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Endeavor Explorations, Inc. (EAVR.OB) Gets Returns at St. Michael

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Endeavor Explorations, Inc., the uranium exploration company, has moved into the next phase of its strategy to capitalize on the growing interest in nuclear energy. As more and more pressure is brought to bear on fossil fuels, nuclear energy is seen as one of the proven replacements. In spite of stiff government regulations, and associated high costs, nuclear power plants are being planned and under construction all over the world.

As a result, the demand for uranium appears to have a very solid future, reflected in the dramatic increase in uranium prices over the past 10 years. Endeavor Explorations made a strategic move early last year when it obtained mineral rights to eight claims in the Uranium City area of northwest Saskatchewan. The claims are on the edge of the Athabasca Basin, historically one of the richest uranium sites on the planet. And these are not just shot-in-the-dark claims. Some of the sites were active uranium mines, which were shut down when the uranium market collapsed.

The next step for Endeavor is to explore and evaluate the claim areas to determine the most productive approach, which is what it is doing with one of those previously productive sites, the St. Michael Uranium Mine. Back in the mid 1950s, St. Michael Uranium Mines Ltd. acquired ownership of the area, and soon began to obtain encouraging surface results. After dropping some initial shafts, the company ran out of money and was incorporated by Cadamet Mines Ltd. Ultimately, about 250 tons of ore, all graded a healthy .15% U308, was shipped and processed.

Endeavor is now ready to pick up where past exploration left off. Diamond drilling has already been completed over various radioactive zones in the area, and 33 intersections have returned an average value of 0.4% U3O8 over 1.55 ft (0.47 m).

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Endeavor Explorations, Inc. (EAVR.OB) Not Alone In Seeing Huge Athabasca Basin Opportunity

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Endeavor Explorations, Inc. can be considered to have been ahead of the game early last year when it locked up mineral rights to eight important claims in the Uranium City area of northern Saskatchewan. With at least 140 new nuclear reactors now planned to be built over the next 10 years, part of the world’s ongoing shift away from fossil fuels, uranium is beginning to look like this century’s hot commodity. The spot price for Uranium (U3O8) has already jumped from a little over $7 per pound back in 2000 to its current level in the low $40s.

Located on the north edge of the famous Athabasca Basin, a proven source of the highest grade uranium deposits anywhere, Endeavor’s claims are hard to argue with. After all, the richest open-pit uranium deposit in the world was discovered at Key Lake, on the south edge of the Basin, in 1975.

But perhaps the strongest evidence in support of Endeavor’s decision is the increasing interest of other companies in Athabasca.

• Hathor Exploration Ltd. (HAT.CA), a Vancouver based uranium exploration company, is another small company that is actively exploring the Basin. The company has interests in ten projects on the eastern edge of Athabasca. Hathor is unswerving in its pronounced belief that uranium will be the key energy resource of the future, and that the Athabasca Basin is where that uranium is going to come from.

• Cameco (NYSE:CCJ), a world leader in low-cost uranium production, based in Saskatchewan, has a history of exploration and production on the southeastern side of the Basin, which continues today.

Other companies include Cogema Resources, a subsidiary of Areva NC, Inc., which shares the largest Athabasca operations with Cameco. The new rush for uranium is well founded. The increasing demand, coupled with a reduced supply, has virtually assured a good market for the radioactive metal for decades to come.

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Endeavor Explorations Inc. (EAVR.OB) Volume Skyrockets; Stock Price Rises 12.50%

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Today EAVR.OB traded over 55,000 shares, more than 700% the stock’s 3-month daily average. Endeavor Explorations has captured the attention of who sent a “Special Alert” to their subscribers yesterday recommending that they begin researching the company. With over 140 new reactors expected to be built over the next decade, the demand for uranium is expected to increase dramatically, subsequently boosting the valuations of those who own mineral rights to uranium rich claims.

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Endeavor Explorations (EAVR.OB) Goes After Previously Producing Leonard Mine

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Endeavor Explorations, Inc. is taking a new look at previously producing high-grade uranium mines, part of eight mineral rights claims in the Uranium City area of northern Saskatchewan in Canada. Taking a new look is what it’s all about these days as the uranium market heats up in ways not seen in half a century. The decline of the nuclear power industry, along with efforts to reduce nuclear weapons, almost destroyed the market for uranium in the 1960s and 1970s. But now, the accelerating move away from fossil fuels has brought nuclear power back from the grave. Over 140 new reactors are expected to be built over the next decade, every one of them a mini-market for uranium.

Endeavor Exploration isn’t waiting for uranium prices to skyrocket, and is going after areas that have already shown strong evidence of rich deposits, including previously producing mines. Its primary interest is in part of the Athabasca Basin of Northern Canada, generally viewed as one of the richest uranium regions in the world. Athabasca uranium ore is rich, with an ore grade far above average, and the basin accounts for nearly a third of global primary uranium production.

The Leonard Uranium Mine near Uranium City has a history of exploration and initial production before being shut down in 1960. Initial exploration of the area in 1950 produced 167 radioactive occurrences, 50 of which were considered worthy of further work. Of those, three were eventually explored underground, and the Leonard deposit was mined. During its brief two year production run, the Leonard Mine is believed to have produced some 50,000 tons of good quality ore.

Uranium mining is always a challenge, but Endeavor, by going after locations with an existing positive record, has positioned itself to take advantage of a rush that now seems inevitable.

