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Moxian, Inc. (MOXC) Provides Proven Advertising Model to China Businesses and Consumers via Social Media

January 29, 2016

Social media is the most popular game in town. Everyone on the planet, for the most part, uses some form of social media for entertainment, communication, advertising, or research. Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) and Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) dominate the space, but countless others like Pandora, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, YouTube, and others have emerged and grown like kudzu over the past few years. Virtually untapped markets like China and India present an alluring growth opportunity for companies such as Moxian, Inc. (OTCQB: MOXC), which provides social marketing and promotion platforms designed to help merchants accelerate and advertise their business growth through social media.

China’s number of social network users is projected to eclipse 525 million by 2017, according to, up from just 176 million in 2009. Facebook – which is banned in China – for comparison purposes, has 1.23 billion monthly active users and is worth more than $300 billion. China is home to the world’s largest population with 1.4 billion, followed by India with 1.3 billion. The market for users and merchants looking to utilize an effective social media marketing campaign is limitless.

Moxian offers targeted advertising campaigns that enhance interaction between user and merchant by using consumer behavior data compiled from the company’s database of user activities. The company has two core products: Moxian+ User App and Moxian+ Business App. The Moxian+ User App is designed for consumers to collect loyalty points from issuing merchants; to play games; and to win universal MO-Coins, which can be used globally with any merchant in the Moxian eco-system. The Moxian+ User App also provides consumers a set of social networking features to set up a personalized multimedia profile; to look for friends, interest groups, clans and topics; and to share and chat with their social circles.

The Moxian+ Business App provides merchants with the tools needed to convert customers into members and fans; to issue loyalty points and redeem rewards; to respond to customer inquiries through instant messaging; to conduct targeted marketing campaigns to members of the Moxian community in the form of ads and games; to list products in a light weight online shop; and to process orders. The app also provides business reports and analytical insights for merchants.

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Giggles N’ Hugs (GIGL) Rolls out Red Carpet for Continuing Success in 2016


After a long and disastrous night out with their young children, Joey and Dorsa Parsi decided it was finally time to build a place where families can enjoy a nice meal together. Giggles N’ Hugs (OTCQB: GIGL), a children’s play center and restaurant, is a pioneer in the playspace and entertainment industry. This is the only restaurant of its kind that fuses organic food and play for kids.

The 6,000 square foot space includes a 2,000 square foot play area for children to play games and participate in exciting activities. Meanwhile, the restaurant offers healthy food options that parents will enjoy and feel comfortable offering their kids. Children can have nutritious macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, and pizza. The restaurant even sneaks in healthy vegetables like spinach and squash in these popular food items, so children can’t tell the difference. Adults also have a wide selection of entrees, including salads, paninis, and pasta.

Giggles N’ Hugs also provides hosting opportunities for families. Themed birthday parties are a huge hit with parents since the restaurant handles everything from set up to clean up. These parties can also be individualized to suit the needs and wants of the family. The restaurant even plans nightly entertainment, like magic shows, concerts, puppet shows, and more, to keep children engaged and the adults happy.

Despite opening its doors during a recession, Giggles N’ Hugs has grown exponentially since 2004. The company recently partnered with Chardon Capital, an investment bank, to help raise capital to further its expansion goals. Giggles N’ Hugs intends to raise $5 million through a 506c offering to help fund 2016’s growth initiatives, which include adding more locations. So far, Westfield Corp. (OTC: WEFIF), a leading mall landlord, has given the company access to its entire mall portfolio for future spaces, since Giggles N’ Hugs provides tremendous foot traffic within its current locations in California.

The company generates its revenue from admission fees, birthday parties, drop-off service, branded in-store and retail outlet merchandising, franchising, and licensing. The company also intends to offer branded items like clothing, lunch boxes, and school supplies for even more growth this year.

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The Debate Over Tax Policy

Debate over tax policy is an obviously crucial issue because it impacts everything from various government services like police and infrastructure and judicial system and military funding, to having a successful educational system, and so forth.

Between the two political parties, one area of debate which hasn’t really been brought to close scrutiny is corporate taxation. Republicans argue that America has the highest corporate tax rate at 39.1%, which is well above the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) average of 24.1%. Democrats point out that if you look at the effective tax rate, the largest corporations of the S&P 500 are paying effective tax rates well below that level and typically average out to around 15%.

Essentially, due to years of lobbying the politicians, corporate lawyers have continuously changed tax rules to lean in favor of the largest of corporations. Transnational corporations effectively manage a type of tax arbitrage, where profits are realized in subsidiaries headquartered in parts of the world where the taxes are the least, and losses are realized in subsidiaries which are located in regions where taxes are the highest. Usage of subsidiaries with addresses in countries that act as tax havens, like the Cayman Islands, Switzerland and Ireland, have become a common practice. As a result, revenue to the government from the S&P 500 companies has plummeted over the years as can be seen below:

Corporate Taxes as a Percentage of Federal Revenue
1955 . . . 27.3%
2010 . . . 8.9%

Corporate Taxes as a Percentage of GDP
1955 . . . 4.3%
2010 . . . 1.3%

Individual Income/Payrolls as a Percentage of Federal Revenue
1955 . . . 58.0%
2010 . . . 81.5%

Since 2014, the above figures have generally stayed precisely the same. In other words, as corporations paid less, an even greater burden has been placed on individuals. About 54 of the S&P 500 corporations paid no taxes at all, with the majority getting refunds. For example, from 2010 to 2014, General Electric (GE) made $33 billion in profits, but paid zero in income taxes, and actually received $1.4 billion in tax refunds over that same stretch of time.

One way companies have been cutting their taxes is by corporate inversion, in other words, moving their headquarters offshore to cut their taxes. There is a progressive solution which is given the complicated name of single sales factor apportioned corporate tax. This simply means that if a company has only X percentage of its sales in the United States of America, it only pays taxes on X percentage of its earnings. So if a corporation has a mere 30% of its sales in the United States, it only pays taxes on 30% of its earnings. This was proposed by economist Michael Udell of the District Economics Group. Unfortunately, lobbying groups for special interests manage to succeed in allowing this concept to even be brought before Congress.

Real estate investment trust (REIT) structures have an effective tax rate of close to 10%, and are typically publicly traded real estate management companies that pay-out 90% of their taxable income as a dividend to shareholders. Supposedly, 75% of the REIT’s assets are supposed to be real estate. Over the past decade, however, many corporations have switched to REIT structures to cut their tax obligations. For example, prison management companies like Correctional Corporations of America (CXW) and GEO Group Inc. (GEO), cell phone tower management company American Tower (AMT), document storage company Iron Mountain (IRM), and timber company Weyerhauser (WY) avoided taxes altogether using a REIT structure, and it appears that the railroads and power line management companies may adopt this structure as well.

Setting aside corporations, what about taxes on individuals? Franklin D. Roosevelt had a top tax bracket for the rich of 91%. Of course, that isn’t 91% of all income as our tax system is a graduated structure with brackets. In today’s dollars, every dollar made above something like $1.4 million was taxed at 91 cents at the dollar. This tax bracket was lowered to 70% under President Kennedy and then cut down to as low as 28% under Ronald Reagan, and since then has been raised. What do we have today? A top rate of 39.6% for every dollar made above $406,751, and the rich rarely ever pay that. Most of the rich don’t have a salary that can be taxed as income but earn their money from a portfolio of stocks and bonds.

Taxes on cash dividends used to be taxed as ordinary income; however, that tax has been cut so those dividends are now taxed at 15%. Taxes on corporate bonds are taxed at the ordinary income rate, but if you put the corporate bonds into a fund or a unit investment trust, and then have the bond’s interest payments payed out as dividends to unit holders of that trust, you effectively lower that rate to 15%. Municipal bonds are free of federal taxes and, depending on the bond, may be free of your own state tax as well. Sales from long-term capital gains – stocks held more than a year – are taxed as a rate of 15%. As a result, the rich in the top 1% typically end up paying at an effective tax rate of 15%, which is well below the middle class that typically ends up at a 35% tax bracket. This is why famed investor Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) pointed out that his tax rate was well below that of his own secretary.

As mentioned, in the 1980s, Reagan cut the top tax bracket down to 28%. To make up for the decrease in government revenue, Reagan raised the payroll tax 11 times, which amounted to the largest tax increase on the middle class in history. He is better remembered for his tax cuts, but those cuts only benefitted the richest in American society.

Bottom line, not only is the bulk of the government revenue now coming from individuals, a great deal more is now coming from the middle class than it was in the 1950s. So, we went from a system in which the bulk of the tax burden was on capital and far less on labor. Now we are in a system where labor is subsidizing capital.

