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OTCPicks Featured Company: China Health Management Corp. (CNHC.PK) Agrees on Joint Venture

Friday, April 25th, 2008

China Health Management Corp. (OTC: CNHC) announced that they have signed a joint venture partnership with Cable Print Network Media (CPMN)/Internet Marketing Consortium (IMC). CPNM/IMC channels more than 1.25 billion hits per month, making them one of the nation’s largest multimedia marketing companies. After Wednesday’s trading China Health Management Corp’s stock rose 27.08%.

At the head of the company is President Beryl Wolk, who has developed a significant number of joint ventures and marketing strategies for companies over the past 30 years. Among these companies are The Cable Guide, The Preview Channel, Discovery Channel, QVC, Family Guide, and Dial-A-Fax (1,500,000 company members). Mr. Wolk is considered the “World’s Greatest Marketing Genius.”

One of his greatest and most astounding achievements was being the first to use newspapers to distribute direct response marketing in a magazine format. More than 175 national corporations are Mr. Wolk’s clients, as they have complete marketing programs based on the distribution of his “Targeted Free Fall” magazine formatted newspaper inserts, incentives and involvement devices. In 1977 Mr. Wolk introduced the 45-minute infomercial. Shortly after that, he founded the first company to produce them. Over time, the company has extended their original marketing thrust of merchandise to include business opportunities, self-improvement, and breakthrough product marketing, producing over 1,600 infomercials.

“This will broaden the exposure for China Health Management and its Richland International Hospital, and with Mr. Wolks marketing experience we have no doubt that people traveling to China and people abroad will know about the Richland International Hospital and the world class health services it provides,” commented Dr. Xu Mei, CEO of China Health Management and Chairman of Richland International Hospital.

China Health Management Corp. is engaged in healthcare management, primarily concentrating their efforts on the operation and management of hospitals in China. The company’s future outlook includes becoming the leader in the high-end healthcare and medical services industry in Kunming city, Yunnan Province, China.

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China Health Management Corp.’s (CNHC.PK) RIH Awarded Government of Yunnan Province Support

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

China Health Management Corp. (Pink Sheets: CNHC), a China-based healthcare management company, today announced its Richland International Hospital (RIH) has received support from the local Government of Yunnan Province to help transform it into a medical and healthcare services provider.

“Our marketing plan for 2008 is to establish a brand name for Richland International by focusing on the high-level healthcare services market and aim to expand our memberships rapidly starting from the City of Kunming and extending thru to the greater Yunnan Province,” Dr. Xu Mei, CEO of China Health Management Services and chairman of RIH, stated in the press release. “The market has already been proven that there is a tremendous demand for high-level healthcare and medical services.”

Since its opening in April 2007, RIH has developed a healthcare management system for all departments, following the standards of the Joint Commission International. Serving nearly 8,000 patients and 680 foreign patients, RIH is the first hospital to operate with a full information technology system in the Southwest part of China.

The Government of Yunnan Province has kept an eye on RIH, recognizing its achievements and granting the hospital three years of tax-free exemptions, as well as announced the hospital as one of the major Joint Venture Hospitals in Kunming City.

Additionally, RIH is the only hospital permitted to recruit foreign medical staff, including physicians and nurses in the Yunnan Province. It is the only hospital granted legality to serve foreign patients in the Yunnan Province, and has been designated as one of the Province’s approved insurance coverage hospitals.

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NakedStock Featured Company: China Health Management Corp. (CNHC.PK) Plans to Embark in the High-End Medical Market

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

China Health Management Corp. is a healthcare and management company focused on the operation and management of hospitals and other facets of the medical industry throughout China. Within three to five years, the company intends to establish a leading position in the high-end medical market in the Yunnan Province and secure a 40% market share of the private medical services industry.

Data shows that the health sensitive, high-consuming population in China is growing by 30% annually with a large market potential. An estimated 2%-5% of consumers in the medical market would opt for high-end medical institutions. The consumers that make up this demographic are white-collar employees or owners of private enterprises who hold a higher educational standing and earn a higher income. With the allocation of medical resources overloading the public hospitals, it makes it difficult to meet the needs of many patients. With these figures, China Health focuses their efforts on the high-end consumers, bringing more personalized medical attention.

President and Director of China Health Management Corp., Dr. Xu Mei, holds a 1984 graduate degree from the China Pharmaceutical University, a B.S. degree in Medicine and Pharmacology, and has more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare field. He founded and was head of the Sinshong Drug Research and Development Center, and served as the head of the department of New Drug Examination at Yunnan Food and Drug Administration. He led the National Laboratory of New Drugs Screening Project, and established the first national class laboratory in China to be approved by the Ministry of Technology.

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China Health Management Crop. (CNHC.PK) Announces Introduction of Modern Healthcare Management Model

Monday, November 19th, 2007

China Health Management announced this morning that its Richland International Hospital has introduced a modern health care management model that will immediately begin offering nine new treatments including:

• Heavy metal biology nutrition treatment
• Balanced liver detoxification treatment
• Chronic nasosinusitis treatment
• Fat reduction treatment
• Melancholia, insomnia treatment
• Stomach and intestines management treatment
• Chronic weary immunity disorder syndrome treatment
• Tumor treatment
• Ache and pain treatment
• Cirrhosis, hepatitis liver protective treatment

Many times supervisors and senior management do not pay adequate attention to their employees’ personal health resulting in irregular physical examinations. To combat this and increase potential revenues, Richland International Hospital has introduced Healthcare Management Centre to provide these personalized healthcare services.

