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Beacon Equity Research Featured Client: Advanced ID Corporation (AIDO.OB)

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Advanced ID Corporation is a solutions provider to the radio frequency identification (RFID) market with a focus on the tire management industry. The company also engages in the tire inspection business through their UK based Pneu-Logic subsidiary. In addition, Advanced ID Corporation is active in the pet recovery business through their AVID Canada subsidiary in Calgary, Alberta.

They are reintroducing their livestock tagging product line in many countries. They have also developed a UHF RFID reader product line for all market applications through their Advanced ID Asia Engineering technical support and business development partner in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The company’s RFID products offer means for positive identification of both inanimate objects for supply chain applications, and animals for tracing and recovery purposes. Advanced ID uses low frequency for companion animal recovery purposes and ultra high frequency for supply chain purposes.

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Advanced ID Corp. (AIDO.OB) Forges Bonds with New Marketing Partner, EDP

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

EDP of France and Advanced ID’s UK-based Pneu-Logic have worked across the English Channel to complete an ambitious growth plan for the rest of the year and beyond. Their forecast now expects production sales to exceed $500,000 in 2008, more than double the original estimate of sales and distribution.

The French company is set for a massive expansion in the use of its Tyre Parc Fleet Management software, a version of which Michelin has endorsed. This, along with probes, RFID tags and patches, and a new OTR probe, is expected to show $750,000 in sales through 2009 for Advanced ID.

Laren Yeomans, Pneu-Logic managing director, says the capture and reporting of tire data electronically in close to real time, maximizes, management and costs. “We are very pleased with our sales performance, particularly in new markets such as China, Israel and Turkey,” said EDP Managing Director Jean Luc Guisti. “Our Tyre Parc software with the Pneu-Logic system has been widely accepted as the industry leading solution for companies who understand the importance of good tire management to reduce fleet operating costs.”

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Electronic Tag Company Advanced ID Corp. (AIDO.OB) Set To Acquire China-based Radio Frequency Business

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Without naming names, Advanced ID Corporation (OTCBB: AIDO) reports that it has signed a letter of intent to acquire a radio frequency identification (RFID) company, based in China. This falls in line with AIDO’s current role as a developer of RFID for livestock and pet tracking and recovery, as well as tracking the supply chain of items such as tires.

A company news release says the action allows AIDO to become “the only US public company with instant access to the Chinese domestic market for RFID products and services – the single largest in the world.” The move is also in line with AIDO’s strategy to expand throughout Asia, including a recent creation of a Hong Kong subsidiary, Advanced ID Asia Pacific Co. Ltd.

“Heavily R&D focused, the undisclosed company is located in one of China’s high tech zones and will serve as the primary engineering resource and lead manufacturing operation for AIDO products,” the news release states. Advanced ID CEO Dan Finch said the purchase of assets is being made at the right time.

“Combining our two companies extends our base of operations, further increases our competitiveness in the world market and affords us a strong platform to approach new markets,” Finch said. “The combined entity will enjoy rapidly increased revenue over the next three years and have an objective of moving to a senior exchange as part of its long range plans.”

Advanced ID Corporation is a major factor in the tire inspection business through its UK based Pneu-Logic subsidiary. The company is active in the pet recovery business through its AVID Canada subsidiary in Calgary, Alberta, and is reintroducing its livestock tagging product line in several countries as well as developing a UHF RFID-reader product line for all market applications.

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Advanced ID Corp. (AIDO.OB) – Capitalizing on Vast Global RFID Market

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Advanced ID Corp. (AIDO.OB) is a complete solutions provider in the radio frequency identification (RFID) market. The company provides products for positive identification of both inanimate objects for supply chain applications and companion animals for tracing and recovery purposes.

AIDO uses low-frequency radio waves for companion animal recovery and is the 2nd largest player in the Canadian market for these services, with an estimated 40% market share. The company is also involved in ultra-high-frequency RFID for tires. AIDO provides lifetime IDs for tires that can be used for inventory purposes, tire recalls, etc.

AIDO continues to expand its product line. The company’s tracking systems are being tested by major companies in the vehicle ID, pharmaceutical, food services, retail, and document management sectors. In addition, the company has introduced two new tire maintenance products that position AIDO as an industry leader in tire diagnostics. Revenues for this business line are expanding at double- and triple-digit rates.

AIDO is also expanding internationally. The company is building a global distribution network by contracting with new distributors, systems integrators, value-added resellers, and direct sales professionals. AIDO has a strong presence in area such as the US, Canada, and Europe, and is expanding elsewhere. The company, over the past months, has announced multi-million dollar deals with firms in many of the rapidly growing emerging-market economies around the world, including China, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Mexico.

The RFID market certainly offers a major opportunity for AIDO. According to research company IDTechEx, the value of the RFID market is likely to rise to $5.3 billion in 2008 from $4.9 million in 2007. By 2018, the market is forecast to grow five-fold and the number of tags supplied is anticipated to increase 300-fold.

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Advanced ID Corp. (AIDO.OB) Increases Revenues for First Quarter 2008

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Advanced ID Corp, a complete solutions provider in the radio frequency identification market, has released its financial results for the first quarter ending March 31, 2008, and according to the company’s data revenues increased by 123% to $424,955 compared to revenues of $190,380 for the same period of 2007. This increase was due to the growth in sales for the company’s RFID ultra-high frequency tracking and identification tags and proprietary readers, as well as contributions relating to sales of tire management solutions at Pneu-Logic Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary acquired in late 2007.

The company also saw a 120% increase in gross profit for the first quarter of 2008. The gross profits were $146,968 compared to gross profit of $66,895 in the first quarter of 2007. Research and development expenses decreased to $12,930 from $35,842 compared to the same period last year. The decrease of research and development spending is in part due to the completion of the PR500 UHF reader.

Commenting on the financial results, Dan Finch, President and CEO stated, “We are pleased with the progress made in increasing our sales in the first quarter and the development of a longer term pipeline with far more substantial revenue opportunities. While our legacy RFID business is holding steady, products relating to our tire technology are clearly the catalyst for growth. The impressive revenue performance in the first quarter of the year does not reflect our formal entry the Asian market which was marked by the landmark decision of a leading Chinese tire production equipment and software maker to become the world’s first tire manufacturer to commit to embedding Advanced ID’s RFID tire tags in a commercial truck line.”

He continued, “This agreement has an estimated value of approximately $4 million over the next 12 months and is the largest contract ever signed by the Company. Sales to China under this contract should be recognized as revenues beginning in the second quarter of 2008, which is expected to lead to the highest level of annual revenues in the Company’s history.”

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