One of the dominant economic theories is supply side economics, which suggest that greater economic growth is achieved if capital is not taxed and is freed up to invest in assets which encourage job growth and grow the economy. However, historical data counters that narrative. Through what is referred to as globalization, U.S. multinational corporations have been investing since the 1980s in assets offshore seeking cheaper labor costs to enhance profit. For those assets not invested, they are hoarded in savings in other countries to the point where over $2.1 trillion of the S&P 500’s free cash is held in offshore tax havens.

The United States exhibited its highest growth rate in the 1960s when the highest marginal tax rate was initially at levels of 90%, 77%, and 70% throughout that decade, and far higher corporate tax revenue was collected as well. When wealthy elites paid their fair share of taxes, the country benefitted, and both the public and private sectors worked in better balance. Now we appear to be in a system where there is a distribution of wealth from the bottom 90% up to the wealthiest Americans. As a result, the middle class is shrinking, and our infrastructure is poorly funded and falling to disrepair. Republicans continually advocate for flat taxes, which act as yet another tax cut for the rich and further increases the tax burden on the middle class and the poor. Putting in place a more progressive tax structure while eliminating loop holes would aid in growing the middle class, and re-invigorating economic growth.

CEL-SCI Corp. (CVM) Building Shareholder Value, Using Perseverance and the Body’s Immune System to Fight Cancer

CEL-SCI Corp.’s (NYSE MKT: CVM) body of work with the human immune system is one of perseverance and a passion for survival despite odds that would make the vast majority of biotech companies fold their tents and choose easier endeavors. Faced with trending downturns in the biotech sector, limited funding, and an arduous clinical trial process connected with the development of its investigational therapy for advanced primary head and neck cancer, the company’s mission is now well within sight. CVM’s lead investigational immunotherapy, Multikine® (Leukocyte Interleukin, Injection), has been tested in Phase I and II clinical trials, and is now enrolling patients for a global Phase III trial.

The inception of CVM’s journey began at the Max Planck Institute in Germany in the late 1970s and has been fueled with science and research supporting the theory that the immune system is inherently a cancer fighter. Company founder, Maximilian de Clara, believed strongly that the immune system is pivotal in fighting this disease, but he did not have the technology to transition his concept to product. Brushing off discouragement, Maximilian funded the early Multikine research at the Max Plank Institute in 1978, founded CEL-SCI around the idea of Multikine in 1983, and later took CVM public.

The company’s mission is to improve the treatment of cancer and other diseases by utilizing the immune system. CEL-SCI Corp. aims to create shareholder value by developing unique therapies that address medical needs that are commonly unmet. The company is dedicated to developing its therapies using a scientific and data-driven approach.

CVM’s undying spirit aims to be science-based and data driven – taking no shortcuts on its road to drug development. The company is steadfast in its ethics and integrity while being economical in its daily approach to creating shareholder value.

Multikine is the registered trademark under which CEL-SCI has its investigational therapy. The proprietary name is subject to FDA review in connection with additional, anticipated regulatory submission for approval measures. Multikine has not been licensed or approved for sale by the FDA or any other regulatory agency at this time and its safety or efficacy has not been established for any use. Further research is required, and early-phase clinical trial results must be confirmed in Phase III clinical trials, which are currently underway. CEL-SCI Corporation is headquartered in Vienna, Virginia.

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Oakridge Global Energy Solutions (OGES) Swims with the Tide in the Drone Market

On January 6, 2016, Oakridge Global Energy Solutions (OTCQB: OGES) announced it had signed a deal to supply its lithium-ion batteries, most likely its Patriot Series, to Maritime Tactical Systems, Inc. (MARTAC) for use in that company’s Man-Portable Tactical Autonomous System (MANTAS). This deal is a big deal for Oakridge, since the market potential of the MANTAS is huge.

MANTAS is an Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV), or water drone, that can be used to patrol waterways along the shore line and in the open sea. They range in size from 9 inches to 50 feet. As MARTAC gushes on its website: the potential for this technology is unlimited through the utilization of COTS based equipment. COTS, for commercial-off-the-shelf, is a U.S. Federal Acquisition Regulation term for goods and services that can be purchased under government contract. MANTAS has an auxiliary command and control system, known as The Tactical System Support Command and Control Remote (TASKER), which has been field-proven many times from thousands of miles away. TASKER is scalable from large integrated control centers to hand-held device control, such as smart phones and tablets, by individuals. MARTAC says its MANTAS drone can be controlled from a full room command center, a mobile command center, an Android smartphone, a tablet or even an Xbox and that it can reach 65 knots (about 75 miles per hour).

Maritime drones or water drones are the less glamorous cousins of aerial drones, but they have as many uses as their high-flying relations. A story on the Boeing Defense, Space & Security website announces SHARCs prowl off the coast of Hawaii. The SHARC, short for Sensor Hosting Autonomous Remote Craft, was a joint venture between Boeing and Liquid Robotics. SHARCs can be used for data collection, surveillance and acoustic monitoring. Again, maritime drones have been successfully employed by the Italian Navy to destroy underwater WWII explosives ( With the signing of the MARTAC contract, Oakridge hasn’t wasted any time getting its Patriot Series of batteries to customers. It was just October 2015, that the company announced ( ‘the production launch of its Patriot Series line of battery systems for radio controlled vehicles such as drones, multi-copters, aerial vehicles, water based vehicles and land based vehicles that require long lasting levels of power.’

As CEO, Steve Barber, said at that time, “This product line is geared toward those applications such as Drones and R/C vehicles that require a long-lasting power source, without the puffing and swelling, and poor lifecycles seen in many foreign manufactured batteries in this market segment. This is a very exciting product line and we are really pleased with the way that it underscores our mission statement of on-shoring jobs and manufacturing back to the USA by providing the market with another Made in the USA product instead of having to rely on imported products. And not only is the Patriot Series range of R/C batteries a tremendous set of much needed products that are being incredibly well received by the R/C market, it is also a really fun, rapidly growing market segment that can be enjoyed by all the family, and we are delighted to be playing a key role in improving everyone’s ability to enjoy their participation in it.”

The Oakridge Patriot Series product line is being released in 2,500mAh, 5,000mAh and 10,000mAh versions, with plans to release additional models in spring of 2016. These batteries have been tested for more than 600 charge / discharge cycles, which equates to more than 1.5 years of cycling every day.

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GTX Corp. (GTXO) Maintains Stronghold in Wearable GPS Solutions Market

GTX Corp. (OTC: GTXO) provides a variety of wearable monitoring and tracking solutions that use GPS, cellular, and BLE technology for the most accurate, up to date information. The company brought to the market a range of miniature, low-power consumption tracking devices that offer an online location platform for users to monitor people, pets, vehicles, and more. These GPS solutions are fully customizable to fit the needs of individuals and businesses alike.

Recently, GTX Corp.’s GPS SmartSole was awarded a 2015 New Product and Technology award by the Mature Market Resource Center. This center represents the senior market and introduced the first awards program that recognizes innovative products and services for older adults and their families. The SmartSole is a GPS-enabled device that slips into the shoes of anyone who could wander away when unsupervised. The device comes with over 20 user-friendly smartphone and tablet apps that help caregivers monitor their loved ones.

Another innovative tracking product designed by the company is the Take-Along Tracker, which is a mini quad-band device that can be used for the mobile workforce, family members, packages and more. The D battery-sized GTX VL2000 series provides complete GSM/GPRS communications that allow users to track and monitor anything from workforces to pets. Users can then access real-time tracking through the GTX Corp. Tracking Portal. Similarly, the Prime AT Lite device can be attached to bikes, backpacks, containers, vehicles and more while operating on the global GSM network. This device offers real time tracking, low-power consumption, an SOS button, and geofencing.

GTX Corp. aims to continue developing complete end-to-end solutions using GPS technology. The company has aligned itself with major strategic partners including Atlantic Footcare, Telic GMBH, TACA (Talk About Curing Autism), and SafeTracks GPS Canada. GTX Corp. has also been featured on CNN, ABC, CBS’s The Doctors, and many other popular media outlets.

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OurPet’s Company (OPCO) Fosters Bonds between Pets and Pet Owners

OurPet’s Company (OTCQX: OPCO) is tapping into the love that pet parents have for their beloved animal companions. The company specializes in providing feeding solutions for every dog, cat and home while making the pet-related waste management process a breeze.

Innovation inspires the product development efforts at OurPet’s. The company strives to develop one-of-a-kind products so that, unlike many of its competitors, it can offer products explicitly designed to nurture a healthy relationship between pets and their parents. Presently, most of the company’s products are patented and unmatched on the market.