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Endeavor Explorations Inc. (EAVR.OB) Commences Phase 1 Exploration Program on its Don Lake Uranium Deposit

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Endeavor Explorations announced today after the closing bell that it is making an application for winter drilling permits to start its Phase 1 Uranium Exploration program. The first phase will consist of up to 9 holes or approximately 600 meters covering a surface area of approximately 103 hectares to a planned depth of about 65 metres. The drilling program is intended to expand on and confirm historical near surface drilling programs and uranium results by previous operators during the late 1960’s.

Additionally, the press release stated that the company’s management team is actively seeking equity investment and/or joint venture opportunities with other mining companies to help finance a larger summer drill program as well as further comprehensive geological mapping of Zones A, B and C as recommended in technical report on the Don Lake property commissioned by Endeavor in December of last year.

According to the press release, Zone A has intersected uranium mineralization along one main vein with a known length of 700 ft and that crosses the trend of a northeast-striking lineament. To date, seven trenches and nineteen drill holes have been completed over the zone. Radioactive mineralization in Zone A, the most important of the three zones, is concentrated in one vein system.

It is believed that Zone B is a continuation of Zone A. The host rocks are highly granitized to cataclastites or migmatites. Assays returns varied from 0.02% to 1.17% U3O8/ton (0.016% to 0.14% U/ton). Zone C, on the other hand, occurs along a band of northwest-striking basic rocks. Assays from trenches and drill holes returned from 0.03% to 3.02% U3O8/ton (0.025% to 2.56% U/ton).

In 1966, Matrix Exploration Ltd. acquired the property and conducted geological mapping and radiometric surveys. In 1969, the company drilled 26 diamond drill holes over the three zones. Most of these holes contained radioactive sections, and significant values over mineable widths were intersected. The highest assay obtained was 10.7% U3O8 (9.08% U) from a 1 ft intersection in hole # 23. This hole is about 300 ft away from hole # 1, drilled by Eldorado in 1950, from which a 2 ft section averaging 2% U3O8 (1.7% U) is believed to have been obtained.

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Endeavor Explorations, Inc. (EAVR.OB) Stakes Major Claim on the Future

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Endeavor Explorations, Inc., (EAVR.OB) wants to ensure that it has an early lead in what is beginning to look like a new rush, not for gold, but for uranium. With nuclear power becoming attractive again as a smokeless replacement for fossil fuels, the demand/supply ratio has suddenly made previously abandoned mining sites a hot item, and Endeavor Explorations, Inc. has locked up some of the hottest areas on the planet.

Through foresight and quick action, the company managed to get the mineral rights to eight important claims in the Uranium City area of northern Saskatchewan, covering over 3,700 acres. This land is the site of seven former producing uranium mines. In 1960, due to low prices and the fact that the main market (uranium for nuclear weapons) had collapsed, these mines were abruptly closed, leaving uranium ore in the shafts. One of the best known of these mines is the Cayzor Athabasca Mine.

The Athabasca Basin straddles the Alberta-Saskatchewan border in northern Canada, and is considered one of the most favorable places in the world for exploring and mining uranium. In fact, the total basin accounts for approximately 30% of global primary uranium production, a figure which is now expected to increase significantly by the end of the decade.

An important aspect of Athabasca uranium mining is the high ore grade. Uranium can be economically mined at concentrations as low as .03%, with the average grade mined at only .15%. And yet the average ore grade of the 18 identified deposits in this region is greater than 3%, nearly 20 times higher than average.

The Cayzor Athabasca mine was in production until 1960, with shafts sent out at five different levels. Geological reports suggest that about 10,000 tons of ore still remains above the fifth level.

It is said that history repeats itself, and the past several years have seen a staking and exploration drive in northern Saskatchewan reminiscent of what was seen in the uranium rush years following 1948. Endeavor, with its Cayzor and other claims, clearly wants to be one of the first in line.

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Endeavor Explorations Inc. (EAVR.OB) is “One to Watch”

Friday, April 17th, 2009

Endeavor Explorations Inc. owns the mineral rights to eight mineral claims covering 3,716 acres in the Uranium City area of northern Saskatchewan. Seven former producing Uranium Mines are located on the claims, which were closed abruptly in the early 1960’s due primarily to depressed Uranium prices. Now, leveraging Uranium City’s existing infrastructure (airport, roads and qualified personnel) and a strong established exploration database, the company can begin work on verifying historical exploration and production data on its land holdings.

Endeavor Explorations’ strategic parcel of land borders the boundaries of Uranium City. According to the Geology and Mineral and Petroleum Resources of Saskatchewan, 700 tons of Uranium were produced by the mines located on this claim. When the mines were closed due to low prices and the fact that the main market (Uranium for nuclear weapons) had collapsed, Uranium ore was left in the shafts. This favorable situation is being taken advantage of for the benefit of the shareholders of Endeavor Explorations.

The company anticipates testing the high grade results obtained by previous operators and test other drill locations. The highest assay obtained was 10.7% U3O8 (9.08% U) from a 1-foot intersection in hole # 23. Drill hole # 23 is approximately 300 ft away from hole # 1, drilled by Eldorado in 1950, from which a 2-foot section averaging 2% U3O8 (1.7% U) was reported. Endeavor Explorations’ winter program has approximately 600 meters of drilling planned. The company has promised to keep its shareholders updated on activities as it proceeds forward.

Walter Stunder, President, CEO and acting Chairman of the company is responsible for all financial, mining and geological affairs of the company. Through his privately held mineral consulting company, Mr. Stunder has consulted on mineral properties for more than three decades and has consulted for some of the world’s largest mining companies including Placer Dome, Rio Tinto. With property located in an established Uranium mining area, high probability of positive drill results and a seasoned management team, Endeavor Explorations is well positioned to take advantage of the rising demand for Uranium.

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