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Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs (FDOG.OB) Wins “Best of” Awards in Virginia

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs & Grille, Inc. (OTCBB: FDOG), based in Danbury, Connecticut, is a leading franchise concept. The company’s origins began with Uncle Al Stein, a native of Brooklyn, New York who was dedicated to serving the “best hot dogs” available. The original Famous Uncle Al’s restaurant was opened in 1985 and then expanded throughout the Virginia Beach, Virginia area.

Recognizing the possibilities for national expansion, the company acquired the exclusive worldwide franchise rights from the 22-year-old, Virginia-based group of privately owned restaurants. Today, “Famous Uncle Al’s” Grilles operate in strategic markets including Virginia, Florida, Connecticut, Arizona, and Nevada, with several other locations in various stages of development. With a proven franchise model already in place, management is now focused on accelerating the build-out of new locations, increasing marketing, and solidifying the Famous Uncle Al’s brand.

The company recently announced that two of its Virginia restaurants have won the “Best of Category” for serving the best hot dogs in their area. The original Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, has won the “Best of the Beach” award in the best hot dog category for the 13th time. The Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs & Grille franchised location in Chesapeake, Virginia won its first “Best of Chesapeake” in the best hot dog category. Both designations were awarded by the Virginia Pilot newspaper after voting by consumers.

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Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs and Grille, Inc. (FDOG.OB) Offers a Delicious Selection of Fresh Food

Monday, March 10th, 2008

Started back in 1985 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, this Hot Dog Grille has grown significantly. They offer franchising in just about every US State and currently have franchises in Virginia, Florida, Connecticut and Nevada.

The restaurant atmosphere is laid back, and the Dogs are prepared right in front of the customers for an exciting dining experience. Pick-Up, Order up, and Table Service are all offered, giving the customers the choice of how they want to be served. One unique feature offered by the company is their online order form allowing customers to place orders online and then pick them up in the restaurant.

Most exciting about Uncle Al’s is their extensive menu of Hot Dogs. They offer just about every Kind of Hot Dog a customer would want. Some of the Hot Dogs offered include the Memphis Dog, Chicago Dog, New York Dog, Philly Dog, Orlando Dog, and the Al’s Original Dog. These are just a few of the Hot Dogs they offer. They also offers burgers, chicken sandwiches, cheese steaks, and their special line of sausages. As if this was not enough they offer many other entrees to satisfy anyone’s appetites, they even offer children’s menus. To go along with the entrees, they have a full assortment of sides and extras.

This company offer customers a unique casual dining experience with great food and an assorted menu of all-time favorites as well as distinctive tastes. Management has shown their 100% commitment to building shareholder value through strategic partnerships, acquisitions, and continued franchise growth.

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Famous Uncle Als Hot Dogs & Grille Inc. (FDOG.OB) Offers Many Advantages

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

This restaurant franchise offers entrepreneurs the chance to own and operate their own Uncle Al’s Hot Dog Grille. They give individuals and businesses the opportunity to own multiple units and become regional developers in their area with exclusive territory rights. Therefore, it is easy to see the growth potential for Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs.

What makes the Franchise network at Uncle Al’s so unique is the fact that products are manufactured previous to being distributed to the franchisees. They run a clean supply chain to the franchise stores. Products are sent directly from their facilities to distributors who deliver the products to franchises. This causes minimal shipping delays with no cross docking or redistribution. All of this enables the franchise stores and ultimately the customers the ability to enjoy the freshest ingredients.

Franchise stores require low startup costs and little overhead costs to maintain. The startup costs range from $150,000 to $250,000 to get off the ground. Once initiated, the operational costs remain low as well. One grill person is required and minimal amounts of other staff employees are required to run a restaurant. Prep time is also nominal, allowing for extreme ease of operation.

The company is committed to the individual success of these franchisees and continues to work to build value through strategic partnerships and acquisitions. They believe that this 100% commitment to the Franchises and their brand will increase shareholder value and lead to a prosperous future for the company.

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More than Just 100% Meat: Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs and Grill, Inc. (FDOG.OB) Franchises Offer Premium Dogs and Premium Service

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Created in 1985, Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs and Grill, Inc. (OTCBB: FDOG) has expanded its operations throughout the Virginia, Florida, Connecticut and Nevada areas, offering a casual atmosphere and a menu full of hot dogs, burgers, fries and other American traditions.

