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Advanced Visual Systems, Inc. (AVSC.PK) Announces Plans to Spin Off New Technology for Monitoring Enterprise Networks

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Advanced Visual Systems Inc., a data visualization software innovator, announced today that it will be spinning off a new technology for monitoring and managing Enterprise IT and revenue networks. The company is in discussion with several potential partners and anticipates the debut of the spin off before year-end.

The new entity, in which AVS will hold a significant stake, will be known as VizStar. The spinoff will develop comprehensive solutions for Enterprise use with AVS’s well-established OpenViz technology which has been widely applied in the fields of business intelligence, customer analytics and risk management and is highly suited to visualize sophisticated real-time Enterprise operations.

David M. Murray, President of AVS, stated, “Based upon our experience working with several visionary Enterprise accounts, we see an emerging demand for real-time solutions that reveal the hidden stresses and inefficiencies of large corporate IT and revenue networks. Our plan is to create applications that not just identify performance issues — but also provide ways to easily test and implement changes that will directly lead to improved profitability.”

Once formed, VizStar intends to immediately commence development of a solution for use by IT professionals to monitor, manage, and administer the capacities and requirements of sophisticated computer, communication and disaster recovery networks. VizStar customers will benefit from increased utilization of IT assets and a significant reduction in energy consumption.

The company also plans to develop a branded solution that will tap into Enterprise business intelligence, ERP and revenue systems and allow executives to explore “what-if” scenarios to discover more profitable methods of operating and interacting with customers.

Murray added, “We believe that VizStar customers will achieve new levels of performance optimization with high performance solutions that save time, money, energy and effort. The name of the game in Enterprise software is improving the speed and quality of decisions, and we’re planning to deliver with exceptional value and results.”

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Advanced Visual Systems, Inc. (AVSC.PK) Announces 18 Years of Leadership in Data Visualization Technology

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

This month marks Advanced Visual Systems Inc.’s eighteenth year of operations. The Boston-area company, which has provided software and solutions to over 2,000 customers and an estimated 10 million end-users, was one of the first to commercialize data visualization technology and now offers a lineup of six branded products that serve the diverse needs of global corporations, software makers, researchers and engineers.

David M. Murray, CEO, stated, “With nearly two decades of experience providing software and solutions to a long list of leading global corporations, AVS understands what all types of decision-makers need to succeed. Our early customers were software developers and researchers working on smaller, specialized projects. But for the past decade, our customers are more frequently executives trying to squeeze every drop of efficiency out of their business — and they are using data visualization as a key component of that process.”

Murray added, “AVS is a unique software company, in that the average tenure of each employee is nine years and that almost 100 current customers have used our software for the life of the company. In today’s rapidly shifting software landscape, those are distinguished metrics that we are extremely proud of.”

AVS customers include BAE Systems, Boeing, BP, CA, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, NASA, PeopleSoft and over 2,000 organizations in nearly every industry.

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Advanced Visual Systems, Inc. (AVSC.PK) Hits Home Run With AVS/Express

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Advanced Visual Systems, Boston-based producer of advanced data visualization systems, combines high-performance visualization software and ease of use in its AVS/Express offering, resulting in one of the most popular such systems in the world. AVS/Express is a comprehensive and versatile software system that allows any type and size of database to be processed and rendered visually, making complex relationships much easier to deal with. Support for leading 64-bit high performance platforms permits visualization of multi-gigabyte datasets. Cross-platform compatibility allows deployment on multiple systems without changing any code.

AVS/Express works with all leading platforms, and represents the most comprehensive solution for the development and display of complex scientific, research, and industrial data. Users can quickly customize solutions using a powerful drag-and-drop programming interface. One-click Wizards make it simple to import data, filter, annotate, animate, and add hundreds of data visualizations techniques.

The system has been successfully deployed in a wide range of high-performance implementations requiring the highest levels of processing power, reliability, and flexibility, including the following:

• Oil & gas exploration
• Finance
• Manufacturing simulation
• Process simulation
• Medicine
• Remote sensing
• Material sciences
• Marine technology
• Micro-mechanical systems
• Fluid dynamics
• Electromagnetics
• Finite element analysis
• Test and measurement
• Solid-state physics
• Image analysis
• Astrophysics
• Computational chemistry
• Environmental sciences
• Geophysics
• Transportation simulation

Because of its ability to run on a large number multiple platforms, AVS/Express reduces future costs by leveraging existing hardware investments. It supports more platforms than any other high-performance computing visualization system.

