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Dutton Associates Featured Company: 21st Century Holding Company (TCHC)

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Through their subsidiaries and their contractual relationships with their independent agents and general agents, 21st Century Holding Company (NASDAQ: TCHC) is an established insurance company that controls and generates revenue from substantially all aspects of their insurance businesses.

The company is fully authorized to underwrite homeowner’s property and casualty insurance, commercial general liability insurance, personal automobile insurance, and commercial automobile insurance in various states implementing various lines of authority, and does this primarily through their wholly owned subsidiaries, Federated National Insurance Company and American Vehicle Insurance Company.

Federated National Insurance Company (FNIC) was created in January of 1992 and was later acquired by the shareholders of 21st Century Holding Company. The purpose of the acquisition of FNIC was to provide a means to better control the business and underwriting risk, as well as to improve operating margins. Their core business consists of the writing of homeowners insurance in the state of Florida. Hundreds of quality agents located throughout the state market FNIC to homeowners in search of property and liability coverage for their home or condominium.

Acquired in September of 2001, American Vehicle Insurance Company is authorized to underwrite personal and commercial automobile insurance and commercial general liability insurance in Florida as an admitted carrier. Additionally, American Vehicle is authorized to underwrite commercial general liability insurance in the states of Arkansas, California, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, South Carolina, and Virginia as a surplus lines carrier and in Texas, Louisiana and Alabama as an admitted carrier. They currently intend on expanding their lines as pending applications are in various stages of approval to be authorized as a surplus lines carrier in additional states.

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