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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Bridgetech Holdings International, Inc. (BGTH.PK)

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Bridgetech Holdings International, Inc. (BGTH.PK) is focused on transferring Western medical technology to China, focusing mostly on oncology initially. The Company has operations based out of both the U.S. and out of China and is offering the latest medical technology, together with drugs, devices, and diagnostics for distribution throughout the nation.

China’s middle class is projected to increase from 250 million people in 2003 to over 600 million by 2020. As the middle class emerges, the demand for more sophisticated and readily available healthcare products will increase, proving companies such as Bridgetech Holdings International excellent opportunities to capitalize in a growing market.

The Company’s primary mission is to contribute the health of Chinese people through their own success. After establishing a strategy, leadership and clinical infrastructure to evaluate the best oncology products for the China market place, Bridgetech Holdings now has longstanding relationships with leading healthcare organizations within both the U.S and China.

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