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Foldera Inc. (FDRA.OB) Announces Total Corporate Overhaul

Friday, July 25th, 2008

Formerly engaged in the development of web-based organization and collaboration software, Foldera, Inc. yesterday proclaimed its intent to change the entire face of the company. In the next few weeks, the company plans to enact a series of changes which include a new company name, trading symbol, corporate strategy, management team, and market direction.

Foldera will henceforth be known as CeCors, Inc., derived from an acronym for carrier Ethernet core switch, which is precisely the technology to be commercialized by the new organization. New members of the board include Ananda Perera (CTO) and Sri Chaganty (VP Software Dev.), who collectively hold a dozen patents in the development of high-density, carrier-grade 10-gigabit Ethernet switch technology.

CeCors, Inc. will be competing in this new market with what they call the ‘new standard’ – the first-ever, 288 10-gigabit port Ethernet switch. This product is scheduled for launch at the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas in April of next year.

In a closing statement to shareholders, CEO Jim Fiedler and senior VP Hugh Dunkerley offered these encouraging words: “Strengthened by a new strategic direction and a solid, experienced management team, CeCors has a renewed purpose, vitality and increased opportunities for growth. It is a privilege to be a part of this Company going into what we strongly believe to be an exciting and rewarding future.”

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With an Ever Increasing Business Customer Base, Clients are Rapidly Activating the Foldera, Inc. (FDRA.OB) Software

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

Foldera, Inc. (FDRA.OB) reports that eight hundred businesses of all sizes from small construction companies to hundred people departments within large well known companies and school districts now have live Foldera accounts, and that its hosting infrastructure and application is performing well for these customers.

Additionally over six hundred individuals have activated Foldera accounts for their own personal use. Since opening up its Beta release the company has received over 15,000 account requests. Additionally the company has confirmed that it has received these account requests prior to launching its formal marketing program which is expected to commence in the coming weeks.

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Foldera, Inc. (FDRA.OB) Selects New PR Campaign Manager

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

Foldera appointed LEWIS, a global relations agency, to issue future press releases to their shareholders. The agency has a proven record of successfully managing PR campaigns for companies in the software and technology sectors.

It is important for any company to have a great marketing program in order to increase exposure to respected media and industry analysts. Loyd is confident with the company’s selection and is pleased that LEWIS knows how to work with a rapidly growing company such as Foldera.

The Vice President of LEWIS stated, “Foldera has a good story to tell, backed up by strong product development and a very experienced management team. The CEO Richard Lusk founded the company because of the key challenges he faced as a small business owner and the technology has been developed to specifically address these issues. This is a great foundation on which to build Foldera’s story to customers, media and investors alike.”

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Foldera, Inc. (FDRA.OB) Announces the Addition of Over 800 Business Accounts

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

Foldera announced that over 800 buinessess and 600 individuals have activated Foldera accounts. The businesses range from all sizes all the way up to hundred people departments within large companies and school districts. The company has already received over 15,000 account requests since opening up its beta release.

Richard Luck, Foldera’s CEO and Founder, stated how pleased he is with the number of account requests received. He continued to say that over the past 45 days the company has released an increasing amount of credentials. Foldera plans to release accounts to the remainder of requests in the next 45 days.

Foldera’s Chief Information Officer commented, “I think our infrastructure is performing well and I’m glad we took the extra time to get it right. Based on the fast system performance I am seeing now, we are right on track to open up our service to the general public on June 29th, 2007. This means that any business can come to our sign up page, request an account and start using Foldera instantly. After so many years of hard work this will be a big day for us.”

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Foldera(TM) Inc. (FDRA.OB) Inks $4.0 Million Funding Agreement

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

Foldera (TM), Inc. (FDRA.OB), reports that it has entered into a $4,000,000 common stock purchase agreement with Vision Opportunity Master Fund, Ltd.

Under the agreement, Vision funded $1,000,000 today, purchasing 1,666,667 shares of common stock of Foldera, at $0.60 per share. Vision has the option, but not the obligation, to purchase an additional $3,000,000, or up to 5,000,000 shares of common stock, through July 31, 2007, at a fixed price of $0.60 per share.

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Foldera, Inc. (FDRA.OB) Receives Important Funding From a Qualified Institutional Buyer

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

After the bell, Foldera announced that they have acquired additional funding adding up to $4 Million. Vision Opportunity Master Fund, Ltd. funded $1 million today with the option to purchase an additional $3 Million worth of shares at $0.60 a share, or up to 5 million shares of common stock.

