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Stock Guru Featured Client: American Capital Partners, Inc. (APRJ.PK)

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

American Capital Partners, Inc. (APRJ.PK) is a registered business development company.  The Company offers various financing to its prospective companies dependent on the stage in which a company is in.  APRJ uses equity capital provided by public shareholders and financial institutions to provide its stockholders with a total return of capital appreciation, as well as a solid dividend yield.

With American Capital’s investment capital and consulting services, the company practices an extensive due diligence process.  The company’s investment committee analyzes factors such as financial strength, industry growth potential, competitive advantage horizon, exit strategies, and strength of management.  Their flexibility allows opportunities to make investments with more risks and more returns.

In December 2007, American Capital Partners, Inc. acquired Ipower Applications, Inc. with Ipower being the surviving entity.  Ipower is a leading provider of integrated on-demand applications for home, office, and school security.  Ipower created Ipower POWWOW™ Suite, which is a place where families and friends can gather in a safe online setting.  This suite also provides monitoring for chat rooms, destination, and social networks.  Alert notifications are sent in real time for the identification of inappropriate content and the threat of a sexual predator.

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