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Chancery Resources, Inc. (CCRY.OB) Reveals Strategy and Corporate Goals to Investors

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Today, Chancery Resources revealed the details of its strategy and corporate goals. The company reaffirmed its focus on acquiring, developing, and expanding potential prospects to proven gold and mineral properties into world-class assets. Their goal is to increase shareholder value for shareholders and partners in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

For the upcoming year, the Company stated it will drill on HCL property, a block of adjacent mining claims in British Columbia, to discover new gold zones at depth and along strike zone. Chancery has strategically designed a 15,000 meter exploration program to test for new zones and N.I. 43-101 compliant review is anticipated for Q2 2009.

Jeffrey Fanning, Vice President of Exploration, stated, “With current market conditions and rising mineral prices, we are looking into more strategic opportunities and assets carefully selected to expand and diversify our asset portfolio.”

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Chancery Resources, Inc. (CCRY.OB)

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Chancery Resources, Inc. (CCRY.OB) is working toward acquiring, developing, and expanding properties rich with gold and minerals into world-class assets. The company is focused on properties in Columbia.

Chancery’s El Cafetal Gold Mine is located in the historic Valparaiso gold mining district in Columbia. The property encompasses 135 hectares. The company intends to expand and exploit the minerals, such as gold, silver, and copper deposits, that are found within the property. The Antioquia region in Columbia has been known for its strong gold producing potential, but its full potential has not yet been tapped.

Chancery’s location will be integral to their success, both in regional terms and for the larger area, since Columbia is one of South America’s most stable economies. The country is also working toward attracting new foreign investments.

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Chancery Resources, Inc. (CCRY.OB) is “One to Watch”

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Chancery’s corporate mission is “to acquire, develop, and expand proven gold and mineral properties into world-class assets.” Their business is focused in Columbia, South America, specifically in the El Caafetal region.

The company’s premise is to use modern technologies to extract gold, silver and copper from mines that are currently only extracting gold by completely upgrading the mining equipment and processes. Furthermore, they feel other development in the area is promising for expansion based on recent sampling.

The Columbian government is friendly to foreign investment at this time. On the investor portion of its website, Chancery addresses the risk of investing in a foreign country. According to Chancery, Columbia is one of the most stable economies in Latin America, as well as the oldest and most stable Latin American democracy.

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