Bergamo Acquisition Corp. (BGMO) to Provide Critical Power and Water to Emerging Nations

In addition to their investment activities, Bergamo Acquisition, a global investment company dealing with private equity funds and other investment sources targeting companies for acquisition or co-investment, has been working with Florida-based subsidiary Bergamo Energy to develop alternative energy sources for countries in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Many of these countries are stressed for energy and other basic utilities, both for homes and industry, which has created a downward pressure on their ability to develop and move forward.

A key result of the company’s efforts is a solar generator, for use with individual homes, apartment buildings, government buildings, airports, and other facilities. The generator is capable of providing up to 100KVA of clean energy. In addition, Bergamo offers a solar operated tube well water pumping system capable of providing up to 160,000 liters per hour of clean drinking water. The company’s universal invertors enable existing pumps running on electric power to run on solar power.

Bergamo Acquisition’s solar energy operated water pumping and water desalination system can be used widely for seawater desalination, desert controlling, daily life water supply, agricultural irrigation, forest irrigation, waterscape, and water treatment projects. The generator and well pumping system have been developed for initial use in Pakistan, India, Sudan, Bangladesh, and other areas of need. In particular, the solar powered pumping system is a proprietary design made to BGMO’s specifications in order to meet the rigorous demands of emerging countries.

Bergamo has been working with government officials, manufacturers, and importers to introduce this technology, which costs far less than competitive systems. The idea is to provide a foundational lift to millions of farmers and other people, allowing them to produce food and other fundamentals at a reduced cost.

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