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Beacon Equity Research Featured Client: Alpine TLI Group, Inc. (APGR.PK)

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Alpine TLI Group, Inc. (APGR.PK), a property management firm, researches and purchases tax liens and tax deeds. Alpine’s revenues are primarily generated through interest and penalty revenues derived from redeemed tax lien certificates, and the sale of non-redeemed properties.

In the U.S., over $10 billion in property tax liens are offered for sale every year. With record declines in real estate properties and the subprime mortgage breakdown, there are an abundance of delinquent property taxes. The company focuses on single occupant residential properties and vacant land that has potential for future development. The potential real estate value of these properties in the U.S. is estimated to be over $1 trillion dollars.

Alpine has an experienced and highly skilled staff of researchers, real estate experts, and financial experts to identify and research potential properties. The company’s fund model for its real estate operations is anticipated to build and maintain a $6 million fund, which can be fully invested in property tax lien certificates.

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Alpine TLI Group (APGR.PK) Rated “Speculative Buy” by Beacon Equity Research

Friday, March 28th, 2008

A Beacon Equity Research report released late yesterday reveals that Alpine TLI Group has been given a “Speculative Buy” rating from Research Analyst Lisa Springer, CFA. The report also established a target price of $0.32 per share, nearly six times the current trading price of $0.0525. The report includes a company overview, investment highlights, business strategies, opportunities, financial analysis and risk factors, and is available free of charge by visiting the research bureau’s website.

The analyst from Beacon Equity, wrote: “Alpine TLI Group, Inc. is a full service tax lien and tax deed purchase, research, and property management business. The Company identifies and researches properties that have the potential for creating highly leveraged investment opportunities through the purchase of real estate tax lien certificates and tax deeds. Alpine generates revenue from two sources: 1) interest and penalty revenue from redeemed tax lien certificates, and 2) profits from sales of liquidated properties that have gone to deed. The Company focuses its acquisition efforts on single occupant residential properties and on vacant land with development potential. These type properties typically represent 50% of all properties offered at tax lien auction.”

On a similar note, the company announced today that it will be participating in New Jersey tax sales. These sales have the potential to yield acquisition of tax liens with a property value of over $12 Million. The sales will be conducted in numerous boroughs and townships over the next several weeks and throughout the month of April. The CEO of Alpine TLI Group, Taylor Abegg II, stated, “In 2007, New Jersey saw 53,652 foreclosure filings, up 34% from 2006 according to RealtyTrac. We are confidant Alpine will be successful in acquiring a large number of liens on distressed properties in New Jersey.”

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Alpine TLI Group (APGR.PK) Announces Acquisition of $400,000 worth of Unredeemed Tax Liens

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Monday, the Alpine TLI Group (Pink Sheets: APGR) announced the acquisition of deeds on $400,000 in real estate from unredeemed Nebraska tax liens, sending shares up 20% Monday morning. Shares are currently trading at 7 cents Tuesday mid-afternoon, up 16.67% from yesterday’s close.

Alpine is engaged in a business plan utilizing a fund model and proprietary research techniques to boost its profit potential in the tax sale industry. The mortgage crisis has resulted in more delinquent property taxes, leaving counties and local governments frantic to collect the past due taxes. More than $10 billion in property tax liens are on the table for companies such as Alpine to acquire.

“Nebraska has always provided a large number of quality properties at their annual tax sales. We are excited to show our shareholders and investors the strength of our business model as we acquire properties at massive discounts across the country,” Taylor Abegg, II, CEO of Alpine stated in the press release.

Alpine’s recent acquisition of the deeds was granted from previous tax lien auctions. According to the company, Nebraska tax sales allow Alpine to pick up liens on the properties for as little as 1% of the value. Most times, the deeds are purchased for the amount of past due taxes, representing 5% to 10% of the property value.

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Alpine TLI Group Inc. (APGR.PK) is “One to Watch”

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Just about anybody in the market will say business is business, it’s nothing personal. In the world of tax liens and making a profit, there is no more true statement. Some property owner lose their home because they cannot pay their property taxes and somebody else gains. Some may say it’s a scavenger business, but it’s a profitable scavenger business.

Alpine TLI Group Inc., a tax lien and tax deed purchase/real estate Management Company, works with municipalities to resolve delinquent tax lien issues. In the United States, estimates range at over $10 billion per year for tax lien issues with the numbers likely to rise over the coming months and years. As these numbers rise, the company will continue to reap rewards regardless of outcomes envisioned by federal agencies to stem tax issues.

Fortunately for the company, there is always a winner where there is a looser. In the case of tax liens and foreclosures, the winner is Alpine TLI Group Inc. Taken in any fashion the company comes out ahead in the tax lien and foreclosure process. Working with the municipalities in question, the company purchases its choice of tax liens and/or encumbered deeds at rock bottom rates. The owner of the property, which has the lien on it, has a specific period of time to pay the taxes, penalties and interest (typically 8-25% per/yr.) on the lien, all of which goes to the purchaser of the lien (Alpine TLI Group.) If the property is not cleared of the liens on it, the property then goes to the lien holder free and clear at approximately 4-10% of the original value. Not bad work if you can get it.

