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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: China America Holdings, Inc. (CAAH.OB)

Friday, August 21st, 2009

China America Holdings, Inc. is focused on capitalizing on China’s rapid economic growth and international marketing opportunities through strategic acquisition. The company provides a unique direct-access opportunity to participate in the rapidly growing Chinese economy through U.S.-listed shares and serves as a spring board to propel its growing China-based businesses.

CAAH conducts its refrigerant business via its subsidiary in Shanghai, China. The company’s majority owned Shanghai Aohong Industry Co., Ltd distributes hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants which are used in a variety of applications, primarily as coolants in automobile, residential and commercial air conditioning systems, refrigerators, fire extinguishing agents and assorted aerosol sprays.

The company is led by CEO, President and CFO Shaoyin Wang. Previous to his current position, Mr. Wang served as the Director of the Information Department of Shanghai Mingjia Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Prior to that, he was the vice president of Shanghai Zhida Industrial Technology Development Co., Ltd. and a marketing manager of Shanghai Yazheng Information Technology Co., Ltd.

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China America Holdings, Inc. (CAAH.OB) Announces Positive Financial Results For 2008

Friday, April 17th, 2009

China America Holdings, Inc. (CAAH.OB) reported a major upswing in revenue as it announced 2008 financial results. CAH is a holding company that holds 56% of its subsidiary, Shanghai Aohong Chemical Co., Ltd., and the increase was primarily due to the first full year of operating results from this subsidiary. Shanghai Aohong is a distributor of assorted liquid coolants, used primarily as refrigerants in air conditioning systems for automobiles, as well as residential and commercial air conditioning systems. Shanghai Aohong also manufactures steel non-refillable cylinders.

Revenues for 2008 increased to $34.97 million, compared to $16.20 million in 2007. In 2007, China America Holdings recognized only 6 months of revenue from Shanghai Aohong, as opposed to a full year of revenue in 2008. However, although income from operations in 2008 increased to $860,000, compared to a loss of ($406,000) in 2007, the company recorded a net loss for 2008 of ($561,000) after including a loss from its discontinued Biometric segment, a step which the company believes will substantially reduce overhead in 2009 and beyond. The overall results represent a significant improvement over the loss of $1.11 million reported in fiscal year 2007.

Mr. Shaoyin Wang, CEO of China America Holdings, commented on the positive news, “We are very pleased with the overall results in our fiscal year 2008. We believe the performance of our Aohong subsidiary demonstrates that our growth strategy in China has improved our results significantly and we continue to look for opportunistic acquisition targets. Aohong’s strong performance in fiscal 2008 has allowed us to reduce our net loss by 50% as compared to the previous year and generate income from operations. We look forward to further improvement and growth for our operations in China as we seek to further reduce our general and administrative expenses. We remain committed to our growth strategy in China and are working diligently to grow our company for the benefit of our shareholders.”

Shareholder equity for China America Holdings as of December 31, 2008, was $3.72 million, with 135.8 million shares outstanding.

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China America Holdings, Inc. (CAAH.OB) Subsidiary Signs Agreement Estimated at Approximately $2.5 Million

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Shanghai AoHong, a subsidiary of China America Holdings, Inc. has signed an agreement with China FAW Group Corporation to supply the company with its refrigerant R134A product. This agreement is expected to generate sales of approximately $2.5 million for 2008.

China America Holdings owns 56% of the Chinese-based Shanghai Aohong Industry. Shanghai Aohong distributes hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants used in a variety of applications, primarily as coolants in automobile, residential and commercial air conditioning systems, refrigerators, fire extinguishing agents and assorted aerosol sprays. Shanghai Aohong is focused on providing environmentally friendly products worldwide to multiple markets.

China FAW Group is a global leader in the vehicle manufacturing industry and the country’s leading auto maker selling products in over 70 countries around the world. FAW manufactures quality light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks, automobiles, municipal buses and luxury tourist coaches, custom bus chassis, and mini-vehicles with total sales in excess of 7 million vehicles worldwide. On its own, China FAW has joint venture operations with Volkswagen, Mazda, and Toyota.

Commenting on the contract, Dore Perler, CEO of China America Holdings, stated, “Aohong continues to establish business with marquee customers as its distribution channel strengthens. Management believes that this R134A supply contract with China FAW will lead to a stronger relationship with China America and the opportunity to increase product sales to China FAW in 2008. Refrigerant R134A is an inert gas used primarily as a “high-temperature” refrigerant for automobile air conditioners. China FAW Group uses refrigerant R134A in the air conditioning systems of manufactured automobiles.”

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Stock Guru Featured Client: China America Holdings, Inc. (CAAH.OB)

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

China America Holdings, Inc. (CAAH.OB) is a holding company established to exploit the rapid growth of the Chinese economy and international marketing, as well as focus on designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing biometric security identification systems. China America Holdings has ownership stakes in U.S and Chinese corporations and sells its identification systems the U.S. and China.

