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Augme Technologies, Inc. (AUGT) Announces Completes Acquisition of All Assets and Business of Hipcricket Inc.

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Augme Technologies, Inc., a company that provides strategic services and mobile technology to consumer and healthcare brands, has announced that it has completed the acquisition of essentially all of the assets and the business of Hipcricket Inc., a leader in mobile marketing and advertising based near Seattle, Washington.

The purchase price, amounting to $44.5 million, was comprised of $3 million in cash, a $1 million promissory note, $2 million to be paid to Hipcricket option holders, which amount Augme may pay at its discretion in either Augme common stock or cash, and $38.5 million in Augme’s common stock. Also, the transaction calls for a twelve-month earn-out payment to Hipcricket employees and shareholders that is valued up to $27.5 million, which may be paid out in cash or Augme’s common stock at Augme’s dicretion provided that the transaction remains a tax-free organization. Augme anticipates retaining all of the employees at Hipcricket, and the current team at Hipcricket will continue to service Hipcricket’s customers.

Earlier on this summer, Hipcricket reached an industry-leading milestone by hosting its 130,000th campaign. The company had managed over 30,000 campaigns in 2011 by utilizing a broad range of mobile communications platforms, which include SMS, MMS, CRM, mobile-social programs, mobile coupons, QR codes, branded applications, mobile web, and various other platforms for clients such as Macy’s, MillerCoors, Nestle, KFC, and Clear Channel.

The activity pace for Hipcricket has steadily increased since the company powered its very first campaign back in 2004. Hipcricket developed and executed 17,000 campaigns in the first half of 2010 and nearly doubled that number for the first half of 2011. This year, the company is recording double-digit percentage month-over-month growth in the number of campaigns that are processed each month. Hipcricket’s Mobile Advertising Network has been used by companies in more than 15 industries, with a main focus on quick-service restaurants (QSR), travel, retail, technology, and consumer packaged goods (CPG).

Augme believes that, as a result of the acquisition of Hipcricket, it can count itself as the preeminent leader in end-to-end mobile marketing solutions for consumer brands, agencies, and pharmaceutical/health and media companies. The combined companies’ client roster includes more than 300 total clients, which include: ten of the world’s top twenty pharmaceutical companies, six of the biggest media companies in the world, four of the biggest advertising agencies in the world, three of the leading quick service restaurant groups in the world, and one of the largest food companies in the world.

“We believe that the acquisition of Hipcricket will allow Augme to provide the most powerful best-of-breed mobile marketing and advertising solutions to global brand name leaders, backed by strong intellectual property portfolios that include patented technology and software-as-a-service (‘SaaS’) technology platforms,” noted Paul Arena, Chief Executive Officer of Augme Technologies, Inc. “Additionally, Hipcricket’s revenues for the twelve months ended July 31, 2011approximated $9.4 million on which it earned a 67% gross profit margin.”

In recent months, Augme believes that is has significantly expanded and brought strength to the capabilities of its industry-leading management team. Paul Arena still remains Chief Executive Officer of Augme, while Hipcricket’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ivan Braiker, has been appointed as President and joins Augme’s Board of Directors. Jim Crawford has stepped down as director of the Company, but remains Augme’s Chief Information Officer. Eric Harber, President and Chief Operating Officer of Hipcricket, joins Augme’s management team as Chief Operating Officer. Phillip Rapp, who previously served as Chief Operating Officer of Augme, has become Executive Vice President of Strategic Planning. Succeeding Augme’s acquisition of JAGTAG last month, the former CEO of that company, Ed Jordan, was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Augme.

“This well-rounded senior management team has more than 200 years of combined experience in brand marketing, social media, Internet, telecommunications, advertising, customer relationship management technology and data analytics in a number of industries that are relevant to Augme’s strategic business objectives,” added Arena.

Ivan Braiker is an innovator in the field of integration of new and traditional media and harbors more than 30 years of executive management experience in broadcasting and media. Eric Harber is a veteran of mobile and software with a vast amount of experience in general management, strategy, M&A, product development, sales and marketing that has given him a reputation for driving revenue growth, building effective teams and managing change in dynamic environments for companies at their various stages of growth.

“As the mobile marketing industry matures, we believe companies that can provide a comprehensive array of effective mobile solutions built upon robust technology platforms and best-of-breed strategic services will become increasingly attractive partners for global, national and regional brand-name leaders,” continued Paul Arena. “By positioning itself to become the preeminent one-stop mobile marketing and advertising provider, we believe that Augme is ideally positioned to take advantage of these industry trends.”

“We expect the combined company to continue to innovate and deliver powerful mobile marketing tools and campaigns to all of its existing customers, including over 50 Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies, and to future customers seeking best-in-class solutions and results,” observed Mr. Braiker.

For more information on Augme Technologies, Inc. visit their company website at

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Modavox, Inc. (MDVX.OB) Management Writes Letter to Shareholders

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Modavox, Inc., a pioneer in Internet broadcasting, offering innovative, effective, and comprehensive online tools for reaching targeted niche communities worldwide, today provided the following Management Letter to Shareholders:

Dear Modavox Shareholders,

It has been nearly six months since the integration of Augme Mobile and the assimilation of the new executive management team into Modavox. After a thorough internal review of the combined companies’ assets and growth opportunities, we have developed a business plan to optimize our resources, and we have embarked on a BOD-approved comprehensive IP monetization and business growth strategy. I would like to take this opportunity to review some of our recent accomplishments, outline the new corporate structure and branding that will position us to drive revenue, and preview some of the exciting things to come as we enter a new year and a new period of growth for Modavox. We are issuing this letter to Shareholders to provide a summary of that plan, with more details expected to follow after the New Year.

