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Alliance Creative Group (ACGX) Continues Strategy of Growing through Key Acquisitions

September 22nd, 2014

For most companies, especially small businesses that have limited budgets and resources, operational requirements involve a continuum of functions, rather than easily separated processes. Marketing, creative design, production, fulfillment, management, and all the other aspects of successfully working with the marketplace, must flow together. If a company is looking outside for support, it’s not surprising that they usually want a one-stop-shop experience, where everything can be developed and coordinated under one roof, without having to juggle multiple service suppliers.

This is exactly the way that Alliance Creative Group, an Illinois-based marketing and business support company, is growing their service. They are establishing themselves as a single go-to solution provider for clients to achieve all of their strategic marketing, printing, and packaging objectives. The company’s offered services include creative and design, printing and packaging, direct mailing, product development, supply chain management, project management, event marketing, business consulting, and strategic marketing. This comprehensive orientation is reflected in their operational structure, which has grown to be comprised of 8 areas:

• Creative & Design
• Printing – Commercial Offset, Large Format and Digital On Demand
• Packaging – Flexible, Folding Cartons, Thermoforming & Corrugate
• Direct Mail
• Supply Chain Management – Inventory, Distribution and Logistics (JIT)
• Brand Development & Management – PR & Marketing
• Business Consulting & Strategic Marketing
• Fulfillment, Assembly and Kitting

This growth has been possible through selective acquisitions, which they state they will continue as part of a broad printing and packaging roll-up strategy. They are in discussions with multiple new parties regarding potential mergers or acquisitions, and are looking into equipment and software upgrade options. The intent is to have multiple business divisions or subsidiaries working together under one roof, sharing common resources, and helping to increase the overall revenues and profits, while reducing the percentage of expenses by utilizing economies of scale.

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Armco Metals Holdings, Inc. (AMCO) Inks Agreement with Chile Supplier for Woodchips Purchase

September 22nd, 2014

Today before the opening bell, Armco Metals announced its subsidiary, Armco Metals International, Inc., has inked an agreement with a Chilean supplier for a woodchips purchase. The agreement was initiated on Tuesday, September 9, 2014. The development was the culmination of Armco Metals’ efforts to add woodchips to its trading business line portfolio.

The agreement calls for Armco International to purchase a trial shipment of around 50,000 green metric tons (±10%) of Eucalyptus Nitens woodchips from the supplier. Should this trial shipment prove successful, Armco International will move onto a one-year total importation of 550,000 to 600,000 green metric tons. With the current market price in China, 600,000 green metric tons of wood chips is worth $63MM, and Armco Metals anticipates realizing 10% gross margins on the sales of the product.

Armco Metals inked the agreement while thinking of the woodchips’ market potential in the Chinese economy. China is the world’s biggest producer of paper and paperboard. But with the lack of sufficient quantity of high-quality domestic wood fiber supply, new pulp mills in China have been looking to import greater amounts of woodchips from plantation-rich countries to meet their growing needs.

It is estimated that China’s eucalyptus plantations doubled between 2006 and 2012. However, this growth will not be enough to meet increasing demand due to challenges with frost, pests, and disease due to a very narrow genetic base. As domestic pulp production has grown, imports of woodchips to China have surged during the past few years. As a result, China emerged as the world’s leading importer of woodchips in Q2 2013.

Commenting on the announcement, Kexuan Yao, Chairman and CEO of Armco Metals Holdings, stated, “While keep confident in our metal ore trading and recycling business, management has been making efforts to diversify our product line and develop new profitable products into our business line. With the proven ability and expertise of our team in international trading and sourcing, we have the unique advantage to expand our business scope and carry new product which offers mitigated risks and high return potential. We will capitalize on our formidable business development team to develop the new product and expand into non metal ore business that offer high growth potential, as well as higher profit margins. We look forward to providing more updates on the developments and anticipate unlocking considerable value for our shareholders.”

Mr. Yao also referenced the experience and expertise of Armco Metals’ business trading team. The team members have more than 10 years of experience in international trading business and product sourcing, with plenty of bank trading facility. They have also conducted extensive market and industry research and feasibility studies, including but not limited to: international vendor and product sourcing, shipping and logistics analysis, financing facility arrangements, and customer identification and networking.

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Technology Applications International, Inc. (NUUU) is “One to Watch”

September 19th, 2014

Technology Applications International is focused on producing, distributing, marketing and selling skincare products, in addition to engaging in the environmental management and water purification industries. The company conducts its business through two separate wholly owned subsidiaries: Rejuvel Int’l, Inc. and NueEarth, Inc.

Rejuvel Int’l, Inc. developed its skincare line of products using a NASA bioreactor to grow and expand three-dimensional fibroblast cells. Using exclusively licensed technology, licensed from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund under U.S. Patent No. 6,730,498, the Rejuvel’s flagship anti-aging facial products trigger the multiplication of human fibroblast skin cells that rebuild skin for a firm, healthy and youthful appearance. The company has been awarded a “seal of approval” from the Space Certification program, setting a new standard for innovation in an industry projected to reach $114 billion in sales by 2015.

NueEarth, Inc. provides environmental management solutions and water purification techniques using a mobile electron beam accelerator unit which creates high-energy electrons that produce free radicals in the wastewater to decompose organic compounds or pollutants. The company has identified a number of different markets for this particle accelerator technology, including the removal of pollutants from wastewater, drinking water, municipal sludge and water that’s contaminated by the fracking process.

Technology Applications International’s management team is methodically establishing its brand in the marketplace with well-respected associations and strategic marketing initiatives. As the company continues to pursue direct consumer sales and other opportunities, it stands to do well with the foundation management has laid for growth.

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WRIT Media Group, Inc. (WRIT) is “One to Watch”

September 19th, 2014

WRIT Media Group is focused on expanding in the digital media industry. The holding company currently operates under two different divisions: content creation via Front Row Networks, and “retro” video gaming via Retro Infinity Inc. and Amiga Games Inc.

The company’s Front Row Networks subsidiary produces, acquires and distributes live concerts in 2D and 3D format for initial worldwide digital broadcast into digitally-enabled movie theaters. In addition to presenting live concerts to massive audiences at lower ticket prices, Front Row Networks will license the content for many different distribution channels and sell merchandize where the live concerts are exhibited. The subsidiary also secures and distributes non-concert alternative theatrical programming and aims to acquire the broadest range of rights for exclusive programming.

