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Stock Guru Featured Client: CoMedia Corp. (CMTN.PK)

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

CoMedia Corporation (CMTN.PK) is a sports marketing enterprise. The company’s focus is on creating services and resources for defined niche demographic groups. It specializes in the acquisition, production, and distribution of media content, services, and resources.

CoMedia uses its operating subsidiaries and divisions to identify and exploit opportunities to create and enhance unique social communities. Among the group are American Football Alumni (AFA), Developmental Football League (DFL), AFA Network (AFAN), and The Request Company (REQ). CoMedia’s customers are identifiable communities with common interests. Included in CoMedia’s projects are social networking platforms for athletes,, and a football league that showcases the best unsigned players to the professional ranks.

CoMedia uses the methodology of Concentric Psychographic Groups (CPG) because they have found that using this method is more effective when trying to focus their marketing efforts. Although CPG is similar to a niche market, CPG is different because it bases its market on psychographic habits and information rather than location or age.

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