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Small Cap Voice Featured Company: China Jiangsu Golden Horse Steel Ball, Inc. (CJGH.PK)

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

China Jiangsu Golden Horse Steel Ball, Inc. (CJGH.PK) is a leading manufacturer of steel ball bearings in China. The company is a top five manufacturer producing over three billion ball bearings annually. China Jiangsu has developed more than 15 new products that include stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic balls, and a vibration-isolating lubricant. The company has over 350 employees including 50 engineers.

China Jiangsu plans to expand its market for both domestic and global distribution. Although the company is located and focused in China, China Jiangsu already exports products throughout the world to over twenty countries including the United States, Brazil, India, and Germany. In 2007, the company generated revenues over $12.9 million. 2007 saw a a 12% increase from 2006 and a 214% increase from 2005.

The Chinese economy has been growing 11%-12% annually and the Chinese government has strategic policies in place to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry. The company has plans to focus on new technological developments in 2008 and 2009 that include the research of G3 grade high-precision steel balls. Also in its realm of focus is the research of new resin grinding wheel milling techniques, and the development of automotive bearing steel wire.

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Otcstockexchange Featured Company: China Jiangsu Golden Horse Steel Ball Inc. (CJGH.PK) Rides Nicely to Profit Under the Radar

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

When customers and consumers use their purchases they rarely think about all the individual parts of the product that make up the whole. Those individual parts, however, make up a significant market if they are the right parts. If you look a little closer at a product, you may find that investing in the little things can often lead to larger profits.

China Jiangsu Golden Horse Inc., a ball baring manufacturer, works to provide a variety of ball bearings to domestic and international markets. The company indicates that it has had a successful 2007 and has used its current position as a top 5 ball baring manufacturer domestically to expand plant and equipment. Expenditures appear to be in line with a consistent and predictable expansion strategy within domestic and international markets.

World demand for ball bearings has been a solid catalyst for the company. It manufactures a variety of ball bearings from ceramic to steel. Although income generation could not be characterized as overwhelming, it is solid and predictable as the company adds longer term contracts and increases production levels to meet current and future demand world-wide. Expenses have been in line with expansion plans with the only real exposure to income is the costs of raw materials. Generally, all indications are that the company is proceeding on a very well calculated and executed strategy designed to keep the company well positioned for long term growth within a fairly consistent and reliable global market.

Considering the global market for ball bearings, and Chinas’ position within the export market, the company should face little exposure to swings in international markets. The company exports to the USA, Brazil, India and Germany while keeping pace within China. The future also looks bright for the company as new contracts have been signed and a continuing expansion of new products are offered. All appearances point toward a solid future of stable growth for Golden Horse.

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OTCPicks Featured Company: China Jiangsu Golden Horse Steel Ball, Inc. (CJGH.PK) Announces Corporate Update

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

China Jiangsu Golden Horse Steel Ball, Inc. (OTC: CJGH), announced a corporate update which includes the changing of the corporate name and ticker symbol. The company changed transfer agency from American Registrar & Transfer Co. to Global Sentry Equity Transfer Inc.

“The change of our corporate name and ticker symbol on October 5, 2007 marks a new beginning for our Company,” said Golden Horse Chairman and President, Qiang Ma.

China Jiangsu Golden Horse Steel Ball, Inc is a leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier of ball bearings. Over the course of one year, the company produces as many as three billion ball bearings of various specifications along with the development of over fifteen new products that include stainless steel balls, aluminum balls, and ceramic balls. Furthermore, the company is involved in exporting its products to over twenty countries worldwide including the U.S., Japan, Brazil, India, and Germany.

Mr. Ma further stated, “Our Company has focused solely on the production of steel balls, since our founding in 1987. Today we are one of China’s largest producer and a leading specialized manufacturer in this area. Our high technical standards, our drive for quality improvements, and our efforts to reduce production costs, have earned us respect. In turn, we have always held our customers in the highest regard. We have gained trust with not only leading bearing manufacturers in China, but with bearing manufacturers throughout the world. Our position as a leading company in this field has allowed us to improve both the technology and the standard of steel balls.”

The company has over 350 employees, including 50 engineers. The billions of steel balls manufactured by the China Jiangsu Golden Horse Steel Ball, Inc have been recognized and awarded with products of quality certificate and clinched the title of famous products produced by township enterprises of Jiangsu province.

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