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Cherubim Interests, Inc. (CHIT) Offers Update on Corporate Initiatives

June 30, 2016

Earlier today, Cherubim Interests, Inc. (OTC: CHIT) released a letter to shareholders detailing several corporate initiatives stemming from its previously announced stimulus program. This program, originally outlined in October 2015, is intended to serve as a blueprint to the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance net stockholder equity while simultaneously acquiring and attracting favorable investment opportunities. Notably, Cherubim has made progress in the development of its hybrid business model through the acquisition of two revenue-producing assets, including Victura Roofing LLC and Cherubim Builders Group LLC (Oklahoma), which both jumpstarted the company’s roofing footprint in Dallas-Fort Worth and cleared the way for immediate expansion into the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area.

The early results stemming from these acquisitions paint a promising picture for the future of Cherubim. According to today’s update, the company has already subcontracted large-loss residential reconstruction projects totaling in excess of $400,000 in revenues. The company also continues to prepare for the grand opening of its BudCube Cultivation Systems cultivation centers, which will leverage a proprietary, fully-portable and scalable controlled environment technology to allow cultivators to gain quick access to the fast growing medical and recreational cannabis markets at an attractive price point. Cherubim is currently in the process of prospecting raw land for the project.

On the financial front, Cherubim’s management team has also placed focus on solidifying the company’s balance sheet in recent months. Since May 31, 2015, Cherubim has successfully eliminated more than $1.5 million of affiliate and non-affiliate debt from its books, including over 90 percent of its ‘toxic’ convertible debt. To reward its majority stakeholders and insulate them from past, present and future dilution, Cherubim also created a series of anti-dilutive, convertible preferred shares, which it released in the form of a dividend payment. In an October news release, Patrick Johnson, CEO of Cherubim, acknowledged that there has been “significant dilution over the recent past in Cherubim” as a result of “the automatic conversion of aged non-affiliated debt.” He added that the company’s decision to issue a convertible preferred stock dividend was aimed at protecting “the integrity of people’s investments in the open market.”

“Our go forward strategy is a simple one: continue to execute on the plan set forth last October,” Johnson added in this morning’s update. “I am pleased to address shareholders… and want to reiterate our commitment to strengthening our stride and growing corporate equity.”

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Agora Holdings, Inc. (AGHI) FRAME Social Media Management Dashboard Perfectly Tuned for Investment Community Engagement, IR/PR

A report out late last year from storied investment management firm, Putnam Investments, which drew on survey data from over 800 financial advisors ( and is the largest known body of research on their use of social media to date, indicates that social media has become an indispensable communications tool for day-to-day client/market interaction, as well as business-building. A quick look at the stats says it all, from the roughly 80 percent of financial advisors using social media for business (up 75 percent from 2014), as well as gaining new clients thereby, to an average annual asset gain from newly acquired clients of some $4.6 million.

Concrete feedback like this from the horse’s mouth about how important social media has become to overall client and market engagement gives pause for thought. But don’t stand still too long on the information superhighway contemplating this trend, because you will get run over by the innovators. The Putnam report says this megatrend represents an underlying dynamic that will likely endure, and with social media becoming vital across all age groups of financial advisors, even as most report the concurrent use of four or more social networks, the importance of a unified framework for landing content seamlessly across an entire brand/enterprise footprint will no doubt remain a chief concern.

This is especially true for IR/PR (investor relations/public relations) firms, who need to not only engage customers at the speed of information, but who also need to wrench out the big data from the traffic for business analytics so they can get a clear picture of things like campaign performance metrics or more deftly execute branded content deployment. And while the idea of a single dashboard for scheduling posts or managing feeds across multiple social network accounts is not new, with examples like Hootsuite, Agora Pulse and MeetEdgar making for easy references, the potential for such an engine to drive truly next-gen IR/PR vectors has remained largely untapped. Hootsuite can post to a wide variety of sites, such as Twitter (NYSE: TWTR), Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), LinkedIn (NYSE: LNKD), Google+ (NASDAQ: GOOG;GOOGL), Foursquare, MySpace and WordPress, but it isn’t really built for coordinated rapid campaigning or deep analytical harvesting.

Perhaps even more importantly, the resolution of several commonly-known usability/functionality problems which plague most extant social media management dashboarding solutions has not been forthcoming. The entire space has suffered from dashboards with usability issues that ruin brand traction, derail campaigns, and can make a company look unprofessional. Add to this a lack of really user-friendly options, or dashboards that give the user the ability to quickly set up and execute a professional, timed campaign, and you have (for the foreseeable future) the basis of mounting demand for an easy-to-use dashboard that lets entities like businesses and relations firms master their (or their client’s) social media presence.

There has been little effort to really serve the investor relations end of the market when it comes to such dashboards, even with the continued rise of innovative business analytics platforms like NetBase, with its NetBase Insight Workbench that is resold through a partnership with German multinational enterprise software giant SAP (NYSE: SAP), and which employs natural language processing tech to analyze social media. Such powerful big data-driven solutions prove the vitality of coordinated customer care and engagement, as well as timed campaign roll outs. Proven via comprehensive reporting and the digestion of social media data into easily understandable takeaways. Social media has become a critical piece of the puzzle for any effective IR/PR program these days, no matter what kind of publicly traded company we are talking about, and social media usage among the general populace continues to break records as well, with now almost two-thirds of social media users logging on to at least one such site every day ( On both ends of the spectrum, from financial advisors to average investors, social media is becoming the dominant two-way communication space, like a planetary digital agora.

The increasing inescapability of having to manage a complex, multisite social media presence belies the extent to which a well-coordinated, brand-relevant campaign of synced content pushes can really help build a business or a brand presence. The question is no longer if such a dashboard solution is necessary for managing an increasingly unwieldy social media footprint (as the answer to that question is now invariably a yes), but simply how far can this architecture be exploited for maximum engagement and analytical value.

This is why the announcement in February of this year by developer Geegle Media’s parent company, Agora Holdings (OTC: AGHI), that it has overhauled its proprietary FRAME social media management dashboard for optimum usage by IR/PR firms and businesses is such a welcomed event. The IR/PR community has been gnashing its teeth for precisely such a blindingly simple, single-source dashboard, which can do scheduled campaign pushes to multiple sites, doesn’t have all the problems associated with other social media management dashboards and can still deliver the kind of rich, granular performance reportage needed to really evaluate campaign efficacy.

Bringing together the ultimate in user-friendly interfaces, with the ability to discover deep insights into brand traction through monitoring data points like reposts, mentions and brand-relevant conversations – along with tight Twitter, Facebook and Instagram integration – sets FRAME apart as an IR/PR sledgehammer.

Currently deployable in Android, iOS and desktop environments, FRAME may also soon integrate with LinkedIn and Google+, as well as YouTube and Tumblr. This combination of a wide variety of site integrations and the platform’s existing optimized IR/PR functionality, could put FRAME at the head of the pack in the professional-grade social media management game, especially when it comes to satisfying customers who want to execute coordinated campaigns in a more expedient, efficient, and easier fashion.

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WRIT Media Group, Inc. (WRIT) Highlights Plans to Develop Pelecoin Technology into Innovative Products and Applications

Yesterday, WRIT Media Group, Inc. (OTCQB: WRIT) gave prospective investors some insight into its strategy to develop and distribute its Pelecoin digital currency technology, which was originally attained as part of the Pandora Venture Capital Corp. acquisition earlier this month.

“We are pleased to introduce to market our unique Pelecoin technology, and look forward to the potential it creates not only for WRIT Media and company shareholders, but for the broader digital currency space as well,” Eric Mitchell, president and chief executive officer of WRIT, stated in Monday’s news release. “There are several advantageous ways Pelecoin differs from other digital currencies on the market, and we’re excited to be part of the many advances taking place in cryptocurrency.”

In the news release announcing its official launch earlier this week, WRIT described some of the differences between Pelecoin and other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. While existing digital currencies incorporate ‘rules of emission’ that generate a set number of coins per minute that must be ‘mined’ by users with expensive computer equipment and deep knowledge of software programming, Pelecoin leverages a simple, proprietary algorithm that puts the currency emission process into reach of all users. Instead of distributing new currency based on a set schedule, the Pelecoin system generates currency based upon the occurrence of events that increase its worth, including new user registration, acceptance of Pelecoin for real goods or services, and trades between Pelecoin and fiat currencies.

Like many existing digital currencies, Pelecoin will be traded through an open and distributed record keeping system, which will offer reliable evidence of ownership and verifiable reporting of transactions. WRIT also intends to develop this technology into a number of marketable products and applications designed to drive use of Pelecoin moving forward. One application highlighted in yesterday’s news release is a comprehensive currency and derivative trading platform that will enable trades of Pelecoin, Bitcoin and other digital currencies from around the world.

Additionally, WRIT intends to incorporate a video game loyalty rewards program that will offer synergy between Pelecoin and the company’s Amiga Games brand, as well as an equity-based crowdfunding platform that will dodge much of the red tape associated with investing while maintaining efficient record keeping. WRIT will also explore partnerships with leading content creators, owners and distributors regarding the secure delivery of protected content to consumers.

“With this acquisition, we expect to drive meaningful value for our shareholders, customers, and partners around the world,” added Mitchell. “We look forward to… continued innovation to bring the digital currency of the future, and other unique Blockchain solutions to our customers.”

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Dominovas Energy Corporation (DNRG) Unveils Strategy to Restructure and Eliminate Convertible Debt

Before the opening bell on Wednesday, Dominovas Energy Corporation (OTCQB: DNRG) unveiled a new plan aimed at restructuring and eliminating its roughly $700,000 in outstanding convertible debt. The company intends to leverage funds stemming from its financing agreement with GHS Investments, LLC, which was originally announced in November 2015 and approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in January, in order to move away from the utilization of convertible debt as a sole source of financing. Drawing down on its GHS Investments equity line, Dominovas Energy will look to enter into discussions with its convertible debt financing partners in an effort to repay convertible notes with cash instead of shares.

