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FrogAds, Inc. (FROG) to Drive Further Awareness of Rapidly Growing Marketplace Site

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

FrogAds, Inc. announced earlier today that it has engaged a sales team to build awareness of’s growing position within the online advertising industry. The sales team will also be focused on further educating the online community of the company’s unique business platform. offers technologies not found on competitor sites, such as embedded video, banner ad placement options, and simplified navigation tools, to enhance the buying and selling experience while maintaining a cost-free structure. Now, after accomplishing its first goal of nearly crossing the 25,000th mark of most visited U.S. websites in mid-January, management is embarking on its second initiative to aggressively market its revolutionary online platform to increase traffic and awareness.

Julian Spitari, Chief Executive Officer of, stated, “We have reached a critical point in our growth as is taking off as one of today’s most unique and powerful online advertising websites. While we have driven tremendous awareness of our site to date, there is still an enormous online audience to reach. To this end, we are pleased to have engaged a sales and marketing firm with a commission-based sales team that has the capability to drive a new level of growth to our Company.”

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Let us hear your thoughts: FrogAds, Inc. Message Board (FROG) Opens 2nd West Coast Office to Further Penetrate the U.S. Online Advertising Market

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Today before the opening bell, FrogAds, Inc. announced that it has accelerated its U.S. expansion plans with the opening of a second office on the West Coast. The new office, located in Woodland Hills, California, is to serve as the central programming hub of the company and immediately follows the opening of the first East Coast office in Philadelphia.

“ is growing by leaps and bounds within the U.S., rapidly moving up the charts as one of the most visited websites in the country,” commented Julian Spitari, Chief Executive Officer of “As the site becomes more and more utilized as a primary destination for buying, selling and advertising in the U.S., it is essential that we create a designated office for our programmers to collaborate on new technologies for its continued enhancement.”

Spitari added, “This office, in effect, will serve as a ‘lily pad’ from our current LA headquarters where we are managing our global operational growth. We will start by staffing it with programmers.”

FrogAds also announced today that’s regional traffic rank hit a new record. The website is now the 27,732nd most visited website within the United States.

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Why FrogAds, Inc. (FROG) is Different

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

There are a ton of general marketplace sites on the web, with the most unique being, where anyone can post free classified ads in over 400 categories. The speed of FrogAds’ growth indicates that consumers and paid advertisers are finding something there that they can’t find anywhere else. So what exactly is the difference between FrogAds and other sites, such as CraigsList?

• FrogAds lets consumers post ads for free, regardless of category, allowing them to manually or automatically renew the ad at the end of 30 days. It even offers a “Renew All” button. (Craigslist charges for postings in their Jobs category, and Craigslist only runs their free ads for 7 days.)

• FrogAds is more visually oriented than Craigslist, offering, for example, video embedding. And, unlike others where you have to click to see pictures, FrogAds displays pictures immediately. FrogAds also offers the ability to upload more pictures, all of which can be made larger and clearer compared to the competition.

• FrogAds has set it up so that entered free postings are automatically search engine optimized, so that they are effectively acting as inventory on Google and other search engines. As a result, FrogAds gets top search engine exposure, with the Alexa ranking growing rapidly.

• FrogAds lets you place your free ad for multiple cities and countries.

• FrogAds free ads have built-in stats.

• FrogAds consumer navigation is simpler than other sites, and provides a “sort-by” feature for ad search results.

• FrogAds offers different sales classifications, including an auction/bid option.

• FrogAds goes beyond the basic Craigslist ad flagging, and lets users comment and rate the ad, better countering any scam ads or phony ads.

• FrogAds has an easy share feature, so that information can be forwarded through social media sites.

• FrogAds offers a multi-language translator.

• FrogAds offers a free banner ad linking exchange, which lets vendors place ads with pinpoint accuracy on the FrogAds site in exchange for letting FrogAds place a pre-selected banner on the vendor site.

• FrogAds paid banner ads can currently be placed in a single country or the entire world for only $10 per day.

The number of differences between FrogAds and traditional sites like Craigslist is the result of extensive research and evaluation of existing sites, including Craigslist, Google, eBay, Yahoo, and Facebook, identifying the strong and weak points, to create the optimum user experience. FrogAds is still new, but is already taking off due to word-of-mouth regarding the above unique features. The company is just now working to put together an initial advertising campaign.

