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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Conforce International, Inc. (CFRI.PK)

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Conforce International, Inc. (CFRI.PK) has developed a proprietary product, EKO-FLOR. The Company focuses on the marketing and distribution of their innovative product as well as storage and shipping options. Conforce International is operated through two business divisions: Conforce Container Corp. and Conforce 1 Container Terminals.

EKO-FLOR is a composite floor system that eliminates the need for wood while enhancing performance and reducing cost. The product has been certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) so that it may be shipped globally. EKO-FLOR is environmentally friendly and was originally launched in December 2006 at the 31st Annual Intermodal Conference in Hamburg, Germany.

Conforce 1 Container Terminals provides storage and shipping to companies while generating revenues for Conforce International. Conforce International owns 51% of Conforce 1 Container Terminals. The company owns a container depot capable of holding more than 5,000 containers. Conforce 1 offers container related services to international shipping lines. The two subsidiaries in conjunction with the projected sales of EKO-FLOR are expected to create multiple revenue streams for Conforce.

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Three Firms Receive Rating of “Speculative Buy” from Beacon Equity Research

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Three firms are highlighted by Beacon Equity Research, upon receiving analyst rating of “Speculative Buy”.

Material Technologies Inc. (MTTG.OB)  is an engineering company that provides technology solutions for detection, measurement and monitoring of metal fatigue in metal-based structures and equipment. The Company holds exclusive patent rights to several technology products including Electrochemical Fatigue Sensor and Fatigue Fuse.

Reliant Home Warranty Corporation (RHWC.OB) is an emerging player in the Canadian home mortgage market. The Company provides end-to-end services related to mortgage lending to non-prime borrowers purchasing residential real estate.  
Conforce International (CFRI.PK) is a development-stage company. Its business is designing, developing and marketing composite container flooring systems. The Company operates through two business divisions: Conforce Container Corp. and Conforce 1 Container Terminals. Conforce 1 Container Terminals provides storage and handling services to shipping companies and is currently generates revenues for the Company.

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