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Stock Guru Featured Client: Columbia River Resources, Inc. (CRVR.PK)

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Columbia River Resources, Inc. (CRVR.PK) through the company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Traxxec Ltd., the company is a leading provider of packaging solutions specifically for auto-id and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) markets.

Traxxec’s main focus is the development of RFID enabled packaging, design, development and integration. RFID is an automatic identification method with the ability to write, store, and remotely retrieve data from component tags or transponders, without requiring line of sight. The founders saw the benefits of RFID technology when applied to the pharmaceutical industry more than eight years ago. When the technology was introduced to the industry, it was noticed as the best Auto-Id system available.

Traxxec has a signed contract with Rexam Pharma in which Rexam Pharma will provide marketing and global packaging. Rexam will be able to supply Radio Frequency enabled products under the license that was developed in line with recent guidelines of the Food and Drugs Administration.

The pharmaceutical packaging market is growing worldwide. In 2006, the market was $19 billion with growth 4% annually. The top drug producing countries include the U.S., Japan, France, China, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and the UK, with over 80% of the demand for pharmaceutical packaging.

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