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Allarae Healthcare Inc. (ALHI.PK) – Giving Consumers the Power of Life

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Allarae is an international developer and distributor of advanced biotechnology and personal health screening products. Allarae’s monitoring kits include screenings for influenza, breast cancer, strep throat and prostate cancer, and in the near future the company anticipates distributing HIV, hepatitis, malaria and heart disease screening products. These devices, which help in the early screening and detection of major illnesses, are becoming more available to consumers and more accepted by the professional medical community.

The healthcare system in the United States has become increasingly complex, leading many consumers and professionals to take matters into their own hands as the two groups start to realize that it is their personal responsibility to monitor and improve individual and family health. It is Allarae’s goal to provide consumers with the technology and products necessary to change the health landscape in their favor. Allarae’s diagnostics provide the means to early detection and diagnosis of catastrophic illnesses.

The healthcare industry is one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the American economy. We currently have healthcare expenditures per capital that are anywhere from two to three times that of other developed countries, and in the next 10 years those costs are anticipated to increase by as much as 83%. Coming into the election, Americans rank healthcare amount the top 5 concerns for the nation.

Our hospitals and doctors annually rank among the top when it comes it comes to emergency care, sicknesses and broken bones, but when it comes to the diagnosis and early detection of life threatening diseases, we leave a lot to be desired. Allarae is hoping that they will be able to boost those ratings through the development and distribution of their products to both consumers and medical professionals. They hope to put the power of early detection into the hands of those who need it.

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Allarae Healthcare Inc. (ALHI.PK) – The Right Medicine at the Right Time

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

“It’s cancer.” Those are two words that no one ever wants to hear. Unfortunately, by the time most people have actually heard those dreaded words, the disease has progressed to the point of being an absolute nightmare. Why? Because cancer often goes undetected for long periods. Often there is no pain, no bump, no nothing. It’s not unusual for the first symptoms to show up when the disease has spread to several parts of the body, and often that’s just too late.

Allarae Healthcare Inc, (which publicly trades under the symbol ALHI) wants to empower individuals with the tools to catch such diseases early and without the help of a doctor or facility. Allarae is in the business of providing consumers with affordable personal health screening products and couples that with interactive health monitoring software. The company’s focus centers on the development and acquisition of unique personal health screening products and services that will improve the way individuals track and relate to their own health.

With software programs that tie into the results of their health screening products, consumers have the tools to monitor their own health and notice changes that might warrant concern. By the use of chemical and physical testing, coupled with their unique software technology, Allarae provides the tools that allow consumers to uncover any serious health issues in their earliest stages. This is accomplished by utilizing the software system which will allow the consumer to notice subtle changes in test results taken over a course of time.

Personal responsibility for our own healthcare isn’t a question any longer, it’s a fact. The healthcare system in the United States has grown totally impersonal over the years, as population growth and the sheer volume of illnesses that doctors face each day escalates. With rising healthcare costs driving up insurance rates, co-pay rates, and the cost to business, it simply makes sense to adopt a “take control” attitude for our own personal health status. The cost to combat an illness that is caught in its earliest stages is minute when compared to the expense of fighting a well-established disease, and the efficacy of treatments greatly improves.

Allarea stands ready to deliver the FDA-approved testing kits that will allow for such early detection. Already manufactured and being distributed by their European division, Allarae’s kits for breast cancer, prostate cancer, influenza and strep throat are being sold in Italy. As the American public clamors for more ways to preserve its own health, we’ve seen a sharp upswing in the amount of health awareness over the past 20 years. Aging baby boomers are striving to be ever more active into their later years ,and the incidence of cosmetic surgeries, health spa visits, and doctor visits are at all-time highs. ALHI stands at the forefront of an exciting new time in healthcare, as an entire generation looks to ways to improve their personal health situation. Allarae’s products are the right medicine at the right time.

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Allarae Healthcare Inc. (ALHI.PK) Focuses on America’s Health and the Hidden Killers

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Allarae Healthcare Inc. (Pink Sheets: ALHI) is focused on delivering affordable personal healthcare screening products and interactive health monitoring software. To provide consumers with these benefits, the company pursues developments and acquisitions of unique personal health screening products and services to help people monitor and understand their changing health status.