Al was 10 years old when he began selling and grilling hot dogs in Far Rockaway, N.Y., and has since opened a string of restaurants to fulfill his quest of serving the “best hot dogs around.” Soon after its inception more than 20 years ago, the chain quickly earned a reputation for its fun atmosphere and “premium” hot dogs imported from Brooklyn.

Famous Uncle Al’s restaurants are a staple of casual American dining – with both table seating and a lunch counter where customers can watch as their dogs prepared right in front of them. Al’s restaurant system requires minimal staffing and quick-and-easy preparation – allowing the company to boast that its franchise is one of the easiest franchise operations available.

The company’s franchise options include approved equipment and furniture packages, 100% all meat products supplied by local distributors, staff and management training at designated locations and additional in-store training.

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Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs & Grille, Inc. (FDOG.OB) – 60 Years Adds Up to Success

Monday, February 25th, 2008

When looking at a particular business as an investment we often ask a few simple qualifying questions to see if the company merits further inspection. One of the questions is always “is there any demand for the product”. In the case of Famous Uncle Al’s hot dogs and Grille, the question is rhetorical. Hot dogs? Demand? Americans eat tens of millions of them each year, and for many it’s a “staple food”. So, the first question is a resounding “yes”. There is overwhelming demand for a high quality, fresh made, tasty hot dog, and the accompanying grill foods to go with it.

Another question we ask, is “does anyone know anything about running the business?” And again in this instance we can answer with another reverberating yes. Between the top three officers of the company we are looking at over 60 years of combined experience in some form of marketing food products. Let’s be very clear about this because it’s important. Just because someone says he has 10 years of sales experience selling computer hardware, it doesn’t mean that he’ll be that dynamic selling food service products. But in Famous Uncle Al’s situation, this isn’t the case. The CEO – Paul Esposito served ten years as the founding President of the Famous Food Group Inc, a manufacturer and distributor of frozen pizza products and even patented their baking equipment. He even won the New York Restaurant show’s “best new product” award. Obviously, Mr. Esposito knows food.

Dean Valentino, the President, spent 20 years in marketing, including owning/operating a Taco bell, and a 200 seat sit down restaurant. But with his degree in business and marketing, his focus is on leasing and site negotiations. Speaking of marketing, Richard Michael, the marketing director, has over 30 years of marketing experience, including serving as the President and CEO of a 70 unit restaurant franchise company.

When we see people with a strong background in the sector that they are presently working in, we take comfort knowing that they’ve “been there, done that”. Nothing works better than experience, and this management team brings years of it all together to make Famous Uncle Als Hot Dogs & Grille Inc (FDOG.OB) a success. When you combine the unique experience each team member has, and then bring them all to the table, you’ve formed a well rounded front office.

Famous Uncle Al’s has the built in demand. They have a first class product and a management team that knows how to put it all together and create successful franchises. That’s a powerful combination and one worthy for investors to take notice of.

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Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs & Grille, Inc. (FDOG.OB) – Making Money by Making Other People Money

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Although it’s a fact that having the muscle of a well thought out franchise behind you will increase your chances of success forty fold, it’s also a fact that one of the biggest obstacles to someone acquiring a franchise is start up costs and then the cost of staffing it. This can be daunting and frankly that’s a shame because an awful lot of bright, hardworking individuals would surely have gone on to be major success stories in their organizations if indeed they could have overcome the hurdles of the financial and staffing demands.

This is one area that makes Famous Uncle Al’s hot dogs and grille so appealing both as a franchise and as an investment. Most people wouldn’t necessarily associate the two as being complimentary, but we beg to differ. If the start up costs to open a franchise is reasonable, and then you combine that with a product that is in great demand, and you finish off with a time tested system that allows blazingly fast training and even minimal staffing needs, you have the ingredients for a very successful franchise. But take that a step further. If the franchise is successful and the franchise is also a publicly traded company, doesn’t it stand to reason that if the franchise is a stellar success, the investors will be rewarded also? It certainly does.

Let’s look at it from not necessarily a different angle, but let’s view it from the proper angle. There is certainly no shortage of very well qualified people that would love to be successful entrepreneurs, but yet one of their biggest obstacles in creating a business is the “up front” cost, and then the employee cost once they launch their business. Famous Uncle Al’s, or FDOG as their trading symbol identifies them, solves that by offering franchise solutions custom fit to the particular business owner and the goals he or she has set. In a nutshell, the management at FDOG has a tremendous track record of putting good people in fast growing outlets, serving their food menus.