Retro Infinity specializes in licensing classic computer and console video game libraries and adapts and republishes the most popular titles for smartphones, modern game consoles, micro-consoles, PCs, and tablets. The company leverages platform and classic game brands, coupled with proprietary technologies, to create new revenue from dormant game libraries.

Amiga Games Inc. shares resources with Retro Infinity to adapt and republish the most popular titles from the Amiga family of computers for smartphones, modern game consoles, micro-consoles, PCs, and tablets. WRIT Media Group leverages the Amiga brand along with game brands of the past and proprietary technologies to create new revenue from classic games that have proven their ability to sell very well.

Together with its subsidiaries, WRIT Media Group is well positioned to benefit from the market growth and increased demand for alternative theatrical, mobile, and interactive content.

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Big Tree Inc. (BIGG) One-Stop Shop for Toy Sourcing and Distribution

September 19th, 2014

Big Tree focusses its endeavors on being a “one stop shop” for the sourcing and distribution to the toy market. The company has operations through both Big Tree Brunei and its Big Tree Shantou subsidiary. Located in Shantou City of Guangdong province, the geographical region is known for the manufacturing of toys and exporting in China.

Beginning in 2003, Big Tree Shantou has provided a number of procurement services for international toy distributors and wholesalers, including identifying, evaluating, and engaging local manufacturers for supply of toys and arranging for original equipment manufacturing services where local OEMs produce toy products written to customer specifications. The company receives a variety of toys made of plastic, wood, metal, wool, and electronic materials, primarily targeting children from infants to teenagers. Their customers can view these toys either through its website or at its toy showroom located in Shantou, China. Customers can easily contact the company’s online representatives to place orders.

In what is viewed as an apparent move to expand its business in 2009, Big Tree Shantou developed a proprietary construction toy made up of plastic parts that fit together to make a wide variety of objects referred to as Magic Puzzle (3D). The Big Tree Magic Puzzle is currently promoted and distributed in the Chinese domestic market only through Big Tree Shantou’s online store and at several retail locations.

BIGG’s largest base of customers is located in Asia and Europe. Further, the company is seeking to distribute throughout North and South America in an effort to expand its global footprint.

Euromonitor International notes that China has become the world’s leader in the manufacture and export of children’s toys with sales of educational toys doubling in recent years. In 2013, China’s exports exceed $2.21 trillion – an eight percent growth rate from the year earlier, according the WTO. The company has offices in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Shantou, Guangdong, China and Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kln, Hong Kong.

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Pan Global Corp. (PGLO) Grows Green in India

September 19th, 2014

When it comes to the value of renewable energy, much of the talk still focuses on the industrialized world, such as wind power in northern Europe, and solar farms in America’s desert southwest. It’s understandable, since the industrialized world has traditionally been the biggest user of fossil fuels. But it makes it too easy to forget the vast potential and need that renewables represent in rapidly developing parts of the world, like India.

Pan Global Corp., a U.S. based company investing in green energy projects in India, recently cited an article in the Business Standard ( indicating the rapid progress and large potential for renewables in the country. It points out that India’s installed renewables capacity is already over 32 Gigawatts, almost 13% of the country’s total potential, and that the government has set a 2017 target of reaching over 41 Gigawatts, representing a $10+ billion opportunity for India’s green market. India, with the fifth biggest electricity generation capacity in the world, is still short of energy, and it’s clear that the push is to make up that difference through renewables.

Pan Global considers itself in an excellent position to take advantage of this opportunity, and has been actively acquiring green generation projects, such as Project Badyar, a small-hydro plant in northern India. The 5.7 MW plant project has already been connected to India’s grid, though various stages of construction continue. Testing, certification, and other activities are being completed to achieve full commercial operation. Some of the very first hydroelectric power plants in Asia were constructed in India, and hydro power has a long history in there.

The company is also getting into the solar installation and services ecommerce marketplace through a system designed to bring together buyers and sellers of solar equipment and services, plus they are developing a unique hydroponic greenhouse operation for the sustainable production of vegetable crops.

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Well Power, Inc. (WPWR) Recognizes Rising Gas Flaring Concerns as Opportunity

September 19th, 2014

Though gas flaring creates pollution and bleeds millions of dollars in lost taxes and royalties, Houston-based Well Power sees the havoc as an incredible opportunity. As the environmental and economic concerns linked to gas flaring become more apparent, the demand and need for flare reduction is steadily on the rise.

Gas flaring is the burning of natural gas released in oil fracking. Natural gas is carried through the pipelines along with the flow of crude, but increases in drilling easily outpace the equipment, supplies, manpower and services needed to construct gas gathering pipelines. The solution is to flare the gas and convert the waste methane into carbon dioxide, polluting the air with carcinogenic toxins such as benzene. The National Oceanic Administration Association (NOAA) estimates that gas flares pump 400 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere worldwide each year – the equivalent of emissions from 77 million cars. Obviously, gas flaring is linked to adverse impact on local populations of human and wildlife, often resulting in loss of livelihood and severe health issues.

Then, there’s the economics. While gas flaring takes place worldwide, the performance of oil producers in North Dakota, which flared 96 million cubic feet of natural gas in 2013, are disturbing. Oil producers in North Dakota are permitted to flare tax-free during the first year of a well’s operations, which results in approximately $17 million in lost tax revenue between 2009 and 2012, according to the Center for Effective Government.

Taking into consideration these environmental and economic impacts, gas flaring reduction has the potential to be one of energy and environmental success. Reducing the amount of flared gas will not only benefit local communities, provincial and national governments, but also provides opportunity for the companies offering reduction technologies.

This is where Well Power steps in. The company has the licensing rights to Texas with the first right of refusal on the other U.S. states (including North Dakota) to a new technology solution to process waste natural gas into “clean power” and engineered fuels. The license will allow Well Power to provide the Micro Refinery Unit (MRU) technology, along with engineering, design, construction, maintenance, etc., to clients in the upstream areas of exploration and production.

The MRU is flexible, scalable, modular, mobile, cost effective, energy efficient, high yield, and offers a way to turn waste gas into revenue, making it an attractive solution to oil and gas companies facing federal and civilian pressure to reduce gas flaring.

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ChinaNet Online Holdings, Inc. (CNET) Targets Growth with Digital Advertising Package for China’s SMEs

September 19th, 2014

ChinaNet Online Holdings, a B2B internet technology company delivering online-to-offline sales channel expansion services for small and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurial management and networking services for entrepreneurs in the People’s Republic of China, has announced they are laying out a new growth strategy that focusses on offering digital advertising services and a range of consumer analytics designed to add value for its small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) customers. CNET also continues to build on its analytics product suite which makes it possible to serve larger digital advertising clients in the People’s Republic of China through 2016.