“Dominovas Energy is one of the most prolific companies of its kind in the fuel cell industry. It has best-in-class strategic partners for the build and manufacturing of its RUBICON™ fuel cell system; it has contract orders for multiple-Megawatts (MW); it has project financing in place once requisite guarantees are set and in place; the Company has what most Companies in the industry have longed for – so we had to take a close look at what could be depressing the stock price,” Michael Watkins, chief operating officer of Dominovas Energy, stated in yesterday’s news release. “We came to the realization and belief that there is simply too much pressure on the stock as a result of the existing convertible debt; and with our new plan to eliminate said debt, we hope to see representative growth for the Company. We have changed our methods of financing and operating the Company with a goal of increasing clarity and reporting of our operations and providing a stronger vehicle for our shareholders.”

In addition to plans to repay convertible notes, Dominovas Energy is also in ongoing discussions with GHS Investments regarding a long-term equity financing strategy that does not create additional convertible debt. As of yesterday’s update, the company had no plans in place to add new debt or operational capital in connection with its restructuring plan, but a future agreement could play a key role in Dominovas Energy’s efforts to build on the successful presentation of its 50kW RUBICON™ solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) unit, which is set for installation in South Africa in August, with the eventual deployment of its multi-Megawatt power generation units in sub-Saharan Africa.

Last November, Dominovas completed a concept design study for the efficient manufacturing of its proprietary RUBICON™ SOFC system, during which it identified optimal process design efficiencies, manufacturing and logistical details, and aggregate cost and lead-time estimates. In May, the company built on that unprecedented study when it, in partnership with Edison Power Group, announced plans to launch the first RUBICON™ SOFC system in Johannesburg, South Africa, which will be the first SOFC unit to serve baseload capacity on the African continent upon implementation. With newly-announced plans to restructure and consolidate its outstanding debt ahead of this launch, Dominovas Energy is strengthening its position in the power generation space and clearing the way for the “minimum deployment of 50MW over the next 5 years of Dominovas Energy’s RUBICON™ fuel cell system,” according to Watkins.

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International Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO) Avoiding Ethical Issues with Stem Cells Derived From Unfertilized Eggs

Human pluripotent stem cells are a type of cell that is self-replicating. In simple terms, they clone themselves. These are typically derived from human embryos and have the possibility to grow into virtually any type of cell in the body. The first type of pluripotent stem cells were embryonic stem cells (ESC). Unfortunately, there are moral issues associated with these, since their creation involves the destruction of a human embryo. This said, a new type of pluripotent stem cell has been pioneered. These come from unfertilized eggs being “tricked” into developing as embryos without being fertilized. These stem cells do not involve destroying an embryo, and therefore avoid the associated moral issues. These new stem cells are called human parthenogenetic stem cells (hPSC).

Human parthenogenetic stem cells not only erase the moral issues associated with ESC, they also maintain many of the advantages. Some of these advantages include immune matching, pluripotency, proliferation, genetic reprogramming, and the ability to use stem cells to cure genetic diseases. Pluripotency is when the stem cells can change into the full range of specialized stem cell types, while immune matching is when cells derived from stem cells match other patients to avoid rejection problems. Proliferation is when the stem cells easily expand, and genetic reprogramming is whether or not the source of the stem cells have been modified by external factors.

International Stem Cell Corp. (OTCQB: ISCO) is a biotechnological company that started developing this new type of stem cell derived from unfertilized eggs in order to help treat severe diseases of the nervous system, liver and eyes. Some of the diseases that are in the process of being treated by this new line of stem cells include Parkinson’s disease, ischemic strokes, metabolic liver diseases, retinal blindness, and corneal blindness, among others. After showing significant results in earlier therapies, ISCO has progressed to Phase I clinical trials for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

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SMEs can Make More on the Moxian, Inc. (MOXC) Marketplace

June 29, 2016

The Department of Commerce’s Quarterly Retail E-Commerce Sales report (, issued last month, shows, as expected, that online commerce continues its relentless growth. E-commerce sales for the first three months of 2016 registered an increase of about 15 percent over the comparable period in 2015. E-commerce continues to bite into traditional sales. The first quarter of 2016’s growth of 15 percent far exceeds the 2.2 percent rise in total retail sales. Additionally, online sales in Q1 2016 were 3.7 percent higher than those in Q4 2015. This is remarkable. The last quarter of the year is always the peak period when many retailers ‘go in the black’, or become profitable, while first quarter sales are historically the lowest.

However, despite its phenomenal growth, e-commerce still comprises a minor share of the overall retail market. E-commerce sales for Q1 2016, at $92.8 billion, were just 7.8 percent of total retail sales for the period. Future development of online commerce depends on the increased acceptability of transacting online and the extent to which brick and mortar establishments migrate to the Web. Many such establishments are building an online presence through websites and social media channels, yet being found on the Web is the obverse to finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. A search for ‘handbags’ returns over 72 million results, while one for ‘ties’ produces more than 279 million pages. Being found through organic search on the internet is a major challenge for small enterprises.

The story is the same in China, where Moxian, Inc. (OTCQB: MOXC) operates at present. With a population three times the size of the U.S., both the pitfalls and opportunities are much larger.

Census figures ( for the U.S. reported 1.1 million retailers of all kinds in 2008, a figure that must be higher now since the 2008 measure surely reflects the depressed economic conditions of the Great Recession. Taken together with the ‘102,728 e-commerce retailers in the United States that are generating at least $12,000 per year in revenue’, offered in an informative Forbes piece (, it appears that just about 10 percent of retail establishments have managed to successfully establish an online salient. These numbers reveal opportunities that Moxian plans to exploit as an intermediary. That’s because, as a 2014 article ( in Forbes has prophesied, vertical marketplaces are coming into their own. Citing the ascent of ‘large vertical services marketplaces like Uber, Airbnb, Upwork and HomeAway/VRBO’, the author explains these successes by suggesting that the ‘secret sauce’, as he calls it, is focus.

“The secret sauce is not the technology, although that plays an important supporting role. It is the single-minded obsessive focus on solving one big universal problem for the buyers, and removing that friction that existed in transacting offline. When the solution is understood, built and solved at scale, this ‘secret sauce’ enables marketplaces to grow exponentially,” reads the article. The idea here is that horizontal marketplaces, in trying to be all things to all men, will be nothing to no one in the end.

There is more to this idea than just hype. The Moxian+ online platform does what all good intermediaries do; It matches buyers and sellers. It provides a support infrastructure so customers can pay safely and engage with others, and it helps merchants promote their goods and analyze buying patterns. The Moxian+ platform reduces informational asymmetries and increases transparency of price and quality. Overall, consumers spend less time searching and have a more satisfying shopping experience.

Moxian, Inc. engages in the business of providing social marketing and promotion platforms designed to help merchants accelerate and advertise their business growth through social media. These products and services enable merchants to run targeted advertising campaigns and promotions, and aim to enhance the interaction between users and merchant clients by using consumer behavior data compiled from the Moxian database of user activities. The company has two primary core products: Moxian+ User App and Moxian+ Business App.

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Momentous Entertainment Group (MMEG) Unapologetically Embraces Christian Culture, Benefits from Tight Feedback Loop with End User

It is no news to the average reader that the world has become very much more secularly-minded in the last few decades. In fact, it has gone so far that wholesome content has now become a rebel set niche market, with Christian culture in particular striking an unmistakable contrast to a 24/7 mass media orgy of loose morals and deliberate profanity. Christian culture now hearkens back to its roots, when Christianity was an underground religion for the hip people fighting against evil, an equation which delivers to today’s markets all of the attendant benefits and premium metrics that such a tightly-knit subculture/ideology represents.

One of the hottest and most investor-accessible properties in this space today is a humble little entertainment creation, production and distribution/direct response media marketing outfit, Momentous Entertainment Group (OTC: MMEG). With a diverse and rapidly evolving portfolio of feature film, television and music content in its tool belt, Momentous Entertainment Group is poised to profit, with its fingers on the pulse of this niche market and a decided emphasis on faith-based content. The company’s prosperity is further buoyed by an extremely sophisticated direct response media marketing pipeline, which was engineered in-house, benefitting from MMEG management’s whopping century-plus of combined entertainment and marketing experience.

Today’s Christian consumer finds themselves something of an outcast in mainstream popular culture, and this has created a perfect storm of factors leading to a situation where the ability to serve up wholesome content to an underserved demand segment can be quite lucrative indeed. Let’s face it, the baseline here is media, because the delivery platform for family values, faith, and enlightenment is invariably going to be productions of music, TV, interactive social media, and the like.

This equation can be clearly mapped out by such event structures as the success of jointly-owned Hearst, Disney (NYSE: DIS) operation A&E Networks’ Duck Dynasty, as well as the rise of one of the show’s stars, Sadie Robertson (, whose unabashed promotion of God, faith and modesty has become a lightning rod in a mass media market saturated by the likes of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. Momentous Entertainment Group is making big moves with the development of reality TV shows like Chasing a Legend, which follows the legendary Earnhardt racing dynasty’s third generation rising star, Bobby Dale Earnhardt, as he climbs the ladder of the stock car racing world like his grandfather before him, through the ARCA Truck Series and on to the Sprint Cup Series. The show, which will be a white-knuckle insider look at the world of stock car racing, will also strongly reflect the religious insights of “a rising star in a sport that has long attracted the faithful.”

The company’s latest foray, the formation of a new business unit called Music One Corp., which is designed to oversee conception and execution of the company’s growing concert events business, will prove to be of great utility as MMEG expands its content footprint further into the expansive music industry. Headed up by a veteran of the thriving South Florida live venue scene, Charlie Rodriguez, Music One adds considerable product mix diversity to MMEG’s already strong core offerings with a brand encompassing all genres of music. The brand also gets a nice little head start, thanks to the extant successes of Charlie Rodriguez Live Entertainment.

Music One adds nicely to the company’s music portfolio, which is grounded in Contemporary Christian music such as Momentous Music division’s recently-produced, first-ever music video, which features Faith United Methodist Church’s Suzanne Olmon, singing “I Believe.”