As part of the agreement, Vision agreed to cancel the warrants held from previous financing given in October of 2006.

Foldera will file a registration statement detailing the amount of shares acquired by Vison after Foldera’s receipt of the full $4,000,000 in funding or July 31, 2007. In closing, Foldera will issue a total of 4 Million restricted shares to Vision. Issuing restricted stock in comparison to common stock shows the company’s commitment to its shareholders.

The founder of Foldera, Mr. Lusk, commented, “We are very pleased that an important institutional shareholder like Vision supports our growth plans and has confidence in our prospects.”

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The Focus is on Foldera, Inc. (FDRA.OB) with Public Software Preview

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

Foldera, Inc. (FDRA.OB) reports that it recently released the Public Preview version of its software and began a significant expansion of its Beta group.

Since then FRDA has seen consistently increasing activity among their Beta users. In fact they have had several record-setting days during the month of April for the amount of bandwidth used in its data center.

Engaging conversations wuth Beta testers have generated many excellent ideas for the improvement of Foldera and the expansion of its feature set in preparation for the public availability of the product.

The Company has already started development on some exciting new features, including alerts and notifications, and expanded calendar functionality that will allow event subscriptions and reminders, and many more new features and enhancements.

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Foldera, Inc. (FDRA.OB) To Demonstrate Signature Application in San Franciso Conference Today

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Foldera announced that they will be presenting their next-generation application and talk to investors about their business model at the Financial Services Exchange (FSX) Conference in San Francisco from 2:53-3:13 PM.

This is a great opportunity for them to share Foldera, their online application, which combines web-based email, instant messaging, a file manager, a task manager, a calendar, a contact manager, and sharable folders into a unified productivity suite. The key advantage in using their online software is that it will allow you to log in from any web browser, anywhere, and have access to all your documents and files.

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Foldera, Inc. (FDRA.OB) is an Emerging Leader in Web Based Filing Systems

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Foldera, Inc. (FDRA.OB) is using Isilon(R) Systems clustered storage to address massive data growth projections resulting from the rapid adoption of its intuitive, web-based filing system for business messaging, collaboration, and organization.

Foldera enables its users to instantly sort and file all related communications including incoming and outgoing emails, documents, tasks, comments and calendar events. Using Isilon IQ as the primary repository for immense amounts of rapidly growing information uploaded by users, Foldera has been able to consolidate its critical data storage requirements into one, easily scalable, shared pool of storage for around-the- clock access and collaboration.

“With Foldera, users’ work is organized automatically, in real time. There is no sorting, filing, or organizing to be done when new information is created — it is already done,” said Blake Hunnel, CIO, Foldera. “Our unique, web-based application makes communicating easier and more productive for small and medium-sized businesses as well as consumers, but also results in rapid and unpredictable data growth, which we found traditional storage was simply unable to keep pace with.”

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Work Better and Smarter with Foldera(TM), Inc. (FDRA.OB)

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

Foldera(TM), Inc. (FDRA.OB) offers next generation software that is both an information organizer and collaboration application.  FDRA thinks that real productivity software should make you more productive – not make more work. Real productivity software should work for you, freeing up more time for what’s really important both in your work and your life. 

Productivity software should create, not demand, more time.  When users work with Foldera to organize and share information, the work is organized automatically, in real time. There is no sorting, filing, and organizing for you to do after you’ve created new information. It’s already done.

Based on current averages for people who work with information all day, that means you get back somewhere between two and four hours every week. We think that’s time you can put to much better use.

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Foldera, Inc. (FDRA.OB) Appoints New Vice President of Sales and Chief Marketing Officer

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

Foldera announced today that Ken Loyd will be joining their management team. Mr. Loyd previously held positions with Gateway Computer, Toshiba and IBM. He will now lead Foldera’s sales and marketing as the company begins its new Public Preview program scheduled to launch later this year.

The CEO and founder of Foldera, Richard Lusk, commented on the company’s aggressive preparation for the program’s release. He shares his high esteem and expectation for Ken Loyd by complimenting on his diverse and proven business experience.

Loyd expressed his excitement to join the Foldera team; he is confident that the company will establish a leading role in the emerging web-based application market.

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