As we have discussed in the past, Modavox patents have been evaluated by several third party experts skilled in the relevant art, which experts have evaluated the patents and determined that infringement is widespread and infringement damages are present in the two primary Internet markets of ecommerce and advertising for value extraction by Modavox through licensing and enforcement. Our patent defense litigation front continues with Tacoda, and has in fact broadened with respect to AOL, Platform A and Time Warner given the Court’s October 22, 2009, Order setting a Pre-Trial Status Conference for December 19, 2009, at which time counsel for the parties are ordered to meet to discuss settlement, pre-trial discovery and all preliminary matters. We view the Court’s Order as a positive event given AOL’s previously filed motion seeking to consolidate the Tacoda case with the AOL/Platform A/Time Warner matter, or, in the alternative, to Stay the AOL/Platform A/Time Warner matter, either of which could have had the effect of delaying resolution of the Tacoda case. Further, on November 16, 2009, after extensive investigation and due diligence, Modavox filed a Complaint against Yahoo! Inc. for patent infringement, which Complaint is in the process of being served upon Yahoo! per Court rules. Following completion of service the parties will meet and confer pursuant to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to discuss a range of preliminary matters and prepare a report related to such matters.

In addition, as announced in late October, we filed a motion for sanctions for spoliation of evidence and evasive disclosure practices in the Tacoda case. While there is no set timeframe for the ruling on the motion for sanctions, the Court is expected to rule as soon as it has had an opportunity to review the legal arguments and materials filed in support and in opposition to the motion.

Although the timing of any court ruling on our infringement claims or related matters is outside of our control, we remain confident in the validity of our claims, the merits of our cases, and are dedicated to completing the work necessary to protect Modavox assets.

In an effort to further leverage and defend the value of our IP rights, we are currently developing a broader IP Licensing Strategy that will ultimately operate as a profit center under the direction of Jim Lawson, Modavox General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer. Given the broad range of the patents and their foundational status to achieve Behavioral Targeting and possibly other key areas related to mobile applications and services, we believe the “Qualcom licensing model” represents the optimal IP strategy. A sound IP Licensing model, in conjunction with aggressive internal development and commercialization of marketing driven technologies, represents a sound strategy for maximizing shareholder value. Thus far, Modavox has yet to pursue enforcement actions against the wide range of companies infringing on our property rights. We believe an active enforcement program targeting small and medium sized entities as well as the large players will result in accelerating the monetization of our IP assets, and further validate the value of our Patents.

While the defense of our IP remains an important element of our underlying value, the acquisition of Augme Mobile marked the launch of a comprehensive business growth strategy aimed at accelerating the advanced development and commercialization of technology platforms in high growth markets. I am pleased to announce our new operating structure that includes the aggressive growth of three operating divisions in the high growth markets of mobile marketing (AD LIFE(SM)), video content delivery (AD BOOM(SM)) and ad network delivery (AD SERVE(SM)). These three divisions are branded under “Augme” – derived from the verb “Augment” which means “to make something greater by adding to it.” The Augme branded portfolio offers products and services based upon Marketing Driven Technology Platforms that enhance the delivery of marketing communications through intelligent distribution to all Internet-enabled devices.

We are planning a fully integrated launch of the Augme Marketing Driven Technology brand in January, consisting of a public relations event, business and technology media coverage, and a new website to communicate our new corporate mission. An announcement will be made within the next few weeks relating to our final selection of a public relations company to handle this effort and manage our future PR needs. In advance of our January launch, I would like to take this opportunity to share the highlights of each of our high-growth divisions.

AD LIFE(SM) (Augme Mobile) is our interactive platform to provide marketers, brands and advertising agencies the ability to create, deliver, manage and track interactive marketing campaigns targeting Mobile Consumers through traditional print advertising channels. AD LIFE(SM) continues to validate its growth plan of becoming the premier mobile marketing provider for the worlds largest consumer package goods (CPG) companies and their marketing agencies. By integrating the AD LIFE(SM) platform within the marketing technology function of these formidable clients, we anticipate solid annuitized growth as the platform is utilized across multiple brands under a single master contract. While we may have some current restrictions in disclosing the specific names of certain clients, AD LIFE(SM) is enjoying significant momentum, evidenced by our success in landing Fortune 500 CPGs as clients, including beating out major corporations for the accounts. These Fortune 500 client companies are entrusting us to support some of the most common household brands and we will provide more detail to our Shareholders in the future when appropriate. For a complete overview of the technology and the offering, take a few moments to visit the recently launched AD LIFE(SM) web site at

Our indirect sales channel partnership strategy continues to show activity and growth for AD LIFE(SM), highlighted by our working relationships with top traditional media purveyors in the US such as Graphic Packaging, News Corp’s News America Marketing (a division of News Corp), Clear Channel Outdoor, and OMD (a division of Omnicom Group). Technical partnerships are equally valuable, demonstrating our vision and leadership in mobile marketing solutions. Recall our recently announced collaboration with Inmar – the nation’s leading promotions transaction settlement provider – to enable consumer directed rebate charity program for Springer Mountain Farms. We also recently delivered the SmartSource mobile coupon program for News America Marketing, offering top national brand coupons available exclusively through the mobile phone. In the coming months, we look forward to sharing more on the depth and value of these important sales and technical partnerships.

In addition to CPG clients, the AD LIFE(SM) platform has tremendous potential within specific vertical markets. In fact, our fastest growing product line is Augme Mobile Health, which is the AD LIFE(SM) platform modified for the unique needs of the health care and pharmaceutical industry. Our HIPAA-compliant mobile interactive technology enables marketers of prescription-drugs and their agencies to communicate with health care providers, and their patients instantly through mobile phones. This offer represents enormous near-term revenue potential for our company, and we are already doing business with three of the world’s top ten pharmaceutical companies that have combined net revenues of over $150B. Look for more details on Augme Mobile Health in an announcement in the coming weeks.