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eXp World Holdings, Inc. (EXPI) Succeeding Thanks to Professional Real Estate Career Training

Developing good communication skills, learning to negotiate, and being prepared to work long days both in and out of an agency office are just some of the abilities that people assume they need in order to become a real estate agent. Of course, all of this would come after initial training and certification. After that, there would be continuing meetings and training at the agency to build agent skills and relationships. However, with the technological advancements available today, a revolution is building in the way agents are trained and operate, a revolution being led by eXp World Holdings (OTCQB: EXPI).

Not only has the number of remote workers grown by 103% since 2005, but, according to Global Workforce Analytics, “3.7 million employees (2.8% of the workforce) now work from home at least half the time”. In the real estate industry, eXp World Holdings has led this new wave, using advanced technologies to support the remote worker revolution and changing people’s perceptions of what a real estate agent does on a day-to-day basis. eXp Realty is an agent-owned cloud brokerage that provides its agents with 24/7 access to a variety of online tools and training programs in order to help them to continue to grow. EXPI’s management team saw a gap in the market which encouraged them to replace the expense of brick and mortar offices with a cloud-based environment while growing and maintaining strong relationships with its agents.

EXPI has made real estate career training accessible for free to all its agents through the Expressway system, a learning management platform that provides a flexible option to agents, allowing them to continually improve and advance their eXp Realty businesses. There are a range of free courses from which to choose, including how to build their own real estate teams, how to find and convert customers, creating and using websites, and others. Expressway also offers State Compliance Courses for each U.S. state, as well as Alberta, Canada.

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Content Checked (CNCK) Teams with ATELTO to Increase Brand Recognition

Content Checked Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: CNCK) recently announced a strategic partnership with ATLETO, an exciting new social sports app. The two companies will look to introduce a cross-promotional marketing campaign highlighting both the ATLETO app and Content Checked’s suite of dietary apps as tools for helping users stay in control of their health and fitness needs. Through these efforts, Content Checked will leverage its sizable social media audience to endorse ATLETO and encourage downloads, while ATLETO will support Content Checked through promotional posts on all of its social channels.

“Partnering with ATLETO is a natural fit since its platform aligns with our philosophy of fostering a community of like-minded individuals who commit to bettering their lives,” Kris Finstad, CEO of Content Checked, stated in a news release. “We want to educate our audience and introduce them to platforms developed to help users make healthier choices easily, and we happily promote everything ATLETO stands for.”

The ATLETO app, which is currently available for download in the App Store, matches users with other athletes in their area in an effort to facilitate the best athletic experiences possible. The app enables searches for a number of popular sports, including basketball, golf, soccer, tennis and volleyball, as well as workout activities such as cycling, running and yoga. ATLETO’s efforts are currently focused on building a user base through a soft launch in Los Angeles, Miami and New York City. By partnering with the social sports app, Content Checked is strategically positioned to benefit from these efforts moving forward.

“Content Checked’s technology has significantly improved the health of individuals and we aim to provide such a significant impact to our own community of athletes,” Peter Dalgas, CMO and Co-Founder of ATLETO, stated. “Our complementary visions create a symbiotic relationship and we’re eager to share with our community the benefits of Content Checked’s family of apps.”

In recent months, Content Checked has announced a number of strategic partnerships designed to increase awareness of its innovative mobile apps. These include a deal with Kitchology, a mobile platform that provides tailored recipes to consumers with special dietary needs, and a partnership with Leaner Creamer, the only all-natural powdered creamer that promotes weight loss and appetite suppression.

In addition to the exposure provided by its strategic partnerships, the Company has been successful in securing coverage in a number of media outlets. With a comprehensive database covering over 70% of conventional U.S. packaged food products, ContentChecked, SugarChecked and MigraineChecked have garnered attention from Forbes, USA Today, ABC, CBS, NBC, Los Angeles Business Journal, Yahoo and a number of other national and international publications.

To view the company’s full financials, visit the following link:

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FRAME from Agora Holdings (AGHI) makes Business Blogging Easier

June 28, 2016

The recent social media marketing industry report ‘How Marketers Are Using Social Media to Grow Their Businesses’ ( reminds us of Cardinal Richelieu’s defensive gambit: the pen is mightier than the sword. When marketers who used social media channels were asked to select the single most important form of content for their businesses, if they could use only one, videos were selected by just 19 percent. As might be expected, many thought a picture worth a thousand words; 34 percent went with visual assets. However, close to half (45 percent) thought blogging best. Now, those lettered marketers will be happy to know that with FRAME from Agora Holdings (OTC: AGHI), their pearls of wisdom can be scattered widely over the social media realm.

The survey, undertaken by the Social Media Examiner, found that ‘Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) and LinkedIn (NYSE: LNKD) are the two most important social networks for marketers. When allowed to select only one platform, 52 percent of marketers selected Facebook, followed by LinkedIn at 21 percent.’ However, ‘Twitter (NYSE: TWTR), YouTube and LinkedIn hold the top spots for future plans: a significant 66 percent of marketers plan on increasing their use of these social networks.’ The social media system is Facebook-centric; the platform has, by far, the largest number of users at 1.59 billion, according to Statista. No doubt because of this user base, 93 percent of marketers are active there, while ‘68 percent want to learn more about it and 62 percent plan on increasing Facebook activities.’

Naturally, in a medium so novel and so little understood, a majority of marketers are unsure how effective their social media efforts are. For example, ‘only 45 percent of marketers think that their Facebook efforts are effective,’ and some ‘91 percent of marketers want to know the most effective social tactics and the best ways to engage their audience with social media.’

The space for social media management tools was, until recently, a vacuum. However, true to the old saw that nature abhors a vacuum, that space is rapidly filling up. Still, opportunities remain for startups in the field. One of the earliest entrants, Buffer, announced ( in January 2015 that it had 2,002,495 total registered users, 168,455 of whom were monthly active users. Two million users is a drop in the social media ocean. There is obviously room for more players.

Buffer’s annual revenue run rate (annualized revenues) was $5.06 million in January 2015. Like most other app businesses, marginal costs are very low. The cost of providing the app to another customer is negligible. Cash from increasing revenue then becomes, mostly, income. This might have had Buffer’s founders laughing all the way to the bank. The company reported it had more than $2 million in cash.

Like Buffer, FRAME provides the capability to post to many social media accounts. FRAME makes blogging easier. It also has a variety of data analytics features that, together with its publishing property, can be managed from a single dashboard. FRAME comes in two ‘flavors’. One is designed for individuals; the other is meant for business enterprises. The company will offer free access to FRAME for non-commercial users with the expectation of building a user base very quickly. Commercial users to be targeted include investor relations firms, public relations firms and other marketing and promotional agencies that employ social media.

Currently, FRAME is integrated with leading social networks Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and it operates on Android, iOS and desktop. Agora Holdings is currently exploring development to integrate the platform with LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Tumblr.

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eXp World Holdings, Inc. (EXPI) Adds Boston’s Landmark Group to Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage™

Earlier today, eXp World Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: EXPI) announced the addition of Sally and Stephen Koss, founders of the respected Landmark brand in Greater Boston, to its Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage™ after more than three decades as franchisees under the RE/MAX (NYSE: RMAX) umbrella. Over the past 31 years, Sally and Stephen Koss have successfully developed one of the strongest real estate brands in Southern New England, operating a number of offices throughout the state of Massachusetts. Their decision to exit the RE/MAX system in favor of eXp Realty’s high-engagement, low overhead business model highlights the marketability of the company’s innovative agent-ownership model in the rapidly evolving real estate industry.

“With eXp we have access to ground-breaking real estate technology to better serve our agents and clients,” Sally Koss stated in today’s news release. “Most importantly though, we are able to thank our agents by providing them with the very same opportunities that we have — ownership as fellow shareholders able to build organizations within and across markets.”

In addition to offering equity incentives to its agents and brokers, eXp Realty has developed a comprehensive cloud environment designed to offer the systems, support, culture and community required for its agents and brokerage-owners to thrive despite the unpredictability of the economic landscape. This formula has proven extremely popular, with EXPI’s agent base surpassing 1,100 members in the first quarter of 2016, marking a 100 percent year-over-year increase. The company built on this success last week when it was named among the best places to work by both The Washington Post and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and this recognition is catching the attention of some of the country’s most seasoned and successful real estate professionals.

“While there are other companies in the industry that are publicly held, the driving force behind eXp’s public company status is to give direct ownership to its agents and brokers,” continued Koss. “That’s a game-changer for us.”

Coming off a first quarter during which it achieved year-over-year revenue growth of 107 percent to more than $7.1 million, EXPI’s success in attracting top-level agents and brokers such as Sally and Stephen Koss sets the stage for additional financial growth. In line with this goal, the company is seeking to deliver a value proposition that outpaces anything the competition has to offer, effectively making it “irresponsible for an agent and broker to hang their license anywhere else,” according to Glenn Sanford, chairman and CEO of EXPI. eXp Realty’s Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage™ currently includes more than 1,240 real estate professionals spanning 38 states and Alberta, Canada.

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Singlepoint, Inc. (SING) Set to Capitalize on Position in DraftFury as New York Senate Approves Fantasy Sports Bill

Earlier today, Singlepoint, Inc. (OTC: SING) announced New York State Senate approval of a daily fantasy sports (DFS) bill that will play a key role in solidifying the legality of fantasy sports in the Empire State. The bill is currently pending final approval from Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is expected to sign it into law in the coming days. New York’s recent progress toward issuing regulations for the fantasy sports market follows the approval of similar measures from a number of other states, including Colorado, Indiana, Missouri, Mississippi and Virginia.

“This is terrific news for all of us involved in the DFS industry,” Greg Lambrecht, chief executive officer of Singlepoint, stated in today’s news release.

Singlepoint’s entry into the DFS industry came last month, when the company finalized an acquisition deal for an interest in DraftFury, which has been widely recognized as the first cash flow positive DFS enterprise. The acquisition was completed at a valuation of $8 million, and Singlepoint’s management team has pointed toward this valuation as a key to the company’s near term efforts to build shareholder value.

