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Monday, July 12th, 2010, Inc.,, announced today that majority-owned subsidiary AdvisorShares Investments, LLC – which offers a turnkey platform that leverages actively managed ETFs, launched its first actively managed long/short ETF – the Mars Hill Global Relative Value ETF (GRV).

A first of its kind, GRV is an actively managed long/short ETF which utilizes the “Relative Value” methodology engineered by sub-advisor Mars Hill Partners, LLC (SEC-registered affiliate of Huntley Thatcher Ellsworth, Ltd.).

Unprecedented capitalization on the spread between long and short positions, with enhanced resistance to both downside volatility and global equity market influence, makes the essential long/short structure very attractive.

By combining long positions in the best ETFs with an equal amount shorted in the worst ETFs (by country, sector, and industry), this structure is able to bridge the troubled waters of fluctuating markets due to the prevalence of these relative value spreads irrespective of market conditions, and can even potentially lead to more consistent returns than just holding long.

Founder and CEO of AdvisorShares, Noah Hamman, characterized GRV’s investment strategy as being of “institutional-caliber”, and pointed out how its design is engineered to produce consistent positive returns despite the direction of the stock market or interest rates.

Founder and CEO of Mars Hill Partners, Jason Huntley, sees the opportunity to open this door to investors as a rare chance for access to what is traditionally only available through separate accounts or private hedge funds.

Huntley expressed his enthusiasm to be working with AdvisorShares in packaging and launching GRV, and cited the prowess of the investment strategy, especially when combined with daily liquidity (in addition to tax efficiency and the full transparency of a NYSE-listed ETF) as major pluses for interested parties who want to get involved in a real return engine.

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Thursday, April 8th, 2010

FNDM appears to be trying to find a bottom. Will history repeat itself from 5 months ago with a 200% run? Watch the video as to why this may happen!

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Marcel Herbst of Harcourt AG Joins, Inc.’s (FNDM.OB) Subsidiary Weston Capital Management

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Today,, Inc. announced that Marcel Herbst, formerly of Harcourt AG, has joined the management team as managing director of its wholly owned subsidiary Weston Capital Management LLC, which has more than $1 billion under management.

In his new position, Herbst will lead global distribution efforts, forging strategic partnerships and overseeing business development. He will report directly to Weston Capital CEO Albert Hallac.

Hallac said, “Marcel’s tremendous experience will start immediately to make a huge contribution to important strategic projects currently under way. He has the know-how to positively advance our growth.”

Herbst joined the firm after nearly a decade at Harcourt AG as managing director of Harcourt’s US operations and a member of the board. He was also executive director of the Harcourt Group.

Harcourt manages a fund of hedge funds with approximately $4.5 billion in assets. It has a strategic relationship with Weston Capital, contributing its due diligence expertise to the operations of the Weston Capital Partners Fund III, an incubation fund. Harcourt is majority owned by Vontobel Group, the $70 billion Swiss banking group.

Herbst stated, “This is a great time to be engaged in seeding new funds and I believe that Weston Capital is perfectly positioned to play a significant and growing role in this business. I look forward to working with Albert and his team on this and other initiatives.”

Let us hear your thoughts: Inc. Message Board, Inc. (FNDM.OB) Finalizes Acquisition of Weston Capital, Moves to Dominate Active ETF Market World Wide

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 (FNDM) subsidiary, AdvisorShares, can now maximize leverage from its proprietary exchange-traded fund platform and worldwide distribution capacity, providing FNDM the ability to offer hedge funds and actively-managed ETFs to retail and institutional customers on a global scale, thanks to the recent acquisition of Weston Capital Management, a fund of funds (FoF) and single-manager hedge fund developer (actively engaged in raising capital to seed new hedges).

CEO of FNDM, Gregory Webster, noted the abundant, parallel synergies between AdvisorShares and the West Palm Beach, Florida-based Weston Capital, which possesses the global footprint that will prove indispensible to capitalizing on the framework provided by AdvisorShares.

CEO of AdvisorShares, Noah Hamman, clearly stated his company’s strategic emphasis on Active ETFs which feature unique investment tactics, a strategy that seeks to exploit the massive demand from a growing number of investors for this sort of offering with an “alternative bent”, in a recent interview with online periodical ActiveETFs | InFocus.

Hamman also described how well Weston and AdvisorShares meshed, calling them “perfectly complementary”, and stating his heightened anticipation to originate new ETFs and help other managers launch their own while really pushing out into the global marketplace with the aid of “expertise of Weston Capital’s established sales force”.