The new healthcare model is largely focused on integrated prevention, treatment, and health recovery services by using traditional, biological, psychological, and sociological methods. Before October of this year, the hospital provided standard physical examinations targeted specifically to their VIP members, but the new model will substantially expand the businesses reach to new markets.

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China Health Management Corp. (CNHC.PK) Corporate Officer Overview

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

President and Director: The President and Director of CNHC.PK is Dr. Xu Mei, a graduate from China Pharmaceutical University with a B.S. degree in Medical and Pharmacology. Dr. Xu Mei has more than 20 years experiences in the healthcare sector under his belt, with a strong knowledge base of the hospital and medical industry in China.  Before becoming President of China Health, Dr. Xu Mei founded the Sinshong Drug Research and Development Center and served as the head of the department of New Drug Examination at Yunnan Food and Drug Administration.  Furthermore, Dr. Xu Mei has also held several senior management positions in hospital, medicine, marketing and sales management positions in some of the most powerful companies in the industry.

Head of Finance and Accounting: The Head of Finance and Accounting is Xu Liang, a graduate from Yunnan University with a Bachelor’s M.SC Degree in Electronic physics. Mr. Liang was previously employed by the Kunming Railroad Bureau as an executive officer of electricity services section for 3 years; in addition to having 5 years of experience in management as an assistant to the general manager of the commercial sector.

Finance Manager, Finance and Accounting Department: Jen Wie, a graduate from Kunming Zhi Jin College with a major in Accounting and awarded a Masters Degree in Economics by Yunnan Agricultural University in 2003, has over 24 years experience in accounting policies, financial management, fiscal reporting and tax compliance. Mrs. Jie was in charge of the finance and accounting department in Kunming City’s Dong Chuan People’s Hospital as Chief of Finance for over 20 years, before being employed by China Health.

Head Nurse, Patient Care Services Department:  Shu Ni Wang, whom graduated from Second Military Medical University in 1969 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, has previously been employed by the People’s Liberation Army 65 Hospital as an operating room nurse.  After that position, Mrs. Ni went on to work at the People’s Liberation Army 57 Hospital as a surgical nurse and at Chengdu Military District Kunming Hospital as Head Nurse.  In fact, Mrs. Ni has extensive experience in clinical patient care and nursing management and has been granted many awards in the last 38 years of her career, becoming an integral part of the overall success of CHNC.

Chief Medical Officer, Medical Department:  Charles Chen is the Chief Medical Offer of China Health.  He gradated from Dali Medical College in 1993 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Science and was granted a Masters Degree in 2001 from Kunming Medical College with a major in otolaryngology.  Mr. Chen has worked at Zhong Qing Lan Hospital as a house physician and Yi People’s Hospital as chief physician of the otolaryngology department.  His area of expertise consists of the diagnoses and treatment of allergic rhinitis, nose, ears and mouth, and has 10 years of clinical experience for this regard.

Department Head, Physical Examination Department: Rui Qu is a graduate from Dalian University with a B.S of Medical Science.  Qu has experience in many fields of health science, including Clinical psychology, molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology, immunology, and hematology and in clinical examination. Furthermore, he also has more than 5 year’s clinical experience in the hospital industry and has a special interest in scientific research and patent achievement.

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China Health Management Corp. (CNHC.PK) Corporate Objective

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

China Health Corp’s (CNHC.PK) strategic objectives consists of medium to long term strategic objectives, in addition to various short term objectives.  The company is focused on high-end medical services and establishing a high-end medical service brand.

Short-term objective:  In regards to CNCH’s short term objective, the company is currently focused on medical consultation in the Yunnan Province.  Because medical consultation is new in this area, there is a strong demand for such services.  The company will start building medical consultation and health crisis management services, and then move on to telephone consultation, and diagnosis appointments with family doctors.  Further objectives include:

·  Quickly secure about 10% of the population, or 300,000 people, in Kunming’s family doctor market within 1-3 years.

·  Quickly build a medical service network for the medium to high-end consumers.

Because common diseases account for about 85% of human diseases, there is a large source of patients.  Most common diseases can be cured at an early stage in the outpatient department that CNCH seeks to provide; therefore, emphasizing the need for such services.

Medium to long-term strategic objective:  China Health Corp has set out a 3-5-year development plan for their proposed hospital.  The company has specified that they intend to integrate both human resources, management, marketing and technology for further efficiency.  By establishing a leading position in 3-5 years in Yunnan Province’s high-end medical market, the company can gain a 40% market share and secure sales revenue of RMB 50 million.

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China Health Management Corp. (CNHC.PK) is “One to Watch”

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

China Health Management is a healthcare and management company focused on the operation and management of hospitals and the medical industry in China. The company’s mission is to establish a leading position in the high-end medical market within three to five years as well as secure a 40% market share of the private medical services industry.

The public hospitals in China mainly provide services for people with low and medium incomes. These hospitals have an over abundance of patients, which makes it difficult for them to meet the individual needs of their customers.

Market research has shown that the health-sensitive, high-consuming population in China is increasing 30% each year, offering China Health Management an excellent opportunity to grow in an expanding market. Approximately 5% of the consumers in the medical market would prefer high-end medical institutions, and they can now have their needs met through the healthcare provided by China Health Management.

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