The second independent operating division is AD BOOM(SM), which we are proud to announce is the revitalized version of the BoomBox(R) product line. AD BOOM(SM) delivers content straight to desktops and Internet-enabled devices, and provides managed access for live and on-demand Internet broadcasting and rich media advertising. After considerable thought around the competitive advantages of our offer in a dynamic video content delivery market, we concluded that BoomBox(R) represents an important component of our strategy as well as a channel for the application of our IP. The market for video content delivery is ready to explode, as all major media companies and content owners of all sizes face increased pressure to monetize their video content to survive. AD BOOM(SM) offers an intelligent Broadcast as a Service (BaaS) platform, now newly packaged and designed specifically for marketers and content owners who want to sell, promote, extend and enhance their content through a viral Internet distribution model. Look for a more detailed overview of our revitalized AD BOOM(SM) offering in a press release early next week.

The third operating division is AD SERVE(SM) (formerly Stream Syndicate) a digital advertising delivery platform that serves rich media and marketing communications to targeted destinations in a compatible, measurable and cost-effective manner. While ad serving is a highly competitive and crowded market, the value of effectively competing is obvious — look no further than the recent acquisition of AdMob by Google. AD SERVE(SM) is now expanded to complement the AD LIFE(SM) and AD BOOM platforms for a complete suite of marketing driven technology products and services, and of course AD SERVE(SM) represents an opportunity to directly apply some of the most valuable claims of our IP.

Meanwhile, Voice America and World Talk Radio — the largest Internet-based talk radio network that has been broadcasting uninterrupted since 1997 — continues to operate effectively and support our broader initiatives. While Internet radio is not an integrated aspect of our new strategy focused on high margin offers in high growth markets, we will continue to maximize the value of this asset in the best interest of shareholders and in support of the loyal employees who work so hard to sustain and grow this market leading business.

Above all, the entire company is focused on a key objective — leveraging our new strategy to become cash flow positive in FY2011. This is not just a financial exercise in managing costs. For Modavox, it will be the end result of driving highly profitable revenue with competitive offers in high growth markets.

On behalf of the management team I would like to close by saying how much we appreciate the support and interest of all our shareholders. We understand you have high standards for the performance of our company, and we welcome your questions and comments in both good and challenging times. We are committed to keeping you apprised of all the important events as we look to successfully drive revenue growth and high margin profitability. In that context I hope you found this communication helpful given the many positive and exciting changes that are under way at Modavox.

Mark Severini CEO, Modavox Inc.

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Modavox, Inc. (MDVX.OB) Announces Filing of Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO)

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Modavox, Inc., an Internet broadcasting pioneer and holder of several patented technologies, yesterday filed a Complaint in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, asserting two Causes of Action against Yahoo! for Patent Infringement related to Modavox-owned United States Patent No. 6,594,691 (“Method and System for Adding Function to a Web Page”) and United States Patent No. 7,269,636 (“Method and Code Module For Adding Function to a Web Page”). Modavox’s Complaint specifically asserts that Yahoo! has operated a business for profit that uses Modavox’s technology claimed and described in the ‘691 and ‘636 Patents without having sought or received Modavox’s authorization to use its patented technology.

Nathaniel T. Bradley, Chief Technology & Product Officer at Modavox, commented, “Our patented technology is foundational to a specific targeted Internet advertising delivery method utilized by the Yahoo! Advertising business and used previously by the targeted advertising delivery operation of Blue Lithium, purchased by Yahoo! in September, 2007. Third party expert analysis of Yahoo!’s systems, as well as our own internal studies, provide a substantial basis for our infringement contentions.”

David Shaub of Shaub and Williams LLP, Modavox’s lead counsel in the case, added, “The action has been filed after an extended investigation of the claims.”

Modavox’s Complaint claims that the company has suffered irreversible harm as a result of the alleged infringement and therefore seeks preliminary and permanent injunctions against Yahoo! to prevent the internet company from making, using, selling and offering for sale any products or services which infringe the ‘691 or ‘636 Patents, or otherwise inducing or contributing to the alleged infringement.

According to the press release, Modavox also seeks monetary damages in an amount to be determined at trial to compensate Modavox for Yahoo!’s alleged infringement, as well as a finding that Yahoo!’s infringement was willful and deliberate, which could entitle Modavox to as much as three-times actual damages. The company also seeks attorneys’ fees and Court costs, as well as any other remedies that the Court deems equitable and just.

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As Time Warner and AOL Prepare to Split, 2007 Lawsuit May Haunt Them

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

After a lengthy partnership, Time Warner (TWX) and AOL are currently preparing to go their separate ways. While both companies hope for a smooth transition, a 2007 lawsuit filed by a small company Modavox (MDVX.OB) may significantly impact AOL and Time Warner valuations. Two years ago, Modavox sued AOL for patent infringement of their Behavioral Targeted Marketing intellectual property. Modavox is now asking for sanctions, and a recently released 8K third-party valuation may point to the seriousness of the issue, and its consequences for AOL. The issue will affect parent company Time Warner, as Modavox filed a suit against them as well.

The ease of a case focusing on patent infringement, such as Modavox’s, can be clouded by its a highly technical subject matter; however, Modavox’s request for sanctions is relatively simple: the motion suggests AOL/Tacoda and its attorneys repeatedly and intentionally failed to comply with general court orders pertaining to discovery procedures, findings of spoliation and spurious production, destruction of code, and perjury. The filings paint AOL/Tacoda’s defense as stalling, refusing, and failing to provide the court-required documentation.

Two examples illustrate the nature of the requested sanctions. Modavox claims that Tacoda destroyed portions of a source code that existed in 2007, which Tacoda still refuses to provide, when the motion was filed. Modavox also wants the court to issue an order that precludes Tacoda from asserting that it has not infringed Plaintiff’s patents in reliance upon source code or metadata. A complete list of the requested sanctions can be found in the filing.

The court has set an agreed upon timetable that allows AOL/Tacoda two weeks from the late October filing to respond. After the response, Modavox has one week to respond. As the clock ticks on the Time Warner/AOL spin off, both companies will certainly anticipate the true post spin valuations calculated by investment bankers.

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Modavox, Inc. (MDVX.OB) Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against AOL, Time Warner, Inc. and Platform-A, Inc.