CEO of Weston Capital, Albert Hallac, foresees great potential for optimum sector expansion and asset acquisition yielded from extending the existing seeding platform to incorporate development and initiation of new actively managed ETFs, and projected raising $250M to seed funds and ETFs via Partners III, Weston’s third incubation fund.

This outstanding news follows fast on the heels of a recent announcement by FNDM that AdvisorShares has launched 2 new Active ETFs, which seek to attain results similar to prior successes in February with an ETF characterized by Hallac as having a “deep value contrarian approach to the credit markets, foregoing relative value and new issue participation in favour of absolute returns”.

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Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Today before the opening bell,, Inc. announced that it has acquired Weston Capital Management, LLC, an originator and distributor of hedge funds. Founded in 1993 and headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL., Weston Capital earns fees on assets exceeding $1.0 billion under management.

Weston Capital has three lines of business: originating and marketing fund of funds; originating and marketing single-manager hedge funds; and raising capital to seed new hedge funds. Earlier this year, Weston Capital and Harcourt AG formed a strategic alliance for investment manager identification and fund seeding. Harcourt, a $4.5 billion alternative investments manager that is majority owned by Vontobel Group, the $70 billion Swiss banking group, is recognized as a leading global advisor of alternative investments for institutional investors.

Weston Capital founder Albert Hallac will continue to serve as CEO of Weston Capital, directing its day-to-day operations and business strategy. In addition, Chairman Joseph J. Bianco will become Chairman of Weston Capital. In addition to its Florida headquarters, Weston Capital also has offices in London and New York City. CEO Gregory Webster and Weston Capital CEO Albert Hallac stated, “We believe with the Weston Capital operations when aligned with’s majority interest in AdvisorShares, a developer and marketer of actively managed ETFs, will be able to significantly accelerate increases of assets under management since it now has the ability to seed, originate and distribute hedge funds as well as seed, originate, develop and distribute actively traded ETFs to institutional and retail investors. AdvisorShares, Bethesda, MD, is one of the few companies that has been able to obtain approval from the US Securities and Exchange Commission to create actively managed ETFs. The ETF sector has assets more than $1 trillion and is the fastest growing segment of the fund management industry.”

Webster added, “With Weston Capital’s proven capability to seed new fund products, combined with its seasoned global institutional sales force, is now positioned to capture revenue streams from an array of hedge fund and actively managed ETFs. Importantly, Weston has the global institutional relationships that can capitalize on AdvisorShares patent-pending exchange-traded fund platform as well as powerful distribution capability among institutions worldwide.”

AdvisorShares CEO Noah Hamman commented, “Weston and AdvisorShares are perfectly complementary and we are looking forward to working with Weston to originate ETFs as well as help other managers launch their own ETFs and to market our actively managed ETFs to institutions worldwide with the expertise of Weston Capital’s established sales force. These activities will greatly expand our footprint in the rapidly growing market of actively traded ETFs.”

Hallac said, “Weston anticipates that with greater resources and an entry to the fast-growing ETF market, we will offer our existing and potential clients a broader range of financial investment opportunities. In particular, we see great potential for growing our assets under management and related fee income by expanding our seeding platform to include the origination and development of new actively managed ETFs.”

Under the Harcourt alliance, Weston Capital and Harcourt will seed and develop new hedge fund businesses through Weston Capital’s incubation platform. The partnership combines Weston’s extensive experience in early stage hedge fund investing and marketing with Harcourt’s proven investment expertise in global manager selection, due diligence and risk management.

Since early 2004, Weston Capital’s hedge fund seeding platform (via the Weston-Atlas Partners Fund and the Weston Capital Partners Fund II) has provided sponsor capital for 13 emerging hedge fund managers. Weston aims to raise $250 million for its third incubation fund, Partners III, which will seed both hedge funds and actively managed ETFs, with Harcourt providing investment infrastructure and risk management.

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Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 Inc. is an online financial services company with a focus on the investment fund market. The company’s target market is the millions of individual investors who are interested in purchasing funds. One specific investing area that the company has heavily focused on is the exchange traded funds (ETFs) market.

The company’s 60%-owned subsidiary, AdvisorShares Investments LLC, is a developer and distributor of actively managed exchange traded funds. The goal of AdvisorShares is to be a global investment management firm with innovative products and services that provide investors access to best of breed money managers. The firm will differentiate itself from others in the financial services space by a unique set of characteristics – innovation, transparency and diversification.

AdvisorShares’ approach to innovation takes an existing financial services product – exchange traded funds – and improves them with subtle, yet noticeable enhancements that investors are currently seeking. Small improvements in the company’s products and services will ensure that they are consistently innovating in the marketplace.