“I believe this is a significantly undervalued company in the DFS space and Singlepoint is proud to have ownership in this enterprise as we continue to cultivate relationships toward additional acquisitions in the space,” Lambrecht added. “DraftFury is well on its way to becoming one of the top players in the industry alongside DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo. Likewise, Singlepoint stock has seen steady, organic growth over the last 6 weeks and we expect that growth to continue.”

As the start of the NFL season rapidly approaches, Singlepoint’s interest in the fantasy sports market strategically positions it to capitalize on the industry’s projected growth. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) (, roughly 57.4 million people participated in some form of fantasy sports in the United States and Canada during 2015. This marked an increase of more than 36 percent from the previous year. Also worthy of note is the rapid rise of daily fantasy sports spending. In 2012, the FSTA attributed just over six percent of fantasy sports spending to DFS competition. In 2016, the organization predicts average spending will surpass 57 percent of total fantasy sports expenditures, coming to an average of more than $315 per player.

In an effort to maximize on its position in the DFS space, DraftFury has continued to introduce innovative new features in recent weeks. To date, DraftFury has implemented one of the most optimized user interfaces available, improved lineup manageability, live lineup performance monitoring and a seven-level referral program designed to reward marketing affiliates. It has also initiated development of a new mobile app which is expected to greatly expand its market share by creating an opportunity for a significant increase in the size of its user base.

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OurPet’s Company’s (OPCO) Creative Destruction in the Pet Care Industry

In his seminal contribution to economic thought published in 1942 and titled Capitalism, Socialism & Democracy, Joseph Schumpeter coined the term ‘creative destruction’ to describe the dynamic operation of the economy. This ‘industrial mutation… incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one’. Schumpeter saw this ‘industrial mutation’ or ‘creative destruction’ as being driven by innovation and, more importantly, by the entrepreneur. For Schumpeter, entrepreneurship was the application of innovation. It was the origination of superior organizational models, the development of more efficient methods of production and a wider range of products offering the consumer more satisfaction or, as economists are fond of saying, greater utility. No doubt the great man would have been happy with the creative destruction at OurPet’s Company (OTCQX: OPCO). OPCO is an innovative powerhouse with ‘over 160 patents, issued or pending’ and three-quarters of its revenues come from proprietary products.

OPCO’s story is, indeed, one of innovation. The company was founded in 1996 by entrepreneur Dr. Steve Tsengas because he saw how mired in the past the pet care industry was. He set out to destroy the old ways of thinking about pet care. And so, like the plot of many a good story, OPCO’s path of innovation is one of adventure and happy endings. The development of the Intelligent Pet Care™ line is one such chapter. The seed was planted at SuperZoo, The National Show for Pet Retailers, which was held July 21 – 23, 2015, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas when OurPets® Catty Whack® received the Best New Cat Product Showcase Award.

OurPets® Catty Whack® is an unpredictable game of hide and seek designed for cats of all ages. Cats love the electronic RealMouse® sound and the erratic movement of the feather keeps the cat guessing as it darts in and out at random. Catty Whack® sales ‘have started accelerating at the end of the year’.

The success of OurPets® Catty Whack® sparked anew the creative energy of OPCO’s designers and resulted in the development of the Intelligent Pet Care™ line. As Dr. Steve Tsengas explained in a recent MissionIR interview, the Intelligent Pet Care™ line of products is ‘the application of Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi to improve the connectivity between humans and pets’. Our pets cannot communicate with us in ways that we will understand. Nevertheless, we can infer a lot by collecting and analyzing data on their behavior.

The Intelligent Pet Care™ product line includes the SmartLink™ Feeder, SmartLink™ Waterer and SmartScoop – Intelligent Litter Box, which allows pet parents to monitor their pet’s behavior through the IntelligentPetLink™ smartphone app, which can be downloaded from the Apple or Android app store. The IntelligentPetLink™ smartphone app monitors a variety of data from the various Intelligent Pet Care™ products, such as the frequency and duration of feeding, water drinking and waste elimination.

The SmartLink™ Feeder – Intelligent Pet Bowl fits well in households with many pets. Using the Bluetooth® technology it will detect when your pet, wearing a unique SmartLink™ Tag is near and will only open for that tag. This eliminates feeding confrontations between pets, protects diet-sensitive meals and prevents small children from getting to the pet’s food.

Another product in the line is the SmartLink™ Waterer – Intelligent Water Fountain, which, employing the Bluetooth® technology, will detect when your pet, wearing a unique SmartLink™ Tag that is paired with the waterer, is near. It will then dispense filtered water from the reservoir and so allow your pet to drink clean, running water.

The line includes the SmartScoop® – Intelligent Litter Box, which uses infrared technology to sense when your cat enters and exits the box and engages the scoop mechanism accordingly to clean the box.

Over its 20 years in the pet care industry (the OurPets® brand has been around since 1996), the company has been practicing Schumpeterian creative destruction. OurPet’s Company has been destroying the obsolescent and creating the future for pets and for pet parents.

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OurPet’s Company (OPCO) Eyes Mounting International Market Share as Key Bottom-Line Driver

June 27, 2016

OurPet’s Company (OTCQX: OPCO) already dominates the cat wall at many retail locations, with superb offerings like its OurPets® Catty Whack®, featuring patented Electronic RealMouse® sound and an erratically moving feather wand, which darts in and out of holes in around the perimeter of this carpet scratching area-topped marvel. With an impressive and growing retail presence that spans majors like Petco and PetSmart, as well as numerous smaller retailers like Pet Supermarket, in addition to ecommerce giant Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) – further expansion into international markets could give this focused product design innovator real momentum. The same capacity to captivate western markets which OPCO has demonstrated already, with high-quality feeders and waste disposal systems, as well as toys that exercise an animal’s instincts and stimulate its senses, should easily help the company’s portfolio leap over cultural and language barriers in Asia. The warm reception OurPet’s Company has already received in Japan and South Korea is solid evidence of this.

Pet ownership is not only on the rise here in the states, but around the world as well. Globally, some 57 percent or more of the world’s consumers own pets, according to a recent GfK study (, with dogs the most popular choice at around 33 percent, and cats coming in second at around 23 percent. One place this rise is particularly evident is among the growing middle class in China, and across the rest of Asia as well. Beijing-based consultant firm Zhongjinqixin did a sweeping survey late last year which showed that there are over 100 million registered pets now in China (, with 62 percent of those pets being dogs, and a whopping 10 percent of the total number of all pets consolidated in Guangdong Province.

For a relatively small operator like OurPet’s Company – which has rapidly carved out a name for itself as a provider of ingeniously designed, high-quality toys, feeders and waste management solutions through its pet parent/prosumer brand OurPets®, as well as its mass market brand Pet Zone® – this international market could be a big opportunity. With 160 patents issued or pending and some three-quarters of its revenues stemming directly from the sale of proprietary products, OPCO is a success story waiting to pop on the global stage, and the international market could be one of the accelerants that gets this party really started. Bidding wars at home in the sector and a thriving consumer culture abroad that is leaning more and more toward increased pet ownership is a powerful one-two knockout punch for a little fighter like OPCO – which has the design talent and proven ability to resonate with end markets needed to take things to the next level abroad. With 62 percent of pets in China being dogs, the strong foundation in toys and feeders for dogs that OPCO has established will serve the company well as it reaches out further to this market in particular.

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Exit to Europe this Summer with NextTrip from Monaker (MKGI)

Now that the majority of Brits have voted to leave the European Union, crossing the pond has just become a lot cheaper. The value of the pound sterling has fallen to its lowest level since the first half of 1985. Brexit has hit the British currency much harder than the Great Recession ever did. The euro has dived as well. So now, the grand continental European tour is open to many more. Summer in Europe never looked so good, and, for holiday makers, the choices of where to stay just multiplied with NextTrip from Monaker Group (OTCQB: MKGI).

NextTrip is a booking engine that provides ‘multiple booking platforms, all combined into one easy to use experience’. It was launched in February 2016 as a portal through which Monaker’s online assets, such as Always On Vacation and Maupintour, can be accessed. Using NextTrip, the sojourner can find and book hotel rooms, home rentals, resorts, cruises, flights and car rentals. NextTrip is the first booking solution to include conventional lodging, alternative lodging, and unused timeshare and resort inventory, all in one place. This technology allows consumers to search and book from the timeshare inventory in real-time without any timeshare solicitations.

Always On Vacation, acquired in October 2015, provides a rich resource of alternative lodging. In operation since 2006, the subsidiary came with its 65,000 properties in 120 countries and over 6 million monthly visitors. Now for that summer sabbatical there is a choice of 21,004 properties in the land of Hamlet or 6,533 lovely locations where the Sound of Music has filled the air. Adventure in Croatia after picking one of the 23,577 listed lodgings or visit Italy and stay in one of the 28,754 properties available there.

Another Monaker subsidiary, Maupintour, ‘helps plan highly customized private tours – anywhere around the globe’. Through Maupintour you can do China, riding a Dragon Boat across Kunming Lake in Beijing’s Summer Palace, or visit the Acropolis at Athens and the ancient home of the international games at Olympia. Alternatively, you can cruise along the Nile and see where the sarcophagus of Tutankhamun was found. You can also experience summer at Christmas with the many Southern hemisphere tours. For 14 days, you can frolic through Argentina and Chile, or you can climb around Peru for eight days. You can even try to spot a hobbit as you discover New Zealand for 10 days.

Monaker is growing rapidly. Its latest annual report shows that travel and commission revenues for the year ended February 29, 2016, reached $544,658, which represented a 66.3 percent increase over the previous year’s figure of $327,492. The company and its subsidiaries have been amassing vacation home inventory in efforts to operate the world’s largest online marketplace for the alternative lodging rental industry. Alternative lodging rentals (ALRs) are whole unit vacation homes or timeshare resort units that are fully furnished, privately-owned residential properties, including homes, condominiums, villas and cabins, that property owners and managers rent to the public on a nightly, weekly or monthly basis. The company also aims to become the largest vacation rental platform in the world with auxiliary services so travelers can purchase vacations through one site,, and to provide the most qualified inquiries and bookings to property owners and managers.