OPCO’s unique product design process commences with an examination of the health, behavioral and lifestyle needs of pets and their parents. Once the company discovers innovative ways to fulfill these needs, it is able to offer impactful, problem-solving solutions to pet owners and highly-marketable products to retailers.

The company’s list of offerings features inventive toys that exercise a pet’s senses, as well as accessories, feeding and waste management solutions designed to stimulate a pet’s innate instincts.

OPCO’s operations are guided by thorough safety standards, developed using children’s product testing standards. In order to guarantee quality assurance, these principles are part of every product’s development and ongoing lifecycle. The company’s commitment to customer service is also noteworthy. Its customer service representatives, who assist customers via a toll-free number and e-mail address, cater to a broad set of needs, including general queries, product set-up and usage, and warranty and replacement questions.

OPCO’s business model has contributed significantly to its steady sales growth, but so have the markets in which it operates. In 2013, the pet products and services market was estimated at $71 billion, with forecasts calling for even more industry growth in the next few years. Considering this promise of future growth, OurPet’s seems well-placed for long-term success.

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Avant Diagnostics (AVDX): Battling Ovarian Cancer with Its Early Detection OvaDx Test

Ovarian cancer is a deadly disease and should be taken seriously. Early detection and monitoring of tumor development is the key to survival. If someone gets tested regularly and detects ovarian cancer early, their five-year survival rate can be as high as 93 percent, compared to a five-year survival rate of only 18 percent if detected in the later stages. Avant Diagnostics, Inc. (OTCQB: AVDX) is a medical diagnostic technology company that specializes in large panel biomarker screening. The company’s first test, OvaDx, is a sophisticated microarray-based test designed to detect pre-symptomatic ovarian cancer by measuring the activation of the immune system in blood samples in response to early stage ovarian tumor cell development.

According to the American Cancer Society, more than 21,300 women were diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year, ultimately leading to 14,200 deaths. With early detection, your chances obviously improve, as mentioned above, so making the OvaDx test part of your annual checkup should be a no-brainer. Considering the ramifications of just going with the flow and cutting corners on regular monitoring of tumor development during the treatment process, one would ascertain that constant observation of which drugs are working and how well they are working would be greatly beneficial to the patient.

The ovarian cancer diagnostic market, where Avant Diagnostics competes, is worth more than $2 billion. With innovative, necessary testing procedures like OvaDx, the company is positioned to become a major game changer upon FDA approval. Some of the major players engaged in personalized medicine and molecular diagnostics involving biomarkers are global microarray market leader Affymetrix (NASDAQ: AFFX), which was recently reported as having been acquired by competitor Thermo Fisher Scientific (NYSE: TMO) for approximately $1.3 billion.

The standard approach to ovarian cancer utilizes the combination of a platinum compound, such as Bristol-Myers Squibb’s (NYSE: BMY) Platinol (cisplatin) or Paraplatin (carboplatin), and a Taxane, such as Sanofi’s (NYSE: SNY) Taxotere (docetaxel) or Phyton Biotech’s Taxol (paclitaxel). However, for patients with platinum-resistant/refractory ovarian cancer, early detection is really the brass ring, even with such good news out recently as Merck (NYSE: MRK) and Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) receiving FDA approval for the first Phase III study of avelumab, an investigational, fully human PD-L1 (programmed death-ligand 1) inhibitor that could emerge as a treatment for platinum-resistant/refractory ovarian cancer.

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Alternet Systems, Inc (ALYI): Milestones on the Way to being the Leading Digital Commerce Solutions Provider in Global Markets

For Alternet Systems, Inc. (OTCQB: ALYI), the world is its oyster. The company’s mission is to provide innovative solutions that facilitate and expedite commerce by enhancing customer experience and improving efficiency. To do so, it has transformed itself into an accelerator of high growth, emerging companies in the digital currency, multi-channel payments and mobile and digital security fields.

Alternet plans to make strategic investments in three high-growth markets. These are payment technology, financial technology, and data analytics. It’s been building the relationships to get things done. As part of its plan to enter into arrangements with select digital currencies, it has, since February 2014, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Alternet Financial Services, become an Authority for ven. Ven is a digital currency used in Hub Culture, an elite by-invitation-only social network founded in 2002. Ven is unique as a digital currency since, unlike other crypto-currencies, its value is determined by a weighted basket of currencies, commodities and carbon futures trading against major currencies at floating exchange rates. Consequently, it is also the first digital currency to float and the first to include carbon in its pricing, making it the only environmentally-linked currency in existence. Ven in circulation is completely backed by the reserve assets of major currencies, commodities and carbon futures.

The company has also entered into a strategic joint venture that leverages its knowledge of crypto-currencies. It is partnering with the Swiss company, Biometry AG, to integrate Biometry’s BioME into its existing payment system’s anti-money laundering and anti-fraud aspects, according to a report ( by Biometric Update. The use of BioMe will replace Alternet’s previous use of passwords and PINs with dynamic facial and voice recognition elements in the ID system and so provide end to end security for digital currencies. Biometry’s patented secure payment applications will be fully integrated into Alternet’s line of digital currency services, which includes OneMarket’s Digital Asset Exchange and the Alternet Financial Services, Digital Bank initiatives.

Alternet has also signed a Letter of Intent with P2P Cash to launch the Digital Asset Exchange initiative under the OneMarket subsidiary, subject to approval of the license by the New York Department of Financial Services. Under this Letter of Intent, the company plans to launch a digital currency exchange, fully compliant with government regulations and foreign exchange capabilities. The company is actively pursuing and preparing to apply for a license with The New York Department of Financial Services to be allowed to receive, transmit, store, exchange, issue or convert virtual currency for customers.

Alternet has also entered into a strategic channel partner agreement with BitPay – the world leader in business solutions for the Bitcoin digital currency. In October 2014, the company completed a formal agreement with Wildcard Consulting Inc. to launch the first U.S.-based Bitcoin debit card.

Alternet is being led to these milestones by Henryk Dabrowski, chairman and chief executive officer of Alternet Systems, Inc. Dabrowski has 25+ years’ experience in creating, leading and successfully harvesting information technology and telecom ventures on a global basis. Over the last 10 years, he has been actively investing in both public and privately held companies. He has extensive experience in emerging financial transactions platforms, including mobile wallets, convergent payments schemes, network file systems (NFS), stored value and prepaid services. From October 2009 to March 2014, Dabrowski was the chairman and CEO of Utiba Americas, a leading developer of mobile financial services software solutions, which, through his efforts, reached 66% market share in the Americas. Under his leadership, Utiba Americas, successfully engaged projects with America Movil, Digicel Group, Tigo, Citibank and several other banks and Mobile Network Operators. Utiba Americas was successfully and profitably sold to Amdocs (NASDAQ: DOX) in March 2014. Before that, Dabrowski was CEO of a joint venture with the Chinese firm Tianjin Contactless Payment Systems (TCPS), which provided multiple NFS prepaid fare collections systems for the transportation industry in the Americas.

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OurPet’s Company (OPCO) Featured in The Bowser Report Daily Mover Alert

January 28, 2016

OurPet’s Company (OTCQX: OPCO) led all companies covered by The Bowser Report on Wednesday when its price per share surged by more than 10 percent. Bowser readers are likely already familiar with OPCO, as the company was featured in the publication’s November issue as its ‘Company of the Month’. In fact, OPCO has been recommended multiple times by Bowser’s panel of investment experts dating all the way back to May 2007.

In yesterday’s Daily Mover Alert, Thomas Rice, editor of The Bowser Report, detailed the specifics of OPCO’s big day by giving his opinion on the company as an option for prospective investors. His take was as follows:

Typical volatility from OPCO, but in a good direction this time. OPCO hit a high of $1 after we recommended the company in November 2015 at $0.90. Since, it has traded closer to $0.80 per share.

OCPO is currently in Category 1 with a Bowser Rating of 10. This is one to purchase if you’re looking to expand your portfolio. The price is right, and the company is doing well fundamentally.

OPCO may have some resistance moving up because of its low investor interest, but if investors take note of its steady growth, this stock could soar. In the meantime, if you have a position or enter a position, stick to the Game Plan!

OPCO’s strong performance in the rapidly expanding pet industry makes it an intriguing investment option moving forward. In 2013, the pet products and services market was valued at $71.3 billion, and additional industry growth is forecast for the coming years. OPCO is in a favorable strategic position to capitalize on this market performance through the use of its proven, two-pronged branding strategy, which includes the OurPets® brand for the pet specialty channel and the PetZone® brand for the food, drug and mass retail channel.