Given all this, it’s no surprise that a global network of AVS users now exists to actively contribute and share knowledge, plus AVS/Express code examples, through a dynamic forum.

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Advanced Visual Systems, Inc. (AVSC.PK) Receives Research Coverage and $3.81 Target Price

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Market Timer Analytics has issued a new research report featuring Advanced Visual Systems, Inc. (Pink Sheets: AVSC). The company received a $1.82 short term price target, $2.63 intermediate term price target, and a $3.81 long term price target.

For the full report please visit:

Market Timer Analytics, LLC is an independent equity research firm providing unbiased and objective analysis for under-followed micro, small and mid capitalization public companies. The research firm delivers their research via the world-wide web, advisory, institutional and retail investment communities.

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Advanced Visual Systems, Inc. (AVSC.PK) Makes Data Visible

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Advanced Visual Systems, an industry-leading data visualization software company, provides a fundamental product, applicable to virtually any type of business or technical environment. AVS products allow users to express any type and quantity of data as highly interactive 2D and 3D presentations. These capabilities can also be integrated with new or existing applications.

A prime example of the AVS offering portfolio is OpenViz, a high-powered data visualization engine. OpenViz fully leverages the power of the Internet as an open and standards-based development system, allowing the conversion of any type or volume of corporate data into easily understood visualizations.

Designed for use by independent software vendors, as well as corporate application developers and solution providers, OpenViz opens a new dimension in data visualization. The system can serve from 10 to 10,000 users, allowing everyone to make faster and more accurate decisions by making better use of the sophisticated visual capabilities of the human mind.

The power of OpenViz is based upon five key elements:

1) Flexibility – OpenViz offers more features and options than any other data visualization platform. Users can tap into rich visual libraries, providing hundreds of charts, maps, and techniques, or create proprietary components using the feature-packed OpenViz SDK.
2) Customization – OpenViz allows unprecedented user control over graphics look and feel, including legends, fonts, text direction, and integration with other graphics and media.
3) Interactivity – Users quickly learn to use and appreciate the intuitive hands-on capabilities of OpenViz. Massive amounts of data can be quickly reduced, manipulated, and analyzed, through filtering, zooming, and many other tools.
4) Analytics – OpenViz makes large and complex dataset manipulation and query management simple, avoiding round trips to outside servers and applications so common with lesser systems.
5) Performance – OpenViz is fully scalable, customizable, and extensible, designed to meet the needs of any enterprise.

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Advanced Visual Systems, Inc. (AVSC.PK) Adds Hardware Products and Expanded Software Services

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Advanced Visual Systems Inc. today announced that it will begin offering a comprehensive lineup of computing hardware and related services to its enterprise and institutional clientele through a reseller relationship with Arrow Electronics, Inc., a supply channel partner for approximately 800 suppliers including Cisco, EMC, NetApp, HP, IBM, Sun, Oracle and other leading lines.

With this Arrow reseller arrangement in place, AVS has the capability to offer its worldwide customer base highly competitive pricing on technology products that support any data warehouse or data storage specification within the Enterprise or High Performance Computing sector.

David M. Murray, President of AVS, stated, “Our ‘end-to-end’ approach to data collection, storage, protection and presentation permits AVS customers to procure all of the essential ingredients for a comprehensive data management program from one vendor at the best possible price.”

Murray added, “For several years we have observed our customers being required to interface with multiple suppliers in the implementation of a large IT project. By offering every conceivable product, service and support component that a project might require through the impressive Arrow infrastructure, we believe that our customers will save time and money.”

A Fortune 200 company with 12,700 employees worldwide and a global network of more than 340 locations in 53 countries and territories, Arrow provides specialized services and expertise across the many industries served by AVS, including telecommunications, information systems, automotive and transportation, medical and life sciences, industrial equipment and consumer electronics. AVS customers include many Fortune 2000 corporations, research facilities and academic institutions across the globe.

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Advanced Visual Systems Inc. (AVSC.PK) Enhances Real-Time Performance Monitoring for Major Global Enterprise

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Advanced Visual Systems Inc., developer of data visualization software and solutions for leading Enterprises and Independent Software Vendors, today announced that it recently enhanced a leading corporation’s sophisticated application designed to monitor global production assets.

