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Small Cap Voice Featured Company: Freshstart Properties, Inc. (FSPP.PK)

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Freshstart Properties, Inc. (FSPP.PK) is a real estate company focused on purchasing pre-foreclosure, foreclosure, financially distressed, and bank-owned residential properties at a discounted price. The Company is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the real estate market whichever way it goes since it has the ability to command much higher rental income.

The company’s focal point is on the acquisition and preservation of older residential neighborhoods where the market demand is rising while at the same time crime rates are decreasing. Freshstart Properties specifically targets neglected homes and multiplexes with high potential to better produce better than average capital gains once renovations have been completed.

The management has a vast background in buying, renovating, leasing and selling properties, and has created a company with great reputation for improving neighborhoods by providing safe and affordable residences. As a publicly traded organization with access to equity markets, Freshstart Properties has a competitive advantage over similar, privately-held organizations operating in the same geographical market of the Pacific Northwest.

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