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EdgeTech International, Inc. (EGIL.PK) – Big Screen Excitement in a Pocket Sized Unit

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

It very well could be that one of the most attractive theme’s behind Edgetech International’s new handheld device, the “PC edge” falls outside the “norm” of most investor’s radar. Sure when you are investing, you want to look for a good product, and a growth story, and good management. These are the basics. But it’s often the “intangibles” that separate the good companies, from the truly incredible growth stories of the last ten years.

Consider the Apple Ipod. It’s success is nothing short of phenomenal, and yet if you really break it down, it doesn’t do anything more than play Mp3’s in your earphones. But it’s the total package that brought buyers to the stores, in droves. The look, the feel, the use, and they popularity drove it to unbelievable record sales. When questioned, a lot of users simply say “I can’t explain it, but it’s so cool I had to get one”. That’s the power of the use of an “intangible” effect. We feel that most investors are overlooking something incredibly important when it comes to Edgetech International, (trading under the symbol EGIL) and it has to do with Europe, Asia, and the CEO’s experience in forming relations in those marketplaces.

Here in the US, we “grew up” with the internet on 12,14 and 15 inch monitors. In no time we were looking at 17 inch monitors. But for most of the “other” developed world, internet has been delivered (and poorly we might add) on 2 inch cell phone screens. While it was almost impossible for us to imagine trying to do anything useful on a 2 inch screen, the rest of the world had no alternative. They didn’t have the cable and wireline infrastructure, nor the buying power to utilize a bigger monitor. For instance in India, there are entire towns that still don’t have a single wire source of Internet, yet they do have cell phone capability. Therefore, the communications, and even crude “web surfing” are done on 1.5 and 2 inch cell screens. They never had the luxury of surfing the web on a standard PC type monitor of any significance.

This is where the PCedge is going to have an acceptance factor far and away what many can imagine. Their “full sized” screen, that shows full page HTML, that works over cellular carriers, is similar to someone going from a 19 inch TV to a 55 inch HDTV in their living room. Granted that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but the effect is similar. If you can have a 2 inch screen that loads chopped down and rejiggered web pages in about 3 minutes, or you could have a checkbook sized full screen that can load fully enriched HTML pages in 5 seconds, which would you chose?

This is the intangible effect that could push EGIL further in the European and Asian markets than many ever considered. If you take into account the EdgeTech founder and CEO, Lev Parnas’s experience in building relationships in Russia, Europe and Asia, it’s a foregone conclusion that EGIL is going to make quite a stir supplying “big screen” PC’s in a palm sized device. Keep an eye on this, it’s going to be interesting.

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EdgeTech International, Inc. (EGIL.PK) – This Time, Less Isn’t More

Monday, February 25th, 2008

The old adage that sometimes brings a smile, is the concept wherein with some items, “less” is actually “more”. This often comes into play concerning words, emotions, style, fashion, user controls, and a host of other areas. Sometimes the understated can speak volumes. We all understand this interesting conceptual twist. But one area in particular where the “less is more” theorem is well off the mark has been in the arena of mobile web surfing. Anyone that’s attempted to use a palm sized device to traverse the real internet has been sorely rewarded. The pages are often incredibly slow, more times than not they’ve been resized and reformatted to “fit” the tiny screens, but in doing so important features are often removed. This isn’t to mention the fact that loading these pages has been, well, slow. Not just sort of slow or “kinda” slow. We are talking painfully, distractingly slow.

So it’s with great interest that we looked at “The PC edge.” This patented, palm-sized device from EdgeTech International (trading under the symbol: EGIL) changes all the rules. Management didn’t think that less was more, they thought less was simply less and decided to change all that. The PC Edge” is a unique, handheld, stand alone wireless unit with a built in modem and full-screen display providing mobile High Speed Internet Access. About the size of a checkbook, this little device allows full scale, real time Internet access, with complete user capabilities that one would find on their business or home PC. We’re talking Java motion, Full content HTML, and graphics, all in full color and combined with a keyboard that’s much larger than anything that comes standard on handheld devices.

But the real key to its popularity is the speed factor. Utilizing proprietary technology, they can load these pages 10 to 30 times faster than rival wireless products, meaning you are loading feature rich websites in just 6 to 9 seconds. This makes it a necessity for anyone from the busy businessman checking his sales forces data, to the mobile web surfer looking for the latest news. The real estate agent can check multiple listings with the client in the car. The Stock broker can scan his stock holdings, and watch the market movements. The traveler can pull up mapping sites like Google maps, and plan routes. The socially active can go to myspace, send documents, and view photos.

It’s amazing in this technological age,that we had to wait this long for a company to come along and provide us with a real world tool for web browsing, and EdgeTech has done it. Using their free GPS location service, the “Edge” can connect us to the web anywhere in the world, that there happens to be a cellular based signal, making this a global growth story.