Over the past four years, OPCO has successfully leveraged this defined branding strategy, along with its extensive intellectual property portfolio, to record a 20.8 percent increase in sales while securing placements in nationwide retailers such as Walmart (NYSE: WMT), PetSmart, Petco and Kroger (NYSE: KR). Similarly, the company’s earnings have skyrocketed from $120,674 to $1.1 million since 2011.

The Bowser Report has been covering the most intriguing mini-priced stocks for just under 40 years. Utilizing a proprietary rating system and investing game plan, the report highlights the most promising stocks for long-term investment. Since 1976, The Bowser Report’s effectiveness has attracted tens of thousands of investors to the subscription-only newsletter.

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Diamond-Centered Alliance Supplements Britannia Mining, Inc.’s (BMIN) Vision for 2016

Britannia Mining (OTC: BMIN), a natural resources development company focused on consolidating and trading a wide range of mineral commodities, this morning announced its partnership with Everledger Ltd. The alliance is of significance to Britannia’s vision for 2016, enabling the company to execute its growth strategy, address industry challenges by reducing risks, and add greater transparency in diamond procurement.

UK-based Everledger provides an immutable ledger for diamond certification and transaction verification in order to efficiently track the origin of diamonds. The company stores its ledger on the Blockchain, which was identified at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos as one of the fundamental elements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

For Britannia, this proprietary technology has the potential to incorporate tracking rough diamonds and possibly other high value minerals and metals from mine pit/shaft through to end-buyer.

“Our goal is to position the company to leverage the best practices for our downstream sales business. This year we plan to incorporate innovative and proven technologies to address some of the obstacles we have seen impede mineral commodity trading, such as slow inefficient paper based systems, risk, theft and fraud. We believe that this collaboration with Everledger presents the best opportunity for us to embrace state-of-the art digital solutions to reduce risk and improve the execution of trading deals,” Britannia CEO Kenneth Roberts stated in the news release.

Roberts provided more explanation of Britannia’s outlook for the upcoming year, indicating Everledger’s role in this plan.

“At the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, our vision is global and it is focused on addressing trading bottlenecks that are systemic. We anticipate announcing new major initiatives supporting this vision as this year progresses,” he said. “Managing risk lies at the heart of trading high value precious gems and metals. Digitization at source could go a long way to add value to due diligence, fraud detection, custody settlement and title transfer mechanisms. Last year we demonstrated that we can source quality products. This year, our focus is on adding an additional layer of transaction security to augment our offering and potentially speed up deal closing procedures.”

Roberts further outlines the company’s vision in an interview with Europe and Middle East Outlook Magazine ( scheduled for release January 29, 2016.

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International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO) Teaming with Leading Brain Research Center to Advance Development of Powerful Stem Cell Technology

International Stem Cell Corporation (OTCQB: ISCO) is the company behind a powerful new stem cell technology called parthenogenesis, which promises to significantly advance the field of regenerative medicine by addressing the problem of immune-rejection. Derived from unfertilized eggs, the company’s human parthenogenetic stem cells (hPSCs) are pluripotent, meaning that they have the potential to become virtually any cell in the human body.

The first pluripotent stem cells to be studied for the purposes of regenerative medicine were embryonic stem cells (ESCs), which were taken from donated human embryos. While these cells could offer considerable healing potential, they also present a number of ethical concerns, because their production involves the destruction of a human embryo. ISCO’s hPSCs avoid these ethical issues while retaining many of the inherent advantages of ESCs.

One of the key factors limiting the advancement of regenerative medicine in the past has been the issue of immune-rejection. ESCs, much like transplanted organs, come with a high probability of rejection. This means that, after injection, the host’s immune system attacks the stem cells in an effort to prevent infection. When unfertilized human eggs undergo parthenogenesis, however, they inherit a duplicate set of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) genes, which greatly decrease the risk of immune-rejection. According to the company’s preclinical data, a relatively small number of hPSCs could be sufficient to provide ‘immune matched’ cells to a large percentage of the global population.

ISCO’s developmental pipeline includes a collection of hPSC-based treatments targeting severe diseases of the central nervous system, the liver and the eye. The company’s most advanced product candidate is for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, which affects an estimated 10 million people worldwide and as many as one million in the United States alone. In preclinical studies, rodent and non-human primate subjects have shown measurable improvement in Parkinson’s disease symptoms and an increase in brain dopamine levels following the intracranial administration of hPSCs.

Last month, ISCO announced that it had entered into a master clinical research agreement with the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health of Australia, one of the world’s leading brain research centers, to conduct a phase I/IIa clinical trial of hPSCs in Parkinson’s disease patients. Under the terms of this agreement, ISCO will work with the Florey to conduct these studies at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

“We recently received authorization to initiate Phase I/IIa and now we are moving forward toward formal engagement of the clinical site to conduct this study,” Russell Kern, PhD, executive vice president and chief scientific officer at ISCO, stated in a news release. “We expect to enroll all patients into the clinical trial in Q1 2016 and provide interim results in October 2016.”

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A Check on Content Checked Holdings, Inc. (CNCK) shows a Company with Momentum

Content Checked Holdings, Inc (OTCQB: CNCK) is a young company in a hurry. Founded in July 2013 by Kris Finstad, the company, according to SEC filings, had no revenues for the 6-month period ending September 30, 2014. One year later, for the comparable 6-month period to September 30, 2015, revenues of $657,850 flowed into the company’s coffers. Finstad and his team at Content Checked have not been sitting on their hands. Those hands have been busy creating and developing a family of mobile apps for those with special dietary needs or who suffer from food allergies.

The company’s first app, ContentChecked, is a smartphone application designed for use by those who suffer from food allergies and intolerances. The app allows its user to scan a product’s bar code and determine if it is safe for consumption. Other features include an expansive menu and recipe database with directions and ideas on food preparation for avoiding allergic reactions. ContentChecked also features a database of allergens and food ingredients that indicate any relationship between the two. Currently, that database has information on more than 400,000 products in the United States, and it’s constantly being expanded. ContentChecked doesn’t only help shoppers. The platform provides a way for food manufacturers and distributors to better inform their markets, where it matters most, at point-of-sale.

Subsequently, the company put out two more apps: MigraineChecked and SugarChecked. MigraineChecked is good news for the 38 million Americans who suffer from migraine and chronic headaches. With SugarChecked, you can scan the barcodes of grocery store products and determine the kind of sugars contained within. SugarChecked identifies four main types of sugars that consumers can avoid, including added sugars, artificial sweeteners, natural low-calorie sweeteners and sugar alcohols. The app is an easy shopping tool for consumers trying to decipher often-misleading food labels and receive recommendations for healthier alternative products in real time as they shop. It’s been estimated ( that, in the U.S., there are about 15 million people who suffer from food allergies. It’s a potentially fatal malaise, particularly in children (1 in 13 of whom is affected). According to a study released in 2013 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), food allergies among children increased approximately 50 percent between 1997 and 2011. The economic cost of children’s food allergies is nearly $25 billion per year.

Together ContentChecked, MigraineChecked and SugarChecked have had over 2 million downloads, and 66 percent of users are active at least five times a week. These apps were initially meant for those who suffer from allergies and other dietary restrictions, but they’re catching on as the nation grows more health conscious. Last year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in a study entitled Changes in Eating Patterns and Diet Quality among Working-Age Adults, 2005-2010 reported that ‘American adults are eating better, making better use of available nutrition information… consuming fewer calories coming from fat and saturated fat, consuming less cholesterol and eating more fiber…’

The ContentChecked suite of apps has been talked about in Forbes, USA Today and the Los Angeles Business Journal. It’s been seen on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. Word is certainly getting around. CEO Kris Finstad is confident about the future: “We believe that the iOS (Apple) and Android platforms are moving in the direction of subscription-based applications. To capitalize on this trend and stay ahead of our competition, we are making our core apps free, and are also offering users subscription-based versions of our apps that will provide access to additional desired features. With the re-launch and re-brand of Content Checked’s products, anticipated to take place in March 2016, we will introduce a new subscription based service for the Content Checked line of products, in addition to offering an updated and improved experience for core (free) users.” We look forward to that.

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Immune Therapeutics, Inc. (IMUN) and Partner Organizations at Major Milestone with Lodonal™ as HIV Treatment

The world’s countries differ in countless ways, but are similar in that they shoulder the task of protecting the health of their citizens. While the biggest health threats faced by emerging nations are communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, these nations are also documenting rises in non-communicable disease such as cancer, diabetes and inflammatory disease. If drugs are available, many are hinged with high cost, complex administration and storage, significant side effects, or other challenges that prevent mass usage.

