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Stay Ahead of the Game with Ahead of the Bulls

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Ahead of the Bulls employs a staff of experienced small-cap traders that identify the best stocks on the small cap market before they start moving through charting and advanced filters. This gives their investors an advantage to “get in” while prices are still low. The 30 plus years of knowledge and experience has shown them what is a good play vs. a “transparent pump.”

The philosophy at Ahead of the Bulls contains fundamental investment thinking: 1. Buy low, sell high – Do not chase stocks, this will leave you with a bag. 2. Diversify – If you are invested in a .0001 stock, you should have a position in a less volatile stock to ensure that you have a backup plan if your lotto play doesn’t go anywhere. 3. Read the Charts, Do the Screens, Do your Due Diligence – Be sure to do your own homework on whatever your investing interest is. 4. No Hesitation – Follow your instinct. Hesitation on a penny play can be disastrous, whether it be missing a bottom, or holding too long. 5. No Emotion – Don’t let good or bad decisions sway your emotions too far in either direction you will throw yourself, and your prudence off balance.

Ahead of the Bulls sends their investors daily newsletters which identify the best plays to be place into portfolios. It is a goal of the company for their investors to reap the benefits of the market knowledge and experience contained in the newsletters. Developments on the market such as the impact of supply, demand and price are analyzed and determined which stock will do best in current market conditions. Ahead of the Bulls prefers to select the highest potential companies with strong business plans and real products and services; preferably at a bottom. Even so, not many OTC companies fit this model and Ahead of the Bulls will sometimes report pure momentum, or chart plays, and specify when that is the case.

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