Another aspect of AdvisorShares’ approach is transparency and education. The company places a great amount of importance on continuous communication as the foundation of its education strategy. It feels that an individual’s money is too important for that individual not to know what it is invested in. AdvisorShares feels that technology and modern-day capital markets should allow for better pricing and better transparency. An individual should know immediately where his or her investments are and information on these investments should be available at a moment’s notice.

The company also believes that an individual should understand how to diversify a portfolio in order to reach his or her financial goals. Historically, investors have diversified between stocks and bonds, but now they have to learn to diversify internationally as well. Proper diversification may also mean diversifying into commodities and real estate too. Furthermore, AdvisorShares believes diversification extends to different investment managers with different investment approaches. The company’s products and services will allow individual investors to do just that with ease.

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ETF Market Attracts Billions during February as, Inc. (FNDM.OB) Moves in to Capitalize

Friday, March 19th, 2010

It was recently reported that last month exchange-traded funds attracted net inflows of more than $4.6 billion. The U.S. ETF industry closed out the month with approximately $764.6 billion in total net assets, up about 2.4% from $746.9 billion in December and up 67.9% from $455.5 billion a year ago.

ETFs tracking domestic equities saw the greatest amount of investment. The category was led by SPDRs (SPY), which realized about $1.5 billion in net inflows last month–a sharp reversal from the more than $15.1 billion in outflows it saw in January.

On the other hand, ETFs covering international equities saw the largest net outflows among the broad asset classes as investors pulled out about $2.9 billion. According to Morningstar, this marks the first monthly outflow for the asset class since August of last year.

Leveraged and leveraged inverse ETFs saw approximately $860 million in net new assets pour in last month. Investors pulled about $346.4 million out of leveraged “bullish” ETFs, while “bearish” ETFs gained approximately $1.2 billion in funds. The most popular was UltraShort S&P500 ProShares (SDS), which attracted more than $516.9 million in net inflows.

On a year-over-year basis, U.S. ETFs closed out 2009 with $785 billion in assets, up from roughly $533 billion at the end of 2008. During 2009, a total of 134 new ETFs were launched. According to BlackRock’s ETF Landscape 2009, this year ETFs are expected to continue growing at a 20-30% rate. Over the past decade, ETFs have skyrocketed in popularity and now account for 35% of all trading volume in the U.S., Inc. (FNDM.OB) is one of the only stocks on the market specifically targeting the rapidly expanding ETF market.’s 60% owned subsidiary AdvisorShares Investments, LLC features a unique platform to launch NYSE-listed ETFs. Their SEC exemptive relief status allows them to create actively managed ETFs. Blending the advantages of an ETF and the traits of a managed fund, they are engaging partners to launch ETFs with this platform and share in the fees generated.

AdvisorShares Investments, LLC currently has one NYSE-listed ETF, five more in the registration period, and more than ten potential new ETFs with partners such as Bank of New York Mellon, Peritus Asset Management, Weston Capital Management, and New York Times Best-selling Author Harry S. Dent. By partnering with financial advisors and helping them launch tailored NYSE-listed ETFs, and AdvisorShares nearly eliminate marketing costs, while building assets under management (AUM) and generating fees. also operates a destination website of personal finance channels that provide investment information and services covering mutual funds, hedge funds, money market funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), closed end funds, commodity funds and other types of pooled investment vehicles. Combining a powerful media network with the origination and distribution of investment fund products, the company is uniquely positioned at the center of the pooled investment solutions arena for both the mass and institutional markets.

Let us hear your thoughts: Inc. Message Board, Inc. (FNDM.OB) Capitalizing on Rapidly Growing ETF Market in More Ways than One

Thursday, March 18th, 2010 wants to do something that nobody else is doing. It wants to be for the fund industry what is for banking, what is for the mortgage sector, and what is for credit cards. Specifically, it wants to be the nation’s vertically-focused online investor resource for the fund investor.

It’s a huge and underserved market. Each year, hundreds of billions of dollars flow into investment funds of all kinds. The U.S. mutual fund industry is now in the trillions of dollars, accounting for nearly half of the global mutual fund total. Funds obviously have a broad appeal to investors, but third party distribution of funds has largely been a function of financial advisors, dependent on in-person client meetings and other inefficient marketing methods. taps into the continued growing popularity of the Internet as a preferred source of vertical marketplace information. The increasing complexity of investment instruments is expected to feed demand for financial information. By delivering the kind of comprehensiveness, relevance, and efficiency not otherwise available, is already becoming the one place to go for fund investor information.