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Today before the opening bell, Modavox announced that it has filed a lawsuit against AOL LLC, Time Warner, Inc. and Platform-A, Inc. in the United States District Court for the Central District of California (Case No. CV08-05914 SJO PJWx), stating that the companies are infringing on United States Patent No. 6,594,691, ‘Method and System for Adding Function to a Web Page,’ and United States Patent No. 7,269,636, a continuation of the original patent that provides additional details of the invention assigned to Modavox.

According to the press release, the company also amended a claim against AOL for trademark infringement, Unfair Competition and False Designation of Origin in connection with AOL’s use of THE BOOMBOX designation, which is assumed to be confusingly similar to Modavox’s registered trademark BOOMBOX RADIO. Modavox is pursuing injunctive relief and as yet unspecified damages stemming from the alleged infringing activities.

David Ide, Chief Executive Officer of Modavox stated, “This action was originally brought in response to an unwelcome perceived infringement of our BoomBox trademark, specifically the unauthorized commercial, for-profit use, copying, display and distribution of our trademark brand name BoomBox. This mark is central to our product and service offerings and we went through great lengths and effort to obtain, preserve and market this brand only to have to protect it from what we believe to be a clear infringement of this brand and its hard fought equity, by AOL. This coupled with our belief that our patented technologies are being infringed across Platform A has left us with no choice but to take this action along with our team in California Federal District Court.”

Nathaniel T. Bradley, Chief Technology & Product Officer at Modavox added, “Our technical analysis of AOL’s Platform A convinced us that AOL, Time Warner and Platform A are infringing our patents. Our team of third party technical and legal experts, at considerable cost by our company, has extensively investigated our allegations and asserts that there exists a good faith belief in our allegations of infringement. In particular, AOL’s expansion of its subsidiary, Tacoda, Inc.’s Behaviorial Targeting across Platform A has clearly appeared to embody the same underlying method to achieve targeted delivery advertising to consumers.”

David Shaub with Shaub and Williams LLP, who is acting as Modavox’s lead counsel in the case commented, “We have carefully studied this deployment and cautioned AOL to cease and desist.”

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Modavox, Inc. (MDVX.OB) to Incorporate RadioPilot to Improve Communication Systems

Friday, May 9th, 2008

Modavox, Inc. (MDVX.OB) recently announced that it has signed a Letter of Intent to acquire RadioPilot, a Washington-based software developer. The RadioPilot Internet Radio publication system structures rich media (audio and video) to enable search engines to access the information in a more efficient manner. The system takes every Internet radio element and creates a categorized hierarchy at all levels to optimize the search structure for rich media content. The optimized RadioPilot structure assists search engines and individuals in accessing rich media through an easy-to-browse media interface.

The RadioPilot system incorporates four software widgets that will provide the Modavox Network with additional features. SitePilot is a development platform containing all the elements required to create new interactive websites. MemberPilot is a membership management solution designed to provide an effective interface for new subscribers. ReferralPilot is focused on increasing traffic through viral referral and content syndication. SendPilot is an HTML email delivery system that allows the user to create dynamic communications to existing or new members.

Jeff Spenard, President of Modavox, said “Our content customization capabilities vastly improve RadioPilot’s software products. These new tools will add to our host acquisition and continued service improvement efforts. Assistive content publication capabilities will provide much improved search engine optimization and streamlined host generated content production and audience acquisition strategies.”

David Ide, CEO of Modavox, added, “This is a furtherance of our strategy to maximize our revenue production and leadership in Internet Talk Radio. I’m equally pleased about our acquisition of RadioPilot and their private label client base that will bring new revenue opportunities, unique visitors, and advertising for our Network operation. We have and will continue to grow both our Network and Interactive Agency organically. However, acquisitions such as this proposed with RadioPilot are ways we may accelerate our plan and achieve significant gains in revenue and product offerings.”

He continued by stating, “Within the size and scale of Modavox, the RadioPilot system and products are more viable and useful when deployed in conjunction with our customized communications solutions.”

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Modavox, Inc. (MDVX.OB) Inks Letter of Intent to Acquire Internet Software Developer RadioPilot

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Modavox announced today that it has signed a letter of intent to acquire RadioPilot. The RadioPilot Internet Radio publication system innovatively enables the indexation of rich media more effectively with various search engines and could add further capabilities to Modavox’s patented BoomBox Radio Platform. The publication system enhances search structure for difficult-to-categorize media content, and includes an easy-to-browse media experience that is greatly optimized for individual searchers, as well as search engines.

The array of technologies held by RadioPilot will provide a range of software widgets, enabling Modavox to introduce new product features. These widgets include: SitePILOT, a development platform which allows novice Internet publishers to create feature-rich interactive websites; MemberPilot, a self-maintaining community management and tracking utility; SendPilot, a high volume e-mail publication system and community-based distribution system; and Referral Pilot, a widget designed to increase traffic through viral referral and content syndication.

Modavox President of Networks, Jeff Spenard, commented, “Our content customization capabilities vastly improve RadioPilot’s software products. These new tools will add to our host acquisition and continued service improvement efforts. Assistive content publication capabilities will provide much improved search engine optimization and streamlined host generated content production and audience acquisition strategies.”

“This is a furtherance of our strategy to maximize our revenue production and leadership in Internet Talk Radio. I’m equally pleased about our acquisition of RadioPilot and their private label client base that will bring new revenue opportunities, unique visitors, and advertising for our Network operation. We have and will continue to grow both our Network and Interactive Agency organically. However, acquisitions such as this proposed with RadioPilot are ways we may accelerate our plan and achieve significant gains in revenue and product offerings. Within the size and scale of Modavox, the RadioPilot system and products are more viable and useful when deployed in conjunction with our customized communications solutions,” stated David Ide, CEO of Modavox.

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Modavox, Inc. (MDVX.OB) Utilizes Patented Internet technology to Deliver Targeted Communications Initiatives Online

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Modavox, Inc. (MDVX.OB), an online media distribution company and the leading developer of innovative software products that enhance, enable and protect global network based communications, offers innovative, effective and comprehensive online tools for reaching targeted niche communities worldwide. Founded in 1999, the company is a pioneer in Internet broadcasting, along with producing and syndicating online audio and video capabilities.

