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SEC Charges New York-Based Firm and Owner in Penny Stock Scheme

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

When it comes to penny stocks, the importance of knowing with whom you’re doing business was brought home recently when the Securities and Exchange Commission charged E-Lionheart Associates LLC and the firm’s owner, Edward Bronson, with selling unregistered securities to the public. All securities that are offered or sold to the public in the U.S. must be registered by filing a registration statement with the SEC. Among other things, registration helps give prospective investors access to important information that could affect their investment decisions, such as, in this case, information about recently issued new shares.

Specifically, the complaint filed by the SEC says that E-Lionheart personnel systematically cold-called various penny stock companies and asked if they were interested in obtaining capital. If the company was interested, E-Lionheart personnel would offer to buy stock in the company, but at a rate that was deeply discounted from the current trading price. Once the purchase was completed, E-Lionheart and Bronson would immediately begin reselling the shares to the investing public through a broker. The final sales price to the public was approximately double the purchase price, and eventually generated, according to the complaint, more than $10 million in unlawful profits, involving shares from roughly 100 penny stock companies.

Bronson and E-Lionheart purported to rely on an exemption from registration under Rule 504(b)(1)(iii) of Regulation D, which exempts transactions that are in compliance with certain types of state law exemptions. However, no such state law exemptions were applicable to these transactions.

The complaint charges E-Lionheart and Bronson with violations of the registration provisions of the federal securities laws, and seeks disgorgement of more than $10 million in ill-gotten gains, penalties. The SEC also seeks penny stock bars against E-Lionheart and Bronson. In addition, the complaint names Fairhills Capital Inc., another entity owned and controlled by Bronson, as a relief defendant for the purpose of recovering the illegal proceeds it received.

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Voiceserve, Inc. (VSRV.OB) Featured by All Penny Stocks

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007 Media, Inc. announced today that its latest article written by the website’s news reporter discusses Voiceserve, Inc., its industry and potential for the future.

The reporter noted that the use of cellphones has changed substantially from its use as only an emergency communications device to a staple of the Western civilization. The abundance of companies, phones and plans governing how to use these phones demonstrate that there are revenues to be generated in this industry. But with many other industries, creating a lead in the competitive field of cellphones involves creativity to capture the customers others may have missed.

A new arrival to the market, Voiceserve, Inc. (OTCBB:VSRV), is a London-based provider of Pay as You Go and prepaid cellphone services to markets outside North America. The company’s latest forays into the market of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) are examples of its accomplishments during its time “outside the box”. The company was founded in 2002 and intends to establish satellite offices in Belgium, Holland, Israel, Switzerland, South Africa and the U.S.

The full version of this special report on VSRV can be found at the following link: VSRV Report

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All Penny Stocks Is Ideal for those New to the Market

Thursday, December 6th, 2007 is a great place to start learning how to invest if you are new to the world of stock trading. All Penny Stocks focuses on the small-cap and penny stock market, and has become a more familiar name in the investment community since its beginning in 1999. With two sites, one Canadian and one U.S., they provide investors in both countries with informative and unique content and information.

The website runs weekly penny stocks to watch, has a daily market write-up, provides company spotlights and runs a unique “most active pages” strictly for penny stocks trading on the TSX, TSX Venture, Nasdaq and OTC BB. Their American Day at a Glance gives American market updates three times per day – following market open, midday and just after market close. offers many different investor awareness options, such as using mobile communications, to generate maximum visibility of publicly traded companies.

In addition to offering stock quotes, charts, news, technical analysis and other standard investment information for Canadian and US stocks, offers many unique features. They provide a unique updated daily top 50 penny stocks list. The top 50 penny stocks list is comprised of the most active penny stocks traded under $1 on the OTCBB and TSX Venture exchange, and the most active penny stocks traded under $5 on the Nasdaq and TSX. They send their investors a free mailing list offering stock profiles, investment articles and website updates. also offers a free portfolio manager to track stocks, a forum for investors to post stock picks, an informative beginners section for newbies and much more.

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