With decades of research behind it, naltrexone, or Lodonal™ as it is known internationally, is gaining global traction as a non-toxic, affordable and easy-to-administer therapy for both communicable and non-communicable diseases.

The U.S. FDA approved naltrexone 50 mg for the management of alcohol and opioid dependence in 1984; since then, many doctors in the United States have also prescribed low-dose naltrexone (LDN) to treat a number of indications, including multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease, HIV/AIDS, cancer and other autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. While the mechanism of naltrexone in autoimmune diseases and cancer is still being researched, researchers have theories as to why LDN works on autoimmune diseases, cancer and inflammatory diseases.

In short, Lodonal/LDN helps the body heal itself by increasing the levels of endorphins (peptides produced in the brain and adrenal glands), which serve as powerful modulators of the body’s immune system. Lodonal attaches to opioid receptors in the brain and immune cells, temporarily blocking endorphins signals and causing the body to increase endorphin production. This boost of endorphin production helps facilitate the activity of stem cells, macrophages, natural killer cells, T and B cells and other immune cells. Lodonal also prevents immune system over activity, the crux of autoimmune disorders, and blunts the release of inflammatory and neurotoxic chemicals in the brain.

So how effective is LDN in such a wide range of indications? That’s what Orlando, Florida-based Immune Therapeutics, Inc. (OTCQB: IMUN) aims to find out. Immune Therapeutics has built a technology platform using patented immunotherapy to combat chronic, life-threatening diseases by activating and modulating the body’s immune system to enhance treatment.

The company’s most advanced clinical programs involve immunotherapy with met-enkephalin (MENK) and LDN, the latter of which the company is pursuing in additional investigations as a viable treatment for autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and MS; as an adjunct in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiation treatments or surgery; and as a complement to antibiotics in the treatment of a variety of infectious diseases, including patients with HIV/AIDS, in combination with retroviral drug therapy.

In collaboration with AHAR Pharma and GB Pharma Holdings, Immune Therapeutics recently completed a bridging trial comprised of HIV-positive patients to confirm the safety and efficacy of Lodonal. Resulting data was submitted to Nigeria’s National Agency for Food and Drug Administration Control (NAFDAC) in connection with approval of Lodonal as an immune booster to improve health of those affected by HIV-positive status and others with compromised immune systems.

This milestone is of particular importance in sub-Sharan Africa, where an estimated 24.7 million people – 71% of the global total – live with HIV. Ten countries account for 81% of all people living with HIV in the region, and 50% of those live in Nigeria and South Africa. Additionally, Immune Therapeutics reports that 80% of people who do not have access to HIV treatment are in Nigeria, which adds weight to the fact that Lodonal can provide non-toxic stand alone or adjunct treatment for less than $0.90 a day.

For more information on the specifics of the trial, visit

In a news release announcing the completion, Dr. Nicholas Plotnikoff, Immune Therapeutics’ non-executive chairman, said, “We are excited about achieving this major milestone in collaboration with our partner organizations AHAR Pharma and GB Pharma Holdings. The shortened time frame of the Lodonal™ submission was facilitated by professionalism and thoroughness from NAFDAC. We look forward to continued cooperation with NAFDAC in the review of Lodonal™ in the hope of making a general immune booster and adjunct treatment for HIV+ patients.”

As part of this process, Immune Therapeutics in August 2015 signed a Letter of Intent with leading Nigerian pharmaceutical company Fidson Healthcare PLC for exclusive distribution rights in Nigeria and expects to finalize the agreement upon final NAFDAC approval for Lodonal.

HIV/AIDS remains one of three global public health threats, and, standing at the brink and waiting for NAFDAC approval for something with incredible potential to address this health concern, Immune Therapeutics continues to advance its pipeline for oncology and immunology – with LDN in phase 3 studies for MS, Chron’s UC and fibromyalgia and phase 2 studies for advanced cancers and HIV.

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Alternet Systems, Inc. (ALYI) Announces Launch of Data Analytics Division

Earlier today, Alternet Systems, Inc. (OTCQB: ALYI) announced the launch of its Data Analytics Division, expanding upon the company’s portfolio of existing digital commerce technologies. Through this new division, Alternet will look to continue building upon its successful history of developing and commercializing innovative digital commerce technologies while broadening its focus into the burgeoning Big Data analytics sector.

“We quietly started the expansion last year after the successful sale of our mobile wallet solution,” Henryk Dabrowski, chief executive officer of Alternet, stated in the news release. “We anticipate our new Data Analytics Division to build upon the revenue base we established in 2015 from our digital commerce operations throughout the course of 2016.”

Alternet’s new Analytics-as-a-Service solutions will enable its clients to better understand consumer trends and improve their marketing initiatives. The company is already deploying cloud-based solutions addressing micro-segmentation and predictive analytics, including intuitive visualization tools and marketing automation. When used effectively, these solutions provide enhanced audience monetization by offering valuable audience insight that can be translated into market opportunities and automated sales and marketing responses.

The company’s cloud-based solutions also provide channel optimization through micro-segmentation analysis, allowing business owners to optimize their product and content listings while promoting growth through both physical and digital channels.

Following the launch of its Data Analytics Division, Alternet has established a presence in one of the world’s fastest-growing business sectors. According to the International Data Corporation, the Big Data technology and services market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 26.4 percent through 2018, roughly six times the growth rate of the overall information technology market.

Alternet continues to develop and commercialize a growing portfolio of digital commerce technologies in high-growth markets that address the expanding global dependence on technological conveniences and advances. As the company implements innovative solutions to the Big Data market, look for Alternet’s experienced management team to play a key role in promoting sustainable financial growth, building on its successful track record of developing and commercializing digital commerce technologies for both the United States and Latin American markets.

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GTX Corp. (GTXO) Expands GPS SmartSole™ Distribution into Latin America

Earlier today, GTX Corp. (OTC: GTXO), a global provider of GPS wearable technology, announced an agreement with Imexpalcom CIA Ltd. that will expand its distribution network into Central and South America. Imexpalcom is headquartered in Quito, Ecuador, and currently supports customers in both Ecuador and Colombia. It plans to expand into other countries in South America – including Peru and Bolivia – later this year.

“We are very excited to be launching this highly innovative product to the Ecuadorian and Colombian markets, finally we found the best solution for our market needs related to personal security,” Joffre Palacios, managing director of Imexpalcom, stated in the news release.

GTX Corp. has already shipped the first commercial order of its innovative GPS SmartSole™ to Imexpalcom, and additional shipments are scheduled to go out in the coming weeks. By pursuing and securing international expansion and partnerships in Latin America, the company is strategically positioning itself to promote considerable financial growth moving forward. GTX Corp.’s growing list of distributors already includes distribution partners across most of Europe.

“As we continue to expand our international business, we are extremely pleased to add Imexpalcom to our growing list of distributors and now with distribution partners across most of Europe, we are starting to focus a little more in Central and South America,” Andrew Duncan, director of business development for GTX Corp., stated in the release.

The company’s patented GPS SmartSole offers the benefits of advanced wearable tracking technology while eliminating the stigma commonly associated with these devices by placing the monitoring solution out of sight in the wearer’s shoe. In recent months, this groundbreaking approach to the needs of individuals with cognitive conditions that cause them to wander has been featured in AARP’s 2015 technology gear guide and in the 2015 New Product & Technology Awards, which recognize the most innovative products for older adults and their families.

Currently, more than 100 million people require oversight due to various forms of memory impairment, and it’s estimated that 60 percent of those individuals will become lost at least once. For people in danger of wandering and becoming lost due to Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, autism or traumatic brain injury, GTX Corp.’s wearable technology products and tracking devices can provide peace of mind and, in many cases, save lives.

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Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc. (LQMT) Leverages IP, Partnerships and Sales as Catalysts for Strong 2016

Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc. (OTC: LQMT) is the leading developer of amorphous alloys – unique materials capable of retaining a random structure when they solidify, in contrast to the crystalline atomic structure that forms in ordinary metals and alloys. As the first company to produce amorphous alloys in commercially viable bulk form, Liquidmetal has developed an explicit strategy for advancing the commercial adoption of its technologies. The basis for this strategy is a strong intellectual portfolio, valuable partnerships and a strong sales team.

More than double the strength of titanium, highly elastic, non-magnetic and resistant to corrosion, Liquidmetal alloys are a metallic glass that enable applications to achieve unprecedented performance and accuracy levels, making them ideal for medical, military, consumer, industrial and sporting goods products.