Through patented Modavox technology, the company provides managed access for live and on-demand Internet radio broadcasting, e-learning and rich media advertising. Modavox is divided into two operational divisions: Internet Radio and Interactive Solutions.

The company’s Internet Radio division features Internet Talk Radio network VoiceAmerica™, the world’s largest Internet talk radio network, and the patented Internet radio delivery technology BoomBox Radio™. The Internet Radio division generates revenues from corporate and custom-branded radio solutions, hosting services, advertising and sponsorships. The company’s Internet Radio solutions provide sponsors, advertisers and hosts with highly targeted and affordable access to niche communities worldwide.

The Interactive Media division utilizes its software technology to distribute online audio/video streaming products, which support interactive online advertising and provides interactive audio video communication, including the patented BoomBox™ Video. BoomBox Video™ provides sophisticated geo-targeting, play list controls, pre-roll and audio visual advertising capabilities. This patented system enables the creation of complete urban news networks while allowing users to instantly publish video that supports and supplements their traditional operations.

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Modavox, Inc. (MDVX.OB) – The VoiceAmerica Network Offers Customers Their Own Customizable Show

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Internet Radio Web site, VoiceAmerica Network, is engaged in working with companies to increase their existing online presence, or to create an online identity from scratch. VoiceAmerica’s show branding features a show title, show banner, host page, animated Flash ads, show opener and commercial.

The company’s host page offers a branded show title, hi-resolution host picture, description, host biography, on-demand archives, sponsor links, Web links, updated weekly broadcasts, host contact information and executive producer contact information.

Utilizing BoomBox Radio, VoiceAmerica offers audio and video streaming, an on-demand content library, direct live broadcasting, a branded desktop icon, multiple Web links, MP3 and video downloads, and more. The branded desktop icon is transferable via e-mail and offers direct access to products and programs.

Additionally, the company offers a sponsorship package which includes a show description and host biography, branded show design, VoiceAmerica Information, a description of marketing, Modaview distribution, a professional advertising rate card, sponsorship pricing breakdown, VoiceAmerica demographics, streaming media demographics, listening statistics, testimonials, five CDs of the show and more.

The VoiceAmerica Network is operated by Modavox Inc. (OTCBB: MDVX), which offers production and distribution of audio/video streaming and products utilizing Broadcast Media and Interactive Media.

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Modavox, Inc. (MDVX.OB) Provides Worldwide Platform for Cynona International’s Premiere Skin Care Products

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Modavox, Inc. (OCTBB: MDVX) announced that it has created a broadcasting and ecommerce infrastructure for Cynona International. The Modavox Enterprise Platform has been customized for the distribution of the unique fine skin care, body care, bath and shower products of Cynona International. The use of the patented Modavox Enterprise platform allows content customization, real-time publishing, and the distribution of video broadcast content. By implementing the point-of-sale marketing module, Cynona is able to display video messages tailored for specific products and customer groups.

Cynona International is best known for providing the best in skin care at its spa in Scottsdale, AZ. Cynona was founded twenty years ago and features products from France, Italy, Sweden, Bali, and Hawaii. The company continually searches for high-quality lines throughout the world. Being based in the dry Arizona, the Cynona team knows the importance of the right skin care system. Each consumer has their own specific needs and Cynona has a wide-range of products to select from. The company provides fragrances, shaving products, candles, and other products to men and women as well.

Modavox, Inc., founded in 1999, is a pioneer in Internet broadcasting and holds several patents. The company is an online media distribution company and a leading developer of software products that enhance, enable and protect global network based communications. Modavox is able to deliver content, such as radio broadcasting and rich media advertising, straight to desktops and Internet-enabled devices.

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Modavox, Inc. (MDVX.OB) Provides Video Distribution System for the Southern Arizona Attractions Alliance Utilizing Its Patented BoomBox Video 2.0 Software

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Modavox, Inc. (MDVX.OB), a pioneer in Internet broadcasting and holder of several patented technologies, announced that the company has delivered a video distribution system for the Southern Arizona Attractions Alliance, a nonprofit organization of regional attractions dedicated to cooperatively promoting tourism and visitation in southern Arizona. This distribution system will utilize the Company’s proprietary BoomBox Video 2.0 software.

BoomBox Video provides sophisticated geo-targeting, play list controls, pre-roll and audio/visual advertising capabilities. This patented system enables the creation of complete urban news networks while allowing users to instantly publish video that supports and supplements their traditional operations.

Under this agreement, the BoomBox Video system will allow Southern Arizona Attraction Alliance members to publish special event schedules adjacent to video tours. The BoomBox Video environment will be syndicated to a total of three sites. The anticipated number of unique visitors is expected to exceed 2 million unique users in 2008, based on historical traffic counts.

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Modavox Inc. (MDVX.OB) Names Network Director for VoiceAmerica Sports – the One-Stop-Shop for Sports Broadcasting

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Internet broadcasting company Modavox Inc. (OTCBB: MDVX) recently announced Ray Ellis as the network director of VoiceAmerica Sports Network. Ellis’ duties include expanding business opportunities, content production, and advertising sales within the VoiceAmerica Sports Network.

Ellis’ extensive football career with the NFL equipped him with the determination to launch a media technology company, the Kerwin Company, in 2002. He currently serve as network director for VoiceAmerica Sports. The VoiceAmerica Network features more than 100 hosts broadcasting on four genre-based channels. The network includes the VoiceAmerica Channel, the VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel, the VoiceAmerica Business Channel, and the 7th Wave Network.

VoiceAmerica distributes its content through BoomBox, Modavox’s proprietary technology combining radio, Internet, television, music, live events and more. Audiences can visit the VoiceAmerica Sports site, or any other VoiceAmerica network, and listen to, or watch, broadcasts 24/7.

Modavox produces and syndicates online audio and video, offering innovative, effective and comprehensive online tools for reaching targeted niche communities worldwide. Since 1999, the company has continued to stream live Internet talk radio programs via the VoiceAmerica Network.