Mr. Val Kaplin, a marketing executive based in China, noted, “China outspends every other country in the Asia Pacific region on digital advertising, which in 2013 reached US$13.23 billion, or approximately 11% of worldwide ad spending. Banner ads remain the most popular type of ads, and constitute 30.2% of digital display ads. Keyword search ads are next at 28.5%, which is still behind the US share of 47.1%. Baidu and Taoabao are the largest online advertisers in China by revenue, reporting RMB22.25 billion and RMB17.22 billion respectively and together represent over half the entire market. The largest spenders on online advertising are Chinese insurance giant Pingan, followed by Volkswagen, P&G and Shanghai GM. The four top sectors for online display ads are transportation, online services, real estate and food & drink.”

George Chu, ChinaNet Online’s COO commented, “We are very excited about our new focus on digital advertising and our cooperation with Baidu. We are also in discussions with Taobao of Alibaba to provide “Micro-Sell 360″, which is one of our new product solutions geared towards precision marketing for clients.”

One offering from ChinaNet is The product is a web-portal designed to assist small to medium sized franchisors connect with new franchisees, Internet advertising and marketing, brand management and cloud-based management tools. is the largest merchant marketplace for franchise opportunity seekers in China.

ChinaNet Online Holdings, Inc., a parent company of ChinaNet Online Media Group Ltd., incorporated in the BVI, is a digital business to business Internet technology company focusing on providing RMB sales channel expansion service for small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurial management and networking service for entrepreneurs in China. By way of contractual arrangements with operating companies in the PRC, the company provides Internet advertising and other services for Chinese SMEs via its portals,, and, TV commercials and program production via China-Net TV. The company also offers in-house LCD advertising on banking kiosks targeting Chinese banking clients.

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NUUU’s Wholly Owned Subsidiary Rejuvel Int’l, Inc. Announces Production of Thirty Second Television Commercial

September 18th, 2014

Technology Applications International announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, Rejuvel Int’l, Inc. is currently in post production of their first thirty second television commercial which was shot in New York City at Windmill Studios. The commercial introduces and highlights REJUVEL’s Breakthrough Facial Repair Crème that was created using NASA patented technology, licensed from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund under U.S. Patent No. 6,730,498. The advertisement will air nationally in different cities across the United States. Upon completion of post production the commercial will be ready to air and also be available for viewing on

Charles J. Scimeca, NUUU’s CEO stated, “We’re very pleased to begin our television advertising campaign which should result in increased brand awareness and direct consumer sales. The production company that produced our commercial has also produced commercials for Fortune 100 companies such as Procter and Gamble’s Gillette brand as well as McDonalds.”

WordLogic Corp. (WLGC) a Growing Force in an Increasingly Mobile World

September 18th, 2014

Headquartered in Vancouver, WordLogic stands out as a global leader in predictive text input technology. Having stamped out more than 10 years of advanced R&D, the company has built up a noteworthy intellectual properties (IP) portfolio with tremendous implications for mobile users, businesses, non-profits, corporations, marketers, and advertising firms.

While other predictive text solutions can only offer single word prediction, WordLogic’s own predictive text technologies can predict phrases or entire sentences. People are able to enter words or phrases in a fraction of the time it would normally take them. As a result, these powerful predictive text solutions greatly accelerate mobile-based communications or data entry. WordLogic’s patented innovations also stand out for their “context-based” text prediction ability. They can pull out contextual data from multiple source-points so users can enter more specific words or phrases without having to enter and exit several core applications.

While WordLogic’s predictive text technology is applicable to a wide range of touchscreen devices, it holds particularly strong value for mobile devices; namely smartphones and tablets. This comes at a time when mobile device use is exploding in developing and mature markets across the globe. According to The Radicati Group, “the number of worldwide mobile users will reach over 5.6 billion” in just this year alone. The research firm projects this amount of worldwide users to swell to 6.2 billion by the year-end of 2018. Looking at it from a different angle, it comes to around 84% of the world’s population using mobile technology by the end of 2018.

In mid-August, the International Data Corporation noted that global smartphone shipments had reached a new plateau in Q2 2014. In that time crunch, global smartphone shipments edged “past the 300 million unit mark for the first time in its history.” The total amount of Q2 2014 shipments actually came out to 301.3 million smartphones, a 25.3% increase from the still-hefty 240.5 million smartphones shipped in Q2 2013. Stats such as these demonstrate how we are entering an increasingly mobile world, and in this context, the value of technologies that enable faster and more convenient communication is likely to grow strongly.

WordLogic seeks to fill this growing demand with innovations such as its award-winning, predictive iKnowU keyboard technology, which recently won critical acclaim from Frost & Sullivan for its application value across multiple sectors. WordLogic also provides groundbreaking potential for mobile information discovery with its revolutionary REACH™ platform, which has opened up significant opportunities for marketers and advertisers. The buy-in of recognizable forces such as Groupon and Yellow Pages into the REACH™ platform provides a measure of strong market credibility. On top of these, WordLogic stands out with its impressive WordChunking™ and Gesturing™ technologies powering the iKnowU keyboard technology.

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P2 Solar, Inc. (PTOS) Develops Innovative Solar Power Solutions

September 18th, 2014

Founded in 1990 in Surrey, Canada, P2 Solar is powering change.

Innovation, eco-friendliness and environmental sustainability are three precepts of the solar power solutions that P2 Solar develops. With an eye on potentially reducing global pollution, P2 Solar’s focus is on constructing solar (and hydro) power plants across India and Canada. The company works closely with clients, communities and governments to flesh out cost effective and incredibly valuable renewable energy solutions that contribute favorably to the native ecosystems and economies.

As a developer of solar photovoltaic (PV) power projects, P2 Solar is involved in the promising renewable energy market, which is changing at a record pace due to:

• the growing universal demand for clean energy;

• renewable energy’s progressively more competitive edge over grid electricity; and

• industrial efforts to lessen the reliance on greenhouse gas emitting fossil fuels,

P2 Solar continues to invest and direct its resources in order to profit from these global trends.

When it comes to its solar photovoltaic (PV) initiatives, P2 Solar is engaged in developing projects in locales with abundant sunlight exposure, favorable renewable energy policies, public and private sectors actively seeking to integrate solar PV into their electricity use profiles; and governments offering appealing incentive policies to stimulate the development of solar PV power generation projects in their locales.