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Laguna Blends, Inc. (CSE: LAG) (LB6A.F) (OTC: LAGBF) Offering Special Recognition to its Affiliates

Since the recent announcement that Laguna Blends, Inc.’s (CSE: LAG) (FSE: LB6A.F) (OTC: LAGBF) existing network of affiliates in the U.S. and Canada has already generated $105,000 in unaudited sales in just the 11 weeks since operations began in March to the end of May, the company has been expanding its rewards for affiliates. Laguna Blends is a marketing company currently focused on the nutritional health benefits derived from hemp. The company generates retail sales through its affiliates program that runs through a cloud-based environment. This environment is a tool where affiliates can undertake extra training, make sales, mentor new affiliates, and monitor their performance. Laguna now has two products: Caffe, an instant coffee beverage infused with whey and hemp protein, and Pro369, a hemp protein powder drink mix granted approval from Health Canada.

Since the impressive reaction to Laguna’s affiliate program, the company has redesigned the “your reward” section of its website in order to show a level of “special recognition” to its affiliates. Most recently, Laguna announced a new program, rewarding its top affiliates with three 2017 Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) Model S cars. This incentive will begin once the company has its first month recording a minimum of $1 million in sales revenue. The second and third cars will be awarded when the company reaches at least $1.25 million and $1.5 million.

But a new Tesla is not all the company is offering as an incentive. Laguna Blends, Inc. is also giving affiliates the chance to be part of an adventure in Las Vegas. The contest is based on points and each affiliate must earn a minimum of 80 points for a trip for one and 120 for a trip for two. The scoring system works as such: an affiliate can be awarded 10 points if they sponsor another affiliate who purchases a Performance Pack, 6 points if they sponsor an affiliate who purchases a Pro Pack, and 3 points if they sponsor an affiliate who purchases a Builder Pack. Alternatively, there is the option to become a qualified Sapphire and sponsor 6 new affiliates with Performance Packs to win a trip for one, or become a qualified Emerald and sponsor 8 affiliates with Performance Packs in order to win a trip for two.

To qualify for the trip, contestants must be on autoship and they must enroll with a Performance Pack. In addition, if they enroll with a Performance Pack during the contest time, they will be given an extra 10 points. The trip to Las Vegas includes a deluxe bedroom for two nights at the Bellagio Hotel and airfare for one or two depending on the qualification. The trip will take place in October 2016 and will encompass the thrill of Las Vegas and the beauty of Bellagio’s renowned Italian elegance. Each qualifier will be given the opportunity to enjoy dinner with the founder and CEO of Laguna Blends, Stuart Gray, as well as one of the most famous shows in town.

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International Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO) Neural Stem Cell Therapy – Ethical, Effective, and Homegrown

June 24, 2016

A news story out this week ( in the MIT Technology Review recounts the lamentable tale of a man (Jim Gass) who used to be chief legal counsel for storied electrical manufacturer Sylvania – for whom a desperate search to treat his stroke with stem cells abroad invariably led to disastrous medical tourism results. Based on a study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine, the MIT Tech Rev article’s analysis further explains that the Gass case may have occurred in part due to Google parent company Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG; GOOGL), as the search engine’s paid ad returns to user queries about stem cell therapies seem partly responsible for steering people into the hands of shady clinics abroad.

I don’t know what that tells commercial investors about how midcap and microcap biotech innovators are overlooked, but it tells me everything I need to know about the future of the stem cell sector, because the next decade is primed to witness unprecedented change due to emergent technologies.

This single case with Gass, where a man sought fetal tissue injections in countries like Argentina, China and Mexico, because he did not have access to domestic treatment options, paints a bold and cautionary tale about medical tourism. But it also tells a story about market potential and the huge sums of capital seeking therapy, that is currently trapped, like a spring that is ready to bounce, charged with breakout momentum. Think about Gass: the poor guy just wanted to offset the impact of his stroke and ended up with a tumor made of someone else’s tissue in his spine. Now, the former chief legal counsel for Sylvania is no schlub mind you, so this could happen to any consumer put in a similarly desperate situation. And Gass reportedly spent over $300,000 in the aggregate seeking treatments.

Let’s face the facts. We have been dragging our feet on stem cell technologies for far too long despite the massive bluesky therapeutic potential (especially when we bring personalized medicine vectors into the equation), so in many ways we created the problem. Only in recent years has the FDA begun to change its stance, and so we are late to the game on this one. While due in part to justifiable ethical concerns, the resulting sluggishness of our biotech sector has only been exacerbated by the FDA’s foot-dragging. However, with homegrown companies like revolutionary California-based biotech developer, International Stem Cell Corp. (OTCQB: ISCO), effectively in-play as the FDA continues to loosen its grip, this cautionary tale about Gass could soon go the way of the dinosaur.

The FDA cleared ISCO’s proprietary human parthenogenetic stem cell line for investigational clinical use back in 2014, and the company subsequently made significant headway across its continuously evolving therapeutic pipeline, where two of the current major vectors are Parkinson’s disease and ischemic stroke (the most prevalent type). In fact, the company just announced the results of its 12-month pre-clinical safety and efficacy primate study of its proprietary and readily expandable ISC-hpNSC® (human parthenogenetic stem cells-derived neural stem cells) platform, as being published in the well-respected and peer-reviewed journal, Cell Transplantation.

This publication marks the end of preclinical work for ISCO’s Parkinson’s disease program and confidence is now high at the company, with clinical trial approval of ISC-hpNSC® for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease secured, and Phase 1 clinical trial enrollment underway in Australia. Patients with moderate to severe Parkinson’s are cleared by the Melbourne Health Human Research Ethics Committee and ISCO’s groundbreaking study is being conducted at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in Australia. Great news, especially when one considers the results of a new landmark Mayo Clinic study ( published in JAMA Neurology, which shows a big uptick in Parkinson’s rates from 1976 to 2005, a trend whose forward projections look brutal, even in a best case scenario.

Given the extant evidence thus far showing that ISC-hpNSC improved Parkinson’s disease symptoms markedly in subjects, where dopaminergic neuron mass increased significantly, even as dopamine concentrations rose amid clear neurotrophic support from the therapy – the potential for the company’s neural stem cells in stroke demands a second look as well. It should come as no shock, even to lay investors, that the same kind of injectable ISC-hpNSC therapy able to address Parkinson’s disease can be used to also treat stroke. However, the actual data the company has put together to date on the efficacy of such treatment paints a far more compelling picture.

Being that the standard of care currently involves attempting to dissolve the blood clot within the first few hours after the initial event, followed up by only marginally effective and often extremely challenging rehabilitation work aimed at returning as much cognitive and functional capacity as possible to the patient – the advent of an actual stem cell-based therapy could change the stroke market completely. The National Stroke Association indicates that stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in America and that it is a leading cause of adult disability, alongside other neurological diseases/disorders such as Parkinson’s. According to a new Persistence Market Research report, North America continues to be the largest market by far for stroke diagnostics and therapeutics, with Asia set to experience high levels of growth in the next few years. This outlook jogs well with Transparency Market Research’s most recent publication on the sector, which projects a market worth $1.9 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of around 6.3 percent.

Pre-clinical data suggests that ISCO’s neural stem cell therapy approach not only addresses but can actually reverse the functional deficits associated with a stroke. What’s more, rather than needing to be applied within hours, the therapeutic benefits from such neural stem cell therapy can be accessed days, or even weeks after the stroke has occurred.

The advent of ISCO’s neural stem cell therapy would be a complete and total paradigm shift in the healthcare market when it comes to treating stroke, and the company is right here in our own backyard. Throw away your medical tourism passport America, and double down on ISCO.

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Monaker Group, Inc. (MKGI) Files Form 10K for Fiscal Year 2016

June 23, 2016

Earlier today, Monaker Group, Inc. (OTCQB: MKGI) announced the filing of its Form 10K for the fiscal year ended February 29, 2016. In addition to reporting a 66.3 percent year-over-year increase in travel and commission revenue, the form highlighted the ongoing business evolution of Monaker Group. In late 2015, the company implemented a strategy designed to accelerate its travel sales through Maupintour, and the early results from these efforts paint a promising picture for shareholders. Within the first months of 2016, Monaker surpassed its revenues for the entirety of 2015, and a dramatically strengthened balance sheet, which includes current liabilities of just $3.03 million (as compared to the $12.1 million reported the previous year), positions the company to build on this start throughout the balance of this year.

To view the company’s Form 10K, visit

In addition to its growth through its Maupintour subsidiary, Monaker has made considerable progress in recent months toward the development of its next generation NextTrip travel platform. In February, the company introduced a beta of the new platform, and its management team has spent the last 10 weeks preparing the site for full commercial launch. Notably, Monaker has already secured an alternative lodging rental (ALR) inventory in excess of 1.1 million listings for the NextTrip platform, putting it on pace with established industry leaders such as HomeAway, which was recently acquired by Expedia (NASDAQ: EXPE), in terms of inventory.

“With the rapid increase in ALR inventory and the development of the next generation platform, Monaker is in a stronger position to effectively compete and excel in the vast and lucrative alternative lodging market,” Bill Kerby, chairman and chief executive officer of Monaker, stated in today’s news release.

NextTrip will include integration of Monaker’s state-of-the-art booking engine, allowing consumers to comprehensively search vacation destinations for lodging products, as well as supplementary products such as flights, rental cars and tour activities. According to today’s update, the company’s innovative platform can also be integrated with channel partners in order to broaden distribution and accelerate financial growth.

Look for Monaker to build on its strong revenue growth in 2015 through the impending launch of its NextTrip booking platform. With roughly 53 percent of all travel now being booked through online travel agencies, according to a report by the University of Iowa (, and a strong U.S. dollar spurring increased overseas tourism, Monaker’s latest foray into the travel industry could be set for a favorable launch in the near term.

