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Dutton Associates Featured Company: DXP Enterprises, Inc. (DXPE)

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

DXP Enterprises, Inc. (NASDAQ: DXPE) operates through their subsidiaries to engage in the distribution, maintenance, repair, and operation of products, equipment, and services to industrial customers in the United States. The company works through their Innovative Pumping Solutions (IPS), Supply Chain Services, and MROP (maintenance, repair, operating and production) products and services to assist companies in a variety of industries. Founded as Southern Engine and Pump Company in 1908, DXP was re-chartered in 1979 as Sepco Industries and later renamed DXP Enterprises, Inc. in 1986.

The company operates within two segments, the MRO and electrical contractor divisions. In the MRO segment, products, equipment, and integrated services are provided to industrial customers consisting of technical design expertise and logistics capabilities. It provides various MRO products in the fluid handling equipment, bearing, power transmission equipment, general mill, safety supply, and electrical products categories, as well as offering integrated services, such as system design, fabrications, installations, repair, and maintenance.

The electrical contractor segment sells various electrical products, such as wire conduit, wiring devices, electrical fittings and boxes, signaling devices, heaters, tools, switch gear, lighting, lamps, tape, lugs, wire nuts, batteries, fans, and fuses to electrical contractors.

DXP offers their innovative pumping solutions, which are backed by a century’s worth of experience, and provides a single source for engineering, systems design, and fabrication of custom pump packages. The company’s engineering staff provides technical expertise that covers everything from pump selection to installation, and all aspects in between. DXP, PMI, Production Pump and Machine Tech combine to improve on customer service, and repair and package-pump needs for any pump and fiberglass application.

Managing the MROP supply chain can be one of the most expensive processes. DXP offers total MROP and outsourcing solutions to help their customers reduce costs and increase efficiencies through their custom-tailored programs such as on-site stores, consigned and vendor-managed inventory, and planned, proactive, and buying agreements. DXP has established itself as an elite industrial distributor in the nation partnering with some of the most recognized and dependable manufacturers in the industry.

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DXP Enterprises, Inc. (DXPE) Reports Record Second Quarter Earnings that Beat Estimates

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

DXP Enterprises, Inc. (DXPE), an industrial products distributor servicing primarily the oil and gas and food and beverage industries, announced second quarter results this afternoon that topped analysts’ estimates while setting quarterly records on both the top and bottom lines. Revenues surged 120% year over year to $187.8 million vs. consensus of $172.9 million. Net income rose 86.5% to $6.37 million, or 93 cents per share, compared to analysts’ estimates of 86 cents per share.

David R. Little, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer said, “We continue to execute our three-pronged growth strategy of organic growth, operational efficiencies and acquisitions. Our performance of organic growth of 31% and earnings per share growth of 66% illustrates that our execution is gaining market share and creating value for our shareholders. With our ability to enhance profits and grow the companies we acquire plus the opportunities we have for growth through Super Centers, Innovative Pumping Solutions and Supply Chain Solutions our outlook remains strong.”

DXP has shown great skill in identifying and integrating acquisition targets. The industrial supply sector is a highly fragmented market, with the five largest companies accounting for less than 20% of total sales. DXP has consolidated 17 acquisitions in the space since 1996, typically for four to six times EBITDA. Their largest acquisition, Precision Industries, closed on September 10, 2007 for $106 million and diversified the company’s client base, which had been heavily levered to oil and gas, to include more food and beverage exposure.

Shares of DXPE closed at $45.88 today and have traded in a 52-week range of $29.59 – $53.25. With 6.3 million shares outstanding, DXPE has a market cap of $290 million and a trailing 12-month P/E of 14.2. Shares are bid 9% higher after hours at $50.05 on light volume.

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Both Business Segments of DXP Enterprises Inc. (DXPE) Hold Keys to Manufacturing Resurgence

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

This stock derives value from the support it provides for manufacturing. The latter was an early driver of stock exchange growth, but financial and information technology displaced it in importance for investors over the past two decades. Debates and actions to revive the US economy have rekindled interest in manufacturing excellence as a source of business strength. Quality complaints from China reflect the need to return to American excellence in bulk and continuous production of reliable goods.

Maintenance, Repair, and Operating (RMO), as well as Electrical Contracting services, are very important for specialized and high-technology producers. Outsourcing these support services allows industrial clients to focus on their own business domains. However, the outsourcing has to be reliable and available near principal sites. Here is a company that fits the bill quite nicely. The management has established track records in both RMO and in working on electrical installations. The product range is broad, covering everything a factory could need from wiring to sophisticated switching gear. Everything the company sells comes with full service back-up. It is a business model that all factory managers will find useful.

The management has recently completed an important acquisition. It has taken control of a company in a similar line of business with six locations and an excellent industrial customer base in Colorado. This will give the company vastly accelerated net revenues from an entirely new business area of the United States. Investors will be impressed that the cash component of the acquisition was funded without adding to the company’s revolving credit lines, and that the deferred payment component bears interest 1.75% below the prime rate. This inorganic growth move shows that the engineering competence of the management is backed by the best standards of financial acumen.

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DXP Enterprises, Inc. (DXPE) Announces Strategic Acquisition of Rocky Mtn. Supply, Inc.

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

DXP Enterprises, Inc. (DXPE) is a products and service distributor that provides pumping solutions, integrated supply and maintenance, repair, and operating and production (MROP) services.

DXP announced the completion of the strategic acquisition of the assets of Rocky Mtn. Supply, Inc., a business which provides bearings, power transmission, belting, industrial and hydraulic hose, and industrial supplies. Rocky Mtn. Supply, headquartered in Greeley, Colorado, operates out of six locations in Colorado servicing the Rocky Mountain states.

DXP purchased the business for approximately $4.6M, net of approximately $0.6M of acquired cash. The purchase price consists of approximately $3M paid in cash and $0.7M in the form of promissory notes payable to the former owners of Rocky Mtn. Supply. The cash portion was funded by utilizing available capacity under DXP’s bank revolving credit facility.

The acquisition of Rocky Mtn. Supply adds several key components to the company’s value proposition according to John Jeffrey, senior vice president of sales and marketing. Adding new markets, products, customers and Service Centers that have access inventories at the point of sale with a high level of customer service, this acquisition complements DXP’s customer-driven attitude.

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