P2 Solar is known for designing and installing solar photovoltaic systems on the roof top of offices, as it did with the Langley Rooftop Project. Last year, the company completed the solar PV project on Canada Ticket’s warehouse rooftop in Langley, British Columbia. For P2 Solar, it was a defining moment that marked its evolution from a “development stage” enterprise to a “revenue-producing” one. At the time it was commissioned, this solar PV project was one of the largest linked to BC Hydro’s electricity grid. It is anticipated that the solar PV array will produce approximately 10% of Canada Ticket’s electricity power requirements, demonstrating the probable viability of distributed solar PV facilities in BC, and P2 Solar hopes to expand the project’s capacity in the near future.

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Mobile Labs Corporation (MOBO): Protecting the Financial Transactions of America

September 18th, 2014

Unfortunately, once again, the United States is number one in something that is not terribly positive. The United States sees more money lost to credit card fraud than the rest of the world combined. From statistic gathered from 2012, research firm BI Intelligence estimates the United States was responsible for 23.5% of all payment card volume globally, but had 47.3% of the payment card fraud. The biggest fault actually lies on the credit card industry which does not want to invest in new technologies to enhance protection against fraud as that will cut into profits. For example, magnetic stripe payment cards have become relatively easy to copy, and in many other countries, the governments have pushed adoption of EMV or ‘chip’ cards which are much harder to copy.

However, the credit card industry does plan to finally plan to adopt EMV cards within a year and a half, and push retailers to share in the costs of upgrading to new card reading technology. In the fall of 2015, credit-card companies will hold merchants who don’t accept EMV cards liable for fraudulent transactions from magnetic stripe cards. However, this is not a guarantee from the credit card industry that they will issue EMV cards in the first place. Cards with a chip cost 4 times as much to manufacture as cards with a magnetic stripe. Knowing the credit card companies, their bottom line profit is far more important than the pain experienced by its customers via credit card fraud. Industry analyst David Robertson of the Nilson Report expects the credit card companies to sit on their hands waiting for smart phone based payments to become prevalent so they don’t have to upgrade to EMV cards.

In the meantime, credit card fraud continues to grow. Not only are personal computers at risk of hacking for credit card information, but big data hacking has started to become a huge trend. At the beginning of 2014, Target announced it had been hacked and although the initial estimates of the data breach varied, it was finally determined that over 110 million customer records were stolen. So basically, the credit or debit card information of over a third of all adults in the United States of America was sold into the black market. So, the odds are one out of three that you’re a victim. Target absolutely refuses to divulge any information on how this data breach occurred.

Just this past week in September, Home Depot announced it was hacked and data was stolen. Home Depot, upon seeing how the press skewered Target and afraid of lawsuits, really does not want to say just how much data was hacked and taken. Industry analysts have made an educated guess that up to 60 million customer records were stolen and some suggest far more. Customers need to protect their financial information more than ever.

Mobile Labs Corporation promotes a suite of products to combat credit card fraud. For instance, the flagship product, xmVerify, has each credit card transaction text messaged to a user’s phone so they can personally review and authorize each and every transaction, thus decreasing the possibility of a fraudulent transaction coming through. The xmBilling platform allows its users to verify each automatic billing transaction to again insure each transaction isn’t fraudulent while making sure each bill payment is timely. They also market the platform xmOne, which provides a secure environment to perform transactions via mobile phone for prepaid accounts, such as university and college campus card systems.

While the large card issuing banks slug it out with the big retailers over who is ultimately responsible for fraud losses and who will be responsible for protecting the customer, it’s the smaller rapidly growing and innovative businesses like Mobile Labs Corporation that are devising the solutions that ultimately will protect the financial transactions of the American public.

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Infinite Group Inc.’s (IMCI) Wide Array of IT Certifications Solidifies Quality Service and Support

September 18th, 2014

Infinite Group’s business model commits 80 IT professionals who maintain the latest technology and software certifications to quality and customer service. With high levels of experience in their respective fields, these professionals use their company’s ISO 9001 certified business conduct guidelines as a compass while implementing corporate processes. With zero organizational disruption, IGI delivers quality solutions on time and on budget. IGI also partners with industry leaders so that its customers get the best solution possible for the task at hand.

In addition to its ISO 9001 status, other certifications owned by IGI’s team include VMware, NetApp, Microsoft, ITIL, CMMI, Cisco, HP, IBM, Linux, Novell, Sun, Lean Six Sigma Black belt, Compaq, and more.

The Rochester, New York, company relies on its wide and deep history in technology for being known as a preeminent IT service and support supplier. IGI professionals support, manage, plan, integrate, and complete IT systems for customers of all sizes. The company also thrives in government agencies and large commercial enterprises.

Impressively, IMCI customer roster includes Pepsi, Home Depot, the State of Mississippi, NASA, PwC, the Florida Department of Financial Services, the U.S. Air Force, Navy, Army and Marines, and a growing number of small to medium sized businesses and software companies.

The company’s reliable and scalable solutions cover a wide range of needs on the IT spectrum. Offering consulting, project management, data storage, managed services and complete IT system development, IGI provides customers a single point of contact for all their IT needs. Regardless of solution, outsourcing to IGI improves efficiency, reduces capital expenses and saves on operational costs, allowing the customer to focus resources and grow its core business more efficiently.

IGI offers expandable service options and support plans to meet the existing and future needs of its client base. With an efficient operating infrastructure, IGI is positioned to offer customers a highly competitive rate structure in return for superior service and support.

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WRIT Media Group, Inc. (WRIT) Retains Digney & Co. as PR Agency

September 18th, 2014

WRIT Media Group today reported it will continue to work with Digney & Company for its public relations initiatives. As WRIT Media’s PR agency of record, Digney will handle the various media and PR duties related to WRIT Media Group’s launch of its mobile gaming brands, Amiga Games and Retro Infinity. These initiatives will be spearheaded in conjunction with WRIT Media’s recently announced sponsorship with NASCAR racing events, the Rick Ware Racing/Retro Infinity “Drive to Championship Weekend.”

Digney’s responsibilities will consist of management of print and local media relations, influencer engagement, and public relations events centered around the mobile gaming brands’ launch. Amiga Games and Retro Infinity are slated to introduce multiple classic video game titles later this year. The gaming titles will be downloadable on desktop, TV set-top, smart-phone, and other modern mobile devices.