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FrogAds, Inc. (FROG) to Initiate Nationwide Marketing Campaign for

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Today before the opening bell, FrogAds, Inc. announced that it’s embarking on a nationwide marketing campaign to promote the rapidly growing website,

The website is already widely recognized across the country and around the world due to the unique structure of its online advertising platform, however, the company aims to enhance its position as a leading player within the online advertising industry and further demonstrate the value of its feature-rich site through aggressive marketing tactics.

“It is a tremendous feat that we have risen through the ranks, so far so quickly, without large marketing dollars to date,” Julian Spitari, Chief Executive Officer of, commented. “However, now that has reached a level of rapid development where we have effectively combined today’s most advanced online technologies within a platform that enables users to market their products and services free of charge, it is the right time to advertise our success.”

FrogAds has opened an office on the East Coast in order to staff an advertising team and begin its marketing campaign. The company is currently in the process of interviewing and meeting with various advertising agencies to move ahead with its global marketing plans.

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FrogAds, Inc. (FROG) Aims for the Best Marketplace Site on the Web

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Whether you are a vendor, or just an individual interested in selling something, the Web has become an unavoidable part of the marketing pie. Internet advertising revenues, despite the ups and downs inevitable with any developing technology, have essentially tripled in the past decade, and are now approaching $30 billion. But with all of the growth comes a problem. The Web represents an almost limitless ocean of information, including vendors and consumers. The problem has always been where do you go to get your message seen?

FrogAds, Inc. believes it has the answer, and projected growth rates suggest that they do. The company has spent an enormous amount of time researching, evaluating, and learning from both the successes and failures of major and minor websites trying to act as a clearinghouse for vendors and consumers. The result has been a site carefully architected to combine the most exciting and productive features of sites like Google, eBay, Yahoo, Facebook, and Craigslist. enables free listing of products and services for sellers, while providing an easy-to-use platform for consumers, allowing buyers to purchase by category and geographic area. Besides offering free posting, the company has developed sophisticated functionality that incorporates such features as online auctioning, photo/movie upload, banner exchange, affordable commercial advertising, and many others. The key to success is driving traffic to the website, which will increase commercial and banner advertising revenue. Their goal, as they continue to develop, is to create the foremost method for online buying and selling available.

In addition to their wide range of categories, the platform allows users to upload videos, quickly make modifications as needed, and also target audiences on a local, national, or international basis. The system also has a forum and comments section, allowing users to interact for more comfortable and objective product evaluation. The FrogAds revenue model is based upon generating income by selling commercial advertisements.

A recent report from Grass Roots Research estimates FrogAds revenues to grow from $.5 million in FYE March 31, 2012, to over $30.6 million by FYE 2018.

For additional information, visit the company’s website at

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FrogAds, Inc. (FROG) is “One to Watch” for Next Week

Friday, January 20th, 2012

FrogAds, Inc. is a rapidly growing company focused on providing a simple yet revolutionary platform for online buying, selling and advertising. Through, the company enables Internet users to list products and services at no charge in an easy and efficient manner by category and geographical area. The Web site also features online auctioning, photo/movie upload, banner exchange, affordable commercial advertising and more.

From 2000 to 2010, Internet advertising revenues grew from $8.1 billion to over $26.0 billion. This tremendous growth has been attributed to the expanding number of Internet users, which has led to greater advertising success as well as increased acceptance of digital media among the business community. The Internet advertising market continues to grow rapidly with the global industry projected to nearly double by 2014.’s superior categorization of products and services allows potential buyers to quickly find the product or service specific to their needs. With targeted categorization and a superior platform, FrogAds provides commercial advertisers the ability to target their ads with far greater accuracy than with existing Internet media. Once an ad banner is created, advertisers can chose specific categories, geographical areas and timeframes within a matter of minutes.

FrogAds has carefully evaluated the successes and failures of large websites to remove flaws and become a major contender within the global internet market. benefits from a highly scalable business model and provides a unique advertising platform to commercial advertisers for accurate targeting strategies. With a rapidly expanding user base and significant market opportunity, the company is well positioned to achieve substantial growth.

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