The current conditions being experienced in the US housing market will likely line-up many valuable properties for the company. Recently, the company announced that it has been granted interest payments due from the purchase of $39.5 million worth of property liens in Maricopa, AZ. Irrespective of current conditions, the future of the company is bright with little if any down side to its operations.

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Alpine TLI Group, Inc. (APGR.PK) Aligned to Obtain $20 Million-Plus in Arizona Liens

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

On Jan. 30, Alpine TLI Group, Inc. announced its participation in the Maricopa, Arizona tax sale, a group of properties whose location and valuation exhibit the potential to accrue more than $20 million in investment opportunity.

Alpine, a full-service property management company vested in tax lien and tax deed purchases based on intensive market research which identifies prime real estate areas, typically acquires tax lien property for between 1 and 20 percent of the property’s value. When redeemed by the owner(s), these properties show an APR return of between 4 and 25 percent. When not redeemed, Alpine holds deed to the property free and clear of all encumbrances.

The Maricopa sale, which closes on Friday, Feb. 1, will award successful bidders like Alpine with the appropriate properties. According to M. Taylor Abegg, II, Chief Executive Officer of Alpine TLI Group, Inc., the Maricopa sale is traditionally one of the largest in the nation, with 28,000 properties being offered in 2008. “As a result of Alpine’s proprietary research and due diligence process, we have identified the properties that have the greatest potential to yield the highest leveraged return. We are confident Alpine will be successful in acquiring a large number of liens on such properties.” Abegg stated.

In the U.S. alone, over $19 billion in property tax liens are offered for sale every year. These properties have the potential to generate more than $1 trillion in profits, either through owner redemption via the payment of principal, interest and penalties (which are forwarded to the lien holder through the presiding local agency), or through acquisition, as when the fees remain delinquent for a specified period and the property “goes to deed”, usually for as little as 5 to 10 percent of the property’s actual value.

In the modern economy, some jurisdictions have more than $100 million in uncollected annual property taxes. This can result in significant cash flow problems. Alpine is committed to assisting these local tax jurisdictions by ensuring their operating revenue remains sufficient to prevent insolvency. Alpine is also dedicated to assisting owners who want to redeem their properties by paying past due taxes.

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Alpine TLI Group, Inc. (APGR.PK) Profiled in “Larry Oakley’s Comment Column” on

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

As a result of the downturn in the economy, there are more delinquent property taxes than ever before. Counties and local governments need tax revenue to operate and are desperate to collect the past due taxes. With 2,600 counties offering more than $10 Billion in tax liens annually, the potential market is so large that tax lien companies like Alpine TLI Group need only capture less than one half of 1% of this market to provide substantial returns.

Alpine TLI Group Inc. is a full service tax lien and tax deed purchase, research, and property management company. Alpine specializes in identifying and researching properties that have the propensity of creating a highly leveraged investment opportunity through the purchase of real estate tax lien certificates and tax deeds.

To capitalize on this opportunity, Alpine has assembled a team of highly qualified marketing, financial and operational individuals who have studied and participated in the tax lien industry including CEO M. Taylor Abegg, II. This is a cohesive team, that has worked together successfully in the past, and is focused on turning Alpine into a profitable financial opportunity.

Alpine TLI has registered to participate in the first big tax sale of the year in Maricopa County, Arizona. This sale will begin on Jan. 17th and continue through Feb. 1st. Historically, Maricopa has offered over 20,000 tax liens for sale with a total property value of over $2 Billion. Maricopa offers many opportunities for Alpine to pick up liens on property for as little as 1% of the property value.

The company has also implemented advanced GPS technology to assist in property research and inspection. Recent developments in GPS mapping technology and software have enabled Alpine to increase daily property inspections by more than 150%.

Conservative Speculator Larry Oakley stated, “I like the fact that APGR can realize as much as a 5000% profit on some of the tax liens they invest in, and in the worst cases, its profit should still be rather attractive.” Mr. Oakley stated, “My opinion is that because of the present situation in the real estate market, APGR has an enormous opportunity to develop huge appreciation potential.”

On the other side, investing in Alpine TLI does present some risk as it is subject to direct and indirect consequences of changes in the political, economic or social forces that govern the viability of the tax sale industry. Alpine can only remain viable so long as Alpine’s tax sale fund continues to be profitable and Alpine is able to continue to acquire tax lien certificates

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Open Energy Corp. (OEGY.OB) Signs Open Purchase Order with Large World Ranking Solar Producer

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

Open Energy Corp. (OEGY.OB) reports that it has signed an open purchasing agreement with Motech Solar, the world’s seventh largest producer of solar photovoltaics, to supply 6″ multi-crystalline cells.

The Solar Energy arena, looms larger with every passing day.

Dr. Simon Tsuo, the CEO of Motech noted that “With the expansion of our second manufacturing facility in the Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park, we have increased our production capacity to 240 megawatts per year.

We are confident that the US market for photoelectric products will grow quickly in the next several years, and believe Open Energy’s building integrated products will have great market appeal.

Our high performance poly-crystalline cells are well suited for the SolarSave® Membrane product, and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with their company.” 

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