To ensure that they get the job done, the company has focused on four key elements to keep investors (and fund companies) coming back.

• Bringing together a wide range of fund related content
• Ease of use and clarity of communication
• Unbiased information to build solid investor trust
• Relevant, accessible, and in-depth educational content

The site provides information and services relating to mutual funds, hedge funds, money market funds, exchange traded funds, closed-end funds, commodity funds, and various other pooled investments. The company also researches and develops asset management products, including fund investment indexes and related index-linked investment products, licensing this intellectual property through its subsidiary Managed Products Inc. In addition, the company plans to acquire asset managers, hedge funds, mutual funds, ETF issuers, investment product developers, and fund service providers, all through its other subsidiary Capital Inc. is rapidly staking its claim as the resource focal point for all fund investors, and as a prime source of targeted traffic for the fund industry.

Let us hear your thoughts:, Inc. Message Board, Inc. (FNDM.OB) Announces Strategic Alliance with Transparensee to Develop Superior Search Engine for Mutual Funds and ETFs

Thursday, March 11th, 2010, Inc. announced this morning that it has partnered with Transparensee Systems, Inc., New York City, to develop a next generation search engine for the website to help investors find their best choices among the many thousands of mutual funds and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) available today. The anticipated launch of the new search engine is this summer. CEO Gregory Webster stated, “Unlike anything available today to financial investors, we believe that the new search engine will give investors more control and more choices over every search of mutual funds and ETFs. In an easy-to-use format, investors will be able to search the database for mutual funds and ETFs in real time to find specific funds that meet their criteria.”

Not only will investors find exact matches, which are typically supplied in current search engines, they will also be able to get near-perfect matches that they might not otherwise learn about. Webster explained, “If the investor is looking for fund managers with at least ten years experience, our new search engine would also present funds with investment managers with only nine and a half years of experience who matched all the other desired criteria.”

Webster added, “Finally, investors will no longer be stopped cold with ‘no’ or few matches responses. We believe that’s new fund search engine will make it easier for investors to find the right fund for them. We are excited about adding this sophisticated tool, which uses next generation software, to the website, thereby making it the most advanced in the industry.”

Transparensee has developed search engines using this advanced technology for four years. According to CEO Steven Lavine, the technology has proven itself on such sites as, which lists more than 50,000 apartments nationwide, and the restaurant search capability of Newsday’s

Lavine commented, “Using this tool, investors can make much more sophisticated searches, with more criteria and still find a good match.”

Let us hear your thoughts:, Inc. Message Board, Inc. (FNDM.OB) to Bring Actively Managed ETFs to the Market through AdvisorShares Subsidiary

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010, Inc. announced today after the closing bell that its majority-owned subsidiary, AdvisorShares Investments, LLC, a developer and distributor of actively managed ETFs, anticipates having three actively managed ETFs trading on the New York Stock Exchange in April. As of today, there are only 17 actively traded ETFs on the market.

According to CEO Gregory Webster, AdvisorShares is one of the few firms that has approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission (technically known as exemptive relief from the provisions of the Exchange Act of 1940) to form new actively managed ETFs. Webster noted AdvisorShares’ major advantage in its ability to bring to market active manager strategies through an AdvisorShares ETF.

Webster stated, “AdvisorShares earns its revenues from sharing in the investment advisors’ management fees by providing services to register, list and market actively managed ETFs.”

As an originator and distributor of new actively managed ETFs,’s AdvisorShares has previously announced relationships to develop actively managed ETFs on its patent-pending ETF development platform with WCM Investment Management, Laguna, CA, in conjunction with BNY Mellon, NYC, Peritus Asset Management, Santa Barbara, CA.; and Mars Hill Partners, LLC, Colorado Springs, CO.

Let us hear your thoughts:, Inc. Message Board, Inc. (FNDM.OB) Subsidiary Partners with Peritus Asset Management to Develop All Future ETFs

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

AdvisorShares Investments, LLC, a developer and distributor of actively managed ETFs, was excited to announce today that it has partnered with Peritus Asset Management, LLC, Santa Barbara, CA, a value-based, active credit investment manager, to create a new actively-managed ETF, anticipated to be a high yield bond-focused ETF. The new ETF would join AdvisorShares’ growing portfolio of innovative actively managed ETFs. In addition, in an exclusive arrangement, Peritus agreed to develop all future ETFs with AdvisorShares.

