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CHDT Corp. (CHDO.OB) Posts Triple-Digit Revenue Increases in 2008, as well as $1.5M Backlog for 2009

Monday, March 30th, 2009

CHDT Corp. (CHDO.OB) is a Florida-based management company focused on the operations and direction of its numerous subsidiaries, specializing on designing and manufacturing consumer products for the North American retail market. The company today posted its fourth-quarter and full-year financials for the period ended December 31, 2008, reporting significant increases across the board, fueled by new products and a sturdy management team.

CHDT reported revenue for the fourth quarter at $2.39 million, up 76% from the $1.35 million reported for the same period last year. Year-end revenue soared 134% to $6.61 million, up from $2.82 million reported in 2007. Howard Ullman, chairman of CHDT, said the company anticipates maintaining its impressive figures throughout 2009 as it moves toward profitability.

“We are pleased with our triple-digit revenue growth rate in 2008 and look forward to continued growth in 2009. Our management continues to launch exciting, proprietary, new products that consumers and retailers want to buy,” Ullman stated in the press release. “Our management team remains focused on product development and product placement in an effort to reach profitability in 2009.”

The company also announced a year-end order backlog of more than $1.5 million, which it expects to ship in the first half of 2009. Though the first quarter has proved to be the company’s weakest quarter in the past, CHDT expects a 156% increase in sales for the first quarter of 2009, compared to the first quarter of 2008.

Despite the 134% year-end revenue increase, CHDT posted a year-end loss of $1.33 million, as compared to $1.21 million lost in 2007. The company attributes this to additional salaries for the new management team. In 2008, the company also boosted sales and marketing expenses, and increased spending for product development and depreciation as it invests in new product lines to meet its goal of profitability in 2009.

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CHDT Corp. (CHDO.OB) Subsidiary Appoints New VP of International Sales

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Yesterday morning, a utility lighting and consumer electronics company, Capstone Industries, wholly-owned by the Florida-based CHDT Corporation, announced the appointment of a new Vice President of International Sales.

The man selected for the position was 30-year sales and marketing veteran Kenneth G. Drescher. A graduate of William and Mary College in Virginia, Kenneth has made his mark in sales working for such well-known companies as Procter & Gamble, the Regina Company, and Rayovac.

Mr. Drescher was chosen specifically for his extensive experience in international sales, during a time when overseas interest in Capstone’s specialty lighting products has reached an all-time high. With the U.S. economy continuing to flounder, it seems only natural for the company to seek outside markets in which it can still thrive. Kenneth is expected to be of great assistance in this area.

Stewart Wallach, CEO of CHDT Corp stated: “Looking into the International markets could not have come at a more opportune time. The US retail market is not expected to fully recover in the near term and although our products are being received well at retail, the velocity of sales has declined across all categories. Expanding distributions to other countries could enable us to continue our growth during these challenging times. In short, we will broaden our markets and leverage the innovation we have invested in.”

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CHDT Corp. (CHDO.OB) Subsidiary to Show Case Products at Upcoming Hardware Show in Vegas

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

CHDT Corp.’s (OTCBB: CHDO) wholly owned subsidiary, Capstone Industries Inc., a designer and manufacturer of consumer products for the North American retail market, begins showcasing a line of STP® hardware tools and automotive accessories at the International Hardware Show in Las Vegas on May 6th-8th. The company will display all the Simply Comfort(TM) items, book lights, task lights and novelty lights along with new innovative emergency lighting products. Capstone will also unveil the newly developed STP® products along with the existing line.

The National Hardware Show, now in its 62nd year, had more than 18,000 retailers attending the 2007 show. The show consists of wholesalers, importers, and exporters, making it one of the largest events of the year. The National Hardware Show attracts buyers from a variety of retail outlets.

CHDT also announced yesterday that Capstone Industries had secured a conventional $2,000,000 asset-based line of credit from Sterling National Bank after six months of negotiations with several lenders. CHDT Corporation is a management company, providing services and taking an active role in the management and direction of businesses. The company has a broad realm of business experience in several different industries.

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CHDT Corp. (CHDO.OB) Secures $2,000,000 Line of Credit

Monday, May 5th, 2008

CHDT Corp. (OTCBB: CHDO) announced this morning that its wholly owned subsidiary, Capstone Industries, has secured a conventional $2,000,000 asset-based line of credit from Sterling National Bank. The company has been negotiating with several different lenders over the past six months. CHDT choose Sterling Bank because of its funding structure. One of the advantages of this loan is that CHDT can increase its credit as accounts receivables and inventories grow.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to embark on a business relationship with a bank that is focused on asset based lending and is experienced with our retailers and their payment cycles. We look forward to working and growing our business with Sterling National Bank;a bank that has been asset based lending since 1929. It was important for our company to find a funding partner that can grow as we grow,” said Howard Ullman, Chairman of CHDT Corp.

CHDT Corp. is a management company, providing services and taking an active role in the management and direction of businesses. The company has a broad range of business expertise in several different industries. The most common departments in need of services are corporate level human resources, financial services, accounting services, legal services, budgetary control, marketing support, information technology, and systems support. By providing these services, corporations can focus on planned revenue growth.

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Small Cap Voice Featured Company: CHDT Corp. (CHDO.OB)

Friday, November 30th, 2007

CHDT Corp. (CHDO.OB) is a holding company that is focused on operating its two subsidiaries. Capstone Industries, Inc. is focused on product development, manufacturing, distribution, logistics and placement while Overseas Building Supply is focused on distributing building materials which include roof tiles, interior doors, and insulation materials.

The Company is mainly engaged in developing Capstone as its primary business and is seeking opportunities that can immediately increase sales revenues and net worth. One of the chief ways CHDT plans to expand is by investing or acquiring additional companies that could benefit from its contracts with Chinese manufacturing firms.

Capstone Industries has been fully committed to providing innovative products to consumers nationwide since 1997. The senior management team consists of seasoned professionals who together have over 100 of sales and marketing experience in addition to logistical and operational proficiency.

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