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Brighton Oil & Gas, Inc (BROG.OB) Announces Oil Production

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

Brighton Oil & Gas, Inc (BROG.OB) announced that the company has begun selling oil produced from their land leases in West Texas. Currently, only four wells are operating, with initial production figures totaling 360 barrels of oil per month. However, Brighton is currently reviewing the reserves on an additional 70 wells, also located in West Texas.

Separate to this development, Brighton’s Board of Directors has elected replacement candidates for Mr. Duke and Mr. Barbee. These candidates, Jeffery Joyce and Dean Elliott, were appointed to fill the vacancies. Mr. Joyce was appointed President and Mr. Elliott was appointed Vice President and Secretary of the Company.

Jeffrey Joyce is focused on project management and sales development ideology. Joyce has held several key project management and sales development roles for various real estate companies in the Dallas, Texas area.

Dean Elliott has over 30 years experience in various oil and gas executive positions. Such positions vary from mid-sized independent oil and gas operators to large fully integrated publicly traded energy companies. Mr. Elliott has extensive knowledge in seeking, evaluating, securing, drilling and developing over 100 oil and gas wells in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

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Brighton Oil & Gas, Inc. (NHCT.OB) Attains Four New Gas Leases

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

Today, Brighton Oil announced that the company has obtained approximately 231 acres distributed in 4 producing gas leases located in Wise County, Texas. The area is extremely productive and is commonly known as the Barnett Shale.

Brighton plans to enhance the production of the area by going up to larger formations, and by performing fracs on additional gas producing zones. After the operation the production is expected to triple. The President of Brighton Oil, Sam Plunkett, stated that the acquisition will allow the company to enter a highly productive area with little risk, in addition to being able to expand production through cost effective technology.

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Brighton Oil (NHCT.OB) Announces the Completion of a $12 Million Acquisition

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Brighton oil has successfully executed contracts to purchase over 7,500 acres in Osage County, Oklahoma. The lease includes 7 wells which are producing about one million dollars in revenue each year. Brighton Oil also plans to drill 47 additional wells on the property.

In addition to the announcement, Brighton Oil revealed plans to increase their yearly cash flow to over 6 million dollars by reworking 30 existing wells.

The total cost for the transaction and the drilling of 47 wells is approximately 12 million dollars. The net revenue interest is 87% and a working interest of 100% over the lease.

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Brighton Oil (NHCT.OB) Executes Final Agreement to Acquire 7,500 Acres in Oklahoma

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Brighton Oil (NHCT.OB) has executed a final agreement to acquire 7,500 acres In Oklahoma. The property contains 7 producting wells which currently generate nearly $1,000,000 per year in income.  In addition, Brighton intends to drill an additional 47 new wells at depths of 2,500 feet to 3,500 feet.

The total cost of the acquisition plus the drilling of the new wells is approximately 12 million dollars. The net revenue interest is 87% and a working interest of 100% over the lease.

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Brighton Oil (NHCT.OB) Up 45.16% in Trading Friday, with 971k in Volume

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

Investors sent the shares of Brighton Oil Strongly Higher on Friday.

Brighton Oil (NHCT.OB) is a private oil and gas exploration and production company. Brighton Oil is engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development and production of oil and gas properties. 

The Company has substantial experience in the development and exploration of oil and gas properties. The management team at Brighton has over 30 years experience in the operation, development and exploration of oil and gas properties.

It is the focus of the company to increase production in both oil and gas fields. The process of re-entering existing wells and enhancing production is a specific focus of the company as well as drilling and producing new production from undeveloped prospects. 

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Brighton Oil (NHCT) Embarks on an Aggressive 42 Well Drilling Program in TX and KS

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

With properties in both South TX and Kansas, National Healthcare Technology Inc. (NHCT) d/b/a Brighton Oil, is embarking on an aggressive 42 well drilling program. Work is starting with testing of its 23 wells located in South Texas. In addition, Brighton is preparing to drill four new wells and re-enter nine wells. The lease position in Texas is over 14,000 acres.

In addition to the 23 well program in South Texas, the company has increased its position in Kansas to over 1,000 acres comprising approximately 19 wells. It is expected that based upon production results in the area, the company will obtain a return on its investment in less than four months.  

When completed, Management anticipates the monthly revenue from the completed well program to exceed $1 Million per Month.

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Brighton Oil (NHCT) Ramping Up Operations and Relocating Its Main Office to Dallas by the end of April

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

Brighton Oil (NHCT) is an oil and gas company with a focus on gulf coast oil and gas prospects and properties.

Brighton is careful to develop a thorough drilling plan using advanced technologies in both mapping and the use of 3D seismic reports and information.

The Company announced recently that under its New President, Sam Plunkett, the Company is relocating its main office to Dallas, by the end of April. This will allow the company to hire highly trained and experienced oil and gas personnel and have a geographic central base in which to operate its projects. The company will maintain field offices in Kansas, California, and Oklahoma.

Mr. Plunkett has stated, “The company can now focus on its growth, improving shareholder value and directing the company to expand upon the oil and gas opportunities which exist. It is my expectation that the share price of the company should dramatically improve over a very short period of time.”

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Brighton Oil (NHCT) Takes to the Fast Track with a Series of Strategic Moves

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

National Healthcare Technology Inc. (NHCT), d/b/a Brighton Oil, is making a series of strategic moves to move the business strongly forward.  

The first move will be to formally, in the near term, change the Company name to Brighton Oil Inc. which is a major leap forward. This action will be ratified at a shareholders’ meeting to be held within the next several weeks.

Secondly, the Company has announced the appointment of Sam Plunkett as the new president of the company. Sam Plunkett has extensive experience in oil and gas development, as well as securities and law.

Thirdly, the Company will be closing on the purchase of an oil and gas drilling rig, which will be used for the drilling of the wells which the company will be developing.

Lastly and most importantly, NHCT has announced the closing of several purchases of oil and gas leases, and the execution of several additional leases which will be closing in the next week.

The company is now truly positioned to grow substantially.

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