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Alliance Recovery Corp. (ARVY.OB) “Waste to Energy” Showcase Funded

May 31, 2008

Alliance Recovery Corporation (the “Company”) (OTCBB:ARVY) is pleased to announce that it has executed a $20,000,000 equity line financing agreement with Dutchess Private Equities Fund Ltd. of Boston, Massachusetts. The proceeds of this financing agreement will be used to construct the company’s energy alternatives showcase “waste to energy” processing facility. When completed, this initial “waste to energy” processing facility will be the first of several similar installations that will be located in, or immediately adjacent to, large metropolitan centers in the U.S. and Europe. The utilization of alternative fuels to make “clean energy” will contribute to the reduction of America’s dependence on foreign oil.

Once construction is completed, the Alliance “waste to energy” processing showcase will be a significant energy alternatives achievement that dovetails with US initiatives to reduce dependence on foreign oil sources. The ability to utilize a thermal/chemical reaction to reduce rubber to a fuel oil for use in conventional reciprocating engines driving alternators to make electricity is also an effective method for dealing with waste rubber and the challenging environmental hazardous accumulations of scrap tires that continue to be stockpiled, illegally dumped and/or simply burned. The additional Alliance process focus is the recovery of value-added residuals produced contemporaneously in the rubber to oil conversion process.

Alliance’s systems integration of existing chemical processing and thermal technologies will allow the showcase to process any form of rubber waste, including whole scrap tires, without any form of pre-treatment, shredding or grinding. The system will operate as a single pass process. The process conditions will ensure that the residual carbon black produced by the system is of a commercial grade and does not require any further processing or upgrading. The Alliance process is much more cost-effective than the attempted historical and not commercially successful approach of a pyrolysis oven, which produces a carbon rich pyrolysed product requiring further costly upgrading and refining.

Various state and federal agencies have suggested that, when determining the number of scrap tires that a community annually generates, the rule of thumb in the U.S. is one passenger tire equivalent for every man, women and child within the jurisdiction. As a point of final disposition, the Alliance “waste to energy” showcase will consume an amount of waste rubber that is equivalent to approximately 5,000,000 passenger tire equivalents annually, an activity that will positively impact the environment and conserve US energy resources.

The execution of the $20,000,000 financing agreement now positions the company to commence construction and specific tasks pertaining to the fabrication, site construction and start-up of the Alliance energy alternatives showcase waste to energy facility. In addition to contracting with Resource International of Ashland, Virginia to head up the overall project management team and the opening of a construction office in the summer of 2007, financing proceeds will allow initial construction and fabrication activities to commence at the selected site.

The initial responsibility of the project management team will be to review the pre-qualified development sites and to select up to 3 approved sites. Several development site locations are currently being considered. In the immediate weeks ahead, the company will continue to pre-qualify additional development sites to determine the optimum location for the showcase installation. All of these sites are either in, or immediately adjacent to, large metropolitan centers that generate huge volumes of waste rubber annually, thereby ensuring an adequate fuel source for Alliance electrical energy production.

Upon completion of construction, targeted marketing activities for the expansion of the Alliance “waste to energy” processing facilities will originate from the showcase installation. The showcase will also be configured as the company’s employee and management training and incubation center to support the U.S. expansion of similar Alliance “waste to energy” installations. The company’s future energy alternatives research and development efforts will also be housed at the showcase installation.

Alliance Recovery Corp. (ARVY.OB) is Creating Energy to Meet America’s Growing Demands

March 18, 2008

Alliance Recovery Corporation is a leader in research and development in the fields of energy creation and resource recovery, utilizing oil created from the thermal conversion of rubber waste. The company is well positioned to play an important role in the national push to develop and transition to alternative and renewable sources. Alliance Recovery Corporation has a goal to provide America with energy to support peak demand, which is projected by the Department of Energy to increase by 54% from 1997 levels as early as 2015. ACR plans to meet that goal with a revolutionary process that will turn rubber waste into electrical energy.

Annually, millions of pounds of rubber waste from tires and other rubber products are produced in densely populated areas and must be disposed of by each municipality. Compounding an already complex waste management dilemma is the fact that it is illegal in most states to dispose of rubber waste in our nation’s landfills. Using a proprietary process that turns rubber waste to fuel oil, and then to electrical energy, through a thermal process with minimal negligible emission levels, ARC’s manufacturing facilities provide a clean, environmentally friendly solution to rubber waste disposal within municipal limits, while at the same time becoming an alternative source of power.

This process of converting rubber waste into electricity is free of noxious gases, toxic substances and greenhouse gas emissions; it leaves behind only two byproducts, steam and carbon black. These byproducts are both safe and useful in many ways. The steam generated can be used in applications such as greenhouses and other neighboring businesses that require steam and/or hot water in their manufacturing process. The other byproduct, carbon black, is a fine, odorless powder used in the manufacture of rubber tires, plastics, and inks. Together, these byproducts complete the cycle of renewable energy.

Not only does the carbon black start the process over again, but it will also generate a rather sizable stream of income for the company. The recovered carbon black is fully commercial grade, which guarantees little volatility in market price or supply. The global market for carbon black has risen 3.4 percent per year through 2006, to 8.7 million metric tons. Based on conservative economic projections, each ARC Unit is targeted to produce approximately 14 million pounds of carbon black a year from an input of 4.6 million tires.

Leading the company is President and CEO, Peter Vaisler, who has an extensive background in manufacturing technologies and has worked in both the engineering and fabrication sides of the process. In a recent CEOCorner interview with InvestSource Inc, Vaisler said: “There is a plethora of companies making electricity burning fossil fuels, but as of this date the Alliance thermal chemical decomposition of rubber waste to make fuel oil for electrical energy generation remains unique. Furthermore, according to independent third party engineers assessing the Alliance process, our one pass system that provides for the production of fuel oil, process gases and a commercial grade of carbon black gives the Company unique operational and economic advantages.”