Liquidmetal has control of intellectual property rights for this technology with more than 70 U.S. patents – and the applications within this IP portfolio continue to expand. The company recently received an annual purchase order from CoNextions to produce a critical medical device component to be used for suture-based tendon repairs, and, in December, Liquidmetal began selling its Liquidmetal Hybrid Knife, which embodies a geometry that is impractical to produce with any other metal forming process.

“The ability of the Liquidmetal process technology to provide such a high level of part to part dimensional precision and repeatability is showcased by the precise fit of the knife blade and protector,” Paul Hauck, vice president of World-Wide Sales and Marketing, stated in a news release. “After more than 30 years of involvement with metal parts fabrication technologies, I have not witnessed anything like the precision of this molding technology…”

Liquidmetal manufactures its components through a network of Certified Liquidmetal Partners (CLP) comprised of leading alloy material suppliers, machine & mold manufacturers, government agencies, and commercial companies. This structure ensures that each CLP adheres to rigorous testing and certification requirements and means each customer who purchases Liquidmetal parts and services receives a consistently high quality.

The company also maintains the highest standards for itself and kicked off 2016 with news it has received its formal ISO 9001: 2008 certification, which the company says places it in a position to close the gap between early prototypes and high volume dual source to outsourced production.

Liquidmetal reported $42,000 in revenues for third-quarter 2015, down from $97,000 in the comparable quarter of 2014, but marking the fifth consecutive quarter with a significant sequential increase in the number of request for quotes (RFQs).

“In the third quarter of FY15 we again received over 100 RFQs and again achieved an all-time high. Just as significant about 25% of these RFQs came from Europe. RFQs are the lifeblood of our future and this significant quarter-over-quarter increase along with their ever-improving quality gives us substantial reason for optimism as we look towards 2016,” company CEO Tom Steipp stated in the third-quarter earnings call (

As Liquidmetals prepares to ramp-up production and shipment revenues in the upcoming year, customer education and confidence will play a vital role in its success. For this, Liquidmetals has a strong sales and marketing team.

“During the past 18 months, we’ve worked hard to assemble an internal and external team of sales and marketing professionals … The total team at Liquidmetal is now processing more than 100 RFQs per quarter and more than 200 general technology inquiries … The increasing number and quality of RFQs is a clear reflection of their significant contribution to educating customers on the design principals and material property benefits that come from our technology…,” Hauck stated in the quarterly earnings call.

After hitting several key milestones in 2015, Steipp says the company has built a solid foundation for the beginning and increase of production revenue in the year ahead.

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XLI Technologies, Inc. (XLIT) Nanotech Printed LightSheets Offer Durable, Efficient, Versatile Lighting Solution for Numerous Sectors

January 27, 2016

The promise of nanotechnology and our growing ability to manufacture new products at the nanoscale continue to make their presence felt in the commercial environment, with innovative solutions cropping up across numerous industries as diverse as biomedicine and lighting. Whether we are talking about revolutionary developments such as nanoviricides that could be the virus-fighting smartweapons of the future, or more efficient and easier to place industrial/consumer grade lighting for our homes and workplaces, the sky is the limit when it comes to the emerging applications of nanoscale manufacturing.

One of the publicly-traded companies at the forefront of this space today is XLI Technologies (OTC: XLIT), which has exclusive licensing rights for the entertainment industry (as well as specific automotive applications) when it comes to distribution of the proprietary nanotech Printed LightSheets™ powered by Cru Global Innovations ( and manufactured by New Jersey-based Triton Solar ( Currently the only global supplier to offer high quality, highly efficient printed solar cells, lighting, and batteries, Triton Solar, with its specialized nanotechnology manufacturing capabilities, has opened a huge door for XLIT in the entertainment and automotive sectors, thanks to the unique characteristics of Printed LightSheets.

The nanotech manufacturing of these beauties allows them to bend, be folded, or even cut without disrupting their primary function, making the Printed LightSheets (which come with their own transformer to provide power) ideal for a variety of lighting roles that hitherto were essentially impossible. The primary focus for XLI Technologies thus far has been the movie business, where the company is providing cutting-edge solutions in advertising and promotions aimed at the theatres, such as backlit poster and display stand lighting, as well as the motion picture production end of the business, where it is offering studios, distribution companies, and advertisers similar options, using its full range of standard display sizes, such as mini billboard (48″ by 96″), backlit (27″ by 40″), versatile (24″ by 36″), placement (22″ by 28″), and spot (18″ by 24″).

Lighting up prominent display surfaces of all kinds and shapes that hitherto could not be used to draw the consumer’s eye with advertising, such as benches, garbage cans, or even the floor, is a potential brand presence goldmine, and XLIT is selling the picks and shovels. The idea of putting backlit movie posters on the walls is now a time-honored tradition in most theatres, but XLIT has given theatre operators a way to cheaply and easily put the same displays right on the floor ( via a simple, but robust setup, helping to illuminate walkways and also captivate audiences at the same time with a unique display that pedestrians will marvel at. This same powerful lighting technology can be used to more easily and efficiently provide illumination for traditional wall displays or to bring attention to display stands that feature film iconography.

This is a gigantic market, which pulled down a $10.8 billion 2015 domestic gross (according to Box Office Mojo), up 3.7 percent from the MPAA’s official 2014 figure of $10.4 billion. MPAA figures for 2014 put the global box office take at around $36.4 billion on a hearty increase from China, which was up 34 percent year-over-year to become the first international market to exceed $4 billion in box office draws. This should give investors a clear picture of the global market potential for such lighting solutions, and the North American market where XLI Technologies is currently focused is particularly notable due to the vast majority of screens being tied to just the top four sector operators – Regal Entertainment Group (NYSE: RGC), AMC Entertainment (NYSE: AMC), Cinemark (NYSE: CNK), and Carmike Cinemas (NASDAQ: CKEC).

One need look no further than hot properties such as Disney’s (NYSE: DIS) Star Wars: The Force Awakens, to understand the market potential for XLIT. This single film currently has a domestic gross of over $880 million (as of January 25) and has done another $1.06 billion in the international market, making it one of the highest grossing films of all time, with just under $2 billion in global box office receipts.

The company’s recent debut of a turnkey advertising revenue program for theatres using the 24″ by 36″ Printed LightSheet, where XLIT sets up advertising sales for every placement sold, is an enticing draw for theatre companies, and one which should bring in many new clients for the company, as it generates significant recurring revenue without additional costs, while also promoting additional advertising sales. This program makes it easy for the theatre companies to adopt Printed LightSheet technology by offsetting capital outlays on the hardware and leading to profitability within the first three weeks of rollout. The program is similarly beneficial to XLIT, of course, yielding commissions and margins from the ad positioning opportunities the company creates in the process.

The unique value proposition of Printed LightSheet technology represents a significant efficiency upgrade as well when compared to existing solutions, efficiency that was recently documented by an independent third party entertainment and event production company, which specializes in supplying state-of-the-art lighting technologies to the industry. The independent test findings were even better than initially expected by XLIT and confirmed that not only do the units output roughly 800 lumens for 0.0625 Watts per square foot, they offer 100 percent light coverage with color temperatures of 4000K and 5800K, making them ideal for a variety of uses, from indoor or outdoor advertising, to displays, and reading.

In additional movie business news, XLIT’s wholly-owned Bosch International subsidiary recently secured a key marketing rights agreement with in-theatre video advertising platform TrailerSpots, which produces 30-second “Directed Imagination“ spots ( that can be run in any theatre and which play just after the commercials and before the theatrical trailers. Using all of the same in-theatre audio and video enhancements (including 3D) as the theatrical presentation, and presented in the same format and quality as the trailers, these highly engaging spots can be produced in-house by Bosch Technologies or utilize existing content. Since this timeslot is essentially universal across all theatres in North America and is typically used by the theatre company to plug their own brand or orient audiences to commonsense film-watching protocols, such as shutting off cell phones, there is a huge advertising opportunity here for XLIT. This is an opportunity which the studios’ marketing people should be clamoring for, as they won’t even have to pull the unique TrailerSpots when the film actually comes out.

Because Printed LightSheets can be cut and bent into almost any shape imaginable and are thus perfect for creating applied/embedded surface lighting in the automotive sector, XLIT is also emphasizing this sizable market moving forward. With offerings that range from exterior surface lighting like hood wraps and quarter-panel lighting, to customized advertisements and promotions like a company logo made out of Printed LightSheets, XLIT is in the pole position when it comes to making big waves in the automotive industry. These same products can be used for interior lighting as well, giving automotive manufacturers and aftermarket retailers the ability to create eye-popping illuminated headliners, as well as seats, floormats, interior door panels, and even custom displays.