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Modavox, Inc. (MDVX.OB) Announces Ray Ellis as Network Director of VoiceAmerica™ Sports Network

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Modavox, Inc. (MDVX.OB) announced that as of March 24th Ray Ellis has assumed the role of Network Director of VoiceAmerica™ Sports Network. VoiceAmerica™ is the single largest producer of Internet Radio broadcasting worldwide. Mr. Ellis will direct his attention to expanding the business opportunities, advertising sales, and content production of the VoiceAmerica™ Sports Network.

Prior to his new role with Modavox, Mr. Ellis founded Kerwin Company, a media technology firm. With his background in technology and his experience starting up a firm, Mr. Ellis brings the sort of expertise that helps new companies handle the usual obstacles. While at Kerwin, he developed a technology concept that targeted student athletes and led to several digital media projects. Not only does Mr. Ellis bring his own knowledge, but he also has brings a whole set of technical contacts that will expand the technical base from which Modavox can draw to advance current and future projects.

To the mainstream consumer, Mr. Ellis may be remembered as a seven-year veteran of the NFL. He gained national attention after being named an All-American cornerback at Ohio State University and was then drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1981. He finished his career in 1987 with the Cleveland Browns, where he had two AFC Central Division championship seasons.

“We’re pleased to welcome Ray to the Modavox team. His experience with the NFL and as a successful entrepreneur makes him ideally suited to fill this important role within Modavox. As we continue to aggressively pursue our internet talk radio strategy, his background and unique skill sets should prove complementary to our efforts,” said David Ide, Modavox CEO.

Modavox, Inc. is a communications company focused on offering innovative online tools to reach targeted niches of consumers worldwide. With its patented technology, Modavox is able to deliver content straight to consumer’s desktops and internet-enabled devices.

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Myers Industries Inc. (MYE) Beats Business Trend of its Industry

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

Here is an exceptional small capital stock investment opportunity which provides a telling example of how value stocks are to be had in industries with uncertain business prospects.

The Containers & Packaging Industry depends on industrial clients. Therefore, recessionary times leave such stocks with very little room to maneuver. This particular company bucks the general trend. It has closed the fourth quarter of 2007 with a hefty 20% growth over the same period of 2006. Sales for the full year are nearly $1 billion against less than $800 million in 2006. Net Income growth is even more impressive: it has grown annually by 149% to just over $18 million for the fourth quarter. The company has reduced debt by over $30 million. This is precisely the kind of news that stock investors want to hear during these difficult times.

There are two reasons behind the business success of this stock. One is that it has ramped up its business in farm and home garden segments through pots, trays, and planters by acquiring a company engaged in horticultural products. Secondly, the company has a vantage position in the US markets for tires, wheels, and under-vehicle services. The latter is set for steady growth as people use tax benefits to switch over to cars with hybrid engines.

The stock is tantalizingly poised during the second fortnight of March 2008 at $12.65 against a 52-week range of $22.73-9.73. It is certainly a serious prospect for all stock investors who worry about the volatile US investment scenario of today.

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Tremendous Potential in Modavox, Inc.’s (MDVX.OB) Enterprise Solutions

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Today, most major companies use the internet for internal announcements, information, and many other communication initiatives. The communication is limited many times to simple text and usually has no interactive capability. However, with Modavox’s patented technology, companies can implement advanced communication objectives. The Company allows full user customization, enabling significantly more efficient communication.

One area is On Demand Broadcasting. This enables companies to customize their media delivery and distribute it to virtually any platform. It easily integrates into any website, allowing the company to drive targeted web traffic to its communication idea. The content can be delivered live or On-Demand through streaming Interactive media packages.

Another area with great potential is broadcasting live events. Company CEO’s, CFO’s and other executive management can conduct live speeches streamed directly to employee’s computers in real time, in addition to a myriad of other live media events. One unique feature of the Interactive solutions software is its ability to allow two-way communication and feedback, such as poling, voting, and blogging, giving companies unlimited message delivery options.

The Interactive Media solutions are also great for corporate profiles. Many companies look for secure ways to show Business Plans and other executive material. This software allows users this ability with Global Distribution Capabilities.

Detail Reporting and testing are also advance capabilities of the Interactive Media solutions. The reports include usage and progress data, and user activity reports. These are provided in real time and are fully searchable and secure. Reports are easily exported to Microsoft office for easy viewing and analysis.

There truly is great potential in the company’s enterprise level media solutions. They are easily integrated into any website and fully customizable to meet the end-user’s specific branding requirements and needs. Almost any company would benefit from this Modavox technology, making it a truly exceptional product.

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Modavox Inc. (MDVX.OB) Delivers on Massive Worldwide Pay-Per-View Internet Event

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Modavox Inc, a worldwide internet content provider, has combined their Video BoomBox video box office software with spiritual media publishing company ‘Sounds Trues’ to provide a worldwide internet pay-per-view event, which took place March 7-8, 2008. The event was delivered to viewers, listeners and attendees of bestselling author Eckhart Tolle.

Mr. Tolle is a recognized leader of spiritual thought. He often speaks to sold out audiences desiring help with finding inner peace, health and life fulfillment. Although Mr. Tolle does not attach a religious aspect to his teachings, he does not discount the importance of religion to any individual’s search for a healthier spiritual quest.

The event was seen and heard in over 40 countries and learned of through an extensive affiliate program. The program included a video advertising model which delivered over 100,000 previews of the event, and integrated YouTube driven video content for the encouragement of Internet pay-per-view sales. Modavox’s patented technology, which delivers unique content to specific niche customers through multiple channels, has clearly shown its competency through this event.

The company has reported 5 million unique visitor visits to its content offerings for the months of January and February 2008. This is in comparison to just 500,000 unique visitor visits per month in 2006. In many respects, this particular event has shown future predictions of what is to come. Advertisers are now seeing Modavox’s ability to target advertising directly to the individual taste, on an almost certain demographic choice.

