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OTCPicks Featured Company: Bionic Products, Inc. (BNPD.PK) to Enter the Energy Supplement Market through Potential Acquisition

Monday, May 12th, 2008

Bionic Products, Inc. (OTC: BNPD) recently announced that they have commenced discussions to negotiate the acquisition of a proprietary, nutrient-enhanced bottled water line. The company’s management team has held discussions on the potential acquisition over a period of two days, including meetings and negotiations. Currently, the company is evaluating potential corporate actions that include further acquisitions or partnership agreements with other bottlers and vendors that could help them become a leader in producing energy drinks, nutritional supplements and beverages.

The company has engaged in developmental work on the formulation of a 2.5 oz., shot-size energy supplement that will be marketed under the name “Bionic-Inoculation.” A specialty development vendor working closely with Bionic, Creative Flavor Concepts, is helping speed up the release of this specialty supplement, in hopes that the three initial flavors will be available to the public this summer.

“Bionic Products is at a very riveting point in its developmental growth cycle. There are a number of very attractive opportunities that are carefully being reviewed by the Company at this present time which we believe would add to overall shareholder value,” commented Mr. Pulver, VP/Director of Bionic Products. “The Company is approaching the final stages of completion of our website and I would like to encourage shareholders to visit the website to monitor the progress being accomplished. I look forward to keeping shareholders updated as events with the Company take place. Thank you very much for your continued support and confidence in our Company.”

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OTCPicks Featured Company: Bionic Products, Inc. (BNPD.PK) Reports Tremendous Success with Promotional Campaign

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Recent feedback has been greatly positive for Bionic Products, Inc.’s (OTC: BNPD) initial promotional campaign that covered the Tampa area. The company introduced Lady Pink and Bionic Products that targeted local nightlife, restaurants, and convenience stores. Samples were included, along with professionally designed brochures, business cards, product-specific flyers and signage on key professional private transportation vehicles like limousines. The company attributes the immense success to the strong interest shown by local business owners who seek innovative and trendsetting products to offer their customers.

“This is the first of many promotional campaigns we intend to do this year. We have teamed up with a national events company, Club Scene (Club Scene Network, Inc.) and a vodka company to start aggressive campaigns throughout southern Florida,” commented Mr. Pulver, VP/Director of Bionic Products.

Club Scene (, recently unveiled their website, which aims at fashion for nightlife and Lady Pink. Club Scene is a main sponsor of Bionic’s events. Bionic Tonic and Lady Pink are energy drinks that provide enhanced energy without the added calories or sugar. The company’s distribution is geared towards wellness centers, trendy retail outlets and night clubs. They have formed an alliance with an investor relations group that will assist in building their shareholder base. On Wednesday, the company saw a rise of 120.00% in their stock.

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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Bionic Products Corp. (BNPD.PK)

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Bionic Products Corp. (BNPD.PK) is an environmentally friendly company dedicated to improving the health and wellness of people worldwide. Bionic Products Corporation discovered the ‘best waters’ available and now offers them to the public. The Company has developed the technology to make a difference in the health and wellbeing of people throughout the world.

Bionic Water sets the standard in the bottled water industry for being the purest, best tasting, most refreshing and invigorating water available. Bionic Water has anatomical structures and physiological components. These structures and components are replaced or enhanced through proprietary electronic and mechanical processes. These processes produce water with extraordinary strength, powers and capabilities.

Bionic Products Corporation realizes that the daily intake of quality water is paramount to obtain and maintain a desired quality of life. For over a year, the company performed tests in the water industry to determine if all water was essentially the same. Some of the company’s findings were startling and revealing.

Bionic Water redefines healthy water and provides four functional benefits: 1) increased absorption and utilization of nutrients; 2) more effective and efficient detoxification of the whole body; 3) increased oxygen utilization by the cells; and 4) a more perfect cellular replication process. Based on these four basic functional benefits, all systems of the body can function in such a way as to support health and life against death and disease. In addition, all other natural supplements and nutrients will become absorbed and utilized much more effectively by the cells to promote the health of the body as a whole.

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Beacon Equity Research Highlights Bionic Products Inc. (BNPD.PK) with a “Speculative Buy” Rating, as Company Shares Advanced 42.86 % Friday

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Bionic Products, Inc. (BNPD.PK), reported earlier this year that Beacon Equity Research had initiated coverage of the Company with a “Speculative Buy” rating.  
Beacon cites a number of investment highlights about Bionic Products business and financial prospects, including:

BNPD has developed a business model and a beverage product line that capitalizes on a paradigm shift in personal healthcare. Increased health concerns, combined with demand for healthy, natural drinks without adverse side effects, is fueling demand for new beverage products and creating a significant market opportunity for BNPD.

BNPD’s Bionic Water enhances a healthy lifestyle. The product’s features and benefits present an attractive alternative and a better “taste” compared to competitors’ products in a market consisting of approximately 1,000 energy drinks. The Company’s products have great flavor, natural additives and necessary vitamins and minerals that energize the body in a positive way while completely eliminating caffeine, sugar, calories and carbs.

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