Given the versatility of Printed LightSheets – which can be used in almost any configuration or shape, from 1” by 1” panels up to 800 square foot units, as well as their incredible durability in almost any weather condition thanks to the nanomanufacturing process – XLIT has another big opportunity in customized applications. From light-up benches in an industrial park or corporate compound, to backlit walls and interiors in the airline industry, there is a massive/untapped custom market for Printed LightSheets in addition to the core target markets of the film and automotive industries. A customized application market delimited only by the end-user’s imagination.

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Cherubim Interests (CHIT) Diversifying its Business with Texas Real Estate and the Cannabis Industry

Being multifaceted and easily adaptable to a constantly changing business dynamic in the U.S. is essential for companies to stand the test of time. A diversified company that is taking advantage of the opportunities present in multiple industries with its business model is Cherubim Interests, Inc. (OTC: CHIT). The company targets alternative, commercial, single and multifamily dwellings for the purpose of investment purchase. Also, through its BudCube Cultivation Systems USA subsidiary, Cherubim Interests has developed a proprietary controlled environment cultivation technology aimed at helping cultivators of legal medical and recreational cannabis, as well as other plant species, meet rising market demand.

Coupled with the real estate development and property management business model of parent company Cherubim Interests, BudCube is able to offer prospective cultivators quick entry into the rapidly expanding cannabis cultivation market at a price point that is extremely attractive when compared to traditional construction solutions.

Legal marijuana is the fastest-growing industry in the U.S., and if the trend toward legalization spreads to all 50 states, marijuana could become larger than the organic food industry, according to a report obtained by The Huffington Post. Researchers from The ArcView Group, a cannabis industry investment and research firm based in Oakland, California, found that the U.S. market for legal cannabis grew 74 percent in 2014 to $2.7 billion, up from $1.5 billion in 2013, and it is projected to be $37 billion after full legalization.

BudCube’s business model is unparalleled in the cultivation industry. Cherubim Interests will own and develop each property, while BudCube will construct, deploy and lease turnkey cultivation systems to tenants. The company plans to offer both single tenant ‘macro’ solutions and multi-tenant ‘micro’ solutions to meet the unique needs of both established and upstart cultivation operations.

Also, Cherubim Interests recently announced its acquisition of Golden Eagle Roofing, LLC. This acquisition allows the company to immediately engage in the roofing and insurance restoration businesses in Rowlett and Garland, Texas, and the surrounding areas, where an EF-4 tornado destroyed and damaged more than 450 buildings in 2015.

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Lingo Media Corporation (LMDCF) (LM:CA) to Present at the World Outlook Financial Conference 2016 in Vancouver

Earlier this week, Lingo Media Corporation (OTCQB: LMDCF) (TSX-V: LM), an EdTech company using innovative online and print-based technologies and solutions to change the way the world learns English, announced that it will be presenting at the upcoming World Outlook Financial Conference 2016, which will be held January 29-30 at the Westin Bayshore Hotel in Vancouver. The company will also host a booth at the conference in order to provide attendees with an opportunity to meet and speak with the Lingo management team.

The World Outlook Financial Conference is sponsored by MoneyTalks, a popular radio show hosted by Michael Campbell. For over three decades, MoneyTalks has been offering unique and valuable insight to Canadian investors, and the show currently boasts more than half a million weekly listeners. The conference is expected to be attended by hundreds of pre-qualified, high net worth investors and active market participants looking to meet with exhibitors. Lingo will have an additional opportunity to reach these investors as one of four top-performing companies invited to make presentations at the conference’s VIP Small-Cap Luncheon.

In recent quarters, Lingo has recorded strong financial growth on the back of an aggressive expansion campaign throughout Latin America. During the quarter ended September 30, 2015, the company achieved its fourth consecutive profitable quarter, along with a 441 percent year-over-year increase in total revenue. This growth is particularly noteworthy, because it was derived primarily from Lingo’s rapidly expanding digital-learning software division. The company’s legacy textbook publishing income, which stems from exclusive agreements with key government and industry partners in China’s expansive education market, is recorded seasonally, in Q2 and Q4, as royalty revenues.

Moving forward, Lingo plans to build on its recent progress by expanding its presence throughout Latin America while actively pursuing opportunities in other regions around the globe. This strategy is expected to play a key role in the company’s efforts to continue promoting sustainable returns in the months to come.

“While Latin America remains our initial market focus, demand is emerging from other regions,” Michael Kraft, president and chief executive officer of Lingo, stated in a news release. “The company is pursuing strategic partnerships for global distribution as part of its plan as the EdTech market for English language learning continues to grow worldwide.”

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Track the Latest Stock Picks Every Day via The QualityStocks Daily

With all of the stock picks and recommendations available today, selecting and deciding on the right stocks can be tedious and time consuming. At QualityStocks, we collate hundreds of investment newsletters into The ONE and ONLY “The QualityStocks Daily”, featuring a summary format in which you can view the latest stock picks.

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The Bowser Report – Daily Mover Alert January 26

Wednesday, The Bowser Report issued a daily mover alert on Where Food Comes From (WFCF), which gained more than 10% for the day.

WFCF has been on a downtrend lately, as earnings have remained inconsistent despite continued revenue growth. Today’s move is a bounce after WFCF dropped $0.20 per share yesterday.

Avoid WFCF unless you already have a position, although you may keep it on your watch list. WFCF has a Bowser Rating of 7, pitting it in Category 3 and making it “un-buyable” (must be 8 or higher to consider buyable using the Bowser Game Plan).

Those with shares of WFCF continue following the Game Plan. Earnings are expected in the third week of February.

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CEO Rik J. Deitsch reveals Nutra Pharma Corporation’s (NPHC) Value in Interview

January 26, 2016

In a recent interview ( with Stock News Now, the CEO of Nutra Pharma Corporation (OTCQB: NPHC), Rik J. Deitsch, talked about his company’s potential and the value locked in its chest of intellectual property rights. He said that, first and foremost, Nutra Pharma is a bio-technology company, with 21 patents on treatments for myasthenia gravis (MG), juvenile multiple sclerosis (MS), adrenomyeloneuropathy (AMN), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and pain. Being a bio-tech company is the “blood… the genetics of the company,” he enthused. As he had explained ( earlier, “Instead of looking at us as a biotech with, potentially, multibillion-dollar drugs in the pipeline, analysts are seeing us as a company that sells OTC homeopathic drugs. They’re tying valuation to sales and stock performance. I think they should look at us as a speculative biotech company. In fact, we had a higher market cap before we made a penny of revenue…”

The company has three key patents: one for autoimmune disease, one for pain, and one for antiviral therapeutics. These patents protect different ways of modifying biologics including native cobra venom. (A biologic is produced in a living organism and then extracted for use. A drug is manufactured by combining substances in a chemically-ordered process.) With regard to autoimmune diseases, typically there is one drug for a particular immune disease. However, since Nutra Pharma’s RPI-78M is a modulating agent rather than an immunosuppressive one that shuts off the immune system, it could, theoretically, work against any autoimmune disease. The company has explored RPI-78M’s use in pediatric or juvenile MS, but it believes the drug can also be used against MG, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and type 1 diabetes.

Nutra Pharma has already received orphan status for RPI-78M for the treatment of juvenile (under the age of 16) MS sufferers. It believes it can really improve the lives of MS sufferers by introducing an entirely new way of treating the condition. At present, MS is treated with immunosuppressive drugs that can only slow the progression of the disease. Based on clinical studies of RPI-78M, the company expects RPI-78M may have the potential to not only stop further development of the disease but reverse its symptoms. Deitsch has speculated, “If we can get the drug through Phase I and Phase II trials, we plan to license it to a large pharma partner. We expect it to change the way we treat autoimmune diseases.”

In addition, receiving orphan status for RPI-78M brings a number of bonuses for Nutra Pharma. Not only does orphan status give the company a fast track at the FDA, it gives it the ears of the FDA and rolling review. It gives it access to grants and collaborative research agreements, and, in a relatively recent change, once a company has an approved orphaned drug, it may be able to receive an orphan drug voucher, which allows it to get a second drug approved and still have the benefits of orphan status. That second drug doesn’t have to be for an orphan condition; a company can use it for any drug. Those vouchers are salable assets. According to a report ( on the website of the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS), the first rare pediatric disease voucher was given to the pharmaceutical company BioMarin in February 2014 after its rare disease drug Vimizim was granted FDA approval. A few months later, Biomarin announced it had sold its voucher to Sanofi and Regeneron for $67.5 million. Deitsch has said ( that in August 2015, another voucher sold for more than $340 million.

