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American Fiber Green Products, Inc. (AFBG.OB) is “One to Watch”

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

American Fiber Green Products, Inc. is focused on advancing a global environmental technology solution for the recycling of fiberglass and manufacturing alternatives to treated wood, steel and concrete products. Through fiberglass leisure products, such as boats and vintage cars, the company has a continuous business cycle of production, sales and marketing, as well as a rental program to assure shareholder value through revenue growth and profitability.

Bringing together synergistic companies that will generate increased revenues and profits while rewarding shareholders, is American Fiber Green’s mission. By merging Amour Fiber Core, Inc. and American Leisure Products, Inc., the company creates a business model designed to bridge business cycles, create excitement and enthuse environmentally sensitive investors.

One of major ways American Fiber Green plans to maximize success is by developing strategic relationships and partnerships to create and capitalize on opportunities. The partnerships targeted range from financial companies to branches within the government, and include environmental action groups and professional advisors. By synergizing with others, the company will be able to bring resources into play at an accelerated pace.

American Fiber Green is structured to balance between the dazzle of the leisure products market and the correlating responsibility of promoting a ‘greener’ world. Through increased market share, new product development, government mandate, and strategic mergers and acquisitions, American Fiber Green Products anticipates vibrant growth and tremendous value to its stockholders.

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