“Peritus has an outstanding track record managing high yield investments,” stated Noah Hamman, CEO and founder of AdvisorShares. “AdvisorShares believes an important advantage of actively managed ETFs is to enable more investors to benefit from particularly skillful advisors such as Peritus.”

Tim Gramatovich, chief investment officer of Peritus Asset Management, commented, “At Peritus, we take a value-based contrarian approach to the credit markets, foregoing relative value and new issue participation in favor of absolute returns. We look for structural and technical inefficiencies within secondary credit markets that create tremendous investment opportunities.”

“We believe AdvisorShares will help us create distinctive, actively managed products that will introduce new investors to our value-based approach,” he added.

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Friday, February 5th, 2010 Inc. is a financial services information publisher and product developer focused on establishing a destination website of personal finance channels that provide investment information and services covering mutual funds, hedge funds, money market funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), closed end funds, commodity funds and other types of pooled investment vehicles.

Combining a powerful media network with the origination and distribution of investment fund products, the company is uniquely positioned at the center of the pooled investment solutions arena for both the mass and institutional markets. Targeting the global $60 trillion investment fund market, provides the public with an online vertical marketplace and a search directory for investment fund information.

In addition to its focus on connecting investors to investments, the company researches and develops fund investment indexes and related index-linked investment products, and licenses this intellectual property through its subsidiary Managed Products Inc. The company also plans to acquire asset managers, hedge funds, mutual funds, ETF issuers, investment product developers and fund service providers through its subsidiary Capital Inc.

Comprised of seasoned and successful experts across the Financial Services and Internet Industry, is committed to its mission of providing investment information on both traditional and leading edge products to a new generation of investors. Aspiring to create a superior center of excellence in fund management education and investment solutions, the company is well positioned to capitalize on today’s rapidly changing market.

Let us hear your thoughts: Inc. Message Board Inc. (FNDM.OB) is Helping Investors Find the Proper Vehicles for their Investments

Monday, April 28th, 2008 is a financial services information publisher and product developer that focuses on the $60 trillion global investment fund market. They have recently obtained a destination website,, where they proudly display personal finance channels, including mutual funds, hedge funds, money market funds, exchange traded funds, closed end funds, commodity funds and other types of pooled investment vehicles. Their goal is to provide investment information on both traditional and leading edge products to a new generation of investors.

Through their wholly owned subsidiary, Managed Products, Inc., they hope to spread news of newer and developing asset management products. More specifically, they hope to achieve the identification, construction and publishing of investment indices. hopes that these Indices will provide benchmarks for many investors to compare and contract with their portfolios and help make more informed decisions about their investments. These helpful tools will allow investors to compare relative vs. absolute performance of their investments. has focused efforts to the relatively new world of Hedge Funds. In the past 18 years, these funds have grown from $8 billion to $2.26 trillion, and created many of the new faces on the Forbes 500 richest people list. The company offers asset-based licensing agreements for its Index content, including the EQUITIES Hedge Fund Index. This index has been compiled from 25 of the leading hedge funds over the past year. It is very difficult to acquire such information, but has been collecting the most reliable information possible to generate this Index.

As these Hedge Funds continue to enter the mainstream where investors can utilize them as a tool, hopes to cash in on its Indices. As of 2007, less than 1% of American investors own Hedge Funds, but that is quickly changing as the public is gaining additional access to this investment vehicle. When Hedge Funds become more common and readily available to the public, then research and Index work will pay off, as it will become a more common tool for investors.

Let us hear your thoughts:, Inc. Message Board, Inc. (FNDM.OB) Owes Success to Exceptional Board of Directors

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Daniel Klaus, Company co-founder, sits at the head of the Board of Directors for, Inc. Before getting involved with the project, Daniel certainly made his way around the world of IP investments. He has been associated with several well-known entities, such as Goldman Sachs, Greylock Partners, and Tudor Investments. In addition to affiliation with these multi-billion dollar names, Daniel has led Music Nation, where he acted as CEO. While being featured in The Deal magazine, and Crains, he was also named in the top 100 list of Internet executives in New York by Silicon Alley Insider.

Raul Biancardi acts as Chairman of’s Audit Committee. He began his career at Morgan Stanley International in 1993, followed by a stint as Head of Emerging Markets Equities at Deutsche Bank. In 1998, he moved to Lehman Brothers International, where he spent time as both Head of Fixed Income Prime Brokerage and Head of Wealth and Asset Management. Along with his impressive resume, Mr. Biancardi holds an MBA from Westminster in London, as well as a B.A. in English from Tulane.

