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General Automotive Company (GNAU.OB) Takes on $265B Automotive Aftermarket Industry with Strategic Acquisition of S.P.E.C. Inc.

Friday, February 5th, 2010

General Automotive Company provides aftermarket parts and advanced technology for the North American automotive industry. As part of its strategy to boost organic growth, the company has secured an agreement to acquire Alabama-based S.P.E.C. Inc., a privately held manufacturer, developer and distributor of flywheels, clutches and pressure plates.

“The proposed acquisition is a critical milestone in the Company’s strategy to acquire established businesses with strong growth and profit potential in the $265 billion automotive aftermarket parts industry,” Dan Valladao, president and CEO of General Automotive stated in the press release.

S.P.E.C. has established a distribution network of more than 100 domestic dearer participants, and in 2009 reported unaudited revenue of approximately $5.6 million. Because of the company’s proven operational ability, key S.P.E.C. executives will remain with the company to continue its operations.

Per the agreement, General Automotive will acquire S.P.E.C. as its wholly owned subsidiary for $2 million and 750,000 shares of restricted common stock to the current owners of S.P.E.C. Additionally, S.P.E.C. shareholders can earn shares over the next six years based on the company’s revenue and profitability.

Valladao said the General Automotive continue to seek out additional acquisitions to further grow the company.

“We expect the S.P.E.C. acquisition to help General Automotive and its current subsidiary OE Source continue to expand its product offerings. There are great synergies between the two companies that will allow each of them to improve distribution and revenue. In the meantime, we continue to evaluate additional acquisition targets,” he stated.

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Small Cap Voice Featured Company: General Automotive Company (GNAU.OB)

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

General Automotive Company is focused on providing state-of-the-art automotive parts, mobile electronics & related products at multiple levels of distribution throughout the US. By leveraging their unique relationships with manufacturers in China, Korea and Japan and just-in-time capabilities, the company offers attractive, cost-effective supply chain solutions to US-based major parts distributors seeking an edge in today’s highly competitive automotive environment.

One of two operating divisions of General Automotive Company, OE Source (OES) imports and sells hard-to-get auto parts from proprietary sources domestically and abroad. OES specializes in engine management products such as O2 sensors that are a rapidly growing – and government mandated – segment of the auto supply industry. Through its direct relationship to manufacturers in Asia, the division enjoys a competitive advantage in terms of quality and pricing that will enable it to leverage these relationships into increased market share and profitability.

The other operating division, GreenCell, is engaged in a joint venture with SenCer Inc. to develop, commercialize and market SenCer’s UltraTempT ceramic composite materials for Home and Transportation applications. GreenCell has identified multiple industries with significant commercial applications with potential revolutionary results. Some of the many applications for this technology are SOFC Fuel Cells, Igniters, Braking, Oxygen Sensors, and Ceramic Heaters.

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General Automotive Co. (GNAU.OB) Recognizes Increase in Operating Margins, Significantly Reduces Net Loss

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Today, General Automotive Company, a North American provider of aftermarket parts and advanced technology for the automotive industry, announced its financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2009.

The company recognized year-over-year improvements in most profitability metrics in the first quarter. Gross margin improved 5.5 percentage points to 14.0% of revenue in the first quarter from 8.5% of revenue in the same quarter last year due to increased efficiencies in purchasing practices and product sourcing at its OE Source business. Operating expenses were also reduced, lowering total expenses to $501,800 from $589,600.

As a result of improved gross margins and lower operating expenses, General Automotive Company achieved a sharply reduced net loss of $87,500, or $0.01 per basic and diluted share, versus a net loss of $503,900, or $0.07 per basic and diluted share, in the first quarter of 2008. The year-ago net loss included $119,800, or $0.02 per basic and diluted share, related to discontinued operations.

Revenue for the first quarter totaled $3.1 million, a 13.8% decline from the same period a year earlier due to a temporary decline in orders from a major customer in the first two months of the quarter. However, the company noted that orders from this customer returned to historical levels in March.

“Despite the temporary decline in revenue from a major customer, we achieved solid improvement in our gross margin and bottom line through a combination of improved product sourcing and the right sizing of our expense basestated said Joseph DeFrancisci, president and CEO of General Automotive. “It’s important to note that our OE Source subsidiary is nearly carrying the cost of corporate overhead, which includes the costs of maintaining the public company.”

He continued, “As we execute our growth strategy — which calls for the selective acquisition of profitable companies and/or companies with near-term profit potential in the rapidly growing automotive aftermarket parts industry — we believe we can steadily ramp General Automotive’s bottom line and build shareholder value.”

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General Automotive Co. (GNAU.OB) Defines Terms of Agreement with SenCer, Inc.

