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Monday, July 18th, 2011, Inc. today announced that recognition of its subscription-based social networking website for pre-teens continues to grow. Similar to Facebook, but designed specifically for pre-teens, is poised to become the leader in children’s Internet safety while providing a fun social networking chat, game and online activity site.

Parents are involved from the beginning as the pre-teen invites friends to his/her page to correspond with and chat. To avoid predators, cyberbulling, and phishing scams, all invitees, buddies and friends who their children communicate with on are pre-approved by the child’s parent.

When the pre-teen leaves the website to move around the Internet, each site or category they attempt to visit is subject to parental pre-approval as well. Internet reports of their child’s online activities are easily generated using the KidzRocket WebFilter, a real-time image composition analysis software engine included with a KidzRocket subscription.

“Parents know exactly what’s going on while their children have fun with friends online. Our proprietary, patent pending, cutting edge technology meets or exceeds current standards for Internet safety sites for children and pre-teens. From the website platform to the sign up process, we have the safeguards in place to ensure children are communicating only with pre-approved friends and buddies and visiting only pre-approved sites,” stated Myriam Cohen , President of BizRocket, Inc.

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Friday, July 15th, 2011, Inc. today announced growing acceptance of its subscription based social networking website. Providing a safe, fun, social networking website for children, allows its younger audience to communicate with friends and buddies using a safe chat room with audio-visual technology. The system supports all activities for up to five family users at a cost of only $5.95 a month. also offers free parental Internet control to offer children a safe website experience.

According to eMarketer, worldwide social network spending is anticipated to reach $6 billion this year. The social networking market for kids age 13 and under is estimated at over one billion dollars per year and rapidly growing., Inc. is focused on earning a significant share of that revenue stream for shareholders and providing a safe Internet experience for pre-teens., Inc., projects annual revenues to exceed $50 million by third year of full operations. has positioned itself to become the leader in Internet safety for kids. To avoid predators, cyberbullying, and phishing scams, all invitees, buddies and friends must be pre-approved by each child’s parent. With the free, easy to use companion KidzRocket WebFilter module, parents can also select defined Internet access privileges and know which websites their kids accessed or attempted to access. The WebFilter utilizes cutting edge real time image and context scanning using F4i real-time image composition analysis (ICA) engine to detect Internet images and other content that can be viewed both online and embedded within emails.

“ has implemented the needed technology that meets or exceeds current standards for a safe Internet site for kids. From the website platform to the sign up process, safeguards are in place to ensure that children are communicating only with pre-approved friends and buddies,” stated Myriam Cohen, President,, Inc., parent of

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Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Earlier this morning,, Inc. publicly announced its patent pending subscription-based social networking website for pre-teens. A Facebook-like website for kids, provides a safe, fun, social networking destination with audio-video chat technology. believes its target market is the estimated 80 million households in the U.S. market with children or grandchildren. With subscriptions running at $5.95 a month, the company projects in this ever growing market it could yield revenues of approximately $4.0 million per month as stated in’s business plan, which the company plans to reach or exceed in its first three years.

According to eMarketer, worldwide social network spending is anticipated to reach $6 billion this year.’s mission is to protect Internet active kids who may be purposefully or innocently accessing pornography, posting and emailing sensitive information about themselves and their families, and chatting with potential predators. Parents, school PTO’s, religious groups, and local, state, and federal law enforcement officials have recognized the problems and dangers to children that have resulted from the uncontrolled growth of the Internet.

Websites for kids are becoming ever more popular to meet the growing social networking needs of kids. was designed to be the safest social networking website for this very important demographic. Coupled with the free optional KidzRocket Web Filter, the company offers a total Internet experience for kids and provides a huge sense of relief to parents.

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Monday, July 11th, 2011

In spite of the many websites out there catering to kids, makes it clear that absolutely none of them currently offer the unique kid-safe and free support features available with BizRocket’s own The pre-teen oriented KidzRocket site provides a one-of-a-kind social networking platform that provides for parental participation, advanced audio with video feature, a free companion Internet KidzRocket Web Filter, plus free anti-virus capabilities. Traditional sites, in the absence of the advanced filtering and security tools available with KidzRocket, focus on simple site interaction activities versus the flexible peer interaction that the market craves.