“We are very pleased to have the support of Digney & Company as we launch our Amiga Games and Retro Infinity products into the market,” stated Eric Mitchell, WRIT Media CEO. “With heavy experience in special events, celebrity endorsements and media launches, Digney is the ideal partner to help generate excitement for our brands and products.”

“”WRIT Media has a great concept that fits right in with what’s happening now in Hollywood’s digital content landscape, which is where we operate from,” says Digney & Co. president, Jerry Digney, a 30 year veteran of the entertainment/sports PR industry.

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Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp. (OTHM) and Costa Rica’s E-Net on Merger Doorstep

September 18th, 2014

Oriens Travel & Hotel Management, the Next Generation International Hotel Brand Operator, has announced that the company is prepared to complete a merger with the Costa Rican entity, E-Network de Costa Rica M & A Sociedad Anomima (“E-Net”). The move came as a result of the company accepting a “Plan of Merger” during a special meeting of the Board of Directors, on Wednesday, September 10th, 2014.

“This is the beginning of something real and tangible,” noted a senior Board Member. “The merger of E-Network delivers an assurance to shareholders that Oriens is now set on a course that will offer the best solution to rapid growth in Costa Rica, and to the Company overall.”

Confirmed by a company spokesperson, E-Net is the target of the merger and both companies have committed to the process without delay. The deal’s completion will likely occur by the close of this weekend. Running simultaneously with the merger news are reports confirming that an E-Net principal will be inserted as Oriens’ new CEO. This individual is well tenured in Costa Rican real estate, law, and experienced with internet traffic generating technologies. A senior Board Member commenting on what they feel E-Net’s most important factor is, is, “the relationships necessary to complete what Ken Chua began, and go far beyond what Mr. Chua could have ever accomplished on his own…” The concluded, “This is certainly the dawning of a new day.”

Additional confirmations by a company spokesperson were that E-Net and its principals have a pre-existing relationship with Oriens and longstanding relationships with operators (R.E. investors, lawyers, buyers, sellers and developers) near the Jaco Beach, San Jose and Manuel Antonio areas of Costa Rica. E-Net maintains and manages land parcels, residential and commercial properties in Costa Rica, and is in the process of completing another property acquisition that will impact Oriens’ balance sheet to the upside pending finalization.

Oriens centers its efforts in the operation of hotels and resorts primarily in the United States and Central America under the Hotel PURE brand. Additionally, the company operates Friendly Reservations Online, a proprietary online booking system used in executing reservations capture through Hotel PURE consumer facing websites, as well as individual hotel websites operated by Oriens for hotels branded under the Hotel PURE brand.

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LD Holdings, Inc. (LDHL) Business Acquisition Model Ramping Up as Baby Boomer Retirements Hit Full Stride

September 17th, 2014

Some of the latest research out of one of the nation’s most experienced firms assisting senior policy owners, Asset Life Settlements, indicates baby boomers are seeking to cash out and retire more and more in recent years, precisely as predicted by numerous other analysts. Relative improvements in the near-term economic outlook, as well as the overall performance health of small businesses, has driven up the number of aging owners looking to sell their businesses and one can see a strong correlation here with the Pepperdine University data from May this year, which found that 65% of all businesses sold in Q1 were from baby boomers, further reinforcing the validity of this growing trend. Pepperdine’s survey from last year, showing 67% of business owners intended to retire in the next decade, is a another leading indicator here and characterizes accurately the projected roadmap for the roughly 25M or more small businesses estimated to be sold over the next decade or so as boomers retire.

The U.S. small business confidence index rose slightly in August, with business owners also anticipating improving conditions and subsequently planning increased CAPEX, according to a related survey by the National Federation of Independent Business. Pair that up with the fact that boomers control approximately 70% of the total wealth of the U.S. and represent over half the nation’s purchasing power, as well as consumer spending, and you get a pretty accurate picture of what the next decade and a half will look like, especially when it comes to business turnovers. The fact that boomers represent upwards of 80% of the leisure travel market and generate some 77% of the country’s financial assets basically says it all, we are going to see one of the greatest wealth transitions in the history of the entire planet as boomers continue to retire at the rate of 10k plus a day (Pew Research), shaking up plenty of acquisition opportunity in what is an approximately $17T pie.

This is where financial/management holding company LD Holdings, Inc. is targeting their expansion strategy, emphasizing an ability to provide financial services to an underserved retiree market and generate considerable returns for their investors by employing a small cap Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK-A) roll up approach. Focusing on acquiring profitable sub-$20M businesses (larger targets considered, nothing smaller than $2M generally and profitability for 3-5 years as well as a clear ramping strategy required) and empowered by a $10M secured credit facility from a qualified institution, the company has already taken their first major steps towards finishing an initial goal of acquiring three targets totaling some $16M in sales ($2.3M EBITDA), via an LOI with a certain Midwest Landscape Maintenance Company. LDHL is also currently still in negotiations with a handful of (at least four) other companies in this same vein that could be rolled up, using the initial outdoor Green Sector landscape maintenance company acquisition as a central platform for growing their footprint in the $25B plus U.S. lawn maintenance space. The lawn care services market alone is upwards of $4B a year and it seems safe to assume more and more consumers will seek out help in this regard as boomer home owners continue to retire in large numbers.

By focusing on helping profitable boomer business owners realize exit strategies amid increasingly tightened long-term, underlying economic conditions, during what is effectively an up cycle, LDHL looks to build up a strong venture capital return portfolio without incurring the risks typically associated with venture capital. This is a strong proposition to investors and with overarching plans to roll up as many as 50 businesses, consolidating them into cohesive units, there is a great deal of upside yet to be realized for LDHL. The eagerness of boomer business owners to get out while the getting is good can be fairly characterized by soaring interests costs on the $17.7T and growing U.S. national debt, putting pressures on retirees which are exacerbated further by rapidly escalating entitlement spending figures, projections on which indicate that by as early as 2019, $0.90 of every dollar of federal revenue will go to said entitlements before even one dollar is applied to any other budget item.

To further the company’s portfolio build out, LDHL has entered a JVA with one of the biggest and most well organized multimedia marketing companies in the country, Internet Marketing Consortium, in coordination with their push into Green Initiative projects. This move gives LDHL access to a sizeable database of hundreds, or even thousands of quality acquisition targets, simultaneously bringing the company’s game plan to the fore and increasing exposure via souped-up marketing strategies that will hit social media and internet radio in particular with considerable force. President of the Internet Marketing Consortium, Beryl Wolk, brings over four decades in marketing experience to the table, having worked with outfits like QVC and the Discovery Channel, and is widely known as a sort of marketing genius.