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Alliance Recovery Corp. (ARVY.OB) is a Diverse Group of Committed People

March 12, 2008

In order to drive its commitment to minimize reliance on fossil oil, the company has assembled a dedicated team of professionals. They are intent on securing a better future for the US and other Countries that are highly reliant on fossil oil. The company’s name actually stands for “An alliance of diverse, committed people”, according to CEO Peter Vaisler.

Mr. Vaisler since 1995 has worked to develop the energy conversion technology with a team of third party engineers and scientists. He coordinated the operations and ensured that the Rubber to Fuel Oil conversion process was a feasible and commercially viable business model. Site selection, regulatory concerns, and permitting were all addressed by Mr. Vaisler.

Directors David Williams and Walter Martin bring a vast amount of Investment and Corporate Finance knowledge to the company. Mr. Williams has had over $11 billion dollars under his management and an extensive portfolio of high profile clients. This exemplifies his competence in managing large finances. Mr. Martin also brings extensive capital management experience to the company, having over $1 billion in assets and 160 sales associates under him. He clearly has the capacity for large-scale financial management. They both are fully committed to the company and its mission.

This oil conversion company intends to deliver on its promises of lower energy reliance. They are fully committed to their mission and, according to CEO Peter Vaisler, their commitment is in their name. Investors should always pay attention when management is fully committed to the company mission.

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Rubber Waste is No More With Alliance Recovery Corp’s (ARVY.OB) Conversion Process

March 5, 2008

As the earth’s population has grown, so has the amount of waste. Of the many types of waste materials, rubber tires seem to be the most problematic. This is in part due to the sheer volume of them that are discarded each year. In fact, in the US it is estimated that one tire per person is discarded every year. That is almost 300 million tires a year.

Many landfills today have strict disposal guidelines and charge steep fees to dispose of the tires, some do not even allow tire disposal. This is due to the myriad of problems tires cause in landfills. Because of their large volume, they sometimes trap gases, rise to the top of the landfill, and tear liners. This causes major environmental problems.

This energy company, however, has devised a process that creates oil from rubber waste. This is used to generate electricity. What is so remarkable about the process is the lack of harmful Bi-Products. Nothing is left behind in the process besides carbon black, steel, CO2, and electricity, all of which provide revenue for the company. All of this and no harm to the environment is possible with the company’s innovative technology.

Alliance Recovery Corp. has clearly taken initiative to provide a cleaner sustainable energy alternative to fossil fuel. They intend to reduce US reliance on fossil fuel while helping the environment. They offer investors a sound business model with multiple revenue streams, all of which should help make this company a winner for shareholders.

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Valuable Steel is Recovered during Alliance Recovery Corp’s (ARVY.OB) Rubber to Fuel Conversion Process

March 3, 2008

Almost 68% of Steel is recycled, making it the most recycled material in the US. The company intends to contribute to this number with a byproduct of their energy creation process. Steel is recovered from rubber waste material, mainly tires, which the company uses in the conversion process. It is stored and sold on the open market as recycled steel. This adds yet another revenue stream to the company’s business model.

Today steel is Vital to the US. The industry represents a $50 Billion dollar industry; $75 Billon if one includes the additional industries created. The US is the largest producer of Steel in the world as steel producers in the US account for 13% of world production.

The Steel recovered by Alliance has multiple benefits. For one it provides an instant revenue stream for the company with minimal processing costs. It also contributes to the supply of recycled steel without using excessive amounts of energy. This is beneficial because Steel production uses 3% of total US energy, a very significant amount for only one industry. This all leads to a decrease in US reliance on foreign energy.

This is just one example of the company’s many revenue streams. Right now, the company sees five streams of revenue from the conversion process: Rubber Waste Disposal, Electricity, Steel, Carbon Black and Fruits/Vegetables. This exemplifies the diversity in the company’s mix of products and services.

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Alliance Recovery Corp.’s (ARVY.OB) Rubber to Oil Process Produces a Valuable Byproduct, “Carbon Black”

What exactly is Carbon Black and what are its uses? For one, 20 billion pounds of it are used each year. The company plans to produce 14 million pounds a year, conservatively speaking. Carbon black is a black powder or granular substance made by burning hydrocarbons in a limited supply of air. This produces a black smoke containing extremely small carbon black particles, which are separated from the combustion gases to form a fluffy powder of intense blackness. This material has a large surface to volume area as well.

It is used in a number of processes including pigmentation and as a reinforcement of rubber and plastics. The main demand of Carbon Black comes from its use to reinforce rubber tires. Tires represent 70% of the Carbon Black market. As well as other industrialized rubber products. Global demand is expected to increase around 3.4% a year.

The company’s process is so valuable because their input is rubber tires instead of oil. This takes away the production cost variances created from price fluctuations in the price of Oil. Another reason is the extra revenue stream that is created for the company as black carbon is a Byproduct of their main process. At the projected 14 million pound output of Carbon Black, the extra revenue created is around $5 million dollars, making the Carbon Black a significant additional revenue stream for the company.

Alliance Recovery Corp. (ARVY.OB) has developed a technology to convert used rubber material into energy and other raw materials. Their technology converts the rubber to oil through a thermo-chemical process that produces no harmful byproducts. The converted oil then runs alternators, which produce electricity to supply the surrounding areas. Its conversion process also creates heat and CO2 that they use to grow greenhouse crops. Carbon Black and Steel recovered during the conversion process allow for additional revenue streams. They project that each conversion facility will earn $7 million annually in EBITA revenue and intend to expand globally.

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Why Alliance Recovery Corp.’s (ARVY.OB) Rubber to Oil Conversion is Superior to Coal Oil Conversion

February 27, 2008

Coal to oil, supporters have touted the potential, yet the many downside risks are understated. However Alliance Recovery Corp’s process of converting scrap rubber to oil avoids many of these downside risks involved in coal to oil conversion.

In fact, many environmentalists see coal to oil production more harmful to the environment than current oil production. Recently a Chinese company completed construction of a major conversion plant that has many environmentalist worried. Rubber to Oil conversion is not only environmentally safe; it actually helps remove rubber waste from landfills. This adds a tremendous amount of value to this technology and greatly benefits the Global goal to reduce greenhouse gasses.

