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Financial Services Exchange Highlighted Company: BioLargo, Inc. (BLGO.PK)

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

BioLargo obtains a patented technology that could completely change the way products are manufactured in a minimum of five different industries. The free iodine that the company creates helps make global corporations’ products better in an environmentally friendly way.

Free iodine is a mineral and salt that can be used to react with water. It is known as the most potent disinfectant, but is safe for human consumption. In fact, it helps keep people safe from disease and infection plus adds nutrients to the world.

BioLargo’s iodine can be produced in large quantities unlike other iodine technologies. The President and CEO of BioLargo stated, “Free iodine is nature’s best disinfectant, and unlike other disinfectants or treatment strategies, free iodine has no known acquired resistance. We believe the BioLargo technology is one of a kind.”

“Our goal today is to improve the technology, work on product development and recruit partners. That’s what we do every day,” continued the CEO.

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