China America Holdings has two majority-owned Chinese companies, Shanghai Aohong Industry Co., Ltd, a distributor of chemical fluorine products, and Big Tree Toys, Inc., a toy sourcing and exporting company. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Sense Technologies, Inc., China America Holdings is a leading provider of biometric solutions and micro-sensor identification systems. The company offers BioClock, CheckPrint T/A systems, CheckPrint A/C access control systems, and owns the patents and intellectual property for MEMS-based explosives detection technology that is also licensed through a national government laboratory.

China America Holdings’s primary goal is to assist its subsidiaries with sufficient capital to enable domestic and international growth. Although the company’s focus is to expand in U.S. markets, China America Holdings is also looking for growth opportunities in Chinese markets.

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StockGuru Trade Alert: Profile Stock China America Holdings (CAAH) Volume More than Four Times the Ten-Day Average

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

StockGuru Trade Alert: Profile Stock China America Holdings (CAAH) Volume More than Four Times the Ten-Day Average

With 879,200 Shares Traded So Far, CAAH Volume is More than Four Times the Ten-Day Average of 218,556!

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China American Holdings Inc. (CAAH.OB) Announces their Subsidiary to Exhibit at Toy Fair 08 in New York

Friday, February 15th, 2008

China American Holdings Incorporated has proudly announced that Big Tree Toys, their majority owned subsidiary, will exhibit at Toy Fair 08, sponsored by The Toy Industry Association being held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City from February 17-20, 2008.

Big Tree has recently exhibited at a similar show, the International Toys and Games Fair held in Hong Kong. The company presented toys and entertainment products from over 500 manufacturers highlighting new release toys for 2008. The company has focused on quality control safety and offers only toys meeting safety compliance standards.

CEO of CAAH, Dore Perler said of the last show, “Big Tree sales agents met with customers and prospective buyers from over 54 countries from around the world at the Hong Kong event and the company expects to generate new sales and revenue over the next few months from both of these important exhibits.”

The company will be showing and demonstrating new toys and entertainment products from multiple toy manufacturers and is another important opportunity for the company to showcase its abilities in sourcing and logistics for toy buyers worldwide.

China America Holdings has a controlling interest in Big Tree Toys which specializes in sourcing and logistics in the toy and entertainment related industry in China. The company represents over 100,000 toys and entertainment related products and last quarter posted nearly $8 million in revenues worldwide.

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China American Holdings Inc. (CAAH.OB) is “One to Watch”

Monday, February 11th, 2008

China American Holding Inc., an American/Chinese holding company, is an access point to the trigger that is to the Chinese economic/manufacturing machine. Through the company’s subsidiaries, China American Holdings manufacturers and distributes products internally; to/in China while distributing around the world.

If you are interested in investing in a company that distributes toys to the United States, or manufactures products that go into many of the end-products exported from China, this is one of the companies to consider. Other then the full spectrum of toys that China has become known for; chemicals for non-refillable tubes and air conditioning units and intellectual property rights are the main product base of the company.

The company, however, has not limited its subsidiary choices to the more basic products that China is known for. Currently, the company is also offering security products that identify people for admittance to restricted areas. Chief among these products is a device that reads retina, palms and fingerprints for identification and admittance. As this portion of the security market increases, China American Holdings could benefit to a large degree.

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Small Cap Companies Doing Business in China

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

The recent U.S. market fluctuation is enough to confuse any investor. As Americans are looking to find fiscally sound investments elsewhere, more and more individuals have been looking to invest overseas. The best opportunity for such investments is through Small Cap companies doing business in China, as they possess a significant Return on Investment opportunity not evident elsewhere.

Investing in Chinese companies does not require knowledge of Chinese politics or world affairs. Rather, the easiest way to invest in Chinese companies is to simply buy what the experts are buying; however, one would need to find the right expert first. A second option is to buy lesser known, lesser priced, stocks. Once these stocks become better known by experts, individuals could help raise the stock price per share.

The most prevelant undervalued Small Cap Chinese Stocks are listed below:

China Wireless Communications, Inc. (CWLC.OB) is an information technology and solutions provider. The company provides leading network software, supporting Network equipment and support services for their various clients.

China America Holdings, Inc. (CAAH.OB) is a major owner of two fiscally sound Chinese Companies – Shanghai Aohong Industry Co., Ltd. and Big Tree Toys, Inc.

Fuqi International, Inc. (FUQI) is a manufacturer and distributor of precious metal jewelry, including gold, platinum, and palladium. Additionally, Fuqi also manufactures gold bars, gold coins, gifts, and other gold charms and customized products, as well as jewelry studded with diamonds, emerald, jade, and semi-precious stones.

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