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Moxian, Inc. (MOXC) Providing Merchants with Tool Kits to Use on Customers through Social Media Marketing

Aside from the fact that the marketing world is growing quickly thanks to evolving technology, social media has become one of the most widely used sources for marketing products and services. According to Regalix, when marketers were asked where they would be increasing their spending in 2015, 54% said social media. Furthermore, the top three areas in which they would be increasing spending are social media advertising, social media marketing, and social media engagement. Not only this, but 62% of these people said they expect an increase in usage of social media, and 64% believe social media is a critical enabler of their products or services, according to Salesforce.

Moxian, Inc. (OTCQB: MOXC) provides promotional tools and marketing opportunities to merchants through social media. The company has two products: Moxian+ User and Moxian+ Business, both of which were made to enhance the relationship between consumer and merchant. To do this, Moxian runs targeted advertising campaigns and promotions according to a business’s needs. Moxian, Inc. does not just provide targeted marketing, but a combination of social media, entertainment (such as games), and business intelligence to generate valuable data for a range of companies.

Moxian+ User consists of a platform that has social networking, a redemption center and a game center. Users are able to earn a virtual currency to buy prizes from the Moxian mall. Moxian+ Business is built for merchants to set up a store and push promotions through a variety of tools. These applications allow Moxian to gather data from consumers as well as provide merchants with the opportunity to design and promote marketing campaigns. This allows businesses to learn about their customers.

Moxian, Inc.’s business model has allowed it to build a social media platform where both users and businesses can interact with one another and benefit from the services. Businesses are able to take advantage of intelligent data analytics, a range of business tools, a loyalty program, and advertising opportunities. Consumers can search for merchants close to them, play a variety of games to win virtual money, shop and spend their virtual money on prizes, and communicate with friends through the instant messenger tool.

For more information, visit the company’s website at

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Biostage, Inc. (BSTG) – Developing Personalized Approach to Organ Regeneration

Biostage, Inc. (NASDAQ: BSTG) is pioneering radically new technologies for the development of bioengineered organ implants targeting cancer and other life-threatening diseases of the esophagus, bronchus, and trachea. Traditional treatment options for such diseases are limited, with significant risk of complications and negative effect on quality of life. The company’s Cellframe™ technology uses the patient’s own stem cells to seed onto a proprietary biocompatible scaffold designed to guide the regeneration of a biological structure matching the dimensions of the organ being regenerated. The resulting organ-specific “Cellspan” implants represent a unique personalized approach to organ regeneration.

Biostage has worked long to evolve their revolutionary Cellframe™ technology, which, in the company’s words, “combines the best attributes of a synthetic scaffold with tissue engineering and cell biology,” creating a platform representing “a complete re-engineering” of their earlier organ scaffold and cell technology. In May 2016, Biostage announced successful results from large-animal studies of their Cellspan Esophageal Implant, conducted in conjunction with Mayo Clinic, and the company is in the process of getting these results published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, an important step toward full recognition. The company plans to file an investigational new drug application (IND) with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and it expects to conduct human clinical trials in 2017. The goal of these clinical trials is to demonstrate the technology’s superior mortality rates, with reduced complications and improved quality of life for patients.

The company’s stated values are based upon its management team’s belief that its proprietary Cellframe technology has the “opportunity to dramatically advance the field of regenerative medicine by improving the treatment options for patients with life-threatening conditions,” with an overall target of “breakthrough solutions for unmet medical needs.”

The Chief Executive Officer of Biostage, Jim McGorry, has over 30 years of leadership experience with a number of companies in the medical and biotech industries, in addition to carrying an MBA with a concentration in healthcare from Duke University, and a BS in Engineering from West Point. He also served as an officer in the United States Army for six years, including commanding a special operations Green Beret SCUBA detachment.

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I’m XAM, LLC Sets Sights on Rapidly Expanding Messenger App Marketplace

According to a report from eMarketer (, the number of global smartphone users is expected to surpass two billion this year, and this growth is just the beginning. By 2018, the research firm suggests that over one-third of consumers worldwide – roughly 2.56 billion people – will be using smartphones to access the internet, communicate with friends and make purchases. Alongside the proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices, digital communication is most certainly on the rise. While the early part of the decade was defined by an uptick in social media usage and texting, the latter half seems destined to redefine the way individuals communicate through the development and evolution of messaging apps.

In a 2015 report, Contently ( gave some insight into the rapid and pronounced growth of the messaging app space. In total, six of the top 10 most used apps on the global stage are categorized as messaging apps, and these same apps topped the charts in terms of app sessions. Critically, leaders on the global app sessions charts offer a number of extensive services to users that are specially designed to keep the apps at the forefront of their respective audiences’ attention. Tencent Holdings’ (OTC: TCEHY) WeChat, for example, combines messaging, group messaging, voice calls, games, payments, food delivery and taxi services into an approachable, intuitive interface.

Regional powerhouses such as Japan’s Line and Korea’s KakaoTalk offer similar versatility to Tencent’s flagship offering, and all three are beginning to eye growth on a more international stage. In a New York Times article published earlier this month (, Line, which is owned by South Korean online portal Naver (OTC: NHNCF), reiterated intentions to raise about $1 billion in listings in New York and Tokyo ahead of a potential summer IPO. If this funding comes through, it would value Line at more than $5 billion, making it the biggest market debut for a technology company this year.

Of course, the rapid adoption of messenger apps isn’t exclusive to international markets. Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) kicked off the proverbial gold rush when it acquired Skype for $8.5 billion in May 2011. Social media giant Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) has also taken strides toward establishing a foothold in the market. In 2014, the company made headlines when it unveiled a forced split of its social media app from its Messenger app, which is currently the third most popular messaging app in terms of usage. Facebook bolstered its position in the burgeoning market with its $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp that same year, putting it at the head of the class in an increasingly crowded messenger world.

Despite the dominance of major players in the messenger space, it’s important to note that users are still willing to try new entries in the market. In a 2015 study by Global Web Index, active Snapchat users between the ages of 16 and 64 were polled to determine how many used multiple apps to communicate with friends and family, and the results were promising for companies hoping to break into the market. As many as 72 percent of Snapchatters also use Facebook Messenger, 54 percent also use WhatsApp and 51 percent also use Skype. In other words, if an app offers an enticing feature set or user base that can’t be found on other offerings, users are proving more than willing to cross brand lines.

I’m XAM, LLC is a debt-free, 100 percent privately-owned company working to unveil its real-time collaborative Extensible Application Messenger, which is being designed to refine and repurpose the way people communicate in the mobile space. The ambitious platform combines the private and group messaging capabilities of Twitter (NYSE: TWTR), known as Qme and Circle on the I’m XAM app, with a number of exciting new features, such as a polling mechanic, quick and easy invitations and digital business cards. Currently under development for both Android and Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) iOS devices, I’m XAM will be available to download for free, and it could be the next app to make a major splash in the messenger market.

The first order of business following the release of I’m XAM will be to build a user base, and the company has already unveiled plans to do just that. Key portions of this strategy include expanded marketing efforts in EMEA, Asia, Japan and the Americas, as well as additional development work, such as adding multilingual support, which will play a role in increasing the platform’s marketability on the global stage. Unlike many of the messenger apps currently on the market, which often depend on download fees or third party purchases for monetization, the free I’m XAM app will implement groundbreaking monetization features designed to create less obtrusive revenue streams. As stated in the company’s product overview, I’m XAM will ‘do things differently’, and that could be a great recipe for success in the rapidly evolving messenger app marketplace.

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Momentous Entertainment Group (MMEG) Gets Aggressive with Direct Response Marketing

June 22, 2016

In a recent 8-K filing, Momentous Entertainment Group (OTC: MMEG) disclosed it had issued a press release announcing an aggressive growth business plan. No doubt, this new marketing initiative will encompass vigorous direct response marketing initiatives, as Momentous founder and CEO Kurt Neubauer indicated when he spoke with Neubauer explained:

“The direct response is really a means to an end. A lot of entertainment companies out here… once they get their project made, they don’t know what to do with it. They don’t know how to get it distributed. We are kind of taking on the old adage… the old direct response adage… like selling music on television, selling film or downloads… things of this nature… through direct response advertising. Time Life has done this for decades and it has worked very well for them. We plan on following a similar model. Once we develop a project, we will take it to the national distribution but if that national distribution does not pan out, we can always work on our own.”

Time Life is a division of Direct Holdings Global LLC and became a globally-recognized brand in the 70s and 80s for its print publications. Around 2002, the company wound down its book division and got into the music business with astounding results. It has done particularly well in the faith-based market. As early as 2002, it scored a string of successes in the genre. According to Billboard, Time Life’s Songs 4 Worship – Shout to the Lord was among the top-10 selling Christian albums in the country and spent 66 weeks on The Billboard 200. It also scored big with a video version of Songs 4 Worship.

Direct response marketing attempts to elicit prompt action from those who peruse the advertising copy. The medium varies and includes email, online ads, fliers, catalogs, cell phone text messages, print media, TV and billboards.

However, Time Life, although it markets faith-based products, is not particularly focused on that niche. Momentous Entertainment Group is different. Management of the company play active parts in the choir and in other aspects of worship and community service at the Faith United Methodist Church in Richmond, Texas.

Three products spearhead MMEG’s aggressive marketing strategy in the faith-based, family-oriented market. The first is The Greatest Story Every Sung, a compilation of 34 songs on compact disc (CD). The Greatest Story Every Sung celebrates the life of Christ. The music tracks are introduced by Stephen Baldwin. The second faith-based product is a double CD album, called Tim Storey presents Daily Reminders from Scripture, consisting of recitations of bible passages on the themes of hope, love, peace and joy. Tim Storey is a pastor and motivational life coach to many of the top names in the entertainment industry, including Oprah Winfrey. Rounding out the faith-based product line is a music video with the title ‘I Believe’. ‘I Believe’ is sung by Suzanne Olmon, who is Music Director at the Faith United Methodist Church in Richmond, Texas.