Chairman of the Compensation Committee, Ivar Eilertsen, founded Harbor Capital Technologies prior to joining up with Before that, he was the acting Managing Director and Senior Vice President of Global Accounts for Thomson Financial. He has also served as a CEO for ADP Wilco, and as a senior executive at ADP Brokerage Services Group, now known as Broadridge.

It is safe to assume that is in good hands with this team of leaders. Their collective experience in the world of finance is incredible, and promises to further propel toward continued success.

Let us hear your thoughts:, Inc. Message Board, Inc. (FNDM.OB) Providing Superior Investment Funds Information

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008 is a financial services information publisher and product developer focused on the $60 trillion global investment fund market. is establishing a destination website of personal finance channels which will cover subjects such as mutual funds, closed-end funds, ETFs, hedge funds, etc.’s management believes it will have an advantage over general financial information websites. By focusing solely on the various types of funds, the company will be able to go deeper and present more information on funds for its visitors than most general financial websites can. With the increasing complexity of investment choices, there is an increasing demand for financial information from consumers. Consumers are increasingly relying on the internet as the principal source of that information. is positioned to benefit from that growth. has an affiliation with a print magazine, Equities Magazine, which was established in 1951. This affiliation should assist the company in establishing themselves as an authoritative source for information. Another major factor in helping establish themselves is their affiliation with Fidelity.

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EQUITIES Spring Conference Will Be Held This Friday

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

EQUITIES Magazine will hold its 57th Anniversary Spring Conference at the Princeton Club in New York this Friday, April 18, 2008. The EQUITIES Corporate Conference Series has been organized for 27 years. The goal of the conference is to provide undervalued up-and-coming small and mid-cap companies with a forum to present the inherent value of their enterprises to brokers, hedge fund managers, portfolio managers, and private investors. Prior presenters include AFLAC, Allied Waste, Gentex, and Kaufman Fund.

Each conference is structured with a line-up of small and mid-cap companies in a variety of sectors who provide their company profiles to investment professionals. The presenters will include their company history, products, properties, financials, partnerships, and planned strategies to achieve their corporate goals.

Daniel Frishberg, founder and chairman of BizRadio Network, is this Friday’s scheduled guest speaker. Michael McTague, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of New York’s Able Global Partners, will be the scheduled keynote speaker. Mr. McTague has over 25 years financial management experience and is the author of Business Skills for Bankers, Principles of Business Management, and The Businessman of Literature. Mr. McTague is well known for developing innovative management solutions for decision-making and problem solving issues.

Some of the companies scheduled to present this Friday are:
Avalon Holdings Corporation (OTCBB:AVAL.PK)
BioMS Medical Corporation (TSX:MS)
Cyber Trading University
HemoBioTech, Inc. (OTCBB:HMBT.OB)
NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AMEX:NBY)
Rick’s Cabaret (NASDAQ:RICKS)
Seamless Wi-Fi, Inc. (OTCBB: SMWF.OB)
Shoreham Resources, Ltd. (TSX-V:SMH)

The conference provides a unique environment where company CEOs can meet with potential investors. All attendees and participating company representatives will be able to meet one-on-one at the scheduled breakfast, lunch, and evening cocktail reception.

Qualified professionals can still register to attend the EQUITIES conference this Friday by going to For those professionals who are unable to attend the conference in person, there will be a live webcast that is also accessible via

Let us hear your thoughts below:, Inc. (FNDM.OB) – Leaving its Footprint in the $10.6 Trillion Mutual Fund Industry

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

The Internet has created a demand for convenience and ease in every aspect of our lives, from shopping and banking to research and trading. Vertical marketplaces provide consumers with that desired ease, delivering a wealth of information for a specific niche to consumers wanting higher quality leads and advertising opportunities. (OTCBB: FNDM) is a vertical marketplace centering on the large fund industry, delivering a combination of fund-related content, aimed at presenting unbiased, relevant and in-depth information to the $10.6 trillion mutual fund industry.

“By focusing on funds with we believe we will have an advantage over general financial information Web sites, in that we will be able to go much deeper and present much more structured information on the fund industry for our visitors than the general financial Web sites can,” the company states on its website.

The company’s target market is individuals currently with, or considering an investment in, an investment fund. The United States mutual fund industry represents 48 percent of the $21.8 trillion tied up in mutual funds worldwide.

According to the company, in 2006 about 55 million households in the United States had investments in mutual funds. seeks to provide its site visitors with information on funds in an easy-to-navigate manner.