LD Holdings’ core Business Services Division is a serious due diligence engine with a continually updated database of target companies, to which new prospects are constantly being added after their circumspect evaluation. This database also gives LDHL a historical view of different industries, distribution channels and the evolving geographical advantages or disadvantages related to a given business/sector, allowing the company to cleverly price their acquisitions. Moreover, this core business division of LDHL maintains a sizeable entrepreneur database spanning a range of specific fields and sectors, an invaluable resource for strategizing acquisitions and acquired targets’ post-acquisition business models, as well as for rigorously vetting new acquisition candidates. Similarly, LDHL’s Business Services Division maintains a database of key investors. Investors tagged for possessing a shared vision and similar objectives, who also are known for their desire to get in at the ground floor and stick to their guns, holding on for long-term, superior rates of return.

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Armco Metals Holdings, Inc. (AMCO) – A Leading Metal Distribution & Recycling Business

September 17th, 2014

Credibility is a key value that drives Armco Metals’ business—meeting China’s steel production needs with quality metal and non-ferrous metal ores as well as scrap steel recycling solutions. The company’s corporate culture is well reflected in its executive management team’s efforts and its employees’ actions; they let a number of principal beliefs guide the business’ practices.

Founded in 2001, Armco Metals has long-term experience in the sales and distribution of metal and non-ferrous metal ore for China’s emergent steel manufacturing industry. To capitalize on the mounting push toward sustainable solutions in steel production as well as its current supplier and customer relationships, Armco Metals added the recycling of scrap metal to its product offerings, even going so far as to open a high-tech recycling facility in Lianyungang, China.

Under management’s direction, Armco Metals has grown significantly, especially in the last seven years. Backed by a forward-looking operating strategy, broad industry management experience and deep wisdom and vision, Armco Metals has evolved from a foreign enterprise specializing in metal ore trading to an international company with an integrated business covering imports, production, sales, and distribution.

With an eye on becoming the largest and most effective scrap steel recycling company in China, Armco Metals is focused on creating high-quality, low-cost solutions that meet the industry’s demands responsibly. As it has grown its scrap steel recycling capability and bolstered its metal and non-ferrous metal sales and distribution business, the company has also achieved several certifications and honors of merit. Even so, Armco Metals continues to refine its business approach, developing and adopting more efficient methods of production, so that its partners—customers, suppliers, and investors—can reap the benefits.

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Falcon Crest Energy, Inc. (FCEN) Bolsters Advisory Board to Strengthen Corporate Trajectory

September 17th, 2014

As Falcon Crest Energy sharpens its focus on developing oil and gas properties in North America, the company is building an advisory board to supplement its experienced management team and progress corporate initiatives. The most recent addition to the advisory board is geologist Michael Cvetanovic, who has 35 years of experience spanning several facets of the energy industry.

In addition to 25 years of international endeavors in corporate acquisitions, farm-ins and joint ventures, Cvetanovic has 10 years of experience working with start-up to mid-sized E&P companies operating in the United States and Canada. He contributes technical expertise as well as knowledge in regional play analysis, petroleum system evaluation, prospect generation and offshore and onshore drilling and seismic operations.

Cvetanovic will advise Falcon Crest alongside current advisory board member Scott Davis, an equity holder of R.D. Davis & Associates and manager of the day-to-day operations of field brokers in the firm’s Houston Division. Davis has experience and familiarity working with local landowners, operators and potential competitors. His track-record demonstrates success in leasing unconventional resource plays, as well as the leasing, negotiation and management of more than 1 million acres in prolific plays such as the Barnett Shale, Permian Basin, Texas Panhandle, Illinois Basin and Eagle Ford, among others. Davis has also co-founded several businesses through which he has gained first-hand experience in transforming a business concept into a successful operation.

International business executive Dennis Clement also sits on Falcon Crest’s advisory board. He brings to the table three decades of experience in finance, law, M&A, management and entrepreneurship in numerous industries, including financial, oil and gas, and mining and technology. Clement currently provides advisory services for different companies around the world and is on the board of directors for several private and public companies. His law practice includes international trade, corporate reorganizations, banking, finance and corporate law.

Peter Kent is also an appointed member to the Falcon Crest advisory board. A corporate commercial lawyer and business advisor with more than 35 years of experience, Kent has extensive expertise spanning governance, legal and business, and has conducted high-level negotiations leading to transactions with Chevron, Texaco, Mitsubishi, Hoganas, Imperial Oil and others. He is well-versed with deal architecture in M&As and related financings, including complex contract negotiations. As in-house counsel, Kent has selected, instructed and supervised world-class external counsel and managed external counsel in more than 30 jurisdictions.

Together, this team of experienced individuals will provide advisory services to Falcon Crest in support of the company’s pursuit to capitalize on the vast opportunities within the Powder River Basin of Wyoming. Falcon Crest plans to minimize the risk of exploration through development of proved petroleum reserves, and has defined a strategy to maximize profit through strategic acquisition and liquidation of selected oil and gas properties.

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Zenosense, Inc. (ZENO) Issues Update on MRSA and Lung Cancer Device Development

September 17th, 2014

Today before the opening bell, Zenosense reported on the status of development operations for its MRSA and lung cancer detection devices. Development efforts have been moving forward as planned. In its news release, Zenosense disclosed the following summarized recent achievements:


• A new sensor has been defined for manufacturing. It includes a new MRSA/SA VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) biomarker micro-separator technology.

• For this new technology, tests have been initiated to measure and contrast cultures of MRSA and SA.

• Electronics design for a microbiology lab device is complete, and industrial design for the device is in process.

• The electronics and new sensor are expected to be integrated in the coming weeks to produce the first prototype for laboratory detection of MRSA/SA in cultures.

Lung Cancer

• First tests using a LC VOC biomarker selected from existing hospital research data have been carried out.

• Good sensitivity to this VOC biomarker using the current sensor has been obtained, the VOC biomarker typically being expressed by LC patients at levels well within the capability of the sensor.

• Further tests will be carried out with the intent to resolve issues with cross-sensitivity with other VOC biomarkers and other ambient compounds.

• A review of literature and current research is in hand with alternative VOC biomarkers identified.

• A device for clinical tests with lung cancer patients has been designed, including electronics and a VOC capturing system. It is intended for this device to meet hospital clinical procedure requirements.

