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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Crystal International Travel Group, Inc. (CINT.OB)

Friday, January 18th, 2008

Crystal International Travel Group, Inc. (CINT.OB) offers various travel products and services with advantages designed for the more frequent traveler. Although in its development stage, this innovative company provides diversity to it products and services.

Crystal International’s services are centered on price stability. The company’s desire is to provide price stability options from airlines, car rentals, cruises, and hotel reservations to tours and excursions. Crystal International also provides a travel documentation assistance program. For the needs of business and leisure travelers who travel regularly, the company has created an offering called IntelliFares.

IntelliFares™ provides frequent travelers a way to lock in air travel for 5 years of at a fixed and discounted price. Their patent-pending process sets prices for IntelliFares based on current and predicted future airfares. Crystal distributes its products and services through airlines, online and off-line travel agencies, cruise lines, time-share developers, and sellers. Additionally, the Company owns and operates “The Travel House.” The Travel House is a traditional travel agency that makes reservations for airlines, hotels, rental cars, tour packages as well as cruises and then issues tickets and reservation confirmations.

On average, it is estimated that the US personal travel & tourism expenditures in 2007 was $870.6 billion or 9.0% of total personal consumption expenditures. By 2017, US personal travel & tourism expenditures are expected to reach $1,439.7 billion and represent 9.2% of total personal consumption expenditures.

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Small Cap Voice Featured Client: Crystal International Travel Group, Inc. (CINT.OB)

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

Crystal International Travel Group, Inc. (CINT.OB) strategically takes advantage of the habits, behaviors and demographics of the “Predictable Pattern Traveler” by providing products and services designed to solve price instability, which is one the most pressing issues with these select consumers. Most pattern travelers, particularly Timeshare owners and Cruise vacationers, bring in higher incomes and insist on reliable access, quality and stable pricing.

Because Crystal understands their unique desires, the company has created a patent pending service designed to provide 5 years of air travel at a fixed price and is partnering with the timeshare development and travel agent communities for distribution. Crystal plans to distribute its product through traditional travel supplier networks including airlines, online and off line travel agencies, cruise lines, time share developers and sellers, and other avenues.

The company’s flat pricing model enables consumers to connect with multi-year marketing programs for the first time in history. Crystal’s unique product model also provides airlines with revenue stability while addressing short and long term revenue management requirements. Other benefits include revenue and margin improvement for Travel Agents, component cost savings for Cruise and Tour Operators, and rescission expense reduction for the Timeshare business.

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Crystal International Travel Group, Inc. Awarded $0.11 Price Target by Beacon Equity Research

Monday, October 29th, 2007

Crystal International is focused on providing diversified travel products and services such as airline, rental car, cruise and hotel reservations, tours, excursions and travel documentation. The company meets the needs of business and leisure travelers who travel frequently and are looking for reliable services, quality and stable pricing.

The company’s business model combines knowledge, reliability and human touch of the travel agent community with the advanced technology, speed and flexibility of online travel planning. Crystal International’s partnerships and exclusive agreements allow the company to offer strategic discounts and additional services, placing the company ahead of the competition.

The analyst who completed the report stated, “Based on the above-mentioned management outlook and taking into account the seasonality of the travel industry, we are expecting FY 2008 net revenue to approach $1 million. Applying the peer group forward 2008 P/S multiple of 3.13 to our $1.0 million revenue estimate, we derive a target price for CINT of $0.11 per share.”

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Crystal International (CINT.OB) Caters to Leisure, Frequent Travelers

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

U.S. passenger and cargo airline operations burned nearly 20 billion gallons of jet fuel in last year, according to Air Transportation Association. For every penny tacked on to the price of each gallon of jet fuel, an additional $190-200 million are needed in annual fuel costs – if the price rose a dollar higher over the duration of just one year, operating costs would shoot up about $20 billion.While the price airline passengers pay for tickets may inflate slightly, airlines recognize the demand for “elastic” pricing. If you’ve paid only $200 roundtrip to a certain destination last year, would you settle with the rising price reflecting fuel costs, or find another means of transportation, or even another airline?

“People may be willing to travel by air these days, but it’s with the expectation of far lower prices than once paid – largely because, in addition to intense inter-airline competition, travelers may opt for other forms of transportation, carpooling conferencing technologies, or not traveling at all,” The Air Transportation Association reported online.

“Although airlines have recently implemented a few price increases, they pale in comparison to the magnitude of the sustained rise in jet fuel prices.”

While consumers may not feel heavy travel costs associated with rising fuel costs, from airlines to the blacktop, the opportunity to save a little money while traveling is enticing to anyone – especially people traveling frequently, whether for business or leisure.

Crystal International Travel Group Inc. (OTCBB: CINT) targets those travelers, offering travel products and services for higher income, frequent, leisure travelers and business owners.

The company’s IntelliFares brand provides five years of air travel at a fixed price averaging 20 percent in savings over the five year duration that enables customers to join multi-year marketing programs with travel product retailers. IntelliFares was designed to meet the demands of consumers seeking flexibility in travel planning and price while maintaining high quality travel options.

“Air ticket price volatility is one of the biggest concerns for today’s travelers when planning trips. IntelliFares(TM) was created to directly address this concern,” said Crystal CEO Fabrizzio Busso – Campana in a statement.

The company also owns and operates The Travel House, a travel agency enabling the Crystal International the security of making reservations for airlines, hotels, rental cars, tour packages and cruises – then issue tickets and reservation confirmations.