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An Executive Management Overview of, Inc. (FNDM.OB)

Monday, April 14th, 2008

The members of, Inc.’s (FNDM.OB) management team are recognized Internet entrepreneurs who have been featured in leading industry publications and have top-tier executive management experience at global financial institutions, such as HSBC, Bank of New York, and Morgan Stanley.

Ray Lang, CEO and Director, was most recently the COO and Chief of Compliance of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and structured products provider at Clear Asset Management in Manhattan. Mr. Lang also worked for Credit Suisse First Boston for 10 years and served as the Managing Director at BNY Capital Markets for five years.

Greg Webster, President, has served over 20 years in the wealth management and securities business. As the President and CEO of the North American retail brokerage and wealth management divisions of HSBC PLC, Mr. Webster was responsible for more than $32 billion in assets for one of the largest banking institutions. Mr. Webster also served as the President of Park Avenue Securities, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary Guardian Life Insurance of America.

Phil Gentile, COO, has over 25 years experience in the financial services and securities industry. Mr. Gentile was most recently a member of the Global Wealth Management Group managing technology vendors for Morgan Stanley. Prior to this position, Mr. Gentile was Vice President Business Operations and Development at Standard & Poor’s, Inc., a subsidiary of McGraw-Hill.

Let us hear your thoughts:, Inc. Message Board, Inc.’s (FNDM.OB) Subsidiaries Intelligently Synergize with the Parent Company’s Business Model

Friday, April 11th, 2008, Inc. (FNDM.OB), an online financial information publisher, targets the investment fund industry by publishing information about funds in one simple and easy to remember online location. As the demand for financial information grows and the complexity of financial investments increases, consumers will continue to rely on the Internet for their principal source of financial-related information. is a diversified online financial company with two unique subsidiaries that round out the services provided by the company. Managed Products, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of, Inc., specializes in developing asset management products. These products will be geared toward various investment indices to provide sound investment advice and provide the investment community with additional benchmarks for measuring absolute and relative investment performance. Capital Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Managed Products, Inc., facilitates active (non-passive) investments on Managed Product’s behalf, as well as other financial institutions and fund management companies. Originally funded with $20 million from its parent company, Capital invested the proceeds in a certificate of deposit, which will pay variable interest based on the performance of the Index published by Managed Products, Inc.

Let us hear your thoughts:, Inc. Message Board, Inc.’s (FNDM.OB) Individual Investor, Financial Advisors and Institutional Strategy

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008, Inc. (FNDM.OB), an online financial information publisher, believes that investors are looking for independent sources for investment information for advice verification. The company’s strategy to target individual investors is to position its website as a forum for leading nonbiased investment information. will be an active community site whose primary function is to provide financial information for the purpose of making sounder collective investment decisions.

Furthermore, can be positioned as a resource to which financial advisors and even fund companies can refer their clients in order to become better educated on fund investments. expects to derive a significant portion of revenue from lead generation and advertising sales, primarily from companies within the financial services industry.

The company anticipates deriving revenues from lead-generation fees when visitors complete forms on the website, which are then submitted to financial advisors or financial services companies. has several advertising options available to financial and institutional clients, including “run-of-site” banner advertisements, premium positioning advertising, cost-per-click search advertisements and sponsorships.

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Wednesday, April 9th, 2008, Inc. (FNDM.OB), an online financial information publisher, generates revenues by pay-for-performance online advertising and asset-based licensing agreements for the company’s Index content. services the investment fund market with an online web portal of personal finance channels, including mutual funds, hedge funds, money market funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), closed end funds, commodity funds, pooled investment vehicles and other segments of the finance information industry.’s target market is comprised of individuals with, or considering an investment in, an investment fund. This is a multi-trillion dollar industry, and it is growing at a rapid pace. In 2006, the U.S. individual investor market consisted of approximately 55 million U.S. households, according to the Investment Company Institute (ICI), up from just 4.6 million U.S. households in 1980. In addition, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the U.S. business information services industry is growing with a total market size of approximately $46.5 billion in 2006. The U.S. mutual fund industry reached $10.6 trillion in 2006, accounting for 48 percent of the $21.8 trillion in mutual fund assets worldwide, as reported by the ICI.’s growth strategy is a multi-phase initiative that includes identifying and developing fund-related content to publish on; creating proprietary fund indexes and attracting product providers as licensees; securing strategic alliances and partnerships to enhance visitors’ experiences; and expanding vertical online advertising agreements.