Another benefit of rubber to oil conversion is its higher BTU rate. Rubber oil shows a 30% higher burn rate than coal oil. This means the rubber oil fuel burns at a more efficient rate than coal oil, leading to a greater amount of energy produced for any equivalent unit of coal oil.

The rubber to oil process, unlike coal to oil production, produces sellable bi-products. This creates a greater value and increases the amount of recurring revenue for the Company. It also eliminates the need and costs to eliminate potentially harmful bio-products.

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Small Cap Oil Exploration Companies Offer Risky Opportunities, Alliance Recovery Corp. (ARVY.OB) is a Steady Opportunity

February 26, 2008

With oil supply continuing to be constrained and global demand rising faster than ever, an increasing amount of Small Oil exploration companies have sprung up but rarely give investors a Return on Investment. This is due to a number of factors.

Finding new drilling sites that are profitable in today’s world is extremely difficult and time consuming, and time is money for investors. The processes are also extremely costly and most of the time produces little results. Essentially, they continuously drill trying to get lucky all at staggering costs to shareholders.

Even when the companies do strike oil, it is quite small. The holes eventually dry up and this leads the company to again search for oil. This costs the shareholders excess amounts of capital and chokes cash flows. Not to mention the potential environmental liabilities that could arise from the discontinued operations.

Alliance Recovery Corp. avoids these costs. They produce oil from scrap rubber. Scrap rubber is readily available, unlike oil, and tangible. Investors know how that the company will receive the rubber. Oil exploration companies however leave investors guessing as to whether they will strike oil and how long the supply will last. Alliance does not have to go looking for the product; it comes to them on a continual basis. Environmental concerns and costs are avoided as no harmful bi-products are produced during the conversion process.

Investors looking for a sure thing should look no further than Alliance Recovery Corp. They not only cut many of the costs associated with oil exploration, they give investors a much more solid base of business.

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Alliance Recovery Corp. (ARVY.OB) is Creating a Green Solution to a Dirty Problem

February 25, 2008

Alliance Recovery Corporation is a leader in the research & development of energy creation and utilizing oil created from the thermal conversion of rubber waste. Alliance Recovery Corporation has a goal of providing America with energy to support peak demand that is projected by the Department of Energy to increase by 54% from 1997 levels as early as 2015. ACR plans to meet that goal with a revolutionary process that will turn rubber waste into electrical energy.

Annually millions of pounds of rubber waste from tires and other rubber products are produced in densely populated areas and must be disposed of by each municipality. Compounding an already complex waste management dilemma is the fact that it is illegal in most states to dispose of rubber waste in our nation’s landfills. Using a proprietary process that turns rubber waste to fuel oil to electrical energy, through a thermal process with minimal negligible emission levels, ARC’s manufacturing facilities provide a clean, environmentally friendly solution to rubber waste disposal within municipal limits, at the same time becoming an alternative source of power.

The process of converting rubber waste into electricity is free of noxious gases, toxic substances and greenhouse gas emissions; it leaves behind only two byproducts: steam and Carbon Black. These byproducts are both safe, and in many ways useful. The steam generated can be used in applications such as greenhouses and other neighboring businesses that require steam and/or hot water in their manufacturing process. The other byproduct, Carbon Black, is fine, odorless powder used in the manufacture of rubber tires, plastics, and inks, which can restart the cycle of renewable energy.

Leading the company is President and CEO, Peter Vaisler, who has an extensive background in manufacturing technologies and has worked on both the engineering and fabrication sides of the process. David Williams and Walter Martin are also at the helm of the company, bringing nearly 60 combined years of finance and investment knowledge to the team. The Michigan based company is still in a developmental stage, but has the leadership, technology and drive to become a force in the renewable energy market.

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Alliance Recovery Corp. (ARVY.OB) – Reducing Global Warming, One Tire at a Time

February 18, 2008

In a day and age where oil is 100 dollars a barrel and “peak oil” is all but a foregone conclusion, seeing a company such as Alliance Recovery Corp. is a welcome sight. As investors, we know that for each barrel of oil they can produce from discarded car and truck tires, there is a revenue stream, and with oil showing absolutely no signs of coming down any time soon, the profit potential is tremendous. We know that there are millions of tires that are disposed of each year, and frankly they are more of a burden to most townships, than any form of a positive.

Yet, there is another aspect of Alliance that might not be quite as evident, and yet makes the company so attractive from the “green” perspective. With the push for becoming better stewards of the earth we live on, “green” in all its facets is in the news on a daily basis. From fuel efficiency to pollution control. We all know that discarded tires are a significant problem. But, are we all sure we understand the scope of the problem? One would be hard pressed at first blush to connect the dots between a child that becomes sick with the West Nile Virus, to a tire dump in rural New York State. Yet this is exactly what health officials are doing. Connecting very interesting dots.

In reading a statement from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, we were not surprised to see the problems that used tires in land fills presents. No it’s not just the unsightliness, which should be at least a consideration. No it’s not that they are hard for the landfill to “digest”. No it’s not the fact that they have a habit of working their way back to the surface and blocking run off trenches. But there are two significant areas that seem so totally unconnected that it’s going to fly under the radar of most investors.

According to the NYSDEC, In July 2004, they released results of a comprehensive review that was conducted between August 2003 and May 2004, which identified approximately 95 locations, containing an estimated 29 million tires that didn’t meet the requirements for proper tire disposal. And what is the biggest risk factors to these tires? Although mosquito borne disease has been traced to stagnant pools of water in discarded tires, that’s not the biggest threat they produce. When tire piles burn, enormous environmental problems occur. Significant air pollution results from the incomplete combustion of the tires, creating a thick, black, foul-smelling smoke. Carbon and gasses are released that are the exact components necessary to create global warming. Additionally, as many of the tires melt and partially burn, an oily discharge occurs that can flow into nearby streams, ditches and waterways or can seep into the ground water.

