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China YouTV Corp. (CYTV.OB) Caters to the New Generation, Growing Industry

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

The Internet and today’s advancing technology allows for every amateur within arms reach of a computer to make their own music, video or Web site. was one of the first to capitalize on this popular trend. And now comes China YouTV Corp. (OTCBB: CYTV), catering to China’s growing number of Web users, offering online video viewing services through

Since its conception in 2005, CnBoo has already registered more than 1.2 million members and more than 2 million pieces of original digital video (DV) shorts. Each day more than 500,000 members sort through hundreds of video clips, self created movies, or personal video blog spaces. The site boasts travel, entertainment, music, comedy, advertising and more. About 80 employees and 130 strategic partners comprise the brains behind the broadcasting.

China YouTV recently announced its Chinese Joint Venture Partner, HauJu, has signed an agreement with Tianyu Brothers Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Tianyu), to strengthen the online content of CnBoo’s new music channel. According to the press release, the agreement calls for new songs and videos of all affiliated artists to be promoted and broadcasted legally on CnBoo’s Music Channel. Tianyu brings a number of China’s most high-profile artists to the channel; it’s a move that will allow China YouTV to increase its presence on the radar and to expand within the industry.

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