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Modavox, Inc. (MDVX.OB) Gaining Ground with Last Year’s Lawsuit?

Friday, February 29th, 2008

There’s word on the street that Modavox, Inc. (OTCBB: MDVX) may spend some more time in the courtroom. The broadcast media/interactive media company holds various Internet advertising ads, and last year slapped Tacoda, a division of AOL (TWX), with a patent infringement suit.

The company’s broadcast media division generated roughly 80% of revenues last quarter. Its interactive media division develops behavioral targeted advertisements paired with interactive e-learning solutions – and that is where the issues begin. According to a contributing source of an editorial on, Tacoda may be viewed as a “test case.”

News of the Modavox’s lawsuit made ripples in the small-cap world last year, and some believe it’s the break of the new wave of behavioral advertising competition. We can distinctly remember the August day when Modavox released the news it would “take on” Tacoda, backed by Internet giant AOL. Journalistic lines were abuzz with questioning shareholders as the story topped small-cap headlines for weeks.

“Modavox’s commitment to innovation has yielded highly valuable patented intellectual property. Our management team, in conjunction with Fox Rothschild LLP, made a strategic business decision to design, create and execute a comprehensive plan in support of our patented process and technologies,” David Ide, CEO of Modavox previously stated. “We knew that decision would likely include pursuing enforcement through the legal system, and we are confident that the action we have taken today is an appropriate step on behalf of our shareholders and believe it will allow us to begin to reveal the true value of our patented intellectual property.”

Since then, AOL and Yahoo recently purchased such advertising companies, and, according to common speculation, if Modavox wins its suit, its Interactive Media division will take the spotlight.

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Modavox, Inc. (MDVX.OB) Launches Patented Advertising and Enterprise Platforms –Stream Syndicate™ and BoomBox Video

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Modavox, Inc. (MDVX.OB), a pioneer in Internet broadcasting, and producing and syndicating online audio and video, announced the launch of two technology product lines from the company’s Interactive Division. These two products, Stream Syndicate™ and BoomBox Video, utilize patented infrastructure that allows content providers the ability to customize content for end users, targeting geographic, demographic and behavioral data.

The technology for Stream Syndicate™ has been in development for years and will provide the next generation of advertising delivery by providing the company’s clients with an advertising delivery platform that offers more features for less money. This technology has been adopted by WTVG (ABC O&O) in Toledo, Village Voice Media with 35 community newspapers, Gannet’s Arizona Daily Star and the Arizona Republic’s

BoomBox Video provides sophisticated geo-targeting, play list controls, pre-roll and audio visual advertising capabilities. This patented system enables the creation of complete urban news networks while allowing users to instantly publish videos that support and supplement their traditional operations. BoomBox Video 3.0 will be utilized in a launch of a news distribution system for the Black Hills Pioneer’s South Dakota News Network in March.

Patented Technology Launches Modavox, Inc. (MDVX.OB) to the Top of Global Communication Services

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Founded in 1999 as an online media distribution company, Modavox, Inc. (OTCBB: MDVX) has grown to become the leading developer of innovative software products designed to enhance, enable and protect global network based communications.

Using its patented Internet technology, Modavox delivers high-quality communication initiatives, offering advanced features to create cost avoidance, efficiency and revenue generation capabilities. The company operates in two divisions, Broadcast Media and Interactive Media, both utilizing the company’s advanced technologies.

The Broadcast Media division produces and distributes online talk radio programs spanning wide coverage of a variety of topics.

The Interactive Media division is divided into three subdivisions. The Enterprise Communication allows companies to interact and communicate with employees, customers and other contacts. Services include audio video production, worldwide distribution, detailed reporting, and rich, interactive multimedia.

The same features offered through Enterprise Communication are available through its E-learning products, which give companies the capability to train employees online.

Modavox’s Advertising division is comprised of design and delivery of audio and video streaming ads, as well as ad sales services. For the past two years, Modavox has serviced the Arizona Republic, the Detroit Free Press and the Village Voice with its advertising options.

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Modavox, Inc. (MDVX.OB) Syndicates Internet Radio Technology to Spodtronic

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

Recently the company entered into a partnership with Spodtronic, licensing its Internet Talk-Radio technology for use on the company’s mobile pod casting network. Spodtronic delivers content rich audio to mobile phone users; the company gives users total control over the content delivered and now features Modavox’s Voice America™ Network.

VoiceAmerica™ is the single largest producer of Internet Radio broadcasting in the World. Having access to Modavox’s technologies they can now offer their hosts, instant broadcasting from websites, and instant syndication through affiliate sights, as well as a number of other capabilities, giving hosts the tools they need to broadcast content to niche listeners worldwide. VoiceAmerica™ is the largest internet radio network in the world. It includes VoiceAmerica Business, VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness, VoiceAmerica Sports and a series of VoiceAmerica Video channels.

President of networks for the company Jeff Spenard said, “We have the largest Internet Talk Radio production and distribution operation in the industry, and our content archives are deep in a wide variety of subject matter; this new distribution allows us to monetize our substantial content assets through advertising sales made by Spodtronic.”

David J. Ide also commented on the partnership saying, “”The audience growth that Spodtronic provides through European cellular carriers and other international wireless markets create a new distribution channel that adds value for our VoiceAmerica(R) hosts. Our content is jumping off the Internet onto terrestrial radio stations, mobile digital devices, and International cellular networks and this brings us more listeners, more advertising capacity and ultimately more value to Modavox.”

Modavox holds numerous patents on Internet broadcasting and many consider them a pioneer of the field. They operate in two divisions: Internet Radio and Interactive Media. It’s Internet Radio division offers Boom Box Radio™ a patented Internet Radio product line that gives broadcasters an easy to use platform from which to deliver audio content. Their other division includes the Boom Box Video™ used to distribute Video content via the Web. They trade on the OTC exchange under the symbol (MDVX.OB).

