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Small Cap Voice Featured Company: Alternative Fuel Technology Inc. (AFTC.PK)

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Headquartered in Redford, Missouri, Alternative Fuel Technology Inc. is a research and development enterprise. The company’s corporate focus is on the design, development, and prototype manufacturing of advanced fuel systems for use with a new alternative fuel called dimethyl either (DME).

The Company’s mission is to have series production of DME fuel systems for the global automotive market by 2011. DME eliminates soot particulates, lowers NOx emissions, and helps counter exhaust odor. Alternative Fuel Technologies has developed low-cost fuel injection equipment for DME fueled vehicles. They provide complete DME fuel systems for testing and research purposes. They can also provide retrofit systems useable with most diesel engines.

Alternative Fuel Technologies’ fuel system products include fuel feed pumps and high-pressure common rail fuel injection systems. They also include high-pressure common rails with integrated pressure control valve and pressure sensors, and solenoid actuated fuel injectors, in addition to fuel filters and associated high and low-pressure pipes.

Uses for the DME fuel systems include heavy-duty trucks and buses, construction equipment, farm equipment, diesel generators, and passenger cars equipped with diesel engines. Alternative Fuel Technologies is currently working on their fourth generation system intended for production in 2011.

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