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Stock Guru Featured Client: Franklin Mining, Inc. (FMNJ.PK)

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Franklin Mining, Inc. (FMNJ.PK) is an exploration stage company focused on the exploration, development, and mining of gold, silver, tin, lead, copper, and zinc. The company has mining and energy interests in the U.S., Bolivia, and Argentina. Franklin has strong relations with Comibol, which is Bolivia’s state mining company.

Franklin Mining, Inc. holds 51% of Franklin Mining, Bolivia SA. In conjunction with their wholly owned subsidiary, the company plans to sell interests in their oil and gas projects so that they are more able to focus on Bolivian mining projects. Some projects planned for sale include a gas-to-liquid facility construction project located in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, as well as projects that include the construction and future operations of gas-to liquid facilities located in Santa Cruz and Tarija.

Franklin’s primary mine is the Escala Mine Project located near Bolivia’s border with Argentina. Plans for the 500-hectare mine include expansion of existing tunnels and shafts, and the development of new sites. The original Escala Mine dates back to the Spanish colonial period and has been previously mined for lead, zinc, gold and silver.

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