Rik Deitsch is a biochemist. He was, at one time, head of product development for a division of Rexall Sundown, where he was involved in the launch of some 50 dietary supplements. He has worked in biochemistry for over 20 years and has written two books: Are You AgeWise: A Guide to Healthy Aging and Invisible Killers: The Truth About Environmental Genocide. From what we’ve heard in this interview, Deitsch is equally at home in the boardroom and in the lab.

For more information on the company, visit

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FlexWeek, Inc. (FXWK) Eliminates Wasted Timeshare Inventory with Its Innovative and Efficient Marketplace


Owning a timeshare has many benefits. It is a great way to enjoy a relaxing vacation spot in a luxurious, fully furnished condo instead of an expensive, cookie-cutter hotel room or resort. Also, it is a much more affordable way of adding a second home, so to speak, to your book of assets. Family vacations and private getaways are essential for people to maintain their sanity by escaping to an exotic location for some much needed rest and relaxation. Of course, there is a caveat to this, and that is the money wasted should you not be able to use your allotted paid-for vacation time. Enter FlexWeek, Inc. (OTC: FXWK), a global peer-to-peer marketplace that allows timeshare owners to discover, book, and offer unused vacation time directly to the public and other timeshare owners.

This is a fantastic and well thought out addition to the timeshare dynamic, because it reduces unused timeshare inventory by utilizing the FlexWeek marketplace. The average timeshare is only booked 79 percent of the year, according to the American Resort Development Association’s 2012 research survey. Whether or not a privately owned timeshare unit is used, the owner still has to pay annual maintenance fees, and most owners end up losing thousands of dollars in wasted paid-for vacation time over their ownership period.

With FlexWeek, an owner of unused paid vacation time can now offer their specific booked week for rent directly to the FlexWeek marketplace to recoup costs or even make a profit on the rental. The glut of unused timeshare inventory allows a potential renter to stay in a very nice condo for a fraction of what they would pay in hotel fees, making it a win-win for both the owner and the renter of the vacation time.

Everyone hates fees, and, apparently, FlexWeek took this into consideration when devising its business model. The company is similar to the very popular $20 billion business model of AirBNB, but FlexWeek is the first and only peer-to-peer marketplace exclusive to fractional vacation ownerships. With FlexWeek, there is no need for costly trading platforms such as Interval International or RCI. Instead, booking fees are charged to the renter of the vacation time, eliminating the cost to the private timeshare owner.

For more information, visit

Let us hear your thoughts: FlexWeek, Inc. Message Board

Forward Industries, Inc. (FORD) Settled Proxy Battle, Return to Profitability, Bayer Supply Extension are Positive Indicators Moving Forward

While just about every investor has likely heard of globally-recognized companies and brands such as Lenovo’s Motorola Mobility (OTC: LNVGY), Nokia (NYSE: NOK), Philips (NYSE: PHG) and Toshiba (OTC: TOSYY), or healthcare sector operators like Roche (OTCQX: RHHBY) and Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ), many remain surprisingly unfamiliar with the increasingly vital carrying case and protective solutions provider which reinforces these heavy-hitters: Forward Industries (NASDAQ: FORD). West Palm Beach, Florida-headquartered Forward Industries conceptualizes, designs and delivers an extremely wide variety of tailored carrying case and usability solutions for gadgets produced by these globally-recognized brands. These solutions are either packaged with the branded product or sold in the retail aftermarket, and they significantly enhance the functionality, as well as brand presence, of the core product.

Whether we are talking about a carrying case for portable electronic healthcare devices, such as the blood glucose monitoring kits used by diabetics, handheld bar code scanners used in a warehouse, GPS devices for recreation and navigation, firearms, or even the average consumer’s smartphone/tablet – chances are that Forward Industries makes a carrying case, clip, stand or other accessory that the reader has used. With a highly skilled team of innovators that work hand-in-hand with the company’s OEM clients (or their contract manufacturing firms) to custom design the perfect carry, protective or usability accessory and over three decades of experience leveraging the premium manufacturing metrics available in China and the Far East, Forward Industries is one of the most sought-after accoutrement design shops on earth today.

After Forward Industries has worked with the OEM customer and its sizable supply chain in Asia, consisting of 800,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity, the company then ensures that gold-standard quality control procedures are utilized in order to make certain that the commercially approved production units meet with the exacting specifications that have been laid out. The company’s logistical and global warehousing capacity, as well as its comprehensive compliance structures, have won Forward Industries mounting favor among the roughly 81 OEMs around the world with which the company currently does business.

One of the largest companies that FORD has such a tight-knit relationship with is Germany-based multinational chemical and pharmaceutical developer, Bayer (OTC: BAYRY), with whom Forward Industries recently signed a sizable carry case extension deal. This extension deal adds to a relationship stretching back several years and has FORD supplying the customized carrying cases that go with Bayer’s diabetic products all the way through to the end of 2018. Such a deal speaks volumes about how Forward Industries has become one of only a handful of trusted go-to suppliers chosen by healthcare and tech sector majors to handle the accessories for their most important products.

The Bayer extension deal should also give investors a hint as to how important the company’s proven abilities to satisfy the complex compliance demands within this heavily regulated industry are, especially when it comes to differentiating FORD from its numerous competitors. Little wonder then that the company’s Q4 financials (ended September 30, 2015) showed a 2.3 percent increase in gross profit percentages when compared to Q4 FY14, or the company’s 128 percent jump in gross profits over the same interval. FORD’s Q4 FY15 EPS of $0.03 per share was quite a feat considering the turbulence experienced by the company due to an expensive (now resolved) proxy battle and paints a stark contrast with the loss of $(0.08) per share seen during the same quarter in the prior year.

The company’s ability to turn profitability around so sharply despite the proxy battle, and its ability to shore up its OEM-focused presence with the Bayer deal, is a positive signal to markets about where the company’s CEO, Terry Wise, is taking Forward Industries this year. Consistently delighted multinational customers, who continue to praise FORD for its quality and cost-effectiveness, will most likely see this case and accessory designer through to a profitable 2016 – following up nicely on its return to the black, with two back-to-back quarters of solid profitability.

Forward Industries is now fully committed to mustering sustained momentum via the hammering out of long-term sourcing agreements with new and existing customers, as well as a broadening of its product mix, which should help FORD secure access to an expanding customer base. Innovation has long been the watchword at FORD, and its in-house conceptualization and design capabilities are a force in this sector that has to be reckoned with. Given that the company has the ability to go from co-creation sessions with the customer, through traditional art approaches and on into 3D modelling quite rapidly, rounding out the design phase with both traditional mockup and 3D printing, FORD should be able to continue landing new customers across the board with ease this year.

Already serving industries ranging from tech, medical devices and video gaming to military, government and automotive, the sky is the limit for Forward Industries when it comes to design. With warehousing and production in Shenzhen and Dongguan, China, as well as operational footholds in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong and Taipei, Taiwan, Forward Industries can offer unique scaling/sourcing benefits to its customers, and also has the global sales footprint to back it up. With sales offices in California and Indiana, as well as Switzerland – managed via the company’s wholly-owned Forward US and Forward Switzerland subsidiaries – FORD has the cost-effective manufacturing/supply capacity, as well as the key target market localized sales force strength, needed to really deliver in 2016 on its aspirations of continued profitability.

This is true whether we are talking about the $10 billion plus global glucose monitoring and diabetes management device market (Kalorama Information), or the smartphone market, which shipped around 1.44 billion units last year (IDC).

Take a closer look, visit


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  • Greenbelt Resources Corp. GRCO (1)
  • Greenchek Technology Inc. GCHK (18)
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  • Greenstone Holdings Inc. GSHN (2)
  • Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. GRCK (24)
  • GRILLiT Inc. GRLT (8)
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  • GT Legend Automotive Holdings Inc. GTLA (2)
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  • Klondex Mines Ltd. KLNDF (1)
  • Knobias KNBS (5)
  • Kootenay Zinc Corp. KTNNF (12)
  • Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. KBLB (88)
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  • Zacks Investment Research (11)
  • ZAGG Inc. ZAGG (9)
  • Zaldiva Inc. ZLDV (3)
  • ZAP ZAAP (15)
  • ZBB Energy Corp ZBB (7)
  • Zenosense Inc. ZENO (53)
  • Zentric Inc. ZNTR (14)
  • Zevotek Inc. ZVTK (8)
  • Zinc One Resources Inc. ZZZOF (7)
  • Znomics Inc. ZNOM (3)
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