Tire fires are extremely difficult to extinguish and many fire departments that have large local waste tire piles within their jurisdiction have emergency plans in place to deal with the difficulties associated with managing a tire fire. An example is the Rhinehart tire fire in Winchester, Virginia, containing some 9 million tires, burned for nearly nine months. This uncontrolled burning of tire piles produces smoke and toxic air pollutants, including benzene and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). The intense heat leads to the generation of pyrolytic oil that mixes with extinguishing material, contaminating surrounding soils, surface waters, and groundwater.

If all Alliance Recovery did was make oil that they could sell for 100 dollars a barrel they’d be worthy of investigation, because the revenue stream and profits would surely follow. But the fact that they can so significantly impact the environment in such a positive way as to remove millions of these hazardous tires per year makes this a much broader story than “another alternative fuel source”.

For instance, a solar panel produces energy by taking in sunlight. It’s a wonderful thing. But does it do anything to help clean up the environment we already have? Not really, it simply helps you stop adding more damage to it. Alliance takes it ten steps further and literally takes contaminants out of the environment.

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Alliance Recovery Corp. (ARVY.OB) has the Solution to our “Problem with Oil”

February 7, 2008

This past November, CNN broadcasted a news program called “The Problem with Oil.” The show reiterated our nation’s dependency on oil and why it is so important we wean ourselves from foreign supply. The program discussed the advantages of hybrid vehicles, “green housing,” and everything in between.

Alliance Recovery Corp. (OTCBB: ARVY) covers “everything in between,” developing resource recovery technologies to turn industrial and other wastes into electrical energy. The company’s proprietary thermal chemical process converts rubber scrap tires to into fuel oil to electrical energy. This process minimizes emission levels, ensuring a clean and green way to dispose of the waste.

After watching CNN’s program, Alliance shareholder R.J. Rockwell contacted CNN to inform them of Alliance’s solution to our nation’s oil dependency and greenhouse issues. In a letter sent to both CNN and Alliance, Rockwell noted that every year America disposes of waste material that can be converted into about six million barrels of fuel oil.

“Ultimately, American ingenuity, engineering and know have provided Alliance with a final solution to the problematic disposal of rubber waste and scrap tires and at the same time producing a fuel oil,” Rockwell wrote in the letter. “The ‘Problem with Oil’ definitely impacts upon us all. Some good news is Alliance’s utilization of this waste-to-energy fuel oil to generate electricity. By doing so Alliance helps conserve America’s hydrocarbon resources and is a great example of an alternative fuel solution. Equally important is the fact that it is all ‘green.’”

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Alliance Recovery Corp. (ARVY.OB) Provides Power without Fossil Fuels

February 4, 2008

Alliance Recovery engineered a unique process that turns rubber waste such as tires into electrical energy through a thermal process. Thousands of Tires and other rubber waist goes unused every year in America, but this rubber waste is no longer waste when used in the company’s revolutionary process. While many companies have engineered processes to develop power, most use precious fossil fuels. This is what makes the company’s thermal decomposition of rubber so unique.

Many economic, operational and environmental advantages come out of the process. The rubber waste product that would usually go to landfills is converted to fuel through the Alliance Recovery’s thermal decomposition process. There is no residual waste left behind, which is a massive environmental advantage. Fuel from the process goes to power alternators that generate electricity that is then sold to the local area.

During the conversion process, gasses and Carbon Black remain. The Carbon Black is sold and the gases are used to grow crops that are then sold as well. This provides the company with multiple revenue streams. The company estimates that each plant will have yearly EBITDA of $7 million.

Alliance Recovery is building the first plant in the greater New Jersey that is to be used as a showcase for the process. It is expected to be operational in 18 months. Recently they secured $20 million in equity financing to build the planned conversion plants. They have plans to build more showcase plants in the coming years and also have foreign interest in the plants.

The many benefits of the company’s avant-garde process are easy to see. They offer a solution to two big problems – what to do with rubber waist and how to stop reliance on fossil fuels. With oil hitting $100 a barrel and showing no signs of a downtrend, the company’s process continues to become more attractive. Many expect companies pursing alternative energies to be tomorrows Googles, Apples, and Microsofts.

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Alliance Recovery Corp. (ARVY.OB) Turns Trash into Treasure

January 30, 2008

As prices at the pump continue their rampant ascent, alternative energy gains popularity and support as well. Alliance Recovery Corp. (OTCBB: ARVY) focuses its efforts on developing a clean alternative energy using non-renewable resources. In one step, the company has developed a way to turn rubber waste into energy without releasing harmful emissions into the environment.

Every year, millions of pounds of rubber waste are produced, used, and left for disposal by individual municipalities. In most states, disposing of rubber waste into landfills is illegal, creating an even bigger problem and environmental concern. Alliance Recovery’s proprietary, thermal process converts rubber waste into electrical energy, minimizing emission levels, and meeting the demand for an alternative to rubber waste disposal while lowering the dependency on oil.

According to U.S. Department of Energy, global energy demand will have jumped 54% from 1997 to 2015. With this, oil prices and emissions levels will rise. However, the emissions from Alliance Recovery’s process are minimal, below Environmental Protection Agency standards. Because of this, only State Administrative permits are needed to construct and operate the company’s installations.

Alliance Recovery also extracts steam from hot water and sells it to industries requiring steam and/or hot water for their manufacturing processes. The recovered steam is applicable to a range of sectors including hydroponics greenhouses.

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Growing World Population Puts Strain on Energy Sources, Makes Renewable Energy Firms a Good Investment in the Coming Years

January 25, 2008

With global population expected to reach 9 billion in 2050, it is sure to put an increasingly large amount of strain on already overextended natural resources. It is almost a sure thing that this pressure will cause steep inflation as the many commodities that were relatively cheap become scarce. This inflation will also no doubt make long-term bonds less attractive as interest rates will have to rise to keep up with inflation. The other side though is that many profitable opportunities exist. Those companies focused on renewable energy and recycling resources could potentially provide investors with extremely profitable investments. A few companies that are on the front of this wave include Stratos Renewables Corp. (SRNW.OB), Alliance Recovery Corp. (ARVY.OB) and ECOtality, Inc. (ETLY.OB).