This is the secret ingredient that is being overlooked. If you can offer a high demand business, with a small barrier to entry and a high probability of success, you will attract a higher volume of start ups. Along with those start ups comes the franchise fees, and they add up to considerable revenues, in a very short period of time. Fees range from $17,500 for an individual to $50,000 for an area developer. Add in the 7% of net sales and it’s evident that with only a few high volume outlets, you are talking about millions of dollars to the company. Then, do as the creators of McDonalds or Burger King did and replicate that model, time after time after time. Soon you’re talking about very serious dollars.

Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs and Grille can be admired from several different angles. But considering that if they did nothing but offer ambitious success driven people a chance to own a desirable business, you can see how both come out winners. Add in the myriad of ingredients that FDOG has developed to make the businesses and, therefore, themselves a success, and you have a very interesting investment opportunity on your hands. Making money by helping other people make money, it really doesn’t get any better than that, except for the fact that the Hot dogs are fantastic too.

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Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs & Grille, Inc. (FDOG.OB) Announces Promotion through

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs & Grille, Inc. will be featured in upcoming Daily Newsletters, Daily Blogs, Message Boards, and the Small Cap Daily Internet broadcasts put out by QualityStocks. QualityStocks has over 600,000+ subscribers to The Daily Stock Newsletter, which is a free service that collects data from hundreds of Small-Cap and Micro-Cap online Investment Newsletters and puts it all into one Free Daily Newsletter Report.

Dean Valentino, President of Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs & Grille, has the company focused on operating the exclusive worldwide rights to franchise Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs & Grille restaurants. Mr. Valentino stated, “Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs & Grille has a unique and solid business foundation, and appreciates the opportunity to sponsor the Quality Stocks Newsletter, Video and Blogs. QualityStocks is providing a much needed service in the micro-cap and small-cap markets.”

Michael McCarthy, Director of Business Development for, stated that QualityStocks is pleased to have Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs & Grille as a featured company. He continued to say that the Company is methodically establishing itself as a category leader.

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Famous Uncle Als Hot Dogs & Grille, Inc (FDOG.OB) – On Your Own, but Not Alone!

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

The franchise model of business became one of the most successful strategies ever employed and for a multitude of reasons. Sure the franchise licenser might help you secure a location, and yes it helps to have a “name” behind you, but the real joy of running a franchise business is that it’s “your” business, but you aren’t out there in the world alone trying to make it on your own. The entire organization is pulling for you because the better you do, the better everyone does. It’s like business teamwork.

This is why the success rate for a franchise is literally 40 times better than someone starting out on their own, EVEN if they are competing in the same sector, selling a similar product. That’s the power of a good franchise pulling for you. So, when one evaluates a franchise, what’s the major decision points that will sway you towards one, versus another? Naturally profitability, but then the hundreds of intangibles come into play. Ease of staffing, ease of managing, desirable product, minimal training periods, a short learning curve, a fast growth rate, etc. All of it adds up to making the right choice.

As an investor, there have been many incredibly successful franchise businesses that went public that would have rewarded you handsomely if you had “gotten in” near the beginning of the growth period. The single most well known of them all was Ray Kroc’s “McDonalds”, but you’ll recognize Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Dominoes pizza and a score of others that “had you known” you could have made a fortune simply by buying into them when they were nothing more than little growth stories. If only you had known.

Well maybe it’s time to know now. Welcome to Famous Uncle Al’s Hot dogs and Grille. Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs and Grill, publicly trades under the symbol (OTCBB: FDOG) and they own the exclusive worldwide rights to franchise Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs & Grille restaurants. The original Famous Uncle Al’s restaurant was opened in 1985 and then expanded throughout the Virginia Beach, VA area.

So what makes the Company all that special? First it’s Al himself. Although one could talk about the ease of operation, the beauty of a smaller sized outlet, the fact it can be run with very few people, etc etc, we have to start with Al to get a good idea of the dream that turned into the reality. Al hails from Brooklyn New York and as anyone who’s ever been to the Big Apple knows, Hot dogs are a staple diet there, and each year hundreds of companies fight for bragging rights to the “best hot dog”. Well Al grew up eating hot dogs at the world famous Coney Island boardwalk as a kid, and then went on to actually grilling hot dogs in his grandparents boardwalk hot dog stand alongside the ocean at Far Rockaway. As far as Pedigree goes, if you can make and sell hot dogs in New York, you’ve got a winner on your hands, because the competition is fierce.