For more information, visit

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Rhino Resource Partners LP (RHNO) Committed to Growing Diversified Natural Resources Safely and Responsibly

Rhino Resource Partners LP (OTCQB: RHNO) is a producer of natural resources, including sulfur steam coal, metallurgical coal, gas, and oil. RHNO’s vision is “To be a leading supplier of natural resources; ever improving through teamwork and innovation, always committed to excel in safety, productivity, environmental excellence and stakeholder value.” The company’s guiding principles are safety, leadership, and communication, and it wants to continue building a future within the natural resources sector by creating strong partnerships with its stakeholders to enhance long-term value.

Since 2003, Rhino Resource Partners LP has acquired a number of properties and reserves that have been developed with low risk at a good price. Through these acquisitions, the company has managed to increase its coal production while maintaining extremely high environmental and safety standards. These standards run throughout the company’s entire vision and have been established and re-evaluated regularly to ensure that they are up-to-date and functional.

RHNO’s first priority is the safety of its employees, which is why it provides regular awareness training to ensure the highest production standards are met. Aside from this, RHNO’s ethics consist of honesty and integrity. The company communicates openly with its employees and stakeholders about activities that are currently operating and those that are being planned. In addition, Rhino Resource Partners LP believes it operates with the highest environmental standards in mind. The company aims to exceed safety and environmental regulations put in place by state and federal law in all of its mining operations, both underground and on the surface.

Since 2015, RHNO’s average MSHA violations were half of the national average in the United States. The company believes that by minimizing its impact on the environment it will be able to be more efficient in its production and, in turn, keep its employees happy. RHNO has mining operations in Central and Northern Appalachia and the Illinois Basin, and it has Western Bituminous operations in Utah and Colorado. It also has non-mining operations in Southeastern Ohio. Other natural resource assets include oil and gas in the Utica Shale region.

For more information, visit the company’s website at

Biostage (BSTG) CEO Updates Shareholders

In a letter from Jim McGorry, CEO of Biostage, Inc. (NASDAQ: BSTG), shareholders were updated on the company’s valuation and the outlook for the second half of 2016. Biostage is a Massachusetts-based developer of bioengineered organ implants for treating life-threatening diseases of the esophagus, bronchus, and trachea, including cancer.

McGorry explained that Biostage has made “tremendous progress” in developing the company’s breakthrough Cellframe™ technology for creating Cellspan™ organ implants using a patient’s own stem cells and a proprietary biocompatible scaffold. As a result, the company is now able to transition, over the remainder of 2016, toward the start of human clinical trials, the first step of which is the filing of an investigational new drug application (IND) with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. McGorry explained how the company took the appropriate time to ensure its product’s safety and efficacy, while remaining on schedule for the planned filing by the end of 2016.

Biostage announced in May successful results from their large-animal studies of the Cellspan Esophageal Implant, conducted in conjunction with the Mayo Clinic. McGorry explained how the data obtained will form the basis for the company’s FDA application, seeking orphan designation for the product, and how Biostage is currently working on getting the results published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, which will “greatly support and validate” the company’s progress. He added that anticipated progress over the second half of the year is expected to present “potential value inflection moments for shareholders.”

McGorry explained that Biostage’s recent $5 million at-the-market offering was an important step in solidifying the company’s cash position and addressing any market concerns in this area. He concluded, “We now have the capital to get us through a number of milestones in 2016 including the filing of an IND, and we expect to move into human clinical trials in 2017,” adding, “we believe the company’s momentum, liquidity and value should substantially increase,” and that “by this time next year our esophageal implant will be in a human clinical trial”. Biostage plans to follow this first esophageal product candidate with additional products to address life-threatening conditions of the bronchus and trachea.

For more on Biostage, visit

Laguna Blends, Inc. (CSE: LAG) (LB6A.F) (OTC: LAGBF) Convincing the Skeptics, Garners ‘Buy’ Recommendation from Equity.Guru

June 21, 2016

Laguna Blends, Inc. (CSE: LAG) (FSE: LB6A.F) (OTC: LAGBF) was recently the focus of an article posted on Equity.Guru, an exclusive resource, tech and cannabis industry analysis firm. Under the lead of Chris Parry, former Director of Editorial at, award-winning journalist and corporate communications professional, Equity.Guru adheres to a self-described ‘take no prisoners’ editorial style, maintaining a constant focus on putting the interests of the shareholder first. While companies have the option to pay for Parry’s attention, they can’t bankroll favorable coverage, maintaining the integrity of Equity.Guru’s reports and garnering a sizable following throughout the investment community.

In last week’s article, fittingly titled ‘Aaaaand go: Laguna Blends hits its stride with opening sales data’, Parry expressed his optimism regarding Laguna’s upside following its recent release of preliminary sales data. In its first 11 weeks, Laguna’s affiliate marketing program brought in an impressive $105,000 in sales from its low-priced coffee and protein drink products, and early reports suggest a solid number of repeat orders moving forward. Taking into consideration the fact that Laguna has yet to officially launch its affiliate network and all sales to this point have come from a scratch-built sales team, the company’s early numbers are even more promising.

Parry’s newfound optimism regarding Laguna’s upside marks a major shift from his previous coverage of the company. As an early investor, he was disappointed by the fluidity of Laguna’s initial timelines, but that sentiment has all but disappeared when studying the company’s current trajectory.

“I lost my ass by buying early, but those buying in today have nothing but upside,” Parry stated in the Equity.Guru article. “You get it at a 90% discount to what I got it for, and that’s a bargain.”

To view the full Equity.Guru article, visit

Laguna’s strong sales figures are particularly noteworthy because of its affiliate marketing business model. Unlike regular retail, which requires months of waiting to determine if sales are meeting expectations, affiliate marketing offers quick feedback regarding the market acceptance of particular products, and reorder statistics are a good indicator of opportunities for additional growth. As sales figures rise, Laguna should expect its affiliate numbers to grow, creating an opening to greatly increase its market presence in a relatively short amount of time.

Prospective investors shouldn’t need to wait very long to determine if Laguna’s sales follow this course. The company’s management team has already announced intentions to disperse sales figures on an ongoing basis moving forward, giving shareholders reassurance that Laguna’s hot start in the affiliate marketing space doesn’t unknowingly cool down. If Equity.Guru’s article is any indication, though, waiting for these numbers before investing could be a mistake.

“I’ve warned you off for a while now but, as of today, Laguna is a go,” Parry concluded. “It will not see $0.10 again.”

