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BoonMarket Announces New Featured Company: Guilin Paper, Inc. (GUPR.OB)

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Guilin Paper is a company focused on making paper in the Chinese market. The paper making business is one of the most rapidly growing industries in China; in fact, the country recently took its place as the second largest paper consumption nation in the world.

China’s paper production and sales are growing at a speed of 20%. The double-digit growth exceeds many of the fastest-growing industries in the world. A report issued earlier this year stated that the paper consumption rate in China is still in the early stages and that there should be huge potential in the country’s paper and paperboard consumption.

The publisher of the financial website stated, “I believe we will see China’s per capita consumption rise from around 42 kilograms to the developed country per capita paper consumption rate of around 300 kilograms these next few years which, based on China’s expected sustained and rapid economic growth, will allow the paper making industry to maintain an exceptionally high growth rate.”

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