With its respected partner Sgenia Group, Zenosense seeks to develop effective medical devices targeting the early detection of both deadly bacteria and certain cancers in the exhaled breath of patients. It intends to market and sell these products to hospitals and primary healthcare facilities. Intended for the timely detection of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus “Super-Bug” (MRSA) and lung cancer, these devices incorporate an advanced electronic nose technology to identify VOC signatures given by patients with this infection/illness.

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Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH) – Pioneering Mobile Compliance Gaming Solutions

September 16th, 2014

Consorteum delivers innovation with specification. For the last three years, Consorteum has focused on developing licensing agreements and relationships that will allow it to take center stage in the fast growing mobile gaming market.

359, a Consorteum subsidiary, has demonstrated expertise in mobile platforms for compliance gaming by providing one of the best mobile solutions for lottery experts and any compliance gaming application. 359 is also the only third-party developer for compliance gaming that the Nevada Gaming Commission has approved.

One of 359’s offerings is, a mobile sports book application developed with Stations Casinos. The Stations project called for 359 to meet the Nevada Gaming Commission’s benchmarks for Geo-location, Geo-fencing, secure commerce and secure application performance.

Working with Stations’ development team, 359 brought the first compliance gaming mobile product, built on a third party mobile platform, to market. 359 provides the protocol and interface for the backend of Stations’ Sportsbook. Utilizing a proprietary Universal Mobile Interface (UMI) mobile platform, 359 provides the Geo-fencing and Geo-location required for the compliance gaming application. In addition, its hybrid client server application provides the in-depth security that is critical for gaming applications.

As a third-party mobile platform provider, 359 seamlessly integrates its server with its client’s (the gaming provider) backend. 359 then handles any mobile device interaction for content delivery and display. By doing that, 359’s thin client application relieves the gaming provider from having to constantly update the mobile device application software for new devices or release device upgrades and changes in gaming content. All in all, the 359 application model assists gaming operators with their marketing strategy for inclusion in current and future mobile devices, saving them both time to market and money.

Consorteum and 359 envision lucrative opportunities within these mobile gaming business sectors:

• Casino Games: Slots and video card games

• Mobile Lottery: Ticket purchase, scratch games, and results

• Multiplayer Games: Poker and Black Jack

• Sports Book: Bet placement, odds comparison, real time in-play betting, and results

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NutraNomics, Inc. (NNRX) Connects Consumers with High-Quality Health Products for Better Living

September 16th, 2014

Since its inception almost two decades ago, NutraNomics has grown to become one of today’s leading brands for delivering safe, high-quality vitamins and supplements. Over those 20 years, the company has spearheaded many high-performance products that deliver far more nutritional value than the isolated and/or synthetic products of today. NutraNomics also stands out in the crowded nutraceuticals marketplace with its record of innovation. It is responsible for the production of formulas for hundreds of other companies.

Consumer interest in healthy living has exploded in recent years. As a result, many people have rededicated themselves to maintaining a better lifestyle. Through its diverse array of supplemental and vitamin products, NutraNomics enables these committed individuals to address a wide range of health needs. Today, this far-ranging line of health-related products covers many areas, including: joint health, digestive enzymes, whole-food multivitamins, antioxidants, prebiotics and probiotics, immune support, hormone balance, stress/sleep, detox/cleanse, and vitamin C.

One of NutraNomics’ latest innovations is a line of new weight loss products, which company founder and CEO Dr. Tracy Gibbs formulated earlier this year. In a recent headline, NutraNomics announced its reception of a $233,000 purchase order for these innovative products from a Utah-based multi-level marketing company. It anticipates there will be opportunities to procure more purchases from the MLM company in the future.

Far more than just a product manufacturer, NutraNomics also empowers consumers through its education arm, the Health Education Corporation. This division connects consumers with timely, helpful information related to health, wellness, fitness, and more in books, videos, and other materials. NutraNomics understands that healthy living is a personal matter— it therefore helps people increase their health and longevity through education and self-awareness.

On top of their availability in select wholesale and retail channels, NutraNomics’ high-performance products can be purchased through many online vehicles. NutraNomics understands that the dynamics behind consumer purchasing are changing, and as a result it has adapted accordingly. NutraNomics sells its products through, the world’s largest online marketplace, as well as on, a leading health e-commerce source for over 3,000 product offerings and 170+ major brands. NutraNomics’ dedicated sales team is also strategically entrenched in 8 countries across the globe for further product sales reach expansion.

On top of the $233,000 purchase order, NutraNomics has seen growth in its sales in recent times. Earlier this year, NutraNomics revealed that its sales had shot up 27% in wholesale and retail sales in its first three quarters as a public company. As the multi-billion dollar global nutraceuticals market persists in its growth, NutraNomics is focused on continuing to bolster its presence in this fast-paced, consumer-driven industry.

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3Pea International, Inc. (TPNL) – Improved Payment Technology for the Healthcare Industry

September 16th, 2014

3Pea International is empowering healthcare and pharmaceutical companies with efficient, seamless and intuitive payment solutions. 3Pea provides a wide range of reimbursement and settlement solutions by bringing together the capabilities and technology infrastructure of a debit card financial transaction processor with the claims adjudication expertise of a pharmacy benefits manager.

A tested and trusted payment solutions company, 3Pea offers prepaid card programs with unmatched, competitive advantages. The company’s technology is flexible, allowing on-the-spot plan design, update, and customization. This way 3Pea can easily shape and adapt plans to meet its clients changing needs.

The Henderson, Nevada-based company is especially focused on providing prepaid debit program management and processing services. It develops prepaid card programs for healthcare reimbursement payments, pharmaceutical co-pay assistance, and corporate and incentive rewards, along with payroll cards, general purpose re-loadable cards, travel cards, and expense reimbursement cards. Through its proprietary card processing platform, 3Pea also delivers an additional collection of services: cardholder enrollment, cardholder account management, transaction processing, value loading, reporting, and customer service.

3Pea’s HealthData division offers comprehensive debit card processing and financial transaction services for the healthcare industry. The following represents a sample of 3Pea’s existing and available healthcare debit card programs:

• AllegianceRx Card, a promotional debit card that reimburses prescription drug prescribers with promotional funds at retail pharmacies;

• Healthcare Remittance Card, which provides immediate electronic claims payments to the pharmacy at the point of purchase by converting the insurance card into a financial transaction vehicle;

• HealthPoint Network, which provides reliable and cost effective claims adjudication at the point of service, on-line and in real-time;

• Survey Instant Rewards card programs, which provide healthcare organizations with a simple and powerfully effective solution for collecting valuable market research information.