By having New York style hot dogs shipped down to the grille’s in Virginia, he created quite a buzz and the buzz has gotten louder. Now Famous Uncle Al’s franchise locations are popping up in Florida, Virginia, Nevada and there are many more in various stages of completion across the country. The hot dogs are of the highest quality available, and private labeled for his exacting standards.

It’s a good concept, even if all they did was make darned good hot dogs, but Al’s got an eye for “what works” and what works comes from those same roots beginning at the ocean side boardwalks. Hot dogs, hot sausages, grilled cheese, hamburgers and cheeseburgers, Grilled chicken, and the right compliment of “sides” to go with them. Sure the name says famous Al’s hot dogs, but there’s something there for everyone, and all of it is of uncompromising quality and taste.

For the investor that’s looking for a high growth company, with all the right components for success, Uncle Al’s hot dog and grille has all the right ingredients. But to start with, consider the basics first. It’s a franchise, and they tend to do very well. Second, it’s about good old fashioned comfort food, food that brings up fantastic childhood memories. Third it’s already successful as Al’s has sold millions of hot dogs to date and knows a thing or two about getting it right. Just that trio alone should be more than enough to warrant a look at Famous Uncle Al and his hot dogs, and it wouldn’t be hard to see your portfolio “heating up” soon enough just like his next hot dog order.

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Famous Uncle Als Hot Dogs & Grille, Inc (FDOG.OB) is “One to Watch”

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs & Grille, Inc. is dedicated to operating the exclusive worldwide rights to franchise Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs & Grille restaurants. After opening its first restaurant in 1985 and expanding throughout the Virginia Beach, VA region, Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs & Grille restaurants are now available for franchise in most of the U.S.

The restaurants were designed to provide a casual lunch dining experience. Customers are able to watch the chefs prepare their food while enjoying the fun filled and relaxed atmosphere. Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dog restaurants are a great place for a meal or snack, and offer customers a quick take-out service featuring a list of all-American food items such as hot dogs, burgers, fries and other quick-serve delicious choices.

Because the system developed for Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dog restaurants was designed for easy operation with minimal staff requirements and no tedious prep time, the restaurants can be operated more efficiently than most other franchised restaurants. The President, Dean Valentino, who has over twenty years of experience in the field of marketing, much of it being within the retail food business, brings vast expertise to the Company as it seeks to continue expanding throughout additional areas.

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Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs & Grille, Inc. (FDOG.OB) is Committed to Increasing the Value of Its Franchise through Strategic Expansion Programs

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs & Grille, Inc. owns the exclusive worldwide rights to franchise Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs & Grille restaurants. The original Famous Uncle Al’s restaurant was opened in 1985 and then expanded throughout the Virginia Beach area. Today Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs & Grille restaurants are available for franchise in most of the U.S. The company has franchised restaurants operating in Virginia, Florida, Connecticut and Nevada and plans to expand in other areas.

Al, the founder of the restaurant grew up in Brooklyn where good food is a tradition and eating hot dogs is a competitive sport! Al started eating hot dogs at the world famous Coney Island and then started selling and grilling hot dogs when he was 10 years old at his grandparents’ boardwalk stand in Far Rockaway, N.Y.

Today Famous Uncle Al’s is thinking about expansion. In order to do this the company has developed a three-pronged growth strategy plan which is to gain access to capital, bring industry professionals into its management team and deliver its story to the investment community. To implement these objectives, Famous Uncle Al’s has incorporated into its management team significant persons in each of the “goal” sectors.

The Company has retained John Kolaj, co-founder of Famous Famiglia Pizza, who has more than thirty years of hands-on experience in the foodservice industry. Other members of the management team include CEO Paul Esposito, President Dean Valentino and Director of Marketing Richard Michael.

In recent development the company has opened a new franchise in West Haven Connecticut. You can also stop by booth 524 at the annual World Money Show in Orlando, Florida as the company will be among the many exhibitors. The show will be held on February 6-9, 2008 at the Gaylord Palms Hotel.

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