Stratos Renewables Corp. (SRNW.OB), a sugarcane ethanol producer, is aiming to become the Global low cost leader in ethanol production. It basis its operations in Peru, which they believe offers the best factors of Ethanol production. The Northwest area of Peru is a desert, which hosts ideal conditions for growing sugarcane crop year-round. Peru also has an abundance of labor and direct foreign investment continually flowing into the country. The relative stability of its economy and excellent trade conditions with the US make them poised for growth. They plan to produce 150 million gallons of Ethanol from sugarcane yearly. The Company is lead by Tony Salas, an agricultural professional with many years of export experience. In addition, the management team consists of top oil executives in the area. They are currently growing their operations and are executing their strategic plan to be a fully integrated ethanol supplier from the fields to the finished product awaiting loading on ships. They offer investors a truly fantastic opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

An emerging technologies company Alliance Recovery Corp. (ARVY.OB) has developed a technology to convert used rubber material into energy and other raw materials. They estimate that US companies scrap enough rubber to produce 16,400 barrels of oil a day. This is just in the US, but global economies could easily see the benefit as well. Their technology converts the rubber to oil through a thermo-chemical process that produces no harmful bi-products. The converted oil then runs alternators, which produce electricity to supply the surrounding areas. Its conversion process also creates heat and CO2 which they us to grow greenhouse crops. Carbon Black and Steel recovered during the conversion process allow for additional revenue streams. They project that each conversion facility will earn $7 million annually in EBITA revenue. This is an excellent company with a great product that should continue to see demand rise as the population continues to rise and inflation continuously pressures energy prices.

ECOtality (ETLY.OB) is leading a Green Revolution in Renewable energies. They focus on developing and commercializing these technologies. They are working to achieve sustainable energy for future generation; this is becoming increasingly important with the population pressures and scarcity of resources. Currently, they manage four companies and numerous technologies within the sustainable energies sector. Hydrality, a technology owned by them, produces hydrogen with readily available materials, magnesium and water, in an environmentally safe way. The company also possesses America’s first Hydrogen powered bus. Another company owned by them is Innergy Power, an American manufacturer of renewable solar modules and batteries. They also operate a Fuel cell store that sells globally to Japan, Russia, Italy, and Portugal. Its company Etec is a recognized leader in transportation energy systems and is involved in a number of batter charging infrastructures for vehicles. In addition to these technologies and companies, they also manage a clean energy website designed to promote awareness of Green products. They offer investors an opportunity to be a part of the solution to sustainable energy, and hold a portfolio of promising technologies.

These three companies present Investors with tremendous profit potential. We know the world population is growing and fast. This is putting a tremendous strain on global energy resources, and the companies that seek to reduce this strain have much to gain. Investors are always looking for the next emerging industry and market. With future energy scarcities predicted, companies solving these issues look to be a sure bet.

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From Firestone to Fossil Fuel, Alliance Recovery Corp. (ARVY.OB) has the Environment on its Mind

January 22, 2008

Alliance Recovery Corporation (ARVY.OB) is focused on developing ecologically friendly alternatives to the non-renewable resources currently producing the electrical power used by millions of people every day.

They are a developmental stage company that plans to construct a showcase “waste-to-energy” facility at one of several sites currently being investigated by its engineering team. The Company’s waste to energy facility will recover fuel oil as a result of a thermal chemical process that converts rubber waste, including used or scrap tires, to oil. Subsequently, the recovered oil is used to fuel large reciprocating engines driving alternators making electricity.

Recovering fuel oil from rubber waste will contribute to fossil fuel conservation efforts and ultimately help reduce the consumption of America’s energy resources. In addition to the sale of electricity generated from the recovered fuel oil, several additional valuable bi-products produced in the thermal chemical conversion process will also be sold into either domestic or international markets. Alliance Recovery’s processing facilities can be located, constructed and operated to meet the specific needs of the community and operated in an environmentally friendly manner.

Every year millions of pounds of rubber waste from tires and other rubber products are produced and must be disposed of once they are no longer needed, and by using Alliance Recovery’s proprietary process which turns rubber waste into electrical energy, facilities can provide an environmentally friendly solution. This solution to rubber waste disposal is becoming an alternative source of power.

The manufacturing process developed by the Company recovers steam and/or hot water that can be sold to neighboring industries requiring steam and/or hot water in their manufacturing process, for example, hydroponics greenhouses could purchase the recovered heat for use in growing a wide array of different hydroponics plants.

Peter Vaisler, the President and CEO of Alliance Recovery points out, “There is a plethora of companies making electricity burning fossil fuels, but as of this date the Alliance thermal chemical decomposition of rubber waste to make fuel oil for electrical energy generation remains unique. Furthermore, according to independent third party engineers assessing the Alliance process, our one pass system that provides for the production of fuel oil, process gases and a commercial grade of carbon black gives the Company unique operational and economic advantages.”

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Alliance Recovery Corp. (ARVY.OB) Stock Price Increases over 21% on Above Average Volume

January 17, 2008

Alliance Recovery’s stock has been steadily uptrending in price since this morning on 150,000 traded shares – 4,300% higher than the 10-day average. The company plans to build a showcase waste-to-energy facility at one of several locations currently being evaluated by its engineering team.

In a recent interview the President and CEO of the Company, Peter Vaisler, pointed out that the Company is primarily focused on producing electrical energy using an alternative fuel source. He stated, “There is a plethora of companies making electricity burning fossil fuels, but as of this date the Alliance thermal chemical decomposition of rubber waste to make fuel oil for electrical energy generation remains unique.”

By recovering fuel oil from rubber waste, the dependence on foreign oil is reduced while useless waste is used to generate energy in an environmentally friendly manner. According to independent third party engineers who have assessed the Alliance Recovery process, the one-pass system gives the company “unique operational and economic advantages.”

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Alliance Recovery Corp.’s (ARVY.OB) Tires to Energy Process Gives Towns and Cities an Environmentally Safe Way to Dispose of Tires

January 9, 2008

Recently a township in Wexford County Michigan, The Haring Township, received a landfill bill of almost $15,000 – double what it had been in past years. The township disposed 222 tires at a cost of $2 a piece. A Haring township clerk stated, “It just seemed excessive, this is more than double the rates we paid before, it seems like an ungodly amount for this township to pay.”