3Pea’s target markets for processing services, including prepaid card issuers, retail and private-label issuers, small third-party processors, and small and mid-size financial institutions in the U.S. and worldwide. 3Pea’s debit card financial programs are applicable to various healthcare industry sectors, and its standard turnkey solutions and individually customized programs can fit into any healthcare organization’s strategic plan.

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Start Scientific, Inc. (STSC) Leverages Key Factors to Pursue Overarching Business Strategy

September 16th, 2014

Operating from headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, Start Scientific is in continual and aggressive pursuit of its corporate objective to take advantage of oil and gas exploration and development opportunities that are overlooked by mid-sized oil and gas companies.

Start Scientific’s current portfolio includes concessions and leases in Romania, where the company owns concessions and leases covering approximately 120,000 acres; and in Mississippi, where 20 potential locations equate to total estimated recovery of between 4 million – 5 million barrels of oil.

As a progressive oil exploration, drilling, extraction and delivery company, Start Scientific relies on the vast knowledge of its management team, which provides more than 65 years of combined industry experience. Leveraging strong industry contacts established by company founder Norris R. Harris, Start Scientific also explores partnership and joint-venture opportunities to further accelerate its growth.

Supported by a management team highly experienced in the workings of natural resources and business development, Start Scientific is well-positioned to achieve its mission to explore low-risk land lease opportunities on properties with known oil deposits, develop facilities on these properties to cost effectively extract the oil, and to distribute the refined oil for sale in the open market.

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Eye for Opportunity: Intelligent Highway Solutions, Inc.’s (IHSI) Catalyst into Cannabis

September 16th, 2014

Intelligent Highway Solutions is an interesting story of business evolution, innovation and expansion. Led by a management team of electrical contractors, whose resumes also boast years of experience in the business world, the company has demonstrated unique flexibility in the application of its expertise.

IHSI was initially launched to develop and implement proprietary wireless vehicle detection systems designed to boost efficiency in the nation’s roadways. The intelligent transportations (ITS) industry offers incredible potential, valued at approximately $48 billion as cities and states feeling the strain of tightening budgets seek new technologies to maximize existing highway capacity.

For IHSI, deployment of its ITS initiative cultivated strong company relationships with the transportation markets of local and state governments, enabled a distribution agreement with SCS Lighting Solutions, and ultimately became a gateway for the company’s new business venture: lighting for the booming medical marijuana industry.

Through the SCS Lighting Solutions partnership, IHSI aimed to offer municipalities highly efficient, customized, long-lasting lighting solutions with the potential to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy and maintenance costs. Through this application, however, IHSI was presented with a unique business opportunity to implement cutting-edge lighting technology to accelerate the growth of cannabis plants. As it turns out, IHSI was already armed with the necessary expertise and infrastructure to provide superior lighting capabilities for this specific purpose.

Generating annual sales of approximately $1.5 billion in the U.S. alone, the medical marijuana industry is currently one of the world’s fastest growing markets. With demand for quality marijuana on the rise, cannabis nurseries are seeking out efficient cultivation methods and technologies, which are vital to the growth and quality of the plants as well as to the success of the grower.

Metal halide and sodium HID lamps lighting fixtures are widely used in the medical marijuana industry, though these solutions require significant energy consumption. IHSI’s custom lighting solution, on the other hand, uses approximately 85% less power and provides more than 400% of the required energy in the proper wavelengths for photosynthesis versus HID lamps.

Energy efficiency also equates to far less energy dispelled as heat, which cuts cooling costs. When you consider the fact that many plant nurseries have more than 1,000 lights for grow purposes, the savings in cooling costs paired with savings gained from using lighting fixtures with minimal energy consumption creates incredible cost savings opportunity.

IHSI recently shipped its 300-watt grow light prototype to an industry-leading medical cannabis facility licensed by the city of Oakland, California. With three times the power of its previously tested 100-watt lighting system, IHSI’s 300-watt solution is expected to contribute to large, healthy yields of cannabis.

The new lighting system is enhanced with increased lumens and photon density to achieve energy savings and provide the plant nursery with the necessary color spectrum and light to create an optimal growing environment and is expected to result in significant energy savings as compared to the existing lighting solutions on the market.

Backed by a management team of electrical contractor/businessmen with an eye for opportunity, IHSI is well-positioned to cultivate sustainable growth in a critical segment of the medical marijuana industry

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Ecrypt Technologies (ECRY) CEO Cellucci First American Elected to EECSA Board of Directors

September 16th, 2014

Ecrypt Technologies acknowledged today that its CEO, Dr. Thomas A. Cellucci, is the first American elected to the Board of Directors (Coordination Council) of the Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists Association (EECSA). Dr. Cellucci was the first and former Chief Commercialization Officer at the US Department of Homeland Security and the White House in the Bush (GW) and Obama Administrations.

With a track record of being a successful entrepreneur, Dr. Cellucci is an experienced senior executive and Board member with extensive Venture Capital, corporate and Private Equity tenure. His core strengths include strategic planning, market research and commercialization-based public-private partnerships. Cellucci’s success is underscored by growing high technology firms at various levels profitably.

Dr. Cellucci noted, “It is truly an honor to be asked to assist EECSA in their critical mission of developing and executing global initiatives vital to our global economy. With this powerful organization having representation of over 130 countries, I am proud to participate in sharing models and experiences in establishing solutions to some of our most vexing global challenges in a real and constructive manner.”

“EECSA is pleased to have Dr. Cellucci share his unique skills and experiences to increase the speed-of-execution of our worldwide initiatives like G-Global. His energy, enthusiasm and drive will be brought together with our strong team to tackle some of the toughest problems we face as a global community” commented Senator Serik N. Nugerbekov, PhD, Co-Chairman of EECSA’s Board of Directors based at Astana, Kazakhstan. “We welcome Dr. Cellucci’s proven leadership in bringing the public and private sectors together to solve real-world problems.”

Adding to his expertise as a senior executive and Board member for over three decades in the private sector, Cellucci occupies seats on a number of Boards and is the author of over 24 books. He has also written over 192 scholarly articles. Dr. Cellucci’s biography can be found on Ecrypt’s website at

Ecrypt Technologies, Inc. leads in the fields of data security and specializes in military-strength information security solutions for enterprise, government and military. Ecrypt provides organizations with the flexibility and peace of mind to communicate and collaborate without risk of liability, reputation damage and competitive threat. The company’s trademark is that they are positioned as a trusted choice when it comes to ensuring confidentiality in public and private communications.

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