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Stock Guru Featured Client: Delta Mining and Exploration Corp. (DMXC.PK)

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Delta Mining and Exploration Corp. (DMXC.PK) is a mineral exploration company with a focus in the diamond market. The company owns six properties in the state of Montana, which gives them more than 7,554 acres of mining opportunities. Delta Mining believes their properties offer the most potential for diamond exploration in the United States.

Since their start-up in 2007, Delta Mining has experienced huge successes. On their Homestead Kimberlite in Montana, the company discovered the first in-situ microdiamond, and similar compositions of typical diamond indicator minerals are found on their Three Buttes Kimberlite. The company anticipates their properties will reveal the presence of economic diamonds such as pyrope, chromite, and clinoprroxene.

Leading experts believe Delta’s properties have strong potential to host diamond deposits. The company plans to aggressively explore the under-explored areas just south of Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada. Delta intends to grow through exploring existing properties, acquiring additional diamond properties, developing alliances with other mining companies, and entering into joint ventures.

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