories across the U.S. The company’s goal is to develop hundreds of new franchise locations built on a professional value system that delivers outstanding results through honorable customer relationships and repeat business.

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North Springs Resources Corp. (NSRS) Outlines Proposed Exploration Work Program for North Springs Gold Property

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

On Wednesday, North Springs Resources Corp. outlined the proposed exploration work program for the North Springs Gold Property located in the prestigious Mineral Ridge Mining District of Nevada. The recommended $500,000 work program will focus on a number of untested gold targets. These include disseminated mineralization, high-grade shear zones, and feeder veins similar to those that have been open-pit mined by several companies at other Mineral Ridge gold deposits in the area.

The proposed detailed work program for the North Springs Gold Property includes North Springs working to permit an initial 10-hole reverse circulation drilling program to test known gold mineralization on the property, and additional detailed mapping and geochemical sampling of the probable mineral targets to better define surface extent and orientation of the gold anomalies. It also includes gridline soil geochemical sampling in the Roadrunner Target area and in that portion of the Coyote Summit Target which is on pediment (shallow bedrock).

The work program also includes gridline bio-vegetation sampling in that portion of the Coyote Summit Target area, which extends southwesterly under alluvial (transported) soil cover, and limited magnetic and possible Induced Polarization (IP) and CSAMT geophysical surveys or profiles over the primary defined target areas to establish three-dimensional extent of sulfide mineralization. In addition, the work program includes exploring the lands adjacent to the North Springs Gold Property Area and potentially acquiring available new claims, and evaluating all data compiled and preparing a new Technical Report for the North Springs Gold Property.

The North Springs Gold Property has the potential to host lenticular, low-angle, disseminated gold and high-grade vein systems similar to those presently being mined in the nearby Mineral Ridge Mine of Scorpio Gold and Golden Phoenix, Inc. Based on the present level of investigation and sampling, the primary target areas worthy of additional exploration are the “Roadrunner” and “Coyote Summit” mineral targets, as defined by historical workings and the present mapping and sampling efforts. A number of possible additional “feeder-vein” structures have also been identified on the project lands that have undergone limited sampling and also warrant follow-up.

Mr. Harry Lappa, President of North Springs Resources, stated, “We have well defined drill targets based on already completed field work providing excellent potential for the discovery of a significant gold deposit at the North Spring Gold Property. The proposed drill targets include high-grade free-visible gold mineralization exposed at surface which appears to be a stacked series of mineralized shear zones that could provide an attractive open-pit target. We will also test several locations with gold bearing veins exposed in old workings. The Company will continue to evaluate this work program, as well as review other potential mining opportunities prior to finalizing our exploration plans in the next few days.”

Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, North Springs Resources focuses on the evaluation, acquisition, exploration, and development of mineral resource properties. The Company is presently in the evaluation and acquisition phase of operations. North Springs Resources is led by a skilled and experienced management team and independent consulting geologists with many years of experience. The Company’s commitment is to creating value for their shareholders by advancing their current holdings and by acquiring new properties with significant potential.

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Dynamic Ventures Corp. (DYNV) Completes $7.5M Funding Facility for Growth Initiatives

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Dynamic Ventures Corp., a developer and marketer of construction solutions for residential and commercial buildings, today announced it has signed a $7.5 million Equity Funding Facility with Centurion Private Equity, LLC.

Dynamic said the funding will support the company’s ongoing construction projects, expand new territories, and support general corporate purposes.

Dynamic CEO Paul Kalkbrenner noted potential opportunities in the construction industry, and said Dynamic is on track to utilize its resources to achieve growth.

“We continue to see growth and opportunities in niche building segments,” Kalkbrenner stated in the press release. “We believe we have uniquely positioned ourselves to take advantage of these opportunities and that having access to capital in a timely and efficient manner would allow us to continue on the growth path that we have set for ourselves.”

Per the agreement, Centurion has committed to purchase for cash consideration, up to an aggregate of $7.5 million of Dynamic’s common stock. The arrangement is subject to certain conditions and limitations based upon the price and trading volume of Dynamic’s common stock and subject to an effective registration statement.