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

General Automotive is an international provider of advanced automotive parts and technologies. Today the company announced the details of a joint venture in which General Auto and SenCer, Inc. have agreed to work together to advance the development of SenCer’s next-gen ceramic composite material, UltraTemp™.

The project will move forward under the name Advanced Technology Group (“ACT”), and stands to accelerate both SenCer’s efforts to commercialize its oxygen sensors and UltraTemp™, as well as General Auto’s ongoing quest to develop the most technologically advanced fuel cells that the world has seen to date. It is thought that UltraTemp™ may play a critical role in circumventing common fuel cell engineering difficulties, such as durability and manufacturing cost issues.

Each company will hold an equal fifty-percent share in the ACT venture, with the option to contribute more capital upon further evaluation of the project’s viability. Unlike the average everyday venture, this one actually has a set expiration date. It has been agreed that if viable commercial opportunity has yet to be realized by January 15th, 2009, ACT will be dissolved. This escape clause both reduces the long-term risk of the shared venture, and reinforces the need to take the appropriate steps in a timely manner.

Joseph DeFrancisci, President and CEO of General Auto stated, “Backed by extensive field test data supporting remarkable thermal properties and the bonding relationship with engineered oxide, conductive metals and ceramics coatings from SenCer’s breakthrough technology UltraTemp™; we believe this new joint venture will accelerate commercial development of potential industry-changing devices in the automotive sensor and fuel cell technology markets worldwide.”

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General Automotive Co. (GNAU.OB) Teams Up with SenCer Inc. to Develop Advanced Fuel Cell

Friday, July 25th, 2008

General Automotive is an international provider of advanced automotive parts and technologies. The company has just announced its entry into a mutually beneficial partnership with Rochester, NY-based technology research firm, SenCer, Inc.

The companies will work together to advance the development and commercialization of SenCer’s UltraTemp™ breakthrough ceramic composite material, and, in effect, accelerate General Auto’s effort to produce energy and cost-efficient hydrogen fuel cells. General Auto believes that UltraTemp™ may play a critical role in circumventing common cell engineering difficulties, such as issues with durability and manufacturing cost. SenCer will also be assisting in the development of highly advanced oxygen sensors, which represent a large portion of General Auto’s business.

General Automotive CEO Joseph DeFrancisci spoke strongly of his belief in the partnership, acknowledging the companies’ need for one another: “By combining SenCer’s breakthrough technology with General Automotive’s business know-how and extensive industry contacts, we believe we can have a real impact on advancing the development and deployment of automotive fuel cell technology and on the design of more sophisticated oxygen sensors to help maximize fuel economy and minimize exhaust emissions. Cost-effective and durable fuel cell systems can provide an answer to some of the most pressing global problems, and our joint venture will help realize the tremendous potential of this field.”

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General Automotive Company (GNAU.OB) is “One to Watch”

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

General Automotive Company provides high-end automotive parts, mobile electronics, and related products at multiple levels of distribution throughout the United States. The company intends to expand their growth platform by acquiring niche manufacturing companies offering replacement parts and innovative accessories with high growth potential. Having established close relationships with manufacturers in China, Korea and Japan, General Automotive can offer attractive, cost-effective supply chain solutions to US-based major parts distributors looking for an edge in today’s highly competitive automotive environment.

General Automotive currently has two operating divisions – Global Parts Direct (GPD) and OE Source (OES). Global Parts Direct is a tier 1 supplier to Chrysler/Mopar for mobile electronics, one of the fastest-growing segments within the auto industry. The division launched in 1995, and adheres to the hottest trends in automotive customization, specializing in high-margin, value-added options that can be installed at each dealership, including DVD players and rear-view camera systems. As in-vehicle entertainment and information systems have become high profit areas for carmakers, GDP provides a certain valuable solution for their customers. GDP is focused on leveraging their Tier 1 status – which means they have passed strict OEM quality control audits and can sell directly to Chrysler – to open new sales opportunities for both companies.

The company’s second division, OE Source (OES), imports and sells auto parts that are relatively hard to find from proprietary sources domestically and worldwide, fulfilling critical portions of their customer’s supply chain. Their specialty involves engine management products such as O2 sensors that are growing rapidly, and a government mandated segment of the auto supply industry. Over the years, General Automotive has built strong relationships with manufacturers in Asia, which positions OES to gain a competitive advantage in terms of quality and pricing, that will enable them to leverage these relationships into increased market share and profitability.

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General Automotive Company (GNAU.OB) Successfully Manages Business in Automotive Parts Market

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

There is no more frustrating experience than managing a solid business, with a solid business plan, in a down market. Sales are moving forward but not necessarily at the levels one would like. Servicing customers remains a key element of the business but direction becomes more of a key component. When this occurs, management needs to be strong and willing to look forward rather than cry about what is a reality. A company that continues to serve its customers with solutions to their issues, while planning for the future, is a company that should be put on radar.

