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Aquasil International, Inc. (AQUS) Enters Joint Venture Agreement to Commercialize Silver Water Source in Tajikistan

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Aquasil International, Inc., the manufacturer of premium silver water worldwide, today announced it has signed a joint venture agreement with the government of Tajikistan to develop an area of the Kandara Varzob District.

The region has proven to be one of the largest silver water deposits in the country of Tajikistan. Granted full exclusivity to explore and develop the property, Aquasil has initiated Phase 1 of the fieldwork, which consists of site construction and water sampling.

In compliance with the governmental program, Aquasil will have to conduct a full professional reconnaissance, engineering and geological survey of the construction site. In addition to the site itself, a complete program covering all specific and salient points within a 1km radius of the construction site must be compiled and filed with the government agency. The program will entail the following:

1. Sampling of water on Zagryaznyaemost on a broad-spectrum chemical analysis.
2. Detailed analysis of water for bacteriological content.
3. Extensive soil sampling within 1km radius.
4. Securitization of water shed.

Once completed, Aquasil anticipates a smooth transition from permitting and planning to full deployment of its production facilities.

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Aquasil Inc. (AQUS) Provides Investor Community with Corporate Update

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Aquasil International, Inc., a manufacturer of premium silver water for sale worldwide, today provided investors with a corporate update on the Company’s previous, current and future developments.

Aquasil International currently offers its premium drinking water in the European markets with overwhelming success. The Company is now expanding its operations to include North America and other markets. According to the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), the U.S. leads all other countries in bottled water consumption. In 2009, Americans consumed nearly 8.5 billion gallons of bottled water, while global bottled water consumption exceeded 53 billion gallons.

Aquasil believes its European management coupled with ability to access funds worldwide will enable the Company to offer its premium silver drinking water in North America as early as January 2012. In preparation, the Company has already built a state of the art manufacturing facility to support its domestic and international operations.

Through aggressive marketing and co-venture partnerships, Aquasil aims to be competitive in the domestic and international market share with its premium silver water.

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Aquasil International, Inc. (AQUS) is “One to Watch”

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Aquasil International, Inc. is focused on engaging in the distribution of premium mineral water naturally fused with silver. Offering a unique bottled water product unlike anything currently on the market, the company is in a great position to capitalize on the well-known benefits of silver infused water. These benefits include elimination of bacteria and toxins in the body, respiratory repair, regeneration in vital organs and increased energy.

The health benefits of silver water have been known for centuries with people willing to pay large sums of money to have limited access. Aquasil is now bringing this exclusive water to every consumer, regardless of means or geography. The company’s new facilities contain state of the art bottling and filtration systems that include reverse osmosis and other proprietary purification techniques to offer consumers bottled water that’s fresh, clean and healthy.

Aquasil silver water is in a unique position to appeal to a diverse group of consumers. While organic minded individuals will value the premium water’s natural mineral state, athletes will appreciate a more natural source to increase hydration without having to consume the sugar packed sports drinks that are commonly used. For those in the military, Aquasil can bridge the gap from simple drinking water, to water that helps strengthen their immune systems for a fighting chance.

The company is currently in discussions with several major U.S. distribution channels to bring the product to market. With an already established and growing customer base in Europe, Aquasil is poised to duplicate its success in the multibillion dollar U.S. bottled water market.

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