• (subscription model, 76 million users) – Kids buy and earn credits to make purchases in the online store, travel from island to island, dressing their avatars and playing games.
• (advertisement model, 54 million users) – Kids use and adopt avatar pets, making associated purchases and playing games.
• (advertisement model, 53 million users) – Designed for girls, where kids can adopt dolls, perform celebrity makeovers, and purchase items online.
• (subscription model – 28 million users) – Kids purchase online in the penguin store, adopt penguins, and chat with penguin friends.
• (subscription model, 4 million users) – Kids construct characters and go on missions, but can instant message friends as they play.
• (subscription model, 2 million users) – Kids own or adopt their own monsters, solve puzzles, have a monster blog, and play online games.

In contrast to such sites, subscription-based KidzRocket has the cutting-edge filter capabilities to allow comprehensive, but safe, social networking, where kids can upload photos and videos, have a video chat, and otherwise communicate freely with their friends, but in a secured online environment. The KidzRocket Internet filter provides real-time image and content scanning, is parent friendly, and is free to use on the primary PC.

The KidzRocket Web Filter also protects children against threatening web and email content even when off the KidzRocket site. The filter gives parents complete control over what their children can and cannot view or search for while on the Internet. To minimize setup, sites can be identified and blocked as a group, and then unblocked selectively as desired. The KidzRocket Web Filter also records all of the blocked sites that family members may have tried to access.

For more information, visit the company’s website at, and their KidzRocket site at

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Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

The new kid-safe social networking site recently released by, Inc., and continuing to develop as it grows, is designed to have many of the properties of a site like Facebook, but with security features that make it safe for pre-teens. is designed to have safe chat rooms and a social networking structure that allows parents to set boundaries. The idea is to have a completely safe and profanity free networking environment where kids can connect with other kids they know and safely share conversations, photos, and videos. also prevents the release of sensitive personal information, photographs, and other content to the public.

All of the settings and controls of the KidzRocket Internet Web Filter are free to members, and, in addition to being kid-safe, are parental friendly and designed for easy parental involvement, encouraging communication with their children. The result is a user-approved network of friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music, and videos, all targeted for pre-teens.

There are currently approximately 130 million parents in the U.S. with children between 8 and 13, roughly 60 million pre-teens. Parents, schools, church groups, and law enforcement organizations are all actively seeking ways to deal with the risks inherent in the uncontrolled growth of the Internet. Company marketing and awareness efforts are directed to local, regional, and national organizations, with continued contact maintained with the subscriber base, aimed at establishing KidzRocket as a respected partner in the move to a safer Internet.

The revenue model is based upon parent or grandparent subscribers, plus support from private organizations looking for a safe social networking alternative. Subscription pricing is kept low, and attrition is also expected to be low, with 50% of subscribers expected to still be enrolled after 5 years.

For more information, visit the company’s website at, and their KidzRocket site at

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Wednesday, June 29th, 2011, Inc. has developed and recently brought online what it calls the safest and most fun pre-teen social networking site available. Not surprisingly, the site,, is believed to be especially timely and necessary for both kids and their parents, simply because online safety is considered one of the biggest, and yet most difficult to solve, issues that parents now face when raising children. The site was developed to address the now common dangers that pre-teens face when using social networking sites.

One of the major problems is that information kids post on their social networking pages can easily make them vulnerable to predators, as well as cyber-bullying and phishing scams. Phishing comes into play when you or your child receives an email or instant message that appears to be from a government agency, financial institution, Internet Service Provider, or some other trusted organization. The message looks genuine, but is not, and can be used to download viruses or to obtain additional information, leading to various forms of identity theft or worse. Once a system or a name is compromised, it can be exceedingly difficult to repair.

The main page of the KidzRocket site lists specific information that parents need to know about regarding Internet and social networking use by children.