General Automotive Company Inc., a tier-one OEM automotive and aftermarket parts supplier, works to supply mobile electronics and other high value-added automotive parts to leading manufacturers and aftermarket vendors. The company is currently keeping pace in difficult times by looking forward while servicing current customers. In general terms, the company is entering forward-leaning partnerships and acquisitions that will help maintain current revenue levels while preparing it for a different type of automotive parts market in coming years. Ultimately, the company is working along the entire supply chain – through its OE Source and Global Parts Direct divisions – to help its customers remain competitive while positioning itself in a market experiencing dynamic change.

Upper management is a fine balance that has seen dynamic movements of industry around the world and is capitalizing on this past experience. Although there are many way to approach issues such as those facing the automotive markets today, the company’s management experience has/is allowing the company to find the flexibility necessary to remain competitive as change takes place. General Automotive’s CEO –Joseph L. DeFrancisci – has a management background that helps him find direction and move the company in that direction quickly and efficiently. It also enables the company’s management team to adjust as market conditions warrant, without cumbersome corporate culture getting in the way.

General Automotives’ chairman and co-founder, Dan Valladao, has seen the automotive market change and adjust in his years with APS International and HSG Corporation – each large-parts servicers to Ford, GM, Toyota, Chrysler and Honda. His work in each case has led to revenue increases when others were having difficulties achieving their parts contract requirements. Mr. Valladao’s ability to maintain solid growth has been documented and should aid the company in its drive to grow in difficult market conditions.

With the addition of two senior directors to the company’s board, including one with a hedge fund background, General Automotive has clearly positioned itself on the international and domestic fronts to enhance business prospects and better service its customers. To maintain and enhance this effort, General Automotive uses the 30 years of experience that Harry Christensen brings as Chief Financial Officer. Although his duties may tend more toward the financial aspects of the business, his contacts in Asia have proved invaluable as the company continues to seek Asian advantages in its aftermarket businesses. Moving forward in a difficult market is essential to the company’s success, but maintaining a focus on its core accessories lines is critical. To service this aspect of the business, the company has two seasoned marketing and sales executives in Sechoon Park and Tim Alford, the presidents of Global Parts Direct and OE Source respectively.

Planning for the future in the automotive markets of today is no easy task. General Automotive’s management, however, appears to have a solid take on where it would like to see itself end up as market conditions stabilize. Its joint venture, announced today with SenCer Inc. – to develop automotive oxygen technology – is a clear sign that the company is working to offer more efficient and environmentally sound parts (in the form of fuel cells) for whatever form the future car takes. Its desire to grow through acquisition is another sign that the company is ready to position itself for the unknowns that today’s automotive market brings. In a general sense, this is a strategic move by the company, in that it demands that any company brought under General Automotives umbrella be self-sustaining and ready to contribute to its bottom line from day one.

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General Automotive Company (GNAU.OB) Welcomes Two New Members to Their Board of Directors

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

General Automotive Company (OTCBB: GNAU) recently announced that they have added two members to their board of directors, Anthony J. Dowd and Kenneth F. Adams. The company is a provider of original equipment and aftermarket automotive parts, mobile electronics, and related automotive products spanning different areas of distribution within the United States and internationally.

Anthony Dowd is the managing partner of the private equity partnership, Charter Oak International Partners. During his sixteen years at Charter Oak, Dowd directed and led numerous acquisitions and investment ventures with privately held businesses. His team has completed more than forty-five acquisitions since founding Charter Oak’s private equity business.

Kenneth Adams brings with him an extensive background of management experience. He served as vice president and CFO of Saab Cars USA, Inc. for thirteen years, a subsidiary of General Motors Corporation and a wholesale distributor of Saab cars, producing annual sales of more than $1 billion. As an acting member of the board of directors from 1992 until his retirement in 2005, his new position as chairman of General Automotive’s audit committee will be familiar territory.

“Tony and Ken’s vast experience in corporate finance and their business insights will be extremely valuable to General Automotive as we pursue our strategy of growth by acquisition,” said president and CEO of GA, Joseph DeFrancisci. “It is an honor to have people of their stature join our team and help us further GA’s growth and success as we expand our portfolio of operating companies.”

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General Automotive Company (GNAU.OB) Reports First Quarter Financial Results

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

General Automotive Company (OTCBB: GNAU) reported their financial figures for the first quarter ended March 31, 2008. The company is a provider of original equipment and aftermarket automotive parts, mobile electronics, and related automotive products covering a number of levels of distribution throughout the U.S. and worldwide. They have long-lasting relationships with manufacturers in China, Korea, and Japan which allows them to bring high-quality automotive parts and accessories to automobile manufacturers in the United States.