The funding agreement provides Dynamic with the option, at its discretion and provided that it meets certain conditions, to periodically sell Centurion shares of Dynamic’s common stock at a price based upon the market price of Dynamic’s common stock.

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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: HyperSolar, Inc. (HYSR)

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

HyperSolar is focused on developing a breakthrough technology designed to create renewable natural gas using sunlight, water and carbon dioxide. This renewable natural gas is a clean, carbon neutral methane gas that can be used as a direct replacement for traditional natural gas to power the world, without drilling or fracking, while mitigating CO2 emissions.

Inspired by the photosynthetic processes that plants use to harness the power of the Sun for the creation of energy, HyperSolar’s novel solar-powered nanoparticle system mimics photosynthesis to separate hydrogen from water. The free hydrogen can then be reacted with carbon dioxide to produce clean and environmentally friendly renewable natural gas that can be collected for use in power plants, industrial plants and vehicles.

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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: REE International, Inc. (REEI)

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

REE International, Inc. is a U.S. based mineral exploration company focused on identifying and building an inventory of mineral properties with a primary emphasis on South America. The company will initially focus on the exploration, mining and sale of tantalum and niobium from their 775 acre Santa Cruz property located in Venezuela.

Headquartered in Massachusetts, REE International is positioning itself to be at the forefront of the United States efforts to free itself from the reliance of China for necessary rare earths. South America is known as one of the world tantalum richest areas and is fast becoming a leader in the exploration and development of these vital rare earths.

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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Bering Exploration, Inc. (BERX)

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Bering Exploration, Inc. is an independent oil and natural gas company engaged in the identification, evaluation, devilment and acquisition of potential natural gas and oil wells with initial focus on drilling prospects along TX & LA Gulf Coast. The company aims to aggressively build shareholder value through acquisition & exploration of energy resources.

Bering believes it is the right time to heavily invest in acquiring domestic reserves as demand for energy will only continue to build in the U.S and around the world for years to come. The company’s strategy is to engage in a continuing program of low to moderate risk exploration projects which offer repeatability and growth potential.

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Aeolus Pharmaceuticals (AOLS) Posts Q4, FY 2011 Financial Results, Operational Highlights

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Aeolus Pharmaceuticals Inc. announced its financial results for the three and twelve months ended September 30, 2011, as well as several key operational accomplishments achieved during the year.

Aeolus reported total revenues for full-year 2011 at $4.8 million compared to no revenue in full-year 2010.

Net income for 2011 was $0.3 million, or $0.01 per basic share, which includes a non-cash gain of approximately $3.9 million related to decreases in the fair value of the warrants, as compared to a 2010 loss of $25.9 million, or $(0.53) per basic share, which includes a charge of approximately $21.3 million related to increases in the fair value of the warrants.

For the fourth quarter of 2011, Aeolus reported total revenues at $2.1 million compared to no revenue in 2010.

Net loss for the 2011 fourth quarter was $2.1 million, which includes a gain of approximately $1.1 million related to decreases in the fair value of the warrants, as compared to $12.9 million, which includes a charge of approximately $11.4 million related to increases in the fair value of the warrants, in the fourth quarter of FY 2010.

As of September 30, 2011, the company had cash and cash equivalents of $518,000.

The company also highlighted operational milestones achieved during full-year 2011, including but not limited to:

• Awarded a $118.4 million contract to develop treatment for pulmonary acute radiation syndrome
• Reported positive results from study of AEOL 10150 and Neupogen(R)as combination therapy for treatment of acute radiation syndrome
• Research partners awarded more than $13.4 million in research
• grants
• Filed for Orphan Drug designation of AEOL 10150 for mitigation and/or treatment of delayed effects of acute radiation exposure of the lung
• Shored-up balance sheet with additional cash
• Accomplished 11 key milestones under the BARDA Lung ARS development contract

“During fiscal year 2011, we were able to take major steps forward in the development of AEOL 10150, at minimal cost to our shareholders, based on the support of our medical countermeasure development program by BARDA, NIH-NIAID and NIH CounterACT,” John L. McManus, president and CEO stated in the press release. “We look forward to 2012, when we expect to receive a decision on several BARDA options, begin an important human safety study under the BARDA contract that will also support of our oncology program and report key data from several ongoing studies.”

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