• 71% of adolescents have set up online profiles
• 69% of these adolescents get online personal messages from people they do not know on a regular basis. Even more scarily, most of them do not tell a parent or another trusted adult about it.
• 64% of youth post photos or videos of themselves online, and almost all don’t really think about who might be viewing them. 56% post info about where they live. Nearly 10% have posted their cell phone number online.
• Overall, 19% of adolescents report they have been harassed or bullied online, Girls are more likely to be harassed or bullied than boys.
• Adolescents with parents who have talked to them “a lot” about online safety are less likely to consider going to meet with someone they met on the Internet.

For more information, visit the company’s website at, and their KidzRocket site at

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Tuesday, June 21st, 2011, Inc. previously announced its efforts to acquire a social buying online commerce site offering deal-of-the day style promotions similar to industry leaders Groupon and BuyWithMe. Today the company told investors that the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) written for this profitable candidate shows 50% EBITDA.

Acquisition of this online commerce site complements the company’s previously announced target acquisition of an E-mail marketing company specializing in B2B and B2C Internet marketing services. Following successful acquisition of the social buying online commerce site and this previously announced E-mail marketing firm, the company projects fiscal 2012 combined revenue of $4.5 million.

Groupon’s 2010 U.S. only revenue has been estimated at $460 million with total revenue of $713 million. The deal-of-the-day site is reported to file an IPO up to $750 million. The social buying online commerce industry continues to markedly expand with eMarketer projecting U.S. online ad spending of $40.5 billion by 2014.

BizRocket’s kid-safe social networking website,, continues to improve its website. This market continues to be a growth industry with Disney’s purchase of Playdom for up to $763 million, Marvel Entertainment for approximately $4.0 billion and Club Penguin for up to $700 million. said it plans to be a major player seeking opportunities in the new social networking media business.

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Tuesday, June 21st, 2011, Inc. (BZRT) has created a subscription-based social networking website developed specifically for pre-teens. The website,, provides a safe, fun social networking chat, game, video-chat, and online activity room for children. A subscription to the online community also includes an advanced web filtering parental control module.

The KidzRocket social networking website was designed to address the potential dangers that preteens may experience when using social networking sites on the Internet. KidzRocket helps protect children from Internet dangers, including predators, pornography, and cyber-bulling, and prevents them from posting and e-mailing sensitive information about themselves or their families.

A recent teen internet survey conducted by Children’s Advocate John Walsh, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and Cox Communications found that 64% of adolescents with online profiles post photos or videos of themselves online. Fifty-six percent post information about where they live and 69% are sent personal messages from people they do not know on a regular basis.

The new social networking website for kids meets the challenge of pre-teens using social networking sites in a safe, responsible way. The targeted market includes 130 million parents in the U.S. with children in the 8 to 13 age group. As parents, law enforcement officials, school PTO’s and others are continually reminded of the dangers the Internet presents to children, BizRocket is well positioned to capitalize on market growth.

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Monday, June 20th, 2011

Today after the closing bell,, Inc. announced that it is currently drafting its Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to acquire a full-service Internet E-Mail Marketing Company that specializes in full B2B Internet Marketing services. The company currently has a roster of business customers across the United States.

The MOU outlines the agreement details to include a 40% EBITA participation for, Inc. According to the press release, company executives strongly believe that aside from adding an attractive source of revenues, it will also assist in enhancing membership subscriptions and marketing initiatives for the company’s websites, including, Bizrocket’s patent pending, safe pre-teen social networking website. is gaining continued recognition as the safest pre-teen social networking website.

It is anticipated that revenues from this particular asset will generate more than $2.0 million for its first year. B2B and B2C E-mail marketing is part of a multi-billion dollar industry and BizRocket is confident it can become a significant industry participant with unique crossover opportunity in its business models toward possible buyouts from tech and media giants. Pre-teen target marketing is on the rise as demonstrated by the recent acquisition of sites like Club Penguin by Disney. Likewise, social coupon sites have tremendous potential. Earlier this month, Groupon initiated paperwork for an IPO filed for $750 million dollars.

According to the company, news on the acquisition is imminent and will be disclosed via press release as the deal progresses. Finalization is expected over the next few weeks.

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