Revenue rose 51% to $4.07 million for first quarter 2008 compared to $2.69 million a year ago. Gross profit totaled $345,000 for first quarter 2008 compared to last year’s total of $482,000. Net loss was reported to be $504,000, or $0.07 per diluted share, a change from last year’s first quarter’s net loss of $443,000, or $1.15 per diluted share.

Joe DeFrancisci, president and CEO of General Automotive, said, “Since General Automotive became a public company on February 22, 2008, we’ve focused on building a platform for the company’s future growth. We’re pleased with our revenue increase, which was driven by initiatives such as working more closely with our major distributor customers to satisfy the growing demand for engine replacement parts. In tougher economic times, consumers tend to keep their cars longer, increasing the need for the parts General Automotive supplies. We also greatly strengthened our balance sheet, reducing total liabilities from $12.125 million to $4.4 million.

“To increase the efficiency of our operations going forward, we’ve been expanding our Asia sourcing activities and supplier quality programs. All of these actions are putting General Automotive in a good position to execute our growth strategy going forward. Our plan is to grow both organically and via acquisition within the auto parts and accessories product market. Our focus is on finding and acquiring market leaders with strong growth potential for revenue and profit improvement and outstanding management teams,” he concluded.

“Our selling, general and administrative expenses were consistent for the two comparative three-month periods ended March 31, 2008 and 2007,” added CFO Harry Christenson. “Although we achieved certain expense reductions in our day-to-day operations, they were offset by the new costs of being a public company of approximately $217,000. We recorded expenses of approximately $28,000 for the value of stock issued as compensation for services in the three months ended March 31, 2008 as compared to $312,000 in the same period of 2007. However, net loss improved by only approximately $148,000, due primarily to reduced gross profit margins.”

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Beacon Equity Research Featured Client: General Automotive Company (GNAU.OB)

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

General Automotive Company (GNAU.OB) operates primarily through their two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Global Parts Direct and OE Source. Through these, the company sources, distributes and sells automotive systems, modules, components and auto electronics to automotive manufacturers and the automotive aftermarket. General Automotive has established relationships throughout the United States, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia.

General Automotive’s established relationships include auto manufacturers, vehicle processing centers, and major distributors. The company’s Global Parts Direct subsidiary is a Tier 1 supplier to the Mopar Division of Chrysler. They were also given recognition in 2005 as a top-performing supplier of Mopar. General Automotive’s product lines include automotive body parts, auto electronics, and accessories such as Lynx two-way car alarms. Other accessories include backup view and sensor systems, an all-in-one flip down overhead DVD mobile entertainment system, hands free telematics and navigation systems, engine control units and oxygen sensors.

General Automotive intends to grow their market through future acquisitions. The company plans to seek acquisition candidates that offer high-value-added automotive components, candidates that are niche-oriented and market leading, candidates that possess extensive national and international distribution and supply chains, candidates with future growth potential and candidates with strong financial performances. In 2007, General Automotive reported revenues of $15.3 million and anticipates revenues of at least $100 million by 2010 if all intended acquisitions close.

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General Automotive Company Inc. (GNAU.OB) Announces Positive Aftermarket Sales in First Three Months of 2008

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

A product sales chain has many links in it. Ultimately, an end product can be taken advantage of at many points along that chain. Deciding which link(s) to take advantage of is the trick to making profit. If one link happens to be weak at a particular point in time, perhaps another can help support it with added revenue. The company that can realize several revenue points along the chain is the one that will be stable and revenue-positive on a consistent basis.

General Automotive Company Inc., a tier 1 automotive parts supplier and general automotive parts supplier to all levels of the automotive distribution chain, became a publically traded company on February 22, 2008. The company’s two operating divisions, Global Parts Direct and OESource, provide specialized engine parts, government-mandated equipment and global electronics to Chrysler Motors and specialty automotive shops.

In today’s difficult economic times, the company has found itself in a unique position. As main line automotive manufacturers struggle to sell inventories, General Automotive Company has been able to supply engine parts for those drivers wishing to keep and repair their cars instead of replacing the entire vehicle. This has enabled the company to leverage its global parts position and look for growth opportunities through acquisition while maintaining organic growth.

In this regard, the company is somewhat particular about its acquisition opportunities. It seeks only those companies that are niche-oriented and high-value-added in nature. It also would prefer that a target be considered number one in their supply category. Although not an acquisition target at this point, the company has followed requirements to partner with South Koreas’ Edgetec Co., Ltd. to supply back-up video and GPS navigation systems.

The company has been seeing successes from its aftermarket sales efforts. Increases in revenue of over $160,000 were realized in the first three months of 2008. Unfortunately, the company’s new product sales to manufacturers were an offset to these sales. There is little doubt that any automotive related operation will be affected by current economic conditions, but many are positioned for less of a “hit” by them. General Automotive Company Inc. has spread its operations across the spectrum of automotive parts supply and appears ready to weather any twists and turns that may come its way.

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