There is little question that this will become a “must have” for millions of people, and investors with the keen insight to recognize an opportunity should think hard about this company.

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EdgeTech International, Inc. (EGIL.PK) Launches Palm-Sized Computer; Initiating the Next Wave of Technology

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

EdgeTech International, Inc. (EGIL) has designed a palm-sized computer, introducing the newest communication capabilities to the technology industry. “The PCEdge” delivers real time, high-speed Internet in HTML format, with faster download speeds than other wireless devices. Rolling out this product has enabled EdgeTech to position itself as a competitive player in a rapidly evolving industry.

The company’s stated mission is to provide consumers with a fast, functional, economical, and mobile method to access the Internet. EdgeTech anticipates building a user base of millions of subscribers to enhance the company’s value, ultimately benefiting its shareholders.

In the near future, EdgeTech expects to produce a variety of products to boost company growth, supported by a strong corporate infrastructure. The company is already on the way to reaching its long-term goal of becoming “a top player within the next wave of technology.”

Internet use with The PCEdge is available anywhere there is a cellular network. This allows for enterprise business applications; easy communication for the traveling businessman or sales executive; access to real-time trading information for stock brokers or investors; enables field-service personnel more time in the field; or simply for pleasure.

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EdgeTech International (EGIL.PK) – Backed by Seasoned Management

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

EdgeTech International (Pink Sheets: EGIL) has launched a revolutionary product, “The PCEdge.” The patented, palm-sized device offers real-time Internet access with full Web capabilities. The PCEdge downloads speeds faster than any other wireless device, delivering information in HTML format, fitting for a variety of individuals from traveling executives to the Web surfing junkie. The device is gaining popularity, but it’s the brains behind The PCEdge that got the ball rolling.

EdgeTech founder and CEO, Lev Parnas, previously served nine years as CEO of Program Trading Corp. Parnas also worked with DataWind, EdgeTech’s technology partner, as its lead investment banker and direct advisor. His investment banking experience precedes his time with Program, as he was a professional stockbroker and investment banker for several top-rated firms in New York. He also has hands-on experience with international business operations, particularly with the former Soviet Union. His business dealings throughout Europe and Asia helped form invaluable, strategic relationships that remain with him in his position with EdgeTech.

Keith R. Jones, vice president of sales, is a seasoned telecommunications sales veteran. With more than 20 years experience in the industry, Jones worked as sales director for KMX Telecom, responsible for wholesale account management. Prior work includes FPL FiberNet sales manager and sales director for MCI WorldCom. Jones’ responsibilities directly involved strategic guidance and management.

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The World, in the Palm of Your Hand; EdgeTech International, Inc. (EGIL.PK) Delivers “The PC Edge”

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

It is incredible to imagine life without the Internet and the endless conveniences it provides; from online banking, directories, shopping and research, to online virtual health sites, business opportunities and more, we’ve become so dependent on the net that the next best thing is to be able to literally carry the world in our hands. EdgeTech International, Inc. (Pink Sheets: EGIL) offers “The PC Edge,” the world’s first handheld, wireless High Speed Internet device.

Granted, there is an array of handheld devices that allow for Internet connection; however, The PC Edge allows users to access the net over cellular networks with faster downloading than other wireless devices. It boasts sufficient memory and increased processing power to render full Web pages, and, resembling a miniature lap top, offers a larger viewing screen than most devices.

While many devices may take several minutes to download one Web page, The PC Edge offers access to those pages up to 30 times faster. The user-friendly device can be used for conducting business, watching the stock market in real time, social networking and more. The PC Edge delivers full-content HTML, Web pages, graphics and Java Script. EdgeTech’s palm-sized computer runs consumers less than $300.

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EdgeTech International, Inc. (EGIL.PK) is “One to Watch”

Monday, February 18th, 2008

EdgeTech International, Inc. (EGIL.PK) is focused on providing the world’s first handheld, wireless, Internet device called the “The PC Edge”. For less than $300, consumers can obtain the palm sized computer that delivers internet over cellular networks with download speeds faster than any other wireless device.

The PC Edge solves the many problems of current product offerings. Some of these problems include: not having sufficient memory or processing power to render full web-pages, having a screen that is too small for full web browsing, and limiting users by providing content too slowly, many times 1-3 minutes per page.

EdgeTech’s device outshines the competition by offering web-pages 10-30 times faster, a full web experience in its original format, universal web access, better performance and scalability, ease of use, and most importantly, an affordable price with payment plans available. The PC Edge has broad implications in many different markets as it can be used for virtually endless activities from consulting the latest MSL data and monitoring the stock market in real-time to using MySpace and chatting with friends.

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