The company recognizes the lack of personal health screening and monitoring tools. While there are certain tests available in local pharmacies, the company says they only “scratch-the-surface” in providing data that can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Occasionally, people or their loved ones are diagnosed with a life-altering ailment. Many times, those afflicted are blindsided, unaware that anything was wrong. Cancer, sometimes called the “silent killer”, is one example of disease that can go undetected until too late.

Allarae aims to provide families and individuals with affordable personal screening to reduce the element of surprise and help people be more aware of their bodies and personal health. The company offers a comprehensive solution to a questionable future with its ever-expanding product line, paired with the company’s health monitoring and tracking software.

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Allarae Healthcare Inc. (ALHI.PK) Names Incubator Partners as Marketing and Distribution Consultants

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

In a press conference this morning, Allarae Healthcare Incorporated announced that it has selected Gary Wald and his company, Incubator Partners, as its marketing and distribution consultant. Allarae is an international developer and distributor of advanced biotechnology and personal health screening products. Allarae’s monitoring kits include screenings for influenza, breast cancer, strep throat and prostate cancer. In the near future, the company anticipates distributing HIV, hepatitis, malaria and heart disease screening products.

The new partnership with Incubator products is the next logical step for Allarae to meet its goal of $10-$20 million in sales by the year 2010. Incubator Partners has proven itself as a premier marketing and business development consulting firm in just five short years. A lot of Incubator Partner’s success has been attributed to Mr. Wald’s hard work and dedication to the company. Phil Matteis, CEO of Allarae HealthCare said, “We selected Gary Wald, after a long evaluation period, because of his extensive experience in marketing healthcare products and services to consumers, physicians and managed care companies.”

In addition to starting and running a successful firm, Mr. Wald holds an MBA in marketing from Northwestern University. Prior to branching out on his own and founding Incubator Partners, Wald worked for several major advertising agencies, including Ogilvy & Mather and Grey Advertising. During his employment with these agencies, he has had many notable successes, including the launch of Aim Toothpaste, the re-branding of Dove soap, the introduction of the “Transformers” toy series and the subsequent build into one of the industry’s most successful toy brands, the licensing of both “Transformers” and “G.I. Joe” television programs to broadcasters around the world, the launch of CNBC as a worldwide brand, and the subscriber growth and generation of licensing revenue for GTE’s (now Verizon) cable TV and Internet divisions.

Working for Allarae will be a smaller and more intimate experience, where Wald will focus his efforts on revenue and profit growth as well as building a world-class brand. These goals should not be hard to obtain, since Allarae has been creating and developing help-monitoring supplies for over 11 years. The company also has a considerable time and technology advantage over its new competitors, one that will likely last for several years provide first-to-market status via many innovative monitoring and detection solutions. With the proven experience and success of Mr. Wald and Incubator Products, the $10 million minimum sales goal for Allarae could be a very low floor.

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Allarae Healthcare, Inc. (ALHI.PK) is “One to Watch”

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Allarae Healthcare, Inc. is a public company that was formed as “Utilicore Corporation” in March of 1997 with a focus on the business of international toxic waste analysis, management and cleanup. Later the company changed its name and started dedicating its resources to breast cancer screening and other medical research after gaining considerable knowledge on the subject of how the environment relates to the incidence of cancer.

The company’s focal point centers on developing and acquiring exceptional personal health screening products and services to enhance the way people relate to their health, as well as monitor their varying health status. Allarae Healthcare believes that by utilizing the company’s products, families and individuals may uncover potential health problems at a very early stage. A number of personal, wireless, electronic health screening and monitoring devices are also on the company’s designing board.

Allarae’s products and services unite with a new central software system to provide critical physician and patient interaction. Through the software, the company will analyze the way healthcare professionals communicate to patients who take an active personal interest in their health, as well as the discovery and deterrence of major illnesses.

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