For more information, visit

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  • Greenstone Holdings Inc. GSHN (2)
  • Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. GRCK (24)
  • GRILLiT Inc. GRLT (8)
  • Growblox Sciences Inc. GBLX (24)
  • GT Legend Automotive Holdings Inc. GTLA (2)
  • GTX Corp GTXO (49)
  • Gulf Western Petroleum Corp. GWPC (3)
  • GWS Technologies Inc. GWSC (4)
  • Halcyon Jets Holdings Inc. HJHO (15)
  • Halitron Inc. HAON (11)
  • Hanover Financial Services (17)
  • Harbin Electric Inc. HRBN (2)
  • Harvey Electronics Inc. HRVE (1)
  • Hasco Medical Inc. HASC (7)
  • Hathway Corp. HWYI (1)
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  • Healthnostics Inc. HNSO (1)
  • HealthSonix Inc. HSXI (1)
  • HealthSport Inc. HSPO (14)
  • Heartland Inc. HTLG (1)
  • Heartland Oil and Gas Corp. HTOG (7)
  • Hemis Corporation HMSO (19)
  • Hemisphere Gold Inc. HPGI (1)
  • Hemp Inc. HEMP (25)
  • Hendrx Corp. HDRX (1)
  • Hi-Shear Technology Corp. HSR (3)
  • HighCom Global Security Inc. HCGS (19)
  • HII Technologies Inc. HIIT (8)
  • Holloman Energy Corp. HENC (2)
  • Holmes Osborne (6)
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  • i-Level Media Group Inc. ILVL (3)
  • i2 Telecom International Inc. ITUI (7)
  • iB3 Networks Inc. IBNW (1)
  • IceWEB Inc. IWEB (5)
  • ICP Solar Technologies Inc. ICPR (3)
  • IDGLOBAL Corp. IDGJ (2)
  • IDO Security Inc. IDOI (22)
  • IEG Holdings Corp. IEGH (22)
  • IFAN Financial Inc. IFAN (34)
  • iGambit, Inc. IGMB (5)
  • Imaging3 Inc. IMGG (2)
  • ImaRx Therapeutics Inc. IMRX (2)
  • Immune Therapeutics Inc. IMUN (11)
  • Impact E-Solutions Corp. IESO (1)
  • Imperial Petroleum Inc. IPMN (10)
  • Inca Designs Inc. IDGI.PK (4)
  • Independent Film Development Corp. IFLM (1)
  • Index Oil and Gas Inc. IXOG.OB (5)
  • India Globalization Capital, Inc. IGC (21)
  • Industrial Biotechnology Corp. IBOT (1)
  • Infinite Group Inc. IMCI (48)
  • Inform Worldwide Holdings, Inc. IWWI (27)
  • InMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. IMLFF (38)
  • Intec LTD ICLJY (1)
  • IntegraMed America Inc INMD (1)
  • Intelecom Inc. IECM (3)
  • Intelimax Media Inc. IXMD (31)
  • Intelligent Highway Solutions Inc. IHSI (6)
  • Intercept Energy Services Inc. IESCF (7)
  • Interleukin Genetics Inc. ILI (1)
  • International Barrier Technology Inc IBTGF (1)
  • International Consolidated Companies Inc. INCC (2)
  • International Stem Cell Corp. ISCO (226)
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  • JZZ Technologies Inc. JZZI (3)
  • KAL Energy Inc. KALG (3)
  • Kallo Inc. KALO (43)
  • Kandi Technologies Corp. KNDI (3)
  • KCM Holding Corp. KCMH (3)
  • Kingslake Energy Inc. KGLJ (2)
  • Klondex Mines Ltd. KLNDF (1)
  • Knobias KNBS (5)
  • Kootenay Zinc Corp. KTNNF (12)
  • Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. KBLB (88)
  • L&L International Holdings Inc. LLFH (2)
  • Laguna Blends Inc. LAGBF (53)
  • Lantis Laser Inc. LLSR (5)
  • Last Mile Logistics Group LMLG (4)
  • Latitude 360 Inc. LATX (21)
  • LD Holdings Inc. LDHL (14)
  • Legacy Holdings Inc. LGYH (1)
  • Legacy Ventures International Inc. LGYV (24)
  • Legend Media Inc. LEGE (4)
  • Lexaria Bioscience Corp. LXRP (74)
  • Liberty Leaf Holdings Ltd. LIBFF (10)
  • Lifespan Inc. LSPN (1)
  • Lime Energy Corp. LIME (3)
  • Lingo Media Corp. LMDCF (18)
  • Linkwell Corporation LWLL (4)
  • Liquor Group Wholesale Inc. LIQR (22)
  • Inc. LFLS (47)
  • LOGIC Devices Inc. LOGC (1)
  • Logility Inc. LGTY (1)
  • LoJack Corp LOJN (3)
  • Longhai Steel Inc. LGHS (10)
  • LottoGopher Holdings Inc. LTTGF (26)
  • Lotus Pharmaceuticals Inc. LTUS (1)
  • Low Carbon Technologies (LWCTF) (3)
  • Lucas Energy, Inc. LEI (17)
  • Mabwe Minerals Inc. MBMI (56)
  • Macquarie Infrastructure Company MIC (5)
  • Maine and Maritime Corp. MMA (1)
  • Majic Wheels Corp. MJWL (6)
  • Makeup Inc. MAKU (2)
  • Mammoth Energy Group Inc. MMTE (5)
  • Mantra Venture Group Ltd. MVTG (10)
  • Marijuana Company of America, Inc. MCOA (37)
  • Mariner’s Choice International Inc. MCII (2)
  • Martin Nutraceuticals MNIU (11)
  • Material Technologies Inc. MTCH (44)
  • Max Media Group Inc. MXMI (9)
  • Max Sound Corp. MAXD (30)
  • MC Endeavors Inc. MSMY (2)
  • MedeFile International Inc. MDFI (46)
  • MediaG3 Inc. MDGC (1)
  • Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions (REFG) (13)
  • Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions REFG (19)
  • Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc. MIHI (16)
  • Medical Transcription Billing Corp. MTBC (13)
  • Medina International Holdings Inc. MIHI (3)
  • Medisafe 1 Technologies Corp. MFTH (3)
  • Medivisor Inc. MVSR (1)
  • Mega Media Group, Inc. MMDA (30)
  • MegaWest Energy Corporation MGWSF (2)
  • Memry Corp. MRY (2)
  • Metro One Development Inc. MODI (2)
  • Mexico Energy Corp. MXC (1)
  • MGX Minerals, Inc. MGXMF (52)
  • Micro Identification Technologies Inc. MMTC (44)
  • MicrocapMoney (2)
  • Microsoft Corporation MSFT (4)
  • Midway Gold Corp. MDW (1)
  • Military Resale Group MYRL (19)
  • Minco Silver Corp. MSV.TO (1)
  • Mindpix Corp. MNDP (1)
  • MIP Solutions Inc. MSOL (7)
  • MIT Holding MITD (36)
  • MitoPharm Corp. MTPH (1)
  • Mizati Luxury Alloy Wheels, Inc. MZTI (14)
  • Mobile Entertainment Inc. MBEI (1)
  • Mobile Lads Corp. MOBO (43)
  • Momentous Entertainment Group Inc. MMEG (19)
  • Monaker Group Inc. MKGI (48)
  • Money4Gold Holdings Inc. MFGD (3)
  • Holdings Inc. MBKR (2)
  • Mosquito Consolidated Gold Mines Limited MSQ.V (1)
  • Moxian Inc. MOXC (62)
  • mPhase Technologies Inc. XDSL (12)
  • MSE Enviro-Tech Corp. MEVT (4)
  • Muscle Flex Inc. MFLI (55)
  • MusclePharm Corp. MSLP (23)
  • Mvive Inc. MVIV (22)
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  • Inc. MYST (1)
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  • Nanometrics Inc. NANO (1)
  • NanoSensors Inc. NNSR (1)
  • NanoTech Entertainment Inc. NTEK (30)
  • Napster, Inc. NAPS (5)
  • National Automation Services Inc. NASV (67)
  • National Coal Corp. NCOC (2)
  • National Waste Management Holdings Inc. NWMH (24)
  • Naturally Iowa Inc. NLIA (2)
  • NavStar Technologies Inc. NVSR (16)
  • nCoat Inc NCOA (8)
  • Neah Power Systems NPWZ (14)
  • Neohydro Technologies Corp. NHYT (4)
  • Neoprobe Corp. NEOP (6)
  • NeoStem Inc. NBS (6)
  • Net Element Inc. NETE (19)
  • NetSol Technologies Inc NTWK (64)
  • Neurobiological Technologies Inc. NTII (3)
  • NeuroMama Ltd. NERO (15)
  • Neutra Corp. NTRR (37)
  • New Asia Gold Corp. NWAG (1)
  • New Generation Biofuel Holdings Inc. GNB (3)
  • NewMarket China Inc. NMCH (7)
  • NewMarket Technology Inc. NMKT (7)
  • Newport Digital Technologies Inc. NPDT (61)
  • Nexia Holdings Inc. NXHD (51)
  • NexMed Inc. NEXM (8)
  • NeXplore Corp. NXPC (4)
  • Next One Interactive Inc. NXOI (7)
  • NextGen Bioscience Inc. NXGB (1)
  • NextPhase Wireless Inc. NPHS (1)
  • Nexus Enterprise Solutions Inc. NXES (30)
  • NF Energy Saving Corp. of America NFES (1)
  • Nhale Inc. NHLE (18)
  • Nilam Resources Inc. NILR (4)
  • Nitro Petroleum Inc. NTRO (5)
  • North Bay Resources Inc. NBRI (10)
  • NuTech Inc. NTCI (1)
  • Nutra Pharma Corp. NPHC (21)
  • NutraNomics Inc. NNRX (30)
  • NuVim Inc. NUVM (1)
  • NVIDIA Corp. NVDA (1)
  • NXGen Holdings Inc. NXGH (1)
  • Oakridge Global Energy Solutions Inc. OGES (63)
  • Obee's Franchise Systems Inc. OBFM (1)
  • OBJ Enterprises Inc. OBJE (27)
  • Odyne Corporation ODYC (15)
  • Omega Commercial Finance Corp. OCFN (2)
  • OmniaLuo Inc. OLUO (1)
  • Omnicity Corp. OMCY (26)
  • Omninet Media.Com, Inc. ONMC (5)
  • On The Go Healthcare Inc. MODI (13)
  • On the Move Systems Inc. OMVS (102)
  • Oncolin Therapeutics Inc. OCOL (1)
  • One Step Vending Corp. KOSK (2)
  • One World Holdings Inc. OWOO (61)
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  • Patient Access Solutions Inc. PASO (7)
  • Patriot Energy Corp. dba TelTeck Solutions Inc PGYC.PK (11)
  • Patriot One Technologies, Inc. PTOTF (25)
  • Patriot Scientific Corp. PTSC (6)
  • Peace Arch Entertainment Group Inc. PAE (1)
  • Peoples Educational Holdings Inc. PEDH (2)
  • Perf Go Green Holdings Inc. PGOG (12)
  • Perfect Web Technologies, Inc PWBI (11)
  • Perfectenergy International Ltd. PFGY (1)
  • Performance Health Technologies Inc. PFMH (31)
  • Pet DRX Corp. VETS (1)
  • Petro Resources Corp. PRC (2)
  • Petrogress, Inc. PGAS (27)
  • PetroSun Inc. PSUD (41)
  • Petroteq Energy Inc. PQEFF (50)
  • Phantom Fiber Corp. PHFB (2)
  • Pilot Financial Communications (3)
  • Pipex Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP (2)
  • PITOOEY! Inc. PTOO (14)
  • Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc. PVOTF (1)
  • Planet Nutrition Inc. PNHL (4)
  • Platina Energy Group Inc. PLTG (8)
  • PlayBOX Inc. PYBX (5)
  • Players Network PNTV (15)
  • Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. PSTI (10)
  • Positron Corp. POSC (3)
  • PotNetwork Holding, Inc. POTN (59)
  • Power of the Dream Ventures (1)
  • Power Play Development Corp. PWPY (17)
  • Powersafe Technology Corp. PWSF (1)
  • Premier Energy Corp. PNRC (1)
  • Pressure BioSciences Inc. PBIO (41)
  • PreveCeutical Medical Inc. PRVCF (22)
  • PRG Group Inc. PRGJ (2)
  • PrimEdge Inc. PEDI (1)
  • Private Equity Securities (93)
  • Pro Motors Group Corp. PMGU (2)
  • Pro Travel Network Inc. PTVL (2)
  • ProBility Media Corp. PBYA (33)
  • ProGaming Platforms Corp. PPTF (22)
  • Proginet Corp. PRGF (3)
  • Prom Resources PRMO (9)
  • Propalms Inc. PRPM (3)
  • Provectus Pharmaceuticals Inc. PVCT (12)
  • Puget Technologies Inc. PUGE (23)
  • Pulmo BioTech Inc. PLMO (4)
  • Puramed Bioscience Inc. PMBS (3)
  • Pure Biofuels Corp. PBOF (4)
  • Pure H2O Inc. PURH (1)
  • Pure Hospitality Solutions Inc. PNOW (99)
  • Purio Inc. PURO (5)
  • Puritan Financial Group Inc. PTNG (1)
  • Purple Beverage Company Inc. PPBV (8)
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  • TapImmune, Inc. TPIV (15)
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