As Americans annually dump millions of pounds of rubber waste, Alliance Recovery has developed a proprietary way of converting this rubber waste into efficient and safe energy. Not only does the company’s process produce power it is also environmentally safe allowing for safe disposal of the rubber waste material with almost no residual bi-products. This is all done through a thermal conversion of the rubber waste.

The process at the Alliance’s conversion plants creates four revenue streams for the company. First when the tires are brought in, revenue is generated by environmentally safe disposal of the rubber waste. Then once the rubber waste has been converted to oil it is used to push alternators that produce electricity that is sold to the power grid. During the conversion process however Steel and Carbon Black is created as Bi-Product which can be sold in the open commodity market. Finally the hot air produced during the process along with CO2 can be used to grow greenhouse crops to be sold on the agrarian markets.

Through the company’s process people can feel good knowing that the tires are safely disposed of and can be utilized to enrich the community with energy, materials, and agrarian goods. They are delivering not only freedom from an increasingly unstable oil supply, but also an environmentally safe way of disposing of America’s rubber waste.

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Alliance Recovery Corporation (ARVY.OB) CEO Points Out that His Business is to Produce Electricity from an Alternative Fuel Source

December 27, 2007

In an Interview with CEO corner, CEO Peter Vaisler stated that Alliance Recovery has a process to turn rubber waste into fuel oil used to generate electricity. Every day U.S. companies scrap enough rubber to produce 16,400 barrels of oil. He also said, as there are many companies pursuing alternative fuels, they are the only ones that hold the proprietary technology to use rubber waste in fuel production.

The process that they have developed creates fuel oil through the thermo-chemical decomposition of rubber. This oil is then used to push alternators producing electricity. Electricity produced is then supplied back to the communities that created the rubber waste product.

Benefits from this technology are two-fold. First, by using the rubber waste as a fuel source to create energy, we can effectively reduce our use of fossil fuels. In addition, this reduces our reliance on foreign oil. Secondly, because their process leaves behind almost no residual chemicals, it is environmentally friendly and takes care of the rubber waste material.

They have just recently secured a $20 million dollar line of equity in order to finance their first conversion plant located in New Jersey. It is expected to be completed in 18 months and will be the first of ten showcase plants in the US.

This process uses off the shelf products creating a cost effective energy source. In fact each facility is expected to generate $7 million in EBITA revenue a year.

As the quest for an alternative energy source continues, this company has found one that is often overlooked. Utilizing rubber waste they have a renewable energy source that can be used immediately, effectively cutting fossil oil consumption and disposing of the problematic rubber waste material produced by Americans.

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Alliance Recover Corporation (ARVY.OB) has Big Plans for Energy Creation Plant in Salem, New Jersey

December 19, 2007

The leader in research and development of thermal conversion of rubber, Alliance Recover Corporation, has recently identified a plot of land where they intend to break ground on their initial rubber waste to fuel oil conversion plant. The location in Salem, New Jersey is in a prime location next to the Salem Port terminal and numerous industries that generate large amounts of rubber waste product. This location is central to the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania allowing cost-efficient transportation of rubber waste. It is the first of ten showcase conversion plants planned in and around the area.

With the US plan to rely less on foreign oil, the company is making great progress towards this goal with its waste to energy plants. It is estimated that the annual amount of rubber disposed in the US can be converted into 6 million barrels of oil. During the conversion process energy created can be used to provide electricity to the nearby communities in an environmentally safe way. This is huge in the effort to become less dependent on foreign oil supplies.

The initial plant will serve as the companies showcase model showing the community that this can be done. It intends to use this site as the stepping plate for its US and International expansion.

A huge benefit of the process is its environmental efficiency. Waste is converted to Oil and other products through a thermo chemical process that leaves behind almost no waste products. Oil is then used to power engines driving alternators to generate electricity. The whole process is very “Green” and effectively removes excess rubber waste from the environment.

Engineering prowess and determination at the Company has developed a unique and potentially profitable method of waste to energy conversion. The identification of the initial site is a huge step towards the company vision to reduced reliance on world oil. They are showing the world that there are alternative energy sources and they can be environmentally safe. This company is definitely a good one to watch as they prove their business model profitable.

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Alliance Recovery Corp. (ARVY.OB) Director Brings Much to the Table

December 14, 2007

Alliance Recovery’s director, David Williams, has 30 years of extensive experience in the investment management business with additional experience in corporate finance. He began his career as a bond and money market trader. When he served as an investment analyst and portfolio manager with Hodgson, Roberton, Laing and Company, his responsibilities included equity and fixed income analysis and management of personal investment portfolios.

He has had a highly successful past as he, along with several partners, established a company that had $11.6 billion under management by 1993. Over the years Mr. Williams gained a background in managing substantial institutional portfolios as well as extensive marketing and client liaison work with many of the firms’ most important clients.

He has been chosen as a director by many prestigious companies including: Drug Royalty Corporation Inc. which specializes in medical devices and pharmaceutical products; Equisure Financial Inc. a company involved in general and life insurance as well as financial planning; and Duff & Phelps LLC, a NASDAQ listed company with interest in middle market mergers and acquisitions.

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Alliance Recovery Corporation (ARVY.OB) is Focused on the Future

December 12, 2007

Alliance Recovery Corporation (ARVY.OB) is a leading company that seeks to change the methods in which rubber waste is disposed. Through Alliance’s proprietary treatment process, the company is able to safely dispose of rubber waste and recover a portion of the large number of fuel barrel’s that the company’s processes generates each year. According to Alliance, approximately 300 Million scrap tires are generated in the U.S. each year, representing roughly 6 Million barrels of fuel oil that go unrecovered. Alliance Recovery Corporation, through their unique thermal / chemical processes, is able to turn rubber waste (including scrap tires) into energy; furthermore, they are able to produce fuel, oil, and gas without negative emissions into the environment.

