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Stock Guru Featured Client: Amaru, Inc. (AMRU.OB)

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Amaru, Inc. (AMRU.OB) is a provider of interactive entertainment-on-demand, education-on-demand and E-commerce solutions which stream over broadband channels, Internet portals and Third Generation (3G) devices. The company operates in the global Broadband Media Entertainment industry through its subsidiaries under the M2B brand. The Amaru portfolio includes: M2B World Inc., M2B World Pte Ltd., M2B Australia Pty Ltd., M2B Entertainment Inc., M2B Commerce Limited, and M2B World Travel Limited.

Amaru, Inc. has launched multiple Broadband TV and integrated shopping websites. These websites consist of multiple channels of content that are designed to target specific viewer profiles and lifestyles within particular local and international audiences. The Company also controls substantial content libraries for aggregation, distribution and syndication on Broadband and other media. The company intends to offer content for movies, dramas, comedies, documentaries, music, fashion, lifestyle, and education, to name a few. These are sourced from locations such as Hollywood and various other content providers around the world.

The company’s revenues are produced through various business strategies. This list includes: Advertising, online subscriptions, channel or portal development, content aggregation and syndication, broadband consulting services, online shopping turnkey solutions, e-commerce services, and online gaming micro-payments. The company’s global expansion plans are focused on the US and Asia entertainment industries, with locations and/or partners in Hollywood, Malaysia, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, and Cambodia.

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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Amaru, Inc. (AMRU.PK)

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

Amaru, Inc. (AMRU.PK) has launched several Broadband TV websites through its subsidiaries under the M2B brand name. With more than 100 different channels reaching into the entertainment, education and online shopping genres, the Company reaches a range of consumer segments and lifestyles.

The M2B brand name is used to globally market the Company’s products. It has established a competitive edge by providing access to an array of content libraries for aggregation, distribution and syndication on Broadband and other media. While the company’s entertainment channels are designed to promote the e-commerce portals, education-on-demand and e-services are designed to help generate revenues.

The strategic business plan utilized by Amaru, Inc. is to establish itself as a diversified media company focused on the interactive media industry. The company is committed to proving and creating a new generation of on-demand entertainment alongside education-on-demand using the latest broadband, ecommerce and communication technologies.

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