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Friday, April 4th, 2008

According to The Economist, the global fund business is a $64 trillion business. Morningstar reports that there are approximately 114,000 mutual funds worldwide – and that number continues to grow. The Investment Company Institute reports a 1,196 percent increase in U.S. fund investors since 1980, currently at 55 million. (OTCBB: FNDM), recently featured in EQUITIES magazine, is taking advantage of the booming fund community by publishing information about various channels of pooled investment opportunities via the Internet. The company’s online location was designed to connect individual investors with providers of investment and related funds. The company likens its business model to that of and

As fund providers continue to roll out new products and ideas, making a selection can be daunting. The need for transparent and credible market information is essential to making the right investment decisions. looks to address these issues and provide a solution through its online portal.

The company’s experienced management team and founders are recognized Internet entrepreneurs with experience at financial institutions like HSBC, Bank of New York and Morgan Stanley, and have been featured in various publications.

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Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

In a recent edition of EQUITIES Magazine, (OTCBB: FNDM) was highlighted in the magazine’s Special Situations section. The article covers the company’s overall mission, achievements, management, and more. is an online portal providing financial information on mutual funds, commodity funds, hedge funds, money market funds, exchange traded funds, closed end funds and other types of pooled investment options. The company generates revenue through pay-for-performance online advertising by connecting investors with financial product providers.

According to the article, benefits from a, “massive target market; fragmented market for unbiased investment information; an incredibly complex array of investment products and getting worse; and incredible fundamental trends toward equity ownership worldwide, mostly through funds.”

The magazine notes the rising demand for easy-to-understand and easy-to-find financial information on the Internet, both of which it believes can provide. “Vertical marketplaces can deliver comprehensiveness, relevancy, and efficiency in the form of in-depth content for a specific niche to consumers and targeted, higher quality leads and advertising opportunities to advertisers,” the article states. The company targets mutual funds, which are estimated to be a $22 trillion market. According to the company, more than 55 million U.S. households own some variety of funds.

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EQUITIES Magazine Announces Third Annual Mining/Resource Conference

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

EQUITIES Magazine is inviting the investment community to its Third Annual Mining/Resource Conference, which will take place on Thursday, April 24, 2008, at the Princeton Club of New York. The focus of the event will be on global metals and resources markets, as the commodities sector continues to attract the attention of investors.

The conference will give investors the opportunity to see presentations by small and mid-cap exploration companies on their corporate histories, current operations, and future goals. By attending, attendees will discover exciting but undervalued investment opportunities, listen to comprehensive presentations, meet CEOs in person, and visit onsite exhibitors offering unique ideas, products and services.

If you are interested in attending, please register to reserve a place at the event and check for an updated schedule. Those who cannot attend will be able to view a live webcast via the Equities Magazine website.

To register, please visit:

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Ivar Eilertsen Accepts Nomination to Inc. (FNDM.OB) Board of Directors

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Ivar Eilertsen was nominated to’s board of directors and the company was pleased to announce Eilertsen has accepted his nomination. He has been appointed to the board of directors, effective immediately. This announcement comes on the heels of the March announcement of Raul Biancardi’s appointment to the board and February’s announcement of Greg Webster’s appointment as President.

Ray Lang commented on the appointment by saying, “We are very pleased that Ivar has agreed to join our board of directors. His experience in the financial product, and investment industries, make him an ideal board member, and is a testament to the caliber of’s personnel and mission.” Lang’s statement may be an understatement because Eilertsen brings decades of international financial expertise to the board.

Eilertsen is currently a Founding Partner at Harbor Capital Technologies LLC, a boutique advisory firm focusing on financial technology. Prior to his current position, he served as Executive in Residence for a $16bn Private Equity firm, and before that as Managing Director and Senior Vice President of Global Accounts for Thomson Financial, a global provider of investment tools, financial services and asset management. Throughout his career, Mr. Eilertsen served for nearly 10 years at ADP Brokerage Services Group, now Broadridge, where he acted in various senior roles including CEO Americas, General Manager of ADP Wilco, Managing Director of Brokerage Sales, Vice President of Product Management and Director of Strategic Initiatives and Product Management. Additionally, Mr. Eilertsen has served in upper management positions at StockVal Inc., Bridge Information Services, WorldScope, Pont Data Inc. and Axess Information Services.

Now that Eilertsen has accepted his appointment to the board of directors, the company can focus on continuing efforts as a financial services information publisher focused on the $22.6 trillion investment fund market. They are still in the process of establishing a destination website of personal finance channels, including mutual funds, hedge funds, money market funds, exchange traded funds, closed end funds, commodity funds and other types of pooled investment vehicles. Their goal is to provide investment information on both traditional and leading edge products to a new generation of investors.

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