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Modavox Inc. (OTCBB: MDVX) Ready, Set, Syndicate

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Phone users in the United States think that they have mobile devises covered when it comes to all the ways they might use them. They better think again, and discover that the United States is a backwater when it comes to using the mobile phone. Those that understand this are the ones that will win in this evolving communications era.

Modavox Inc., an online audio/video production and syndication company, carries a vast library of audio and video products designed to fill mainstream and niche oriented internet/mobile content needs. The current direction of the company appears to be toward global audio/video/advertising offerings directed at mobile and niche oriented internet products. Perhaps the company’s strongest asset, in this regard, is its syndication library. The ability to offer a variety of programming, tailored toward any particular demographic, makes the company particularly attractive in a varied entertainment delivery landscape.

The company’s recent syndication of its Internet talk radio content, from Voice America Networks, to Liquid Air Lab’s Spodtronic is a real indication of the company’s desire to be a global provider of targeted mobile content. Spodtronic offers mobile users a full suite of listening options and Modavox Inc. a foot in the door for providing further content and production services.

The company has been moving on several fronts, in addition to the Spodtronic venture. In recent quarters, new acquisitions and structural investments in ongoing operations (particularly advertising production/sales and patent protection) are beginning to show results. In many ways, the foundation building process that the company has been pursuing is beginning to pay off with small gains in several areas.

As the world continues its march toward being mobile, the company appears to be on a solid footing. Even though the company base is rooted in the United States, which is considered the backwater for mobile use, it has in a small way established itself in Europe where mobile is at the fore. In either event, Modavox appears ready to sit at the table.

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Modavox, Inc. (MDVX.OB) is “One to Watch”

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

This Tempe based media company continues its rise and for anyone not paying attention they have several lawsuits against the big boys for patent infringement. Henry Blodgett called them “Patent Trolls” and in typical Henry Blodgett style he is under informed and wrong. Not sure how anyone can subscribe to his blather knowing he was big proponent of Time Warner absorbing AOL.

But let’s move forward, Modavox salesman wouldn’t know a troll if it bit them. These guys sell, and they keep doing deals while they negotiate versus litigate on a few fronts. I have followed this story since the stock was 12 cents 3 years ago and granted – it has been a slow ride but management continues to clean up messes from the previous C-Level management team and has been called by many as the “brightest young team around.” CEO David Ide and CIO Nate Bradley burn the oil late into the night knowing that media stocks are hot this year.

Modavox is an online media distribution company and the leading developer of innovative software products that enhance, enable and protect global network based communications. Modavox is divided into two operational divisions: Internet Radio and Interactive Solutions.

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Modavox, Inc. (MDVX.OB) Patented BoomBox Video to Power International Bestseller Eckhart Tolle’s Live Internet Pay-Per-View Event

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Modavox announced today that Sounds True has partnered with them to host a live Internet Pay-Per-View event for Eckhart Tolle, bestselling author of the book “The Power of Now.” The webcasts will be sold at $39.95 apiece, which includes 30-day access to the video archive and a free audio download of the respective event purchased.

The event titled “Discovering Your True Purpose” will take place Friday, March 7, 2008 from 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., while the other event “Living Your True Purpose” will begin at 1:30 p.m. the next day.

Sounds True is an independent multimedia publishing company that is primarily focused on embracing the world’s largest spiritual traditions, in addition to the arts and humanities, personified by the greatest authors, teachers, and visionary artists of this current age.

Eckhart Tolle is renowned as one of the most original and inspiring spiritual teachers of today. His practical, yet insightful teachings have helped thousands find healing, inner peace, and perhaps most importantly, greater fulfillment in their lives.

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Modavox, Inc. (MDVX.OB) Announces Financial Results

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

Modavox today reported their financials for the nine months ended November 30, 2007. Revenues for the nine months totaled $2,531,779, a 26.6% increase above the $2,000,255 generated during the same period of 2006.

Modavox CEO David J. Ide commented, “This past quarter was a transitional one for our company, one in which we continued and accelerated our investment in the defense of our intellectual property, while making significant improvements in our ability to apply our patented technologies in key identified industry verticals.”

“Our market leadership in Internet talk radio is now vastly improved through our advancements in our patented BoomBox Radio(TM) platform, that includes FLASH streaming integration and development of next generation listener and talk show host environments. We’ve created new audience building distribution for our talk radio content through syndication to terrestrial radio stations, global cellular networks, and RSS feeds now present on our networks,” he added.

He continued to say, “We continue to pursue highly targeted niche advertising opportunities existing in many communities created by our hosts, and in step with our continued audience growth, we are well positioned to capitalize on new media advertising growth trends. Collectively, we have established the foundation to now support a more scalable advertising and sponsorship revenue component in our Internet Radio Division.”

In a concluding statement the CEO stated, “We continue to remain focused on executing our business plan, believing our fourth quarter results should provide clear evidence of our continuing commitment to build shareholder value.”

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Modavox, Inc. (MDVX.OB) Partners Up with Limelight Networks, Inc. (LLNW) for Global Content Delivery

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

Modavox announced this morning that it has signed an agreement with Limelight Networks (NASDAQ: LLNW) for Global Content Delivery services associated with its Internet Radio and Interactive operations.

Limelight Networks is the leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) for digital media and was one of the pioneers in the industry that integrated Adobe Flash Media Server in a true edge-origin CDN architecture. Modavox has implemented the Adobe Flash Media Streaming Server 3 architecture into its World Talk Radio(R) and VoiceAmerica Networks(R) Internet Radio operations, in addition to its patented BoomBox Radio(R) and BoomBox Video(R) software products.

David J. Ide, Modavox Chief Executive Officer, stated, “This new generation of streaming media provided by Limelight Networks adds a layer of scalability and Global performance for our BoomBox Platforms. This expanded infrastructure is a powerful additive to our On-Demand and Live streaming media services and product lines. In addition, their willingness to work with us on partnership opportunities and their being located right down the street from us in Phoenix has the potential to create additional synergies. Most importantly, we anticipate the partnership to yield considerable cost savings enhancing profitability.”

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