According to the World Energy Outlook, the world’s energy consumption will be 40% higher than it is today – within 10 years! Additionally, the United States Department of Energy (DOE) projects a 54% increase in global energy demand by 2015. OPEC even states that “the total global oil and gas consumption is 127.8 million barrels per day, or 1,480 barrels per second.” Just as the demand for oil increases, so does the demand for Alliance’s technology; contributing to ever increasing profitability and corporate potential of this small cap company.

Alliance Recovery’s electrical generation technology can also be scaled to meet specific, localized needs. This localized delivery capacity provides can prevent catastrophic blackouts, such as Northeast Blackout of 2003. This Blackout cost the U.S. economy an estimated $6.4 Billion, an unwanted strain.

Alliance Recovery Corporation has developed a unique and comprehensive disposal process that safely manages rubber waste with no negative environmental impact. Subsequently, the Company’s proprietary process can produce enough energy to satisfy the constantly growing demand as an alternative energy source. ARC’s advanced recovery process produces carbon black, which can then be used to manufacture of rubber tires, plastics, and inks. Alliance Recovery Corporation has the capacity to convert all fuel oil into clean electrical energy, satisfying both baseload demand and on peak demand.

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Alliance Recovery Corp. (ARVY.OB) Led by a Knowledgeable and Experienced President & CEO

December 11, 2007

Mr. Peter Vaisler, the President and CEO of Alliance Recovery, has been developing the ARC Unit with a team of engineers and scientist for over a decade. Through knowledge gained from other research and development projects, Mr. Vaisler and his team applied existing chemical manufacturing processes to thermally convert rubber to fuel oil for energy production. During the process, Mr. Vaisler managed the team and directed design and fabrication efforts.

Previously, the President & CEO was a senior executive in charge of project management which included coordinating the design, installation, and start-up of a new manufacturing process. As one of the project managers, Mr. Vaisler directed the activities of European based engineers & fabricators, and North American contractors.

From 1986 to 1989, he was a corporate planning consultant serving technology based industries and health care institutions with the commercialization of technological innovations. Mr. Vaisler’s responsibilities included initiating technical and business activities related to biomedical waste disposal utilizing modern incinerators. His interest in the thermal conversion of rubber waste to fuel oil began during this period in his career.

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Alliance Recovery Corp. (ARVY.OB) – Garbage In, Profits Out

Every once a great while a tremendous concept is brought forth. History has been sprinkled with them, and those savvy enough to become involved in them at the beginning, were richly rewarded. Yet the perplexing question is always the same, how does one know if something is truly a magnificent concept? How does one know if it’s simply a mania, a fad, a flash in the pan, versus a bona fide opportunity?

Usually the answer lies in how well the product solves a problem. The better the conceived product is at solving a problem, the wider it’s adoption and the more successful the outcome. If the problem is a big one, and the solution is up to the task, once again history shows us that the solution provider is generally very well rewarded.

In recent months there has been an upsurge in the “green” movement. Between the calls to cut the emissions that are contributing to global warming, to reducing overall pollution levels, to seeing oil surge to almost 100 dollars a barrel, a new awakening has taken place concerning how we care for our planet, and how we use the precious resources that we have. Is this a fad? A flash in the pan? Hardly. As the global superpowers such as China, India, the US, Europe, Russia and Japan continue to grow, two glaring facts cannot be ignored. We are desperate for energy, but we are tired of polluting the very atmosphere we live in.

There have been numerous advances in the way we are addressing these problems. From using cleaner coal technology, to increasing the miles per gallon quota’s on our vehicles. But one is often left with the distinct feeling that we simply haven’t seen a total “end to end” solution of any kind. Well, all that’s about to change in one area that’s been a big big problem for a long time, and in what can only be called a “sweeping solution” we all need to keep an eye on the Alliance Recovery Corporation.

Each year tens of millions of car, bus, and truck tires are discarded. In some areas, like Easton PA, there was a tire dump so large that it spanned acres of land, and contained hundreds of thousands of tires. Well tires and rubber products are a landfill nightmare. Not only did they use up precious oil to create the tire, once discarded no one wants them. They have a habit of “coming to the surface” in landfills and not disintegrating for years on end. In most areas, you have to pay a special “discard” tax when you dispose of your tires at the auto center. There is just no one who wants them.

Alliance Recovery wants them. Alliance’s scientists have developed one of the most ecologically sound ways of getting rid of these tires and other rubber products ever devised, and when they are finished with the tire, not only is there absolutely no waste left over, they’ve recovered oil, generated power, removed CO2 from the air, created oxygen and grown foodstuffs. Now that’s an eye opening statement, yet it’s fundamentally sound. In other words, it works.

How does one go from old tractor trailer tires, to generating power? To simplify the concept, Alliance sets up infrastructure for municipalities and towns across the region to take in the old tires and gets paid a disposal fee or “tipping fee.”  Then using their process, they break down the tires into component parts such as oil, carbon black, and steel. The oil is used to run generators that produce electricity to run the plant, and to sell back to the grid. During the process, heat is produced, which is pumped into “hothouses” that grow plant seedlings. CO2 emissions are capped off from the generators and routed into the hothouses, providing the plants with CO2, which they “take in” and then they produce oxygen. Consider the greenhouses “biological air scrubbers”. Co2 goes in, which feeds the plants, and out comes clean oxygenated air.

But it’s not just enough that Alliance can get paid for the power they generate. They get paid for selling the component parts of the tire too. Carbon black for instance is used in industry, and some 8.4 million metric tons were consumed in 2006. Alliance believes they will produce some 14 million pounds per year. Most tires today have steel belts, and all that steel becomes recycled as material to create new products. Even the plants in the Carbon scrubbing greenhouses can be sold off as cash crops as they mature.

Every large metropolitan region has the nightmare of “tire dumps” on its agenda. Alliance is the first truly “end to end” solution that removes the tires from the environment, and leaves nothing of waste behind. Nothing. If that wasn’t enough, and it is, but along with removing all the waste material, they’ve gone full circle to produce salable materials, and removed greenhouse gasses in the process. There’s not an environmentally conscious person in America who wouldn’t consider that as an amazing solution to a horrid situation.

