Bergamo Acquisition Corp. (BGMO) Provides Documentation and Letter from Corporate CPA Firm to Increase Shareholder Transparency

Bergamo Acquisition, a global investment holding company, has engaged L.L.
Bradford, a full-service public accounting firm, to verify and authenticate
documents supporting the two most recent US $500 million tranches deposited into
accounts held by Bergamo Acquisition’s European subsidiary as part of an
investment agreement entered into with National Wealth International.

After reviewing the original bank letterhead signed by two bank
officers, the location and name of the bank, the account number, and the dollar
amounts, L.L. Bradford provided written confirmation of Bergamo Acquisition’s
ongoing and existing financial agreements. For more information on the recently
announced investment agreement, review the press release issued by Bergamo
Acquisition on January 10, 2013.

The CPA firm’s letter has been posted
on the OTC Markets website ( as well as
the website of Bergamo Acquisition ( Bergamo Acquisition
has also publicly posted a redacted version of the documentation provided to
L.L. Bradford in conformity to nondisclosure and non-circumvent agreements with
its partners.

Hillard Herzog, President and CEO of Bergamo, stated, “By
contractual agreements, the funds deposited into our European subsidiary’s bank
account are exclusively authorized for the investment program in place with
National Wealth International. We requested examination by our corporate
certified public accounting firm to erase any doubt that Bergamo Acquisition is
able to move directly ahead with its investment program.”

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