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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Bullzi Security, Inc. (BLLZ.PK)

Friday, February 1st, 2008

Bullzi Security, Inc. (BLLZ.PK) provides security solutions including education programs, consulting, security audits and assessments, secure architecture design and policy formation. The Company also offers secure IT solutions in protecting facilities and employees.

Bullzi Security is considered a leader in providing converged security solutions. The company helps in minimizing threats to clients’ assets, facilities and information systems. The Bullzi security consultants hold security certifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA), Certified Protection Professional (CPP), and many others.

Bullzi has extended its service offerings and increased revenues through various acquisitions, and intends to complete similar acquisitions in the future. The company has already acquired Welch & Welch Investigations Inc., a forensics solutions provider, and Creative Forecast LLC, a company specializing in flash animation, 3-D rendering, and gaming as well as simulations technologies to name a few.

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Beacon Equity Research Awards Bullzi Security, Inc. (BLLZ.PK) with a $0.75 Target Price

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

Bullzi Security offers a wide range of security solutions, including security education programs, consulting, security audits and assessments, secure architecture design and policy formation.

Last month, Bullzi introduced upgraded versions of its Web-based Information Security Education (WISE) series, and anticipates that the rising sale numbers will be the main catalyst driving them to further growth.

The security industry is expected to grow 10.8% annually, and is in strong demand as clients urgently need protection from hackers. The growing amount of terrorist groups and other criminals makes the necessity for multi-layered security systems even more compelling.

Beacon Eqiuty’s analyst stated, “Given the Company’s major new client wins, enhanced cross-selling opportunities and focus on high margin eLearning products, we believe Bullzi is significantly undervalued at current levels. We think these shares warrant a Price/Sales multiple at the higher end of the peer group range. As a result, we are initiating coverage of Bullzi shares with a Speculative Buy rating and a $0.75 price target, based on a five times Price/Sales multiple of 2008 revenue projections. We think the Company is gaining good sales traction in its highly profitable WISE product line and making the necessary R&D and marketing investments to ensure steady market share gains for WISE.

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Beacon Equity Research Features: Bullzi Security, Inc. (BLLZ.PK) with “Speculative Buy” Rating; as Company Previously Announced a Key Acquisition

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Earlier this year, Bullzi Security Inc. (BLLZ.PK), a leading provider of converged security solutions, reported the acquisition of Creative Forecast LLC, an international graphics design firm that specializes in Flash animation, 3-D rendering, gaming and simulation technologies.
Thomas Welch, founder and CEO of Bullzi Security, Inc. stated, “The acquisition of Creative Forecast will allow us to expand the graphics component of our Web-based Information Security Education (WISE) series well beyond where we are today.

WISE is our flagship education product and we want to ensure that we stay on the leading edge of learning using multimedia and gaming technologies. The graphics engineers at Creative Forecast are the best in the industry – having the ability to create life-like animations and state- of-the-art 3D renderings.”

Creative Forecast provides animated graphics for eLearning, virtual tours for architects, and interactive animations for gaming.

They have 25 employees and consultants throughout the United States and Europe and support a number of Fortune 1000 clients. Vadim Yeremeychuk, President of Creative Forecast stated, “We are excited about this acquisition as we plan to enhance the WISE security curriculum through the use of gaming technology, mobility and character development.”

Bullzi Security is a leader in providing ‘converged’ security solutions. Through its consulting services and integrated delivery systems, Bullzi Security helps to minimize threats to its clients’ assets, facilities, personnel and information systems.

As a full service security firm, Bullzi Security offers compliance programs, information security services, physical security solutions, security education programs, document security and investigative services.

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