The enhanced monitoring solution, created with the company’s feature-rich OpenViz software, effectively displays historic and real-time operating metrics streamed over the Internet from remote production facilities. Users are able to select from a substantial list of performance metrics, quickly creating highly interactive data visualizations to swiftly spot irregularities and trends.

Developed with the purpose of aiding in optimizing asset utilization, reducing operating costs and increasing production output, the software application utilizes streaming and other data provided by various systems and vendors. The project was commissioned to help the client overcome limitations imposed by other technologies and has been enhanced to provide user access across the customer’s global network.

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Advanced Visual Systems, Inc.’s (AVSC.PK) OpenViz Adds Powerful Functionality to Business Intelligence Dashboards

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Advanced Visual Systems Inc.’s data visualization software system, Openviz, is being used by leading global corporations and software makers to provide executives with up-to-the-minute performance metrics in corporate dashboards. With the ability to provide easy-to-understand snapshots of many different business measures and enable early detection of sub-par performance, dashboards continue to gain popularity among corporate decision-makers.

Providing highly interactive graphics software to display these measures, AVS has been the technology provider and solution designer for distinguished implementations at Fortune 500 companies. OpenViz is capable of processing extremely large datasets — frequently in the tens of millions of data points — and is incredibly efficient at integrating many different types of data with business rules and sophisticated analytics, resulting in interactive graphs that intuitively reveal hidden patterns, trends and anomalies in corporate data.

OpenViz has distinguished itself in the fast-growing dashboard marketplace by providing a vast range of options for the display of data and exceptional performance. Today, AVS announced that the next version will introduce a large number of new data visualization techniques that will enable corporate and software companies to further enrich their dashboard initiatives with innovative techniques that aid end-users in the comprehension of all types of business information.

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Advanced Visual Systems, Inc. (AVSC.PK) Announces Trading on Over-The-Counter

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Advanced Visual Systems Inc., an innovator of data visualization software and solutions, announced this morning that its common stock began trading on the OTC Pink Sheets on September 15, 2009. The company, founded in 1991, develops and markets powerful technology used by corporations, software makers and research organizations to add graphically-rich analysis features to business intelligence systems, corporate dashboards, research projects and high performance computing programs.

Data visualization converts corporate, technical and scientific information into highly expressive graphics that allow many dimensions of data to be viewed simultaneously, revealing patterns, trends and anomalies that can be difficult to detect using traditional forms of analysis. Working with over 2,000 clients (including twenty percent of the Fortune 100) since its formation, AVS’ five core software products are used in a vast array of industries and helped revolutionize the way that decisions are made.

According to David M. Murray, CEO, “The many industries that AVS serves are developing exciting new practices to analyze their customers, products and performance, and data visualization has become an integral part of that process. We believe that our listing on the OTC will enable us to expand our product and service offerings in concert with global trends in business intelligence, analytics and high performance computing—all of which are established lines of business for AVS.”

Headquartered in Waltham, MA, the company maintains sales and customer support operations in London and Berlin. The company’s leading product for business intelligence and analytics, OpenViz, is used by two of the top three global software companies and other innovative solution providers and corporations. The company’s flagship software product for technical and scientific data visualization, AVS/Express, is used by hundreds of leading research facilities, universities and corporations.

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Advanced Visual Systems, Inc. (AVSC.PK) is “One to Watch”

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Advanced Visual Systems Inc. develops and distributes software products that are used in multiple sectors of the business and technical industries to present various forms of data in easily understandable graphic representations. Offering a complete line of software products and consulting services, the company is widely recognized as the data visualization industry leader, boasting over 2,500 international customers.

The company has distinguished itself from other companies in the fast-growing data visualization and analytic fields through its comprehensive range of software offerings and sixteen years of product innovation. Together, these competitive advantages have enabled AVS to capitalize on a growing marketplace for graphics-based analytic technology.

Advanced Visual Systems’ premiere products include OpenViz, a data visualization engine designed to provide interactive visual analysis to business applications; AVS/Express, a software development system designed for programmers as well as individual end-users; Toolmaster, a comprehensive graphics library that is used to create charts and graphs; and Gsharp, a Windows and Unix-based software product that generates technical charts and graphs.

The company collaborates with its partners to provide clients with every possible technology advantage. These partners include Microsoft, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, and other industry leaders. With a comprehensive product line and an experienced management team, no other software company offers the range of developer-friendly products and capabilities as AVS.

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