As Alliance Recovery Corporation continues to forge ahead with its plans to open its first waste-to-energy plant in Salem New Jersey, investors keen on locating developmental stage companies with a genuine future ahead of them, need to look at this process. When you evaluate a company you have to ask certain specific questions. Questions such as “is there a need?” Here of course the answer is yes, there’s a tremendous need. Secondly, does the technology work? Once again the answer is yes. Will the need continue? The answer is obvious. There’s only so much oil and it becomes pricier every day. The need to remove garbage from the environment becomes more important every day. Producing energy from pure waste, and doing it in an environmentally sound manner, that produces salable byproducts? That’s a winning combination, and one that bears careful investigating by savvy investors.

Let us hear your thoughts: Alliance Recovery Corporation Message Board

Alliance Recovery Corporation (ARVY.OB) Uses Proprietary Process to Convert Tires to Green Energy

December 10, 2007

Alliance Recovery Corporation (ARC) has developed a way to turn trash into treasure. According to the company’s Web site, millions of pounds of rubber waste, including tires and other rubber products, are manufactured in densely populated areas; the municipality in each area is responsible for getting rid of that waste in a legal manner.

In a process that eliminates the disposal process and fees, ARC’s proprietary thermal technology converts rubber waste into fuel oil to electrical energy. The process minimizes emission levels, ensuring a clean and green way to dispose of the rubber. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) projects that global energy demand will rise 54% from 1997 to 2015; if that forecast is right, ARC is well on its way to join the ranks of companies developing environmentally friendly energy sources.

ARC recently announced it signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Corbett Aggregate Corporation to lease vacant land and heavy industrial steel buildings in Salem, New Jersey. According to the statement, the two companies will work together to develop a final site plan for the waste-to-energy installation. The land’s close proximity to several large metropolitan markets drew ARC to the site; the markets surrounding Salem “generate vast amounts of rubber waste annually,” including scrap tires, which ARC intends converting into eco-friendly energy.

Let us hear your thoughts: Alliance Recovery Corporation Message Board

Alliance Recovery Corp. (ARVY.OB) is “One to Watch”

December 7, 2007

Alliance Recovery Corporation is focused on developing ecologically friendly alternatives to the non-renewable resources currently producing the electrical power used by millions of people every day. The company’s solution offers a one-step solution to convert rubber waste into fuel oil and gases without emitting harmful substances into the environment.

Every year millions of pounds of rubber waste from tires and other rubber products are produced and must be disposed of once they are no longer needed. The fact that most states prohibit disposal of rubber waste in landfills further complexes this waste management dilemma. By using Alliance Recovery’s proprietary process that turns rubber waste into electrical energy, facilities can provide an environmentally friendly solution to rubber waste disposal while simultaneously becoming an alternative source of power.

The manufacturing process developed by the Company incorporates a hydroponics greenhouse that uses the heat produced from the process to make hot water and steam in order to power the plant’s turbines. CO2, a byproduct of the process, is also advantageously used as it is pumped into the bio-filter and converted to oxygen for growing a wide array of different hydroponics plants. Since emissions from the Alliance Recovery’s manufacturing process are below EPA standards, only State Administrative permits are required to construct and operate the Company’s installations.

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  • Exchange Media Corp. EXMD (9)
  • Exeter Resource Corp. XRA (2)
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  • Franklin Mining Inc. FMNJ (1)
  • Freedom Leaf Inc. FRLF (12)
  • Fresh Harvest Products Inc. FRHV (7)
  • Fresh Promise Foods Inc. FPFI (12)
  • Freshstart Properties Inc. FSPP (1)
  • FrogAds Inc. FROG (6)
  • Frozen Food Gift Group Inc. FROZ (5)
  •, Inc. FNDM (56)
  • Fushi Copperweld Inc. FSIN (2)
  • Galenfeha Inc. GLFH (28)
  • Gastar Exploration Ltd. GST (2)
  • Gemini Explorations Inc. GXPI (12)
  • Gen2media Corp. GTWO (2)
  • General Environmental Management Inc. GEVI (56)
  • General Metals Inc. GNMT (1)
  • General Steel Holdings Inc. GSI (3)
  • GeoBio Energy Inc. GBOE (1)
  • GeoEye Inc. GEOY (4)
  • GeoPharma Inc GORX (1)
  • Giggles N’ Hugs Inc. GIGL (90)
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  • Greenchek Technology Inc. GCHK (18)
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  • Greenstone Holdings Inc. GSHN (2)
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  • Hemp Inc. HEMP (25)
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  • Imperial Petroleum Inc. IPMN (10)
  • Inca Designs Inc. IDGI.PK (4)
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  • Index Oil and Gas Inc. IXOG.OB (5)
  • India Globalization Capital Inc. IGC (4)
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  • Intelecom Inc. IECM (3)
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  • Wits Basin Precious Minerals Inc. WITM (2)
  • Woize International Ltd. WOIZ (1)
  • WordLogic Corp. WLGC (40)
  • Workstream Inc. WSTM (9)
  • WorldWater & Solar Technologies Corp. WWAT (10)
  • Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing WEMU (12)
  • Worldwide Manufacturing USA Inc. WWMU (6)
  • WRIT Media Group Inc. WRIT (36)
  • X-Change Corp. (XCHC) (2)
  • Xaar Plc XAARF (1)
  • Xenomics Inc. XNOM (1)
  • XsunX Inc. XSNX (17)
  • XZERES Corp. XPWR (2)
  • Younger America YNGR (13)
  • Zacks Investment Research (11)
  • ZAGG Inc. ZAGG (9)
  • Zaldiva Inc. ZLDV (3)
  • ZAP ZAAP (15)
  • ZBB Energy Corp ZBB (7)
  • Zenosense Inc. ZENO (53)
  • Zentric Inc. ZNTR (14)
  • Zevotek Inc